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Episode Summaries > 2005 > Episode 4846
Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 07/11/05 BBC One: 31/01/06

Episode Title: Tangled Up in Roo

ē Harold, preparing to make funeral arrangements for David, hugs Sky but will not allow her to come with him
ē Max reads in the newspaper that the joy flight was bombed, forcing him to tell Harold
ē During Nedís audition for Pirates of Penzance, there is evident chemistry between him and Elle

No 26: Sky and Stingray are going through a box of Serenaís things, Stingray getting emotional. Sky, also getting tearful, talks about how she misses Serena and cannot stand it that she is gone.

No 22: Paul rejects a business proposal of Elleís, stating that it is inaccurate. She proceeds to suggest a luxury weekend getaway for the hotel superiors, Paul reminding her that that was originally Dylanís idea. Elle claims that she was not trying to steal, but he decides not to continue discussing promotions anyway. Elle is forced to make him see that the business has to keep running and he needs to stay on top of things; Dylanís ideas could still be put forward like a tribute. Paul apologises for his refusal of her ideas and hugs her.


No 26: Sky and Stingray hug, Sky crying about how she misses both Serena and Dylan, both of them struggling to accept it. She apologises for getting sad, seeing as how Stingray has his trial at 9 oíclock the next morning to think of. Stingray is adamant that Dylan will stay out of it, refusing to turn him in.

The General Store: Izzy arrives for work, greeting Max who tells her that she should be resting. Izzy enquires what needs to be done, assuring him that she is fit to work even with a crutch. She turns the tables on him, telling him to go home to look after Steph, and he gives in, welcoming her back to work. Karl arrives and he awkwardly greets Izzy, Max telling her not to overdo it as he leaves. He tells her that he got her phone message and she asks to explain.

The Community Hall: Lou tells Stuart that Harold making slight progress in his grief, and Stuart tells him that he and Toadie will always be around if they need anything. As Stuart leaves, Harold asks him what is being done about the bomb investigation and Stuart explains that the federal police have it covered not here but in Canberra. As Harold angrily asks him not to just quote a policy at him Stuart assures him that, having lost Connor, he is grieving too. He explains that, even with only twenty people on board, there are other things to be considered such as insurance. As they continue to converse, Elle overhears Lou and Harold pinpointing Paul as the most likely one behind it.

No 26: Lyn and Joe are having lunch when Steph and Oscar return from the swimming pool. As Steph raves about how they both enjoyed themselves and booking lessons, Joe notices how unenthusiastic Lyn seems. After Steph leaves to wash Oscar before playgroup, Joe manages to get Lyn to admit how she has been feeling pushed out lately and cannot keep up with Stephís agenda. She talks about feeling tired and rushed as she gets older. Joe tells her he will always be on hand to help out, and Lyn thanks him but cannot let him hold her hand all the time.

No 30 - Hall / living room: Ned answers the door to Elle, singing a song from the play as a greeting. As they enter the living room, she jokes about being only slightly impressed then drops one of the pages from the stack she is carrying. He helps her clear up, asking if she is alright. She assures him that she is, but then talks about the neighbours discussing Paulís involvement in the plane crash; she cannot see how they can blame him, no matter how much he is disliked, as he and Izzy were on board too. Ned assures her that it will blow over, like it always does in Oakey. She thanks him for his friendship, that being why she kissed him previously. They get ready rehearse lines when Gino and Corey enter, Gino announcing his new play, with Corey in the leading role and the rest of the cast just secondary characters. He goes on to complain about the room being in no state for them to practice, telling Ned and Elle to get of the sofa so he and Corey can move it, and asking Elle to get them some water.


No 26 - Kitchen/lounge: Stingray hurries into the living room while Joe and Lyn talk in the kitchen. Unnoticed, he takes the car keys and rushes to the door, opening it to Sky who wants to hang out. He tries to act casual, finally breaking and explaining that his friend from Colac called to tell him that Roo has been spotted; he is going to drive there to track him down. Sky urges him to call the police instead and he explains that he did but they did not care; he does not have a plan but will clear Dylanís name if it kills him.

No 22: Paul answers the door to Harold, who storms in angrily and demands to know what he did to make someone want to bomb his plane. Even though Paul persists, Harold tells him to start thinking who would do such a thing and leaves.


