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A House Divided
Oct. 30 2005

As the unfair dismissal trial of Shane Connor (Joe Scully) continued in Victoria this week, several Neighbours cast and crew took to the stand to testify. Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy) spoke of how she felt "intimidated" by Shane, who was sacked by Grundy in September 2003 amidst reports of amphetamine addiction. "People were very nervous, walking on eggshells," Jackie said.

Jackie's on-screen husband of 11 years, Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy) testified in favour of Shane, meanwhile. Alan, who is also the cast's union representative, recalled how the management had asked him to encourage Shane to pull himself together. Alan also revealed that the relationship between Shane and his on-screen wife Janet Andrewartha (Lyn Scully) was "very poor", but stressed that Shane was "a vigorous actor, forthright in his opinions and work."

Neighbours producer Peter Dodds testified that Shane had been banned from holding Ingo Dammer-Smith, the baby who played his TV son Oscar, for several months. "We were particularly concerned about him holding the baby ... in fact he was instructed not to hold the baby for quite a while - until we were confident he could hold the baby safely," Mr Dodds said.

Jay Bunyan, who played Shane's eldest on-screen son, Jack Scully, Kevin Harrington (David Bishop), casting director Jan Russ and director Jeffrey Walker also testified this week. The trial has been adjourned until Wednesday, when both Janet Andrewartha and Ian Smith (Harold Bishop) are expected to appear.

Serial Killers
Oct. 22 2005

He’s only just returned as Joe Mangel on UK screens, but Mark Little has now left Australia and is in the UK, rehearsing for an upcoming production of the play Serial Killers at the Derby Playhouse. The play centres on the writing team of an Australian soap opera and stars several other well-known faces from Australian and New Zealand soap operas, including another former Neighbour - Andrea McEwan (Penny Watts). The play opens on 29th October and more information can be found on our Neighbourhood Watch page.

Shane Connor Trial
Oct. 22 2005

Various sources in the Australian press are reporting the beginning of Shane Connor’s (Joe Scully) unfair dismissal trial today. According to the reports, Connor had a problem with amphetamine addiction and was the subject of several complaints from cast and crew members. His contract was terminated suddenly in September 2003, nine months before it was supposed to end, and Connor is now seeking around $200,000 from Grundy Television in compensation for this.

As well as Janet Andrewartha (Lyn Scully), who was apparently the source of many of the complaints against Connor, other witnesses in the trial will include assistant producer Jan Russ, and actors Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy) and Jay Bunyan (Jack Scully).

NTA Update
Oct. 22 2005

Fans still have until Tuesday to vote for Neighbours in the Most Popular Daytime Programme category for this year’s National Television Awards. We’re reliably informed that the show will be represented this year by Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson) and Damien Bodie (Dylan Timmins) who’ll be flying over to the UK for the occasion.

Anniversary Ratings
Oct. 20 2005

Digital Spy is reporting that that Tuesday's anniversary episode was a hit with viewers, pulling in 3.15 million viewers for the lunchtime showing, which is an impressive 44.1% audience share. The evening showing also pulled in the viewers with 3.48 million and a share of 23.2%. The documentary, 20 Years of Neighbours: A Celebration, presented by Andi Peters managed to keep most of the audience from the lunchtime episode with 2.81 million viewers and a 41.4% share.

Bye Bye Blair
Oct. 13 2005

Australia’s Daily Telegraph reports that Blair McDonough will film his final scenes as Ramsay Street’s resident police officer Stuart Parker next month. Blair joined Neighbours fresh from a stint in the Big Brother house back in 2001, and his next project is reported to be a stint as Buttons in panto.

Delta Hits The OC
Oct. 13 2005

Australia’s Daily Telegraph reports this week that Delta Goodrem (Nina Tucker) has agreed to an appearance on US drama The OC. Rumour has it that she will play an Australia cousin of Marissa, played by Mischa Barton. And her breakthrough in the United States doesn’t end there, with the same article mentioning the possibility of a role for her in the hit series Lost.

Anniversary Documentary
Oct. 13 2005

Tomorrow will see the first of five episodes, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Neighbours, screen in the UK. The episodes will unite past and present characters, as Annalise Hartman (Kimberley Davies) screens her documentary about the community. Tuesday’s episode, of which the documentary is a part, is the highlight of the week, with the BBC even showing the full closing credits in honour of the occasion. As if that weren’t enough, there will also be a special BBC documentary following Tuesday’s lunchtime episode. The documentary, screening at 2.05pm, will be presented by Andi Peters, who will be taken on a behind-the-scenes tour by Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson) and meet cast members past and present.

In addition, Tuesday morning's BBC Breakfast will be, in part, coming from Pin Oak Court as part of the celebrations.

National Television Awards
Oct. 12 2005

The shortlists for this year’s National Television Awards have been announced and Neighbours once again features on the list for Most Popular Daytime Programme. This year, the show is up against GMTV, The Paul O’Grady Show and This Morning. Fans can cast their votes on the website or by calling 09018 888 007.

Voting closes at midday on Tuesday 25th October and the awards will be screened the following evening on ITV1.

A New Neighbour
Oct. 03 2005

Before the family have even arrived on UK screens, TV Week is reporting this week that there's to be an addition to the Kinski clan. 23-year old actress Dichen Lachman, who was born in Nepal, is to take on the role of eldest Kinski child, nurse Katya, arriving in December. Dichen recently finished filming the movie Aquamarine, which also features recent Neighbours guest star Lulu McClatchy (Eva Doyle).

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