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Episode Summaries > 2005 > Episode 4867
Written by Michael O'Rourke, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 06/12/05 BBC One: 01/03/06

Episode Title: Stu Can Play That Game

• Toadie asks Stuart about the call he just took and Stuart explains it away before changing the subject
• Dylan tells Stingray that he needs to pretend to have appendicitis in order to buy himself some time on bed rest before trying to deal with more tough prisoners
• Janae, on her beach trip with Boyd, is shocked to see Mike with her old enemy Karen Chambers
• Dylan tells Sky that they are leading separate lives now and that there is no hope for their relationship

Warrinor Prison - Visiting hall: With nothing left to say Dylan gets up to leave, Sky following him and insisting that she is still hopeful; she will just keep coming back to see him until he wants her back. He firmly tells her that he has no interest, threatening to have her removed from the visitor’s list, saying that he wants nothing more to do with her and storming back to his cell.

No 24 - Kitchen: Harold is instructing Connor on playing the tuba, watching the positions of his fingers and telling him to take deep breaths. As Connor blows Harold jumps slightly and spills his tea, before telling Connor that he is coming along well. They decide to check their appointments for the day, Harold saying that they need to talk to the police about Connor’s living situation since coming back. Although Connor is reluctant, Harold urges him to do it now and offers to go with him.

Beach: As Mike and Karen play Frisbee, Janae watches angrily as she and Boyd came back from swimming, explaining how Karen bullied her back in Colac. Boyd is unimpressed with Karen’s behaviour and Janae says that she will probably try to steal Boyd for herself. As the two couples watch each other, Karen starts fondling Mike and kissing him passionately to show off. Janae does the same with Boyd and tells him to go with it, she and Karen stealing glances at each other to make sure the other is looking.

No 24 - Living room: That night, Connor is putting Christmas decorations on a tree as Harold enters with more for the soup kitchen. Sky returns home, amazed to see Christmas decorations but disgusted to hear Harold talking about how he came around on the idea only after Connor suggested them. He asks about Dylan and she says how unfair the legal system is; Harold briefly states that the Lord works in mysterious ways and leaves for the soup kitchen with Connor. Irritated, Sky closes the door after them.

Warrinor Prison: A prisoner’s possessions are handed over into a plastic bag before he is given a uniform and led to a cell. As this happens Stingray, sitting on a stretcher, complains about being left unattended when he sees the new inmate led past him; he says to himself that he must be imagining things. The inmate is led to his cell where Roo is doing push-ups and - revealed to be Stuart - introduces himself as Mick Farrow. Roo introduces himself by nickname only before asking if the two have met before; Stuart says no although Roo clearly thinks otherwise.

Soup kitchen: Sky arrives to find Connor serving soup, and Harold asks what she is doing there. She explains that Svetlanka called, still grieving and asking to come for a visit. Harold says that they should organise something for the New Year, and Sky says that doing it now would mean that they could both talk things over together in their time of need. Harold says that there is no hurry, muttering about Svetlanka’s friends in Perth whom she can talk to, and moving off again. Connor smiles at Sky almost guiltily and she returns it, faking, and leaves.

No 24 - Living room: Back home, Sky is looking through the phone directory and dials a number.

Warrinor Prison - Dylan and Stingray's cell: Dylan takes out a box of possessions, including photos of his family and Sky, looking at Sky’s picture angrily.

No 24 - Living room: Sky, having called the prison, asks to speak with Dylan Timmins. After seemingly getting through, she explains that she is a friend and asks for a message to given to him. She pleads, before the person on the other line hangs up on her.

Warrinor Prison - Dylan and Stingray's cell: Dylan furiously tears up Sky’s photo, storming across the room and dumping everything from the box into a bin.

No 24 - Living room: Sky picks up her address book from the coffee table and flicks through it, finding Serena’s old address in Perth. Looking glum, she sits back and holds the book close to her.

Beach - Cafe: The next day, Boyd and Janae arrive to eat, again bumping into Mike and Karen. Karen taunts Janae about life at Erinsborough High and having counselling sessions, when Janae tells her to leave. Karen asks what Kim is doing now, still a freelance surfer or in prison like Janae’s brothers. Janae gets up and starts to fight before Boyd pulls her off; a crowd gathers and Boyd tells Mike to take Karen and go. Karen tells Janae to say when she is leaving so that the others can start a party and Boyd is again forced to restrain Janae. He tells her not be so easily swayed by Karen’s pathetic bullying, and Janae again shouts after her. As she grumbles about Karen getting to her, Boyd tells her that with a whole new life, her family back together and him, she is happier now and should not care about what Karen thinks.

