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Episode Summaries > 2005 > Episode 4859
Written by Drew Tingwell, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 24/11/05 BBC One: 17/02/06

Episode Title: My Flown Worst Enemy

• Karl and Jenny agree to a third date
• Rachel threatens to tell Bree about Zeke’s dobbing if he tells Alex that she is seeing Jake
• Stuart takes Elle away in his police car, saying she could be in danger

No 30 - Garden: Ned sings Amazing Grace as he takes his costume down from the clothesline and packs it away, Elle overhearing as she comes outside. He apologises and she smiles, encouraging him to go on. He denies his talent, saying that he is quitting the play. She asks if it is because of Stuart and he guiltily looks down, confirming it; she again encourages him not to look down on himself and he thanks her.


No 28 - Kitchen/dining area: Zeke and Bree are playing Snap when Alex enters from the bedroom, holding up two ties by way of asking Susan which he should wear to the federal treasurer’s cocktail party. Bree lies to Alex that Rachel is at the library and he gets uptight about Rachel not telling him; Susan cannot understand why he is angry, especially as Zeke was late home from the science museum. Alex explains that Zeke is responsible and he is a boy, a reason which Susan scolds him for. Bree laughs mockingly as Zeke explains how he told off a boy for pushing in the bus queue, and Susan again belittles Alex for his unbalanced discipline.

No 30 - Garden: Elle sits on the porch steps with Ned, trying to make him see that he is above sucking up for a good part like Corey did, so he deserves to have a good role. She says she believes in him, when Paul arrives and is relieved to find her there. He forcefully tells her that they need to pick up Izzy from hospital together, saying that it is not safe to be out alone.

Scarlet Bar: Karl stands at the bar with Max and Lou, Max coaxing Karl to open up about Jenny and he insists that he likes her, calling her spirited and saying that they click intellectually as well. Max teases her sense of humour, referring to her key-swapping at the dinner party, when she arrives and Karl greets her with a kiss. She announces that she got invited to the treasurer’s cocktail party, and Max and Lou exchange looks as Karl claims that he worships the man; Jenny flirtingly hints that she may be able to sneak him in and he is interested.

No 28 - Kitchen/dining area: Susan admires Alex’s chosen tie for the party, when Rachel returns. Alex scolds her for not clearing it with him and Susan is cynical. They start to bicker when Zeke blurts out that Rachel was with Jake instead; both Rachel and Bree turn on him, Bree shouting that he is dumped and he chases her outside, leaving Alex to tend to Rachel.

No 22 - Living room: Paul examines footage on his security cameras and Izzy asks if it is really necessary. He explains that Tony Corbett could be anywhere, insisting that no one is ruled out as a suspect and they could at least keep themselves secure. Elle comes downstairs, and he says that she will no longer be flanked by a security guard - because she will not be leaving the house without a valid reason. He tells her firmly that she needs to keep alert for anything suspicious while Izzy says that it is all a bit extreme. He says that the toxic letter was extreme when the phone rings and he tells them not to answer the phone when it rings. Elle answers the phone anyway, to Ned, as Izzy looks at Paul pitifully.


No 28 - Kitchen/dining area: Alex scolds Rachel for not only continuing to see Jake but dragging Zeke into it as well. She apologises, saying she wants to get to know Jake and asks what Alex’s problem is. He grounds her, forbidding her from going to study camp, and she storms into her room. Susan tells Alex that he hardly gave Rachel the choice to see Jake herself, again telling him that his punishment is too unkind. He says firmly that he knows his children best and Susan, slightly offended, leaves to wait in the car. Rachel re-enters and Alex tells her he only wants her to grow up responsibly. She says that she is not like Katya, telling him to leave her sister out of it and treat her the right way.

Scarlet Bar: Ned is reading at a table when he asks Max to sign a builder’s contract as a witness. Max sees on the sheet that there will be no injury insurance, and Ned explains that he just skimmed through it; Max refuses to sign. Lou checks the sheet, and Max jokes that he wrote the book on scams, leaving Ned uncomfortable.

