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Episode Summaries > 2005 > Episode 4844
Written by Linda Stainton, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 03/11/05 BBC One: 27/01/06

Episode Title: Lean On Me

• Zeke kisses Bree in an attempt to seize the day
• Paul realises that Izzy is not in love with him and tells her to move out

No 22: Izzy claims that she knows what Paul is going through, having felt it herself, but it does not need to be this way. Paul says that he wishes to avoid such misery and screams at her to get out when she persists. Leaving for work, Izzy says that if he is still in the same way when she comes home, she will leave. Paul is left in disbelief.

The Community Hall: Various performers are warming up in preparation to sing, watched by Ned and Elle. Elle asks if Ned should be doing the same and, claiming he is out of his depth, he gets up to leave. As he does Elle attempts to stop him, asking about all the rumours he endured and what he will do back in Oakey having come this far. He finally admits that leaving now would be bad and she encourages him to carry on with it when Lou joins them. He claims that he is here to watch and Ned says that he is also, Elle glaring at him. Lou goes to brag about his previous theatre work when Gino arrives, casually insulting Lou as an amateur as he does so. He introduces himself to the actors as director, choreographer and producer of this remake of Pirates of Penzance, welcoming them to the auditions. Ned looks nervous as he warns that anything less than perfection will not be acceptable.


No 24: Sky and Joe return home from the hospital, taking in how quiet and morbid the place is without David, Lil and Serena around. Sky jokes how unfortunate it is that Serena could not see her in the frumpy outfit that Joe picked out for her. Joe tries to join in, but cannot bring himself to do it and hugs her, telling her that he is glad to have her home. He tells her that Harold should still be home, Sky guessing he is not taking the aftermath of the plane crash well, as Harold enters from another room. They hug and he welcomes her home; he tells her that he could not be better, asking how she is, as the victim of the accident. She assures him that it is over and, not thinking about the remaining Bishops, he talks about his previous accident at sea, happily telling her that it is a will to live that will bring the others home. Joe backs him up, saying that Sky is now safe, and Harold blissfully goes to make some food, leaving Sky and Joe in despair.

Scarlet Bar: Izzy arrives for work, greeting Max who tells her that she should be resting. Izzy enquires what needs to be done, assuring him that she is fit to work even with a crutch. She turns the tables on him, telling him to go home to look after Steph, and he gives in, welcoming her back to work. Karl arrives and he awkwardly greets Izzy, Max telling her not to overdo it as he leaves. He tells her that he got her phone message and she asks to explain.

The Community Hall: Gino calls up those auditioning for the role of Frederick, which includes Ned. Encouraged by Elle and Lou, Ned joins the others and Gino asks him to begin. Gino comments that, as a country boy Ned appears determined, as Ned removes his coat to reveal a frilled tunic, which Elle and Lou poke fun at. Ned fiddles with a tape in the stereo, and Gino urges him to hurry and get it together. He scolds him for being unprepared and asks him to step aside for wasting time. He then greets Corey Helpmann, a late arrival, glad to have him as a replacement.

Scarlet Bar - Office: Izzy and Karl sit in the bar office, Izzy explaining how she has never felt calmer as she did while the plane was going down. Karl says that she sounded anything but on the message. Struggling, she replies that it was at that moment that she knew she loves him and was never happier than she was with him. Karl takes this in, saying that while they are being honest, her message confused him as he thought he was over her. He takes her hand and kisses her; as she happily moves in again he chuckles cunningly and backs off, telling her that as an experienced liar she is an easy target, plainly saying how easy it is to convince someone that you love them. He says that he never wishes to be with her and how satisfied he is watching her and the “emotional cripple” Paul, telling her they deserve each other.


The Community Hall: At rehearsals, Elle fixes the tape for Ned and encourages him to try again, Lou saying that he should quit while he is ahead. Elle urges Ned to go forward and he does, interrupting Corey and Gino’s preparation to request another attempt; Gino permits it as he was polite but warns that it better be worthwhile. Ned starts the tape, Elle winks at him and he sings. Lou picks up on Elle’s enjoyment of the performance, she being the first to stand and applaud him afterwards - fixing her sling - as Corey looks bored and Gino appears satisfied. Elle grins broadly and Ned smiles at her.

Scarlet Bar - Office: With Karl gone, Izzy is drying her eyes when Max enters the office for the rosters, telling her they have customers waiting. She again convinces him that she will be fine and returns to the bar.

