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Episode Summaries > 2005 > Episode 4870
Written by Judith Colquhoun, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 09/12/05 BBC One: 06/03/06

Episode Title: Us Against The World

• Alex tells Susan that his cancer has returned permanently
• On Janelle’s encouragement, Bree proceeds to play Rachel and Summer against each other
• Alex tells Rachel and Zeke that he has been hiding something from them, so it is time they knew

No 28 - Kitchen: Alex finishes telling the children his news, Rachel screaming at him that losing their mother was enough and runs out of the house. Susan leaves to catch up with her and Zeke hugs Alex, who comforts him…In the driveway Susan calls Rachel back, saying that she wishes she could fix things but she cannot. She promises Rachel that she will never leave them and Rachel angrily says that that is what Alex said when Francesca died. She asks how Susan and Alex could lie all this time and Susan explains that they hoped there was more time when Alex went into remission. Rachel screams at her, asking who she is supposed to trust now and runs away, not coming back when Susan calls out to her…Inside Zeke works on the laptop, insisting that Alex is healthy and was diagnosed wrongly. Susan re-enters, explaining that Rachel has gone and they head out to find her, Susan comforting Zeke that things will be alright.

No 32 - Living room: Summer is reading when Max enters with DVDs as a reward for letting Steph sleep in her room. He asks how school is going for her, though she seems unwilling to talk. She goes on to say that Bree has changed since she came back.

No 26 - Living room: Bree is complaining to Kim, who gathers that Summer and Rachel have turned on Bree.

No 32 - Living room: Summer is explaining that she and Bree always kept in contact, saying Bree is horrible now for what she has been doing.

No 26 - Living room: Bree continues to agonise to Kim, who learns of the advice that Janelle gave her, which only resulted in the others hating her.

No 32 - Living room: Summer wants the girls to all become friends and Max explains that it is just harder for Bree to adjust to old and new friendships at the same time, and that being mean to her will not make the situation any better.

No 26 - Living room: Kim explains that Janelle’s advice to Bree could only have gone so far and that she should try apologising. She is cynical so he suggests getting coffee and working on a new strategy.

No 32 - Living room: Max talks to Summer about the joy of hearing good music, trying to make her see that she has to take the first step, although she is unwilling.

The General Store: Bree and Kim, and Summer and Max, are seated at different tables, Max continuing to encourage Summer to forgive Bree. Summer tries to divert his insistences, while Bree refuses to listen to Kim and forgive Summer. Bree finally gets up and walks over, starting to apologise before Summer cuts her off and asks to be friends again, so they hug and make up. Karl enters and greets Kim and Max, who both agree that making up was best for the girls. Rachel enters and Bree and Summer start to explain that the made up, when Rachel - with Karl listening - shouts that at least their fathers are not on their deathbeds, leaving the atmosphere tense…In the kitchen, Karl leads Rachel inside, explaining that it would have been immoral of him to breach Alex’s confidentiality and push him into telling the family. Rachel complains about being left in the dark and not using her time with Alex wisely.

No 22 - Kitchen/Living room: Paul is working on his laptop when Izzy brings him homemade dessert, lying that it is a family recipe, before going to the living room to offer Elle, who declines. Izzy says that she knows Elle is angry at her and starts suggesting things they can do together to make up. Elle explains that she is not angry at Izzy for the failed plan to make Ned jealous, Paul listening as Izzy says that Elle now needs a mother figure rather than a girlfriend. She says that any future advice she gives Elle will come from a more mature perspective, Elle thanking her - unsure what to make of it - and leaves for a walk. Izzy returns to the kitchen and Paul praises her kind gesture, welcoming her to parenting before taking bite of her pudding and choking on it; Izzy explains that it contains alcohol, eventually confessing that Janelle gave her the “recipe.”

Scarlet Bar: Izzy joins Ned at his table, admitting that she set Elle up with Jordan just to make him jealous and asks him not to punish Elle for it. She insists that he make a go of things with Elle and, when he does not reply, says that Elle is at least unattached - unlike her, whom Ned previously had a crush on. He maintains that he and Elle would be poorly-matched and turns down her advice, leaving Izzy stunned.

The General Store: Karl leaves the kitchen, ordering strong tea for Rachel, when Alex, Susan and Zeke enter looking for her. Susan thanks Karl for calling them as he explains where Rachel is and that she is still struggling to adjust. He leads them in to find her gone again, Alex despairing that it is Katya’s scenario all over again.

Scarlet Bar: Ned continues to read his manuscript when Elle enters, barely acknowledging each other as she sits alone at another table. Ned finally joins her, saying that she was right about his reading problem. She comments on him practically announcing it to the whole room before he catches himself on. He explains that he chose her specifically because he wanted her to help him and she is clearly flattered before agreeing to help him, saying that it will be a long night ahead.

No 28 - Living room: Rachel runs in, crying, and starts tearing down the tree, stockings and decorations in a rage when Alex, Susan and Zeke return and try to stop her. She shouts that pretending to have a happy Christmas will not help anyone before breaking down in Alex’s arms…some time later Zeke is replacing the decorations as Rachel, calmer, says that she now understands how Katya felt but she will not turn out like her. Susan says that she and Alex cannot do much else, Rachel saying that she is finding it hard to believe anything right now. She leaves for bed, and Zeke says that all she is doing is making things worse. Susan explains that she is just coming to terms, asking him to put the stockings back up again, with a bigger one for Alex.

No 26 - Driveway: Next morning, Kim sees Max washing his car as he packs the campervan, joining him and jokingly asking him to give the van a quick wash. Bree and Summer leave the house, Bree determined to help Rachel and both of them deciding to call for her. Kim and Max talk about Summer adjusting to Alex’s news when the girls arrive to say where they are going. Kim encourages them to be supportive of Rachel while Max is doubtful.

No 28 - Kitchen: Rachel and Alex are eating breakfast in silence when Susan answers the door to Bree and Summer; Susan, Alex and Zeke leave to walk Audrey and give them privacy, Rachel amazed at how upbeat Susan continues to be. Summer tries to empathise with Rachel, who rejects her compassion and Bree suggests they hang out to take Rachel’s mind off things. Rachel angrily says that she cannot just bury it nor talk to Bree who manipulated her and whom she now cannot trust. She grumpily gets up as the phone rings and the others quickly leave. Rachel answers the phone and looks intrigued…. In the driveway Summer praises Bree’s persistence before they decide to wait for Rachel to come around on the news herself…Inside, Rachel thanks the caller, saying that she will let Alex know, and hangs up, calling it a miracle.

No 22 - Kitchen: Izzy joins Paul and Elle for breakfast, suggesting that they do more productive things as a family, Elle choking on her food when sports is mentioned. Paul comments on how happy Elle seems and she says that she has Izzy to thank for it, grinning at Paul when Izzy runs to tend to her muffins.

No 28 - Kitchen: Rachel is drying dishes when the others return, squabbling over getting Audrey a new friend to replace Bouncer 5. Rachel appears blunt, telling Alex that there were no phone calls, before offering to play Scrabble. She insists that Alex get some