Cocktail party: Karl joins Jenny as he returns from the bathroom, bringing them champagne. She asks if he is nervous, going to the bathroom three times in twenty minutes. He admits that he is, and she explains that the treasurer came while Karl was away and has already left after a quick chat with her. She laughs, explaining that she knows him quite well and they should be able to meet again soon. He thanks her and leans in to kiss when Susan and Alex arrive, Karl explaining that the treasurer is gone; Alex is irritated at Rachel keeping them late and Susan jokes that she maybe did them a favour. Jenny tells Alex that Rachel is very good-looking and he will be soon fighting boys away from her. Alex grumbles how that will not be too soon and Susan grumpily asks how he cannot just take a compliment. He leaves, and Susan apologises for the tension, Karl watching her go.


No 22 - Living room: Paul, Elle and Izzy are playing Scrabble, Paul and Elle prompting Izzy to make a move. After she does, Elle is about to give up when she makes bomb, leading to an awkward silence. The phone rings and Paul answers to the police, sounding intrigued as he listens. He hangs up, explaining that Tony Corbett has been found dead a few streets away.

Cocktail party: Jenny jokes that she could give Karl some materials from the last election when he distractedly looks over at Alex and Susan fighting. Jenny leaves and Karl continues watching; Susan says that they cannot go on like this when they are married and Alex stubbornly leaves for home. Jenny rejoins Karl form the bar with a drink and he excuses himself to talk to Susan. Jenny watches as Susan complains about Alex’s temper; she wonders if it was really wise to get into such a tumultuous relationship, unlike him and Jenny who seem to doing just fine casually; Jenny watches, unimpressed.

No 28 - Kitchen/dining area: Alex sits at the kitchen table looking thoughtful when Susan comes in from the bedroom to talk; there is much more to their disagreement than Rachel’s discipline. Rachel enters to fetch her book and Susan offers her something to eat, which she grumpily refuses and goes to her room. Susan tells Alex that he has a problem with communication and addressing important issues which she will not let continue.

Scarlet Bar: Max serves Ned a beer, suggesting he could go back to musicals if labouring does not work out. Ned gets uptight, explaining that he is not performing anymore and Lou joins him as Max leaves, explaining that it just slipped out when he told Max about the play. He offers him a job at the General Store and Ned is hopeful, glum again when he learns that the job is writing up menus.

No 26 - Living room/kitchen: Bree again scolds Zeke for telling on Rachel, saying that it does not work that way. She says that she used to like how quirky and weird he was but now he has gone too far, and tells him it is over.


No 22 - Living room: Paul thanks the constable for his call and chuckles as he hangs up, Elle and Izzy waiting. He explains that Corbett was poisoned, with files on bomb manufacturing and records of Paul’s movements found on his computer. Izzy fetches champagne to celebrate the ordeal being over, when Elle asks if it is appropriate; Paul explains that Corbett deserved it and they toast to freedom.

Cocktail party: Karl rejoins Jenny, apologising for leaving her alone and she says that she understands. He says it is a shame that circumstances are the way they are, and she asks if he is ready to go. He jokes about her filling him in on the treasurer’s appearance when she says that the relationship cannot go on with his remaining feelings for Susan; she watched his manner and body language all the time he was talking to her. He claims that he has no remaining issues, claiming that feelings for Susan were not why his other relationships ended; he willingly chose to look for a new girlfriend. She tells him he is fooling himself and that she does not want to be caught in the middle. She kisses his check and says goodbye before leaving.

No 28 - Kitchen/dining area: Alex explains to Susan that he wants Rachel to be safe and Susan tells him to let her at least think for herself; the harder he tries to restrain her the more she will rebel. She says that listening to the children and understanding them is what will bring them closer, giving him a prompting look as Rachel enters. He asks for a word and she assumes he wants to argue again, so he says he wants to apologise now that he knows he overreacted. She apologises for worrying him and hugs him, saying that he will never lose her and she will not hurt him like Katya did. Susan asks who Katya is and both Alex and Rachel freeze.


Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Isabelle Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Susan Smith, Bree Timmins, Max Hoyland, Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy

Guest Cast: Daniel O’Connor as Ned Parker, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Andrew Clarke as Alex Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkweister as Zeke Kinski, Carrie Barr as Jenny McKenna

Trivia Notes
• Alex got tickets to the cocktail party as a perk through advising the government on GEO political affairs
• Izzy makes the word squabbles in Scrabble, earning 31 points
• Tony Corbett, last seen in episode 4744, is confirmed dead by poisoning
• This episode features the first verbal mention of Katya Kinski, who will later join the Neighbours cast

Summary by Brendan

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