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Riley's vendetta against Susan ends in a hospital visit for Rachel...

Susan Kinski will be public enemy number one this week, after Riley Parker writes a newspaper exposť naming her as the hit-and-run driver who left his sibling, Bridget, for dead! And the repercussions of his actions see Rachel rushed to the same hospital as Bridget... "Riley has no sympathy for Susan whatsoever," reveals Sweeney Young, who plays the budding journalist. "Bridget is his little sister, and he's very protective of her. Now she's in a bad way and hooked up to life-support machines, and it's all this woman's fault." Despite Susan's reputation as a pillar of the community - and the fact that she's been suffering from mysterious blackouts - Riley and his adoptive parents, Steve and Miranda, are united against her.

"Susan knew she was having these spells, but she still hopped behind the wheel of a car," Sweeney says. "She then adds insult to injury by sending the family flowers! While it turns out to not have been her doing, the gesture still has a devastating impact. So Riley writes a story portraying Susan as a monster."

Within hours of the newspaper hitting the streets, a rock smashes through the window at the Kennedy/Kinski house. "It hits Rachel, and she has to be taken to hospital," sighs Sweeney. "Luckily, her injuries turn out to be fairly minor. Nevertheless, the clan blame Riley, because whoever threw the rock must have read the artice. Riley's defiant, though - he reckons whatever they're going through is nothing compared to Bridget's plight."

Ironically, it's a member of Susan's family who's by Bridget's side when she wakes from her coma later in the week. "I won't tell you who it is, but I will say that I really like this storyline, because it shows both sides of the coin," explains Sweeney. "The effect on the victim's family and also the family of the person who was responsible are examined."

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine dated 25th January 2008

Article submitted by Callum