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Episode Summaries > 2005 > Episode 4869
Written by Graham Hartley, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 08/12/05 BBC One: 03/03/06

Episode Title: Sleep Impact

• Steph announces that she cannot sleep in number 32 anymore, certain her dreams are carrying a bad message
• Alex struggles to breathe as a result of lymphoma symptoms
• Lyn discovers that Paul is the employer looking for a personal assistant, the position which she is applying for

Lassiter's Hotel - Foyer: Lyn, waiting to be interviewed, flicks through her CV before stopping quickly as Paul emerges from the interviewing room with another applicant. Clearly anxious, Lyn starts to leave when Paul asks if she is leaving because of him; she explains that with so many commitments at home she did not think it through before applying. She asks hypothetically if he thinks she has a chance and he bluntly answers no as the job involves so much dedication. As she awkwardly starts to leave, he says that he understands her nerves before offering an informal interview later to help her settle into the process of applying for jobs. She agrees and thanks him, watching as he calls for the next applicant.

No 32 - Living room: Max watches as Karl finishes checking over the baby, saying that everything is fine before commenting on how edgy Steph seems. She asks about the dreams and he states that it is normal, advising her not to go scavenging under the house anymore. He also advises her to get proper sleep, not wanting to prescribe anything that may harm the baby. They both agree that the dreams do not carry any meaning, Karl suggesting that Steph’s stress levels are harming the baby more. Steph drifts off to sleep - dreaming again of Drew - as Max sees Karl out.

No 26 - Kitchen/Living room: Bree pours juice for herself and Rachel, who is telling an embarrassing story about Alex, before they enter the living room where Janelle - wearing rabbit ears - is babysitting Oscar. Janelle is laughs at a video of Susan’s hen party, showing Susan, tipsy and wearing a veil, being led away by security guards, which Rachel is shocked by. Janelle apologises for the inappropriateness and laughs at Susan thinking the guards are strippers before wondering whether to broadcast it. Rachel is annoyed by the idea as Bree answers the door and Janelle leaves to change Oscar’s nappy, joking to Rachel about Spielberg calling. Bree leads Summer inside, Summer assuming that Rachel is angry at her being there and starts to leave. She arranges to meet Bree at the General Store, although Bree has already made plans with Rachel. Bree decides that the three of them can hang out together, both Rachel and Summer not entirely happy about this. Janelle watches as Summer leaves, followed by Rachel, and asks Bree what the problem is. Bree is upset that the two are fighting while Janelle insists that she should be flattered that they both want to win her over.

No 28 - Living room: Alex opens the door to Karl and invites him inside, asking for the latest news. Karl explains that Alex’s oncologist has asked Karl to tell Alex that his lymphoma has returned, leaving him with weeks or even days to live. He apologises for Alex’s suffering and asks if Susan has been told about his symptoms. Alex explains that he did not wish to impose on plans for the wedding and Christmas, thanking Karl for his continued support. Karl goes on to say that now is the time for Alex to tell the children, and Alex despairs over how to go about it…later on, Alex sits in silence as Susan, Rachel and Zeke hang decorations and stockings. Susan notices how distracted Alex is and, assuming he is thinking about Katya, says that she can still be found. Alex’s mobile begins to ring and he takes the call, saying it may be the investigator, as Rachel and Zeke discuss Christmas presents for Susan when Rachel gets an idea. Alex hangs up the phone and announces that it was the investigator, telling the others that no leads have been found and she may be living under a different name, making it only more difficult to find her.

No 26 - Kitchen: Janelle and Oscar are sitting at the table when Bree enters, asking how she can manipulate her popularity. Janelle explains that she has to give just enough attention to keep the girls satisfied, and that being sweet and naïve will not win her any friends. Bree is worried that they will be hurt if she plays then off against each other while Janelle is adamant that she needs to be tough, telling her to take it easy and enjoy the competition.

No 28 - Kitchen: Susan comforts Zeke over the Katya issue, when Rachel heads to meet Bree and Summer. Susan suggests she take Zeke along in order for Susan and Alex to have privacy and Rachel eventually agrees. They both leave, and Susan asks Alex if there is more on his mind. She pets his forehead and finds that he has a temperature. He explains that the symptoms have returned, meaning that even if Katya is found he may never see her when the time comes; Susan is left stunned.

