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Your questions came in their hundreds: her tiny feet, the handcuffs in her handbag, whether she got "on one" with Primal Scream. Oh, and the delicate matter of Michael Hutchence's habits, sex-wise. Meet the Q massive, Kylie Minogue...

Kylie Minogue scampers into a poky south-west London recording studio, casually attired but sporting a full face of warpaint. "Oh I don't normally wear this much make up," she beams. "I was doing a video shoot earlier."
This afternoon Kylie is here to write songs for the album which will follow Light Years - the unashamed disco-pop set which delivered her first Number 1 single in 10 years and jump-started her career, following a troubled spell with the now defunct deConstruction label.
This morning she was filming the video to accompany the German single release of Light Years' campest moment, Your Disco Needs You. Currently there are no plans to release it here, much to the fury of Kylie's gay fanbase - internet petitions are circulating and there's talk of picketing the London offices of her current home, EMI. Later, she will be dashing across London to view an edit of the morning's shoot. She is also immersed in preparation for an imminent tour, spanning the UK, Europe and Australia, and, consequently, is wracked with "pre-show anxiety".
Yet, despite this burgeoning workload, Kylie approaches meeting her public with relish.
"Don't worry," she chirps breezily, when faced with a bulging wad of Q readers' questions, "I did all this kind of thing years ago for Smash Hits, remember." Hmmm, Jason Donovan's penis probably wasn't on the agenda back then though...

You said once that you'd start covering yourself up after you were 30. You didn't. Thanks. Why the change of heart?
Lee Morrall, Cannock, Staffordshire

I was probably preparing for the worst, thinking that everything would have gone south by then. But as it turned out, I didn't have to. I'm so small that if I've got a lot of clothes on I'm not that comfortable. Really. I don't know if it's being Australian and being quite free about these things.

Did you take your first E with Primal Scream?
Neil Renton, Edinburgh

No. But it's true that the first time I met Primal Scream they were on all sorts of things. It was hysterical. We were doing a photo shoot - it must have been the early '90s. Their "provider" asked me if I needed anything, and I said, "I'd just like an orange juice, please." So Bobby has his bottle of Jack Daniel's and God knows what else, and I'm there sipping juice. Did they try to corrupt me that day? No! They kept their manners. But that was the first time that, er, [coy giggle] masturbation was mentioned. Bobby said, Do you know that boys... well, y'know. [Embarrassed] I'm still speechless now. What do you say? That's nice?

Are you haunted by the thought of millions of men having a sly tug over photos of you?
Mark Kirklington, County Durham

Look, one doesn't dwell on such things. Next!

Have you ever had a real showbiz strop like Mariah Carey refusing to "do" stairs?
Alan Kerr, Warwickshire

I always do stairs - but I have a strop if they don't light up... Actually I'm more renowned for not having tantrums. My friends think I should have more tantrums. But I keep a lot of it in, and then it all comes out in some terrible form that ends in tears, with me not knowing what I'm doing or why I'm here.

Did you ever consider your return to good old-fashioned pop music a bit of an admittance of failure?
Alan Kerr, Warwickshire

Good question. I'd say, for the most part, no, because I don't have any regrets about moving away from pop during my time with deConstruction. However, if we're talking about success in terms of sales and acknowledgement then, I guess, in a way... I still wouldn't say "failed" - that period just wasn't as successful as any of us would have liked. But if I felt like a total failure, I wouldn't have had the confidence to come back with Light Years.

Do you get fed up with being called "pint-sized" and "elfin"? It's not like you're medically a dwarf.
Mark Savage, via e-mail

[Laughs] I don't mind "pint-sized". Thank God I don't! If I had my time again, I would ask for a penny every time I met someone and they said, Oh you're so small. Or every time I was pre-empted in an article with any one of those descriptions. But then, I am the smallest person I know, so I can't blame people. It's not going to go away.