Warrinor Prison - Corridor: Stuart is walking down the hall when Dylan calls out to him, and Stuart grabs him by the collar to push him against a wall. He tells Dylan of his alias and warns Dylan that he and Stingray are not to address him or even look at him. Dylan asks if he is there to get them out and Stuart explains that Roo is his target; a string of recent crimes have all linked to him, performed while he was on the run. He tells Dylan that he believes that he and Stingray are not entirely guilty and they should be able to work towards getting the pair of them out. He warns Dylan to sit tight and let him do his job…In Stuart and Roo’s cell, Roo returns as Dylan skulks past, glancing in at him. Roo calls him back before dropping suggestive comments about Sky, not giving in to Dylan’s threats as he continues to talk about getting rid of Stingray first. Stuart returns, watching from outside as Dylan lunges at Roo, pulling Dylan off and asking Roo if Dylan he was troubling him. Roo leers at Dylan, who cannot defend himself, before Stuart tells him to get lost or they will get him the next time, tightening his grip and forcing an answer from Dylan. Stuart throws him out into the hall, telling him to close the cell door next time and Roo watches, impressed, as Stuart returns to his side of the cell…In Stingray and Dylan’s cell, Stingray returns complaining about the doctor not giving him treatment because his symptoms were not critical. Dylan tells him that he spoke to Stuart, shushing Stingray when he suddenly gets talkative. Dylan explains that Stuart is undercover and they are not to undo it, hitting Stingray to keep him quiet as he gets excited at the thought of Stuart coming to their rescue. Stuart and Roo walk past, Dylan pushing Stingray aside when he starts shouting abuse at Roo who quickly moves off again, followed by Stuart. Dylan again warns Stingray to keep his emotions under control or Stuart’s cover will be blown, which could be crucial.

Beach - Boardwalk: Boyd and Janae are walking, Boyd asking why she is looking glum. Janae says after having this new life, she gets dispirited when people from her past show up to cause trouble. Boyd tells her that it is all been and gone, until Mike and Karen come walking along the same path. Karen jokes about Janae’s trailer park searching for their missing trash, and Janae tells Karen that she feels sorry for her, having moved on with her life, and she should do the same. Karen tells Janae that she will always be a sad loser and Janae says that Karen just looks bitter and unhappy with no one else to blame. She then goes on to talk about Karen dating her old boyfriend, whom she dumped. Karen, not having known this, gets unsettled as Janae talks about taking her revenge out on Mike’s car. She says that she has a life and cannot be bothered sticking around and she leaves with Boyd, Karen questioning Mike on what Janae said before he gets uneasy and leaves. Walking along the beach with Janae, Boyd says that she did well, Janae telling him not to look back around as it is all in the past.

Warrinor Prison - Stuart and Roo's cell: Roo is reading on his bed when Stuart returns, Roo giving him some magazines to look at as a reward for helping him earlier. He asks Stuart what he did to get into prison and Stuart lies he committed armed robbery and was placed in another unit prior to this one. Roo remains certain that he has seen Stuart somewhere before and Stuart denies it, saying no as Roo lists off other prison units where he was sentenced. As Roo sits back down, still staring at Stuart, he remembers back to when Sky and Stingray staked out his hideout near Colac, and how he watched unseen as Stuart came to collect them. Smugly, he jokes that Stuart looks like an Australian Idol contestant and Stuart playfully throws a magazine at him, Roo continuing to leer at him.

No 24 - Living room: Sky is waiting when Harold and Connor arrive home, greeting them cynically. Connor sits and asks her to tell him what is wrong and she complains about Joe, Harold and Dylan all being absent from her life somehow. Harold angrily tells Sky that he is only distracted by helping others and she says how worrying it is that he has to distract himself just to avoid his own grief. Connor gets up to stop the argument, asking Sky what she expects Harold to do. She tells him that she wants Harold to at least show some emotion and how she just feels more alone. Harold hugs her, saying that he is there for her.

Warrinor Prison - Stuart and Roo's cell: The dismissal bell is rang and Stuart starts to leave, asking if Roo is coming. Roo says that Stuart needs some guidance, which could come in useful if he is not careful. He tells Stuart that he needs to be loyal if Roo is to protect him, making sure that Stuart agrees before saying that he has a proposition for him - he needs someone taken care of. Stuart, assuming that it is Dylan, says that Dylan had it coming before Roo clarifies that Stingray is the victim; Stuart distinctly looks away as Roo asks if he can handle it, finally agreeing before looking away and absorbing this information as Roo leaves the cell.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Dylan Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Janae Timmins, Connor O’Neill, Stuart Parker, Boyd Hoyland, Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel

Guest Cast: Richard Cawthorne as Reuben “Roo” Hausman, Alexander Cappelli as Mike Pill, Cherise Donovan as Karen Chambers

Trivia Notes
• Karen previously bullied Janae over the fact that her parents were happily married with better jobs. She also created the “Timmins Tap” label for any drinking fountain used by a Timmins child, spreading “germs” on it
• The police let Connor off with a warning for continuing to live with Harold after his theft and being on the run
• The windscreen wipers on Mike’s car cost $30 to replace
• Stuart lies to Roo that he was sentenced to Parkwood prison previously where friends of Roo’s, Danny Deacon and Lofty Callon, were also inmates
• Roo previously served time in Beecham and Long Shore prison units
• Stuart warns Roo about comparing him to Australian Idol contestant Shannon Noll, possibly an in-joke to Daniel O’Connor, who competed in the series before joining the Neighbours cast as Stuart’s brother Ned

Summary by Brendan

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