The General Store: Rachel and Summer both ask Bree if she would like a milkshake, each offering to buy it. As Janelle enters with Oscar, Bree asks Rachel to get the milkshake and Summer for a piece of cake, the other two continuing to bicker. At the counter Zeke tells Rachel that Janelle “knows,” sitting and watching him. Rachel explains to Summer that he is too shy to get Susan’s Christmas present - stealing the hen party video before Janelle can send it to Stupid Aussies. Bree sides with Rachel, saying that Susan’s dignity is at stake, and Rachel says Bree needs to see how daring he can be. Zeke frets about being caught and sent to prison when Summer suggests they replace the video with a blank one. Rachel checks if they have money to buy one on the way home, while Zeke is clearly unhappy with the idea.

No 28 - Kitchen: Tearfully, Susan asks Alex if there is even a chance that the symptoms will go away again and he says no, before deciding that they should cancel all of their plans and take things a day at a time. Susan opposes the idea, saying that they should do everything while there is still time, both together and with the children. She assures him that she will continue to care for the children afterwards and, crying together, they kiss.

The General Store: Rachel gives Zeke the money for the tape while Zeke continues to agonise over being caught out, agreeing to go only when they continue to pressure him. Bree, watching, fears that they are ganging up on her while Janelle, sitting at the next table, assures her that it is nothing. Rachel returns with Bree’s milkshake and she asks what they were talking about, saying that it is surprising how well she and Summer are getting on. She tries to make it seem like Summer was abusing Rachel’s clothes, asking Rachel not to tell Summer that she told her. Rachel then leaves, flouncing past Summer who asks Bree where she is going. Bree says that Rachel called Summer conceited and self-absorbed, Summer saying that Rachel was weird before and now a backstabber too. At this Bree looks over at Janelle who grins slyly.

Lassiter's - Foyer: Lyn is going through her various qualifications with Paul, who encourages her not to sell herself short, making her uncomfortable. She goes on to talk about finding customers’ soft spots and showing a genuine interest rather than threatening them. Paul then makes her a deal to use this approach and get back his former client’s owing of $ 5000 within a day, then he will continue to help boost her CV and give a 10% share.

The General Store: Bree orders two more milkshakes when Rachel returns for her jacket, immediately starting an argument with Summer about what she “said.” She is then confused as to why Summer does not think badly of her clothes, like Bree said, and says that she thought they were coming around on each other. Talking things over, they learn what Bree said about them, both turning on her and leaving. Zeke returns with the video and asks what is going on, Bree calling Janelle stupid for making Bree believe her.

No 22 - Kitchen: Paul leads Lyn inside, and she presents him with the money, having cracked the client. She mentions having to get back to Oscar when Paul offers her with the money she just gave him and says that she may be a worthwhile addition. She says that she cannot take the job, having more priorities than money, allowing him to say that she can work her own hours with no added conditions and asks her to think about it.

No 26 - Kitchen/living room: That night Zeke sneaks inside through the back door, shushing Harvey, and entering the living room where Janelle is asleep on the sofa. He manages to switch the videos and runs out, Janelle waiting until he has left before waking up, having previously made a copy of the tape.

No 32 - Living room: In her dream, Steph is cradling the baby when Drew and Max hurry inside, Max trying to take Drew outside and Drew telling Steph that he will not leave without the baby. Steph cries out in her sleep before waking up and telling Max what happened. Max assures her that everything is alright and hugs her for comfort.

No 28 - Kitchen: Wrapping the video, Zeke and Rachel dispute over who should be called the clever one for getting it back, when Rachel finds Katya’s stocking in the decorations box. Hopeful that she will be found, they decide to hang it up in faith, when Susan and Alex enter from the bedroom. Zeke asks if he can put up Katya’s stocking and they both get uptight. Rachel and Zeke both ask what is going on and Alex says that it is time they learned the truth.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Susan Smith, Janelle Timmins, Bree Timmins, Max Hoyland, Stephanie Hoyland, Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully

Guest Cast: Andrew Clarke as Alex Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Marisa Siketa as Summer Hoyland, Dan Paris as Drew Kirk

Trivia Notes
• Karl advises some tea after every meal to ease Steph’s numbness
• Rachel talks about Alex dressing up as Santa every year for his staff Christmas party
• Janelle jokes about christening Susan’s hen party Susie Q Gets Down, Dirty and Desperate
• Rachel refers to Janae’s appearance on Stupid Aussies
• Rachel and Bree have planned to look at outfits for the junior formal
• Susan mentions that the Kennedy children used pillowcases to hold presents rather than stockings
• Zeke suggests getting a book about roses as a Christmas present for Susan
• A photograph of Katya was placed in The Big Issue as a way of finding her
• Lyn ranked third on the Top Ten Sales list

Summary by Brendan

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