No 30: Gino listens to Corey rehearse, telling Ned and Elle to stop muttering to each other. Ned asks if any other parts are in the play at all. Gino claims it is an ensemble piece, even though it reads more like a one-man show. He scolds Elle, as wardrobe manager, for complaining and tells Ned to continue. Ned starts to read the script, but appears toneless and boring. Gino asks Corey how he could improve and Corey tells Ned to be more expressive. Gino says that they need to bring out Nedís country background, giving Corey a chance to subtly insult him.

No 26 - Kitchen: Steph enters the kitchen with Oscar, asking Lyn if she plans on going to work. Lyn claims that she was just leaving and happily leads Oscar into the living room to play. She explains that Joe has left for work, prompting Steph to ask how the relationship is going. She tells Steph that she thinks Joe will propose and she wants to say yes when he does. Steph talks about how the divorce from Joe [Scully] is not yet finalised and Lyn explains that even with the Church and the children she still wants it to go on. Steph asks if she is not just doing it to settle down, explaining that she is not complaining but there is no rush to move ahead. Lyn, getting up to answer the door, explains that she is not getting younger and Oscar needs a father figure. She answers the door to Stuart, who explains that Stingray has not signed into the station, breaching his conditions which will ultimately warrant his arrest.

On the road: Sky and Stingray are on the way to Colac in Dylanís car. Stingray tells Sky to pull over at a house where Dylan and Roo always hung out when they were young, hiding the car behind some trees to make it less visible. Sky follows him out, not getting back in when he tells her, explaining that without a plan he is not going to get anywhere. He tries to say that this is his problem, and that alerting the police will allow Roo a further chance of escape; he stubbornly walks to the house and she can do nothing but follow.

No 26: Lyn refuses to agree with Steph that Stingray would just run away with Dylan dead and no alibi, fretting about telling Janelle. Stuart enters from the bedroom with a note to Janelle, explaining about tracking Roo. Both Lyn and Steph urge Stuart to have sympathy for the family and give Stingray a few more hours to prove his innocence. Stuart demands to know what will happen if Stingray ends up not finding Roo and running away to avoid the police, which he - Stuart - will know about; he leaves to report to the station.


Abandoned house near Colac: Stingray and Sky sneak upstairs, finding a bed and some possessions. Stingray decides that Roo will be back for his things and Sky tells him to call the police so they will be waiting when Roo returns. Stingray insists that as long as he is here and Roo is not, that is all the police will care about; he tells her to go home before getting incriminated and she insists that she will stay for Dylanís sake.

The General Store: Paul explains to Harold that he cannot think of the bomber, claiming that he would be talking to the police if he did; he cared just as much for the casualties as anyone, unable to think of another target.


No 30: Gino presses Ned to be serious about his role, threatening to replace him. He leaves with Corey, telling Ned to keep at it. Elle insists that Ned give the whole thing up and find a new, proper production. He asks her to keep rehearsing with him and she, wanting to get back at Gino and Corey, agrees.

Abandoned house near Colac: Stingray and Sky are kept waiting into the night, unsure of if and when Roo will return. She continues that she is fine waiting, preferring to be here than at home mourning; Stingray feels the same. She suggests they light a fire to keep warm but he says that they should not give themselves away for when Roo returns. He covers her with a blanket and they sit in comfort with each other, joking about Dylan. Sky asks if Stingray thinks that Dylan is really gone and he shakes his head.

No 26: Steph wants to talk to Joe about Lyn as they make tea, worried about her and the stability of their relationship. Lyn and Harold fret about Stingray and Sky, Joe comforting Harold that as a Mangel Sky will be fine so like Kerry, which Harold gets uptight about. They think of Janelle at the police station, and if the issue will ever get resolved. Lyn hopes that the police will find them before Roo does.


Abandoned house near Colac: The next morning, Sky is abruptly woken by someone entering downstairs. As the man comes upstairs she nudges Stingray awake, covering his mouth and, Stingray wielding a wooden pole, they wait behind the door as he enters.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins, Paul Robinson, Lou Carpenter, Stuart Parker, Harold Bishop, Lyn Scully, Stephanie Hoyland, Oscar Scully

Guest Cast: Mark Little as Joe Mangel, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Shane McNamara as Gino Esposito, Cameron MacDonald as Corey Helpmann

Summary by Brendan

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