The Community Hall: Elle and Lou praise Ned’s performance, saying that his nerves did not show and that he will get the part for sure. Gino announces that Corey is up next, Corey bragging that his song does not need an accompaniment. Gino hushes the audience and Corey sings a wavering tune, Ned and Elle sharing an unconvinced look.

No 24 - Dining room: Joe, Sky and Harold are eating, Harold musing over a book of plants and wondering whether he should plant a batch of carnations, Lil’s favourites. Glancing at Sky, who shakes her head hopelessly, Joe suggests he help Harold fix up outside, and Harold comments that it will be a nice surprise for Lil. Harold then eagerly leaves for the auditions, Sky waiting until he is gone before questioning Joe if Harold even notices that, a week after the crash and the search called off, there is no hope of the others’ survival, not helped by Joe playing along with the charade. Joe consoles her that it will take time to adjust but they will be ready for Harold when he is prepared to accept it.


The Community Hall: Corey is continuing his terrible audition, swaggering on the stage and singing out of tune. Elle mutters to Ned that with this as his competition, the role is his. As Corey finishes, Lou approaches the disgruntled Gino to audition for the chorus. Gino then announces his decisions for the final roles: Ned as the sergeant - a supporting role -, Phillip Mullins as Samuel and Corey as Frederick. Elle complains of a fix and they escape before Harold, entering, can see them. Lou watches as Harold asks Gino for a place on the chorus, something he has been practising with David. Gino starts to express his sympathies for the crash, but Harold does not notice. Lou tries to gesticulate to Gino to keep quiet about the crash, Harold asking Lou to join him in the audition as a stand-in. The take their places begin to sing.

No 28 - Dining area / kitchen: Alex and Susan are having dinner, Alex asking about wedding preparations. Susan says that she wants the full works, gloating about the man of her dreams. Rachel, clearing the dishes with Zeke, asks about him and Bree; he answers that he does not want to jump into anything so soon with Dylan gone. Rachel tells him to be a friend but Zeke does not know how to be there for her. Rachel suggests he talks about what Bree is feeling, something that they missed out on when their mother died and their friends were not around anymore.


No 24 - Kitchen: Harold and Lou are making tea, Harold thinking how good it is that he still has his old musical talent. He praises Lou’s performance as the phone rings but he does not answer, claiming that it is probably a wrong number so late at night, forcefully telling Lou to drop the case when Lou persists. He continues talking about the audition, annoying Lou by ignoring the phone, Lou signalling Joe to answer it when he enters. Sky enters as Joe calls Harold to the phone, Harold ignoring him and continuing to chat to Lou about how David will be excited about the play. Sky listens as Joe makes an excuse for Harold and listens to the caller. He hangs up, telling Harold it was the police having recovered David’s body and requesting that Harold identify it. Harold is in shock, stopping Lou as he tries to comfort him.

No 24 - By the swimming pool: Sky waits outside when Joe joins her. He talks about how difficult it is to accept such things, and Sky tells him that she is thinking about Dylan, hoping that he is alive and wishing for Harold’s faith, and begins to cry.


No 22: Elle arrives home with Ned, congratulating his performance and he thanks her for the support. She kisses him, but pulls away embarrassed before Paul comes downstairs. Ned explains that he was just leaving and thanks Elle for the stereo. Elle asks if something is bothering him and he explains about Izzy moving out. When she badgers him to let Izzy stay, explaining how she and Izzy came around on liking each other, Paul refusing to believe her. Elle explains that sometimes people can get just as much out of loving someone as they can of being loved and - obviously thinking of Ned - says that Paul can trust her there.


No 24: Harold, deep in thought, refuses a cup of tea from Lou, who leaves Joe and Sky to try and get through to him. As Joe tries to talk about the discovery, Harold is adamant that he knows that David and the others are still alive. He refuses to accept what Joe is telling him, saying that Joe can sympathise for the casualty himself; as he stands, Joe attempts to stop him and force him to see the truth, before Harold turns and hits Joe, shouting that he is wrong and that David is still alive.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Isabelle Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Lou Carpenter, Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop, Max Hoyland, Karl Kennedy, Susan Smith

Guest Cast: Mark Little as Joe Mangel, Andrew Clarke as Alex Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Shane McNamara as Gino Esposito, Cameron MacDonald as Corey Helpmann, Daniel James as Ed Holloway

Summary by Brendan

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