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Young Declan Napier would clearly do anything to protect his mother, Rebecca - but does his devotion extend as far as killing his dad, Richard Aaronow? That's the big question Neighbours viewers will be asking this week, when the teenager decides to take the law into his own hands...

"Declan has grown up hating his father - thanks to Rebecca's claims that he treated her very badly - and he and his mum have spent the past few years running from Richard," explains James Sorensen, who plays Declan. "That's why Declan's such a volatile person - he's never known who he can trust, and the only person he can count on is Rebecca."

While Declan's sure his dad's evil, his brother, Oliver - whom Rebecca gave up for adoption as a baby - is beginning to question their mum's accusations that he was conceived as a result of Richard sexually assaulting her.

"Oliver grew up with another family, so doesn't understand the hell they've been though," James sighs. "Declan's furious when he learns that Oliver has been in touch with Richard. He tracks him down and punches his dad - that's how angry he is. Oliver has to step in and restrain his younger brother."

Further tragedy strikes Rebecca this week, when her father, Alan, dies. And since he's the only person who can corroborate her claims, Declan's forced to take desperate measures. "Declan opts to get rid of Richard once and for all," shares James. "He calls him and asks to meet him in the bush. He pretends that he wants to get to know his dad - but he has other plans in store." All James will reveal is that the outing ends dramatically - and Richard's left fighting for his life... "That's justice, Declan style," grins the actor. "You get to see his dark side. You could say evil is in the genes!"

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine dated 16th November 2007

Article submitted by Callum