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Episode Summaries > 2005 > Episode 4847
Written by Drew Tingwell, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 08/11/05 BBC One: 01/02/06

Episode Title: Shelter From The Storm

• Janelle returns home to find Kim there, greeting him with a slap on the face
• Dylan tells Connor, on the run together, to get himself together and move on
• Stuart tells Lyn and Steph that with Stingray missing he will breach his bail conditions, warranting his arrest
• In Roo’s abandoned house, Sky and Stingray wait behind the door as a man enters, ready to strike with a pole

Abandoned house near Colac: The man enters the room and Stingray hits him with the pole, seeing as he falls to the floor that it is Stuart.


No 26: Janelle is leaving a threatening message for Stingray’s phone when Bree suggests some tea to calm her down. Kim asks how much longer they have and Toadie says that it will be another couple of hours. Janelle suggests that they just explain to the authorities that Stingray is ill, which will get them more time; it worked for fugitives in the past like Christopher Skase. Both Bree and Toadie are sceptical; with Stingray’s 18th birthday coming he is made legal for incarceration.

Abandoned house near Colac - Outside: Stuart leads Sky and Stingray out of the house, Stingray angrily explaining that he was trying to track Roo down and clear Dylan’s name. He protests that he is not leaving and will sort this out by himself, relenting only when Stuart warns him of a contempt charge, all of this watched by an unseen person. When Sky offers to follow them home in Dylan’s car Stuart explains that it is too risky should it be spotted; she can get the train to Colac and pick it up tomorrow.

Karl's Apartment: Karl apologises to Max for the mess, joking about lost trainers and leftover food. Max is convinced that the state of the place is a result of Karl being distracted by his feelings for Susan, telling him to talk to her; while Karl is reluctant to upset her relationship with Alex, Max prefers to stay out of it.

Tasmania - A forest: Dylan and Connor are walking, comparing their fantasy meals, when Dylan mentions some money that he found in David’s case. Connor is unimpressed while Dylan maintains that they need it more than David.

Karl's Apartment: Max announces that it is time Karl found someone new. When Karl counters that he does not know where to look, Max suggests the Internet. While Karl is initially doubtful they are soon looking online, amazed at the variety of available women.


Tasmania - A forest: As Connor and Dylan continue walking Dylan relays the journey they should take, carrying their fake IDs and catching a ferry from the mainland. He appears uncertain and Connor wants to know how they can pull it all off. Dylan tells him to stop complaining and carry on.

Karl's Apartment: Karl and Max continue browsing the dating website, Karl unconvinced by the women’s biographies, saying it is impossible to know if they are genuine. Max mentions that with Karl’s past he has not had much luck otherwise, hinting at Izzy and Margaret Greer. Max urges him to give it a try, beginning with a bio. Karl is immediately clueless about what to write with his divorce, age and dingy home. Max tells him to start with his profession - an easy win - and fitness, good for his age. He wishes Karl luck and leaves.


Tasmania - A forest: Dylan and Connor keep walking, Connor assuming that they should be near civilisation. Dylan does not understand how he can be so upbeat about starting over, then trips over in exhaustion. When Connor agrees that they take a rest, Dylan tells him to go on and he will catch up. Connor tells him that he could die out here, trying to tempt him by talking about food and hospitality. Dylan asks about police, questioning and his status as a criminal, all without Sky there.

On the road: Sky, Stingray and Stuart are pulled over by a police car for speeding, Stuart distracted by getting to the hearing. Stingray, knowing the policeman from Colac, is immediately flustered that he will be caught out. Stuart apologises to Stingray, saying that he doubts they will make it back in time.

Tasmania - A forest: Connor determinedly urges Dylan to keep going while Dylan insists that they will not be able to cut it with a criminal lifestyle. He refuses to be pushed into going along with the façade and that they will be caught for sure, but eventually allowing Connor to lead him along, joking about their odour.


