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Episode Summaries > 2005 > Episode 4810
Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 16/09/05 BBC One: 08/12/05

Episode Title: Next Score Neighbour

• Izzy tells Paul that there’s nothing keeping her there – he tells her that he loves her and wants to be the one to look after her and asks her to let him
• David tells Serena that while she’s living under their roof... – so she tells him that she’ll move in with Connor – problem solved
• Karl tells a Alex that he is suffering from a rare & aggressive form of leukaemia

Erinsborough High School - Corridor: Boyd sees another student with glasses walk into the Medical School exam – but Susan tells him that she doesn’t think that eyesight is a factor in the assessment. He asks her to test him on some stuff really quickly, but she tells him to relax and tells him that she’s helped a lot of kids prepare for the exam and that he’s done more than enough work to get through. Boyd says maybe he should just forget about it – how will he perform an operation if he can’t sit an exam without wanting to throw up? Susan tells him that having lives with Karl, she knows what it takes to be a Doctor and he’s got it – he’s smart, dedicated and most importantly cares about people. He thanks her and asks her to wish him luck – she says that he doesn’t need it, but as he walks off quietly wills him good luck.

The General Store: A disappointed Joe closes the paper as Serena walks in for her shift. Liljana asks what she’s doing there, so she explains that her granddad has given her a shift. Lil asks if she’s struggling to pay the rent already – but she says that a good accountant once told her it was good to have some extra money lying around. David tells her that she’s have plenty if she’d stayed at home, studied and got herself a real career. She ignores him and asks what he wants her to do first – clear tables or take some stock out? Liljana interrupts and asks who is looking after the bikini shop whilst she’s there. Serena tells her to drop it as Harold walks in and is quickly warned by Joe of what is going on as the arguing continues. As David tells Serena she’s made the biggest mistake of her life, Harold intervenes, but Serena tells him not to worry and not to give her anymore shifts as Bounce gives her enough money before storming out.

No. 22 - Lounge: Paul sees that Izzy is up and asks how she’s feeling – she says that she has a headache and asks if that’s what he wants to hear. He asks if he can get her something to eat – some soup maybe – but she she tells him to cut it with the nice guy act. Izzy tries to leave, but Paul has locked the door and says it’s for her own good until she’s detoxed. She says that she needs some things from the shops and the fresh air will do her good. Paul says that he will get her anything she wants from the shops but she needs to stay there and get some rest.

The General Store: Alex is sitting by the serving hatch staring vacantly when Harold comes up and says hello, but seeing he’s interrupted Alex apologises and says he’ll leave him to it before going on to say how happy he is for him and Susan. Alex says that she’s a wonderful woman, one in a million – Harold agrees, telling him about the times she’s helped his family – pushing Alex back into thought before leaving him to it.

Erinsborough High School - Classroom: Boyd is struggling with the Medical School exam and looks around to see everyone else busy working – he looks at the clock and the blackboard and realises he has only ten minutes left before getting back to work.

The General Store: Harold tells David that constantly having a go at Serena won’t get him anywhere – but he asks if he’s supposed to stand by and watch whilst she ruins her life. Lil says that she’s still a child and needs protecting from herself as Joe pipes up and says that’s a bit rich – telling them that they’re the ones behaving like kids – there’s more than one pathway to success and uni’s not for everybody. David said she’s wasting her brains in that shop – but Joe says that she’s doing what she loves and if they keep telling her it’s no good then she’ll leave them for good. Harold says that they can at least agree that their current course of action won’t get them anywhere – they should be proud of her – she’s following in David’s footsteps afterall – going into small business like her father and himself too - they should be proud of her initiative instead of getting upset because she won’t go to university. David points out Paul standing behind Harold at the counter and as Harold serves him, Paul asks if he’s picking up supplies for his construction crew to build a monstrosity in their street. Paul thanks Harold, saying he doesn’t need a bag and leaves.

Erinsborough High School - Classroom: With just seconds to go, Boyd is busy writing and as the invigilator rings the bell for pens down breathes a sigh of disappointed.

No 28 - Living room: Susan, Rachel, Zeke and Bree are packing a picnic for them & Alex. Susan says that Alex probably got held up in traffic, but Zeke says he doesn’t believe in it – he plans around it. Susan says that she’ll give him another try on the phone then. As Susan walks into the hallway to ring Alex, Bree asks Rachel & Zeke if they think the cheque will have cleared yet so they can go tomorrow and take the whole $1000 out – Rachel suddenly realises that Alex must have found out about the cheque and Zeke says that he’ll be so disappointed in them. Bree says that there’s no way he will find out as Susan walks back out leaving Alex a message to ring her. Susan says he’s probably caught up in a meeting, but Zeke asks why he didn’t call then – she says there could be a million reasons. Bree wonders what the big deal is as her mum forgets her all the time. Susan laughs, saying he’ll probably turn up as soon as they finish getting the picnic organised. Zeke says that they need some leafy greens if he’s going to make his height prediction – Rachel tells him to put some lettuce in it, but Susan says that she’ll make a salad and will even throw in some kidney beans if he’s really worried. Just then, Alex walks in and apologises, saying he got held up in a meeting. Susan asks the kids to go down to the garage to get the esky as she asks Alex if he’s alright – he says it’s just office politics.

No 22 - Lounge: Paul walks in and shouts to Izzy that he’s got her tea & biccies but she’s nowhere to be seen. He looks around a realises she’s got out of the backdoor and goes to look for her.

No 32 - Living room: An emotional Lyn tells Susan and Steph that with friends, a job and a son, she has all that she needs. She cheers up, and they toast to new beginnings.

