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Reference > Erinsborough News > Profile - Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is one of Australia's big stars, becoming known worldwide for her hit single I Should Be So Lucky which was produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman, and also for her role in the television show Neighbours.

She started her acting career at 11, playing Carla in the Australian television show The Sullivans and also appeared through her school, in Skyways with her co-star in Neighbours Jason Donovan.

Kylie did quite well at school even though her acting sometimes interfered with work. Her best subject was 'Human Development and Society'! After school she was all set to do a secretarial course, but then Neighbours came along and the choice was easy!

Working on Neighbours is very tiring. Kylie is up at 5.30 am to have her make-up done. Rehearsals and filming take place throughout the day, then it is home to Mum (Carol), Dad (Ron) and the dog (Gabby)! to learn lines for the next day.

In Neighbours Kylie plays Charlene, a very loud-mouthed teenager, unlike Kylie.

"I have my quiet, shy side," she says. "I don't think Charlene really does have a shy side. But she's an average teenager, who has problems with her family, her boyfriend and with getting her career started." This, believes Kylie, is why we like Charlene so much.

Kylie has managed to earn herself the nick-name of 'Bruiser'. This was because of a scene she did in Neighbours where she had to punch Scott. She was not really supposed to hit him but she did and he was knocked out!

As for romance, to rumours about her and Jason Donovan (who plays Scott) Kylie says: "We're good friends sure, after all we've known each other since I was 11, and it would be a disaster if we didn't get on well, but there's too much pressure on us for romance!" And as for anyone else, at the moment there is just no time in her busy life.

Kylie started her singing career when she felt the timing was right.

"I can understand people were going to be dubious and think 'oh yeah, a soapie star going off into music' but it wouldn't have happened if it didn't feel right for me!"

And she obviously made a good decision, her first single, a version of Little Eva's Locomotion, was at number one in Australia for seven weeks and, of course, I Should Be So Lucky made her name famous everywhere.

In the future Kylie looks certain to have many more hits, and there is the possibility of some film roles too, she definitely has the talent, and we wish her well.

This article originally appeared in Sindy Year Book 1989, published in 1988 by Grandreams

Article submitted by David