How does it feel to be a huge gay icon?
Jamie Clark, via e-mail

What I love most about my gay audience is that the partnership that we have happened very naturally. I don't think the Pink Pound was even a term back in the '80s. Today so many acts are marketed towards that audience; they'll be sent down to G.A.Y. [London's most prominent gay club night]. There's nothing wrong with that, but I try to market towards all kinds of demographics. In truth, with my gay audience, it happened before I knew about it. In the early '90s the bestknown gay pub in Sydney - The Albury on Oxford Street - would have Kylie Night, and it seems I was almost the last to know about it.

If you fell in love with and married Pete Wylie, would you keep the name Minogue or change it to Kylie Wylie?
Barry Martin, Uxbridge, Middlesex

Oh my God! What a bizarre question. Maybe I'd have to put Wylie in the middle - Kylie Wylie Minogue. I've never met Pete Wylie. I don't know if I'd keep my name if I was to marry, I've never really thought about it.

You once said that the part of your body that your friends are most envious about is your feet. Why?
Barry Martin, Uxbridge, Middlesex

Because they're small and well-kept. I think it's just because I'm so little so I'm light on my feet. My friends curse me because when I have a big clear-out of my wardrobe, no-one can fit into my shoes - my feet are size three, I just make it into the adult section. I give them to charity shops, so I'm sure there are 12-year-old girls out there who go to Oxfam and come out with Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Gucci shoes, and strumpet around town in them.

What's the worst single you've made?
Janet Wilson, Brighton

Well, I've learned to live with all of them now, but there was a time when I wanted to run away as fast as I could from some of my early songs. It's not so much a specific one, more the period. The terrible roadshows or photo shoots I used to do and the things I used to wear. Like the Top Of The Pops performance where I had the biggest earrings on you've ever seen - like a bunch of grapes hanging from each ear, with a brocade jacket and hair in a side ponytail. The era of puffball skirts - what a time to become famous.

So why exactly did you used to keep handcuffs in your handbag?
Bill Sharkey, Oxford

Hahahaha! That story will follow me around forever. Everyone looks at me so unconvinced when I explain this. I had this little leather pouch with handcuffs as the handle - this was a few years ago, the early '90s. I was travelling to Monte Carlo, from Heathrow, so I put this small handbag into a larger carrier bag. It never crossed my mind that they would be construed as a dangerous item. I put the bag through the X-ray machine and they took them off me and I wasn't allowed to collect them until the other end - in case I tried to handcuff someone to the plane or whatever. I believe I still have the bag in question in a drawer somewhere. That one won't be going to Oxfam, I don't quite know what to do with it.

Have you ever done anything at a party that you've always regretted?
Jerry Shoolbred, Ware, Hertfordshire

No, no regrets. No bad drunken behaviour, only terrific drunken behaviour. When I want to go out, tequila is my weakness. The last time I remember being really inebriated was at a friend's party in London at Christmas. All these people were dancing in a room and I ended up kind of crowd surfing. I was hoisted up and passed around the room, while everyone was swaying below. If I do something on-the-edge during a night out, I tend to be quite pleased with it the next day. But I don't party so much these days, I literally have to be tricked out of the house by my friends. All I want to do is pay the sleep bank.

Why was there so much heckling from Liam Gallagher at the Q Awards?
PJ Thomson, Ealing

I think he was heckling everyone. When you're up on stage and the lights are on you, you can't see who's saying what or hear what they're saying exactly. In the end, it was amusing. I thought, well, if that's what rocks your boat, carry on. But I must admit, it hasn't happened to me before. It was pretty base humour. I was taken aback. Does the fact that you're Liam Gallagher mean you're allowed to do that? Primly I mean, I tend to like manners.

Have you ever had trouble with male groupies?
Frank Schoneck, Cologne

Noooo! I have a lot of gay male groupies, but I don't think that's the kind of trouble he's talking about. Although I think there's a lot more straight guys now than there used to be. I've had a few pairs of underpants thrown on stage: Calvin Klein ones, no Jockeys.