Lassiter's Lake: Alex asks how Rachel & Zeke likes staying with Bree’s family – they say it was great – which he takes to mean that they watched TV most of the time – Rachel tells him that it was only with a view for discussing & analysing it’s adult content – at which Susan laughs. Bree says they did other things as well – Alex says that he hopes they didn’t get up to mischief – but she says that it was pretty boring with not even one family drama to pass the time, well maybe one as Susan comforts her. Just then Audrey runs across the parkland quickly followed by Bouncer 5, Joe & Lyn. Seeing how shocked Susan is to see Audrey, Lyn realises that Joe hadn’t really asked permission to take Audrey as he said – but he asks who wouldn’t want their dog walked for free. As Susan makes a protest, Joe says that surely she doesn’t want to come between star-crossed lovers – she points out that they’re dogs as Alex’s phone rings. Lyn suggests that they could do a visiting rights type thing – Susan says she’ll think about it. Spotting Bouncer 5 eating reeds, Joe quickly runs off, followed by an apologetic Lyn. Alex hangs up his phone and tells Rachel & Zeke to pack everything up as that was the bank manager – need he say anything more, leaving Susan looking bewildered.

Scarlet Bar: Izzy is downing a glass of wine and raiding the till as Boyd arrives. She says that she was thinking about him – he says that he’s fine and has been busy with exams. Izzy says that she still can’t believe that her nephew is going to be a doctor and says that she’ll have to start hitting him up for some free consultations. Boyd asks if she’s alright – saying he knows that she tried to pick up Dylan a couple of weeks ago and that she’s come off her medication – the last thing she should be doing is drinking. She says she’s fine and heads in the office as Paul walks in looking for her. Boyd asks how bad she is – he says that she’s in full withdrawal and would do anything to take off the edge – Boyd tells him that she emptied out the cash register and they follow her into the office.

No 28: The picnickers return and Alex tells Bree to go home – but she explains about the cheque – saying that she loaned Rachel some of her spelling bee money to buy his birthday present but got that cheque mixed up with one that Janelle had given her to cash and when she found out cancelled the cheque straight away. Alex says that his birthday was two months ago – so Zeke tells them the truth that they found it at Lassiter’s and were going to hand it to the police, but having listened to his stories of police corruption decided to keep it as anyone who could afford to write a cheque that large could afford to lose it. Susan says it’s definitely time for Bree to go home and she’ll be ringing Janelle later. A furious Alex berates them for their behaviour and tells them to go to the car before apologising to Susan.

No 30 - Lounge: Serena is tidying up as there is a knock at the door – it’s David, bearing food and says that if he says a single negative thing she can have all of the dessert. He explains about what Harold said and that throughout all the business with Paul, Liljana & him, she acted so grown up and has turned into a mature young woman – he just wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon. She asks him to help with her business proposal for Bounce – she asks about Lil, but he says that she’ll come around eventually.

No 22 - Lounge: Paul & Boyd have brought a protesting Izzy home. She asks why he’s doing this to her, but he tells her to lie down and it will get better. Boyd says he’s going to go – Paul thanks him for his help. Izzy asks Paul to just sit with her – she says that she can’t stop thinking that she’s a bad person but Paul tells her she isn’t, she just wears her faults more openly than others. Izzy asks Paul to help her get better.

No 26 - Kitchen: Lyn & Joe are having a romantic dinner – she says that she’s the luckiest woman in the World. Joe tells her to hold on to that thought as she’ll need it for when Bouncer 5 wins his first race. She tells him that he’s crazy and they go to kiss as Bree walks in and asks what’s for dinner - Lyn says it’s just for her and Joe. She says she’s going to make a waffle and asks if anyone has phoned for Janelle. Lyn says not and suggest that she takes the leftover pie from the other night – she thanks her and runs off. Joe tells Lyn that she needs to kick them out, but she says that she can’t do that so he suggests starting a fake fire and changing the locks whilst they’re all out on the front lawn and throw their stuff out the window. She says to shush up and eat – he says not to worry, they’ll think of something.

No 22 - Lounge: Izzy is telling Paul about when she was at boarding school, Max would come and visit – they’d go for a drive and one time they broke down and it took forever to get back to school – it was freezing but they had so much fun that it didn’t matter. He’s always been there for her and now he hates her. Paul says that Max doesn’t hate her, he loves her and will forgive her, but she says that she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven. He says that real love isn’t conditional, there’s no choice, you can’t stop it or force it – it just is. She smiles and agrees.

No 28 - Living room: Susan opens the door to Alex who has come around to apologise. She says that even good kids put a foot wrong from time to time – he says that they know stealing is wrong though – she says that they slipped up – he just needs to pick them up, dust them off and send them on their way and keep doing it. He says that it might not be that easy – she says that they’ve got good hearts and will cope. Alex says that he’s beginning to wonder how he’d cope without her in his life.

No 22 - Lounge: Izzy comes down having had a shower and apologises to Paul that their relationship hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs and says that she owes him. He says that she doesn’t and they kiss. He pushes her away, but she asks him if he remembers what it’s like to be in someone’s arms – but he says that she doesn’t know what she’s asking of him – they kiss again.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Smith, Boyd Hoyland, Serena Bishop, David Bishop, Liljana Bishop, Harold Bishop, Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Bree Timmins, Lyn Scully

Guest Cast: Mark Little as Joe Mangel, Andrew Clarke as Alex Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski

Trivia Notes
• Max used to visit Izzy at boarding school and take her for a drive – one time they broke down and had to walk back

Summary by Callum

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