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As Ringo struggles to balance fame and friendship, actor Sam Clark talks about his own journey to stardom...

Five Monday

Ringo Brown is torn between two worlds this week, as he juggles his new high-profile football friends and his long-term mates in Ramsay Street. In real life, Sam Clark - who plays Ringo - is also performing a balancing act, as he prepares to launch his music career Down Under.
"I've just finished recording an album with my band, Sam Clark & The Keepers, and it'll be released in Australia in the next few months," he smiles. "Music and acting are both my passions, and I want to do them equal justice. It's a matter of seeing whether I can continue with the show and the band at the same time."
Sam's route to stardom began in 2006, when he entered a magazine competition and won the role of Ringo. His musical ambitions were put on hold until last year, though, when he signed a record deal. "We're shooting our first video in a few weeks' time," he grins. "Hopefully we'll make it to the UK by the end of the year."
Meanwhile, Ringo has his hands full dealing with celebrity of a different kind - sporting fame. Since becoming a member of an Australian Football League squad, he's found himself increasingly under the influence of iconic teammate Adam Clarke.
"Ringo idolises Adam, and tries to follow in his footsteps - whether they're good footsteps or not," says Sam. "The problem is, it leaves him less time to hang out with friends such as Declan. Ringo feels he's being pulled in two directions."
And Adam lands Ringo in trouble with Declan this week, when a party gets out of hand...
"Adam persuades Ringo to hire a room at Lassiters, but lots of people show up and the room gets trashed," Sam reveals. "Declan, who's just started working there, rumbles them - but Ringo can't afford the bill."
Now even more out of favour with Declan, Ringo's problems go from bad to worse when he strikes a bond with Ashley Black...
"It turns out that Ashley's the daughter of the coach, Nathan - who doesn't want her dating a player," explains Sam. "Ringo tells Ashley that he can't see her any more. However, she says that unless he keeps dating her in secret, she'll lie that he came on to her!"
As Ringo faces a dilemma, Sam reckons that honesty is the only policy...
"He needs to be true to himself," shares the star. "Always surround yourself with positive people - then you learn who your true friends are, which is important."
While Ringo's love life is in tatters, Sam confesses that he's single off screen - but looking for the right person!
"I haven't found a special girl to be with yet," he admits. "I'm open to it, though. I don't have a type - just someone I can be myself around and have fun with."

>> You can listen to Sam and his band online at www.myspace.com/samclarkandthekeepers

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine, dated 30 May - 5 June 2009 and was written by Jason Herbison

Article submitted by Callum