Your fans in the UK want Your Disco Needs You released, but there are reports you don't want it released here. Is this true?
Nickolas Daw, via e-mail

It is being released in Germany and possibly some other territories. They're in more of a position to do so because they're slightly behind the UK in terms of releases. Over here, I'm concentrating on the new album now. That song has always had a life of it's own - it's so unique and has affected a lot of people. People will see it live at the shows though, and there's a new version on the tour edition of the album.

Is it possible that you are the most beautiful woman in the world?
Ian Denton, Canada

What a question. I suppose in some people's eyes I could be. I guess my dad thinks both of his girls are the most beautiful in the world. I'm happy with my look, but... I don't quite know what to say... I'll take it with a pinch of salt.

Do you know why Madonna was wearing a tank top with your name on it at the European MTV Music Awards?
Pat Vaz, Ottawa, Canada

I saw a documentary about her recently and they asked her about it. She said it was as a display of support. I was very flattered but it was surreal. I met her that night afterwards and the first thing she said was, Did you like my T-shirt? I said, Yes, I did. Although, if there was a different sentiment attached to her wearing it, I don't know what I would have said. I have finally returned the compliment - I did a photo shoot the other day and wore a Madonna T-shirt.

Do you worry about growing old?
Patrick Tuohy, Co Clare, Ireland

Most days I don't think about it, some days I think about it a lot. I'm 33 in May and it does cross your mind a bit. Not so much in a physical way, though. I guess I only worry about it in the sense that there's a lot I want to achieve. I'd like to get a lot better at what I do, I'd like to experience a lot more in life than talking about myself for the best part of each week, I'd like to travel in a way that involves seeing more than just the inside of TV studios.

What we all want to know is: Liam or Robbie - who's more likely to be gay?
Nick Pickles, West Yorkshire

Hahaha! On my God! I don't think either of them. As far as that whole situation goes, they're both larger-than-life characters, so neither will back down. Now that Liam and N... - which one is it? - Nicole are together you'd think it would get a lot worse, but that was the very point at which it died down.

Are you aware that the world's male population can be divided into two categories simply by asking the question "Kylie or Dannii"?
Robert Byatt, via e-mail

The question is, Robert, which category do you fall into? No, I wasn't. That's funny.

On Shocked, do you really sing "I was fucked to my very foundations"? It certainly sounds like use of the f-word. If you did, was it a reference to a certain INXS singer?
Steve Jackson, Newcastle

No, no [giggles]. Next!

When you were seeing Michael Hutchence, was he, er, "normal" sex-wise? Or was he a bit kinky? And did you mind?
Mike Taylor, Via e-mail

[Pause] Five words: he was wonderful and inspirational.

Aren't those little hotpants you wear with your buttcheeks hanging out uncomfortable?
Rosy Smith, Cornwall

[Guffaws] That's my favourite question! I have to say, this is an enjoyable way to do an interview. Anyway, physically, no. Mentally, they were a little uncomfortable at a certain point over those two days [the video shoot for Spinning Around]. I said to the director that there would be a moment that I would come over all insecure and panic. And, of course, I did, as I always do when I'm tired and have to concentrate on trying to look good all day.

What is the worst thing anyone has ever called you?
Ken Feola, Florida, USA

I remember years ago, when I first started Neighbours, I'd get a bit of harassment on the street: people driving past me in cars shouting stuff, I can't even remember what they'd say. There was a time in the late '80s when a lot of nasty stuff was being written about me in the press in Australia. I found that very hard to cope with - it was all about me being rubbish and annoying. We call it tall poppy syndrome back home - being a little too successful too quickly and then being cut down to size. I guess I hadn't proved myself and I ruffled a few feathers - along came this blonde strumpet who's usually in overalls who hogs the Number 1 position for weeks on end.

Does Jason Donovan have a big penis?
Tim Lee, Chiswick, London

[Gasps] I wouldn't reveal such things about any ex-boyfriend.

Do you fancy coming to the pictures next Friday night?
Iain McMahon, London

Depends what you're seeing. And depends if the popcorn is on you.

This article originally appeared in Q Magazine, dated April 2001, and was written by Kerry Potter

Article submitted by David