No 26: As Toadie returns to number 26, Janelle and Bree explain that Stuart called to say that they are coming home. Toadie explains that, fifteen minutes late, things already look doubtful. Janelle begins cursing Stingray and Kim calms her down, praising Stingray’s bravery in wanting to find Roo. Sky and Stuart arrive and Janelle asks about Stingray, Stuart hesitating before telling them that with broken bail conditions and not appearing in court Stingray has been taken into remand.

Karl's Apartment: Karl, on the phone to Mal, explains about Max’s idea before checking his account and finding a string of replies to “The Love Doctor.”

No 30: Stuart returns to number 30 as Toadie comes off the phone to the residing judge, having been asking for a rescheduled date; thought they are meeting up later, he is not entirely hopeful. Stuart apologises for not being able to do more as an officer, but Toadie assures him that he did his part in finding Stingray, Stuart convinced he is innocent. Stuart explains that Steiger has removed him from all future undercover operations for breaching his responsibilities and Toadie apologises on Stingray’s behalf before heading for the remand centre. As he prepares to leave Stuart stops him to say that they still have yet to arrange a wake for Connor. When he suggest they do it that night Toadie unconvincingly explains that he has more engagements, giving up the charade and saying that he was just avoiding it, both of them still touchy about the situation.

No 26: Sky comforts Bree over Stingray, Bree scared about him going to prison when he does not deserve it. Sky assures her that he will have people looking after him in the remand centre and Janelle berates Sky for being so casual about it, blaming her for letting Stingray go to Colac. Sky defends that she was going with Stingray for backup; he needed a licensed driver and would have gone without her either way. Janelle again blames her for not talking him around and Sky leaves, bad-tempered. Bree asks Janelle why shed had to be so rude to her while she was trying to help and Janelle explains that she did not mean to overdo it, her stress over Stingray affecting her. Kim assures her that it will be okay, and that Stingray will get through. He starts to explain that the universe will sort itself out and Janelle turns on him for being so laid-back about it all. He says that it tends to help him sometimes and leaves for walk. When Janelle says that Bree may as well have a go at her again, Bree says that she just pities Janelle for blowing him off, saying she needs his support.

Tasmania - A forest: Dylan and Connor reach a barren, wooded road, unsure of where to go and how to navigate. Connor tries to stay upbeat and they both start on a discarded bag of rubbish, hoping for food. Connor takes a newspaper from inside, which shows an article on the plane crash and missing passengers. He then alerts Dylan to a piece about Sky being rescued, confirming that she made it.

Scarlet Bar: Karl approaches Max, showing him his many responses to the dating profile. They are both impressed, Karl pleased with his genuine biography, apart from his age. He asks Max to help him go through the replies, Max begrudgingly agreeing before explaining how the typical applicant will expressively lie about factors like smoking habits, commitment needs and sense of humour. Karl is immediately regretful about the whole thing, Max assuring him that “she” is here in this stack.


No 26 - Lounge: Janelle is alone when Bree goes to answer the door to Toadie; he explains that Stingray is scared about the predicament when Kim enters and both he and Janelle demand to see Stingray. Toadie states that, as procedure, he has booked them a time to see him next morning when it is earliest. He shows Kim a list of things that Stingray asked for, before telling them that the judge will not allow another trial before Stingray’s birthday; if he sticks to his plea of innocence it will be almost impossible to avoid jail.


Tasmania - A forest: Dylan, meanwhile, reads in the newspaper about Stingray’s claim that Dylan was innocent for the robbery. Things have now gotten too far out of hand and, despite Connor’s protests, he decides to go home and clear it up in person.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins, Stuart Parker, Janelle Timmins, Bree Timmins, Toadfish Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Max Hoyland, Dylan Timmins, Connor O'Neill

Guest Cast: Brett Swain as Kim Timmins, Anthony Namor as Const. Mark Phillips

Summary by Brendan