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Margot Robbie Neighbours' Donna Freedman


You share the same birthday as me! What did you do on your 18th? I had a great time on mine.
...asks Annalise, via email
I had a great time, too. I went skydiving with my boyfriend and my best friend in Queensland - which is where I'm from - and it was the best thing ever! As soon as I hit the ground, I said, 'I want to go again'. I'd recommend it to everyone.

Margot is a beautiful, old-fashioned name. Is there anyone in particular you were named after?
...asks Kimberly, via email
My mum had a friend called Margot when she was younger. She always liked the name, so gave it to me.

I love the scenes between Donna and her girlfriends. Are you mates with Eloise Mignon [Bridget] and Caitlin Stasey [who played Rachel Kinski]?
...asks Amy from London
Very much so, Amy. Caitlin is one of my best friends - we actually lived together for a while. We're very similar people, and I think that's why we get along. Sometimes I think we're practically the same person! Eloise is just the coolest girl, too. She's really interesting and funny. Whenever the three of us did a scene together, we'd get in trouble for laughing and messing up.

Donna is my all-time favourite Ramsay Street character. Do you find it hard relating to her kookiness?
...asks Philippa from Brighton
No, I actually find it easy. The people I work with say that I'm "a bit Donna" sometimes. Don't get me wrong, though, I'm not a stalker like she was at one point! However, I do say the wrong thing without thinking and laugh at inappropriate times, so in that sense, I can definitely relate.

What's been your worst fashion disaster?
...asks Gemma, via Facebook
I've always regretted what I wore to my Year 7 formal - looking back at it, I just cringe. It was a light-blue meshy quarter-sleeve top, and the bottom half was white... just hideous! I can hardly even bear to describe it. I don't think I liked it at the time, either, but mustn't have had anything better to wear.

Where did you grow up?
...asks Lawrence from Stoke-on-Trent
On the Gold Coast, which is in Queensland in north-east Australia. It's my favourite place in the whole world. I guess I'm a little biased, but the lifestyle is great. It's a very outdoorsy, active kind of place. It's also a lot warmer in winter than Melbourne, where Neighbours is filmed! I miss that place so much.

I think Donna's hilarious. Do you ever laugh out loud when you free her lines for the first time?
...asks Kylie from Gravesend
I have to admit I do, Kylie. Some of the time I cringe as well, because a lot of it is embarrassing and I don't always want to say the lines on TV! But I have to remember that Donna's a character and not me.

Did your family encourage you to become an actress, or were they worried it would be hard for you to find work?
...asks D Wallace from London
My family are very supportive. Ever since I was little, they said I was a drama queen and would be an actress one day. It was said jokingly, as that seemed so unlikely at the time. But now it's happened, they're happy for me. Most of my family are in the medical profession, but something went wrong with my generation - my brother didn't finish school, my sister went in a different direction, and here I am, an actress!

Do you remember your first day on the Neighbours set?
...asks Wendy from Wapping
Yes, and I also remember my second day - as I had to kiss Sam Clark, who plays Ringo! It was like, "Good to meet you - we've got to make out now!". He became my boyfriend on screen, so it ended up feeling normal.

Do you have your own website?
...asks Tom, via email
This is quite a long story. A while ago, someone bought up a whole load of Margot Robbie domain names just so I'd have to buy them from them - how annoying is that? When I was at school, my Italian teacher suggested I purchase sites with my own name so I wouldn't have to chase them down when I became famous. At the time, I was like, "Ha, ha, as if that'll ever happen!". Anyhow, here I am, and I wish I'd taken the advice. I hope to have my own site up soon.

Have you been to a clairvoyant, and if so, what did they say?
...asks Matthew from Kent
I haven't, and I don't want to! I don't think I'd like to hear what they'd say. I prefer to just let nature take its course and for things to be a surprise...

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine dated 6-12 June 2009

Article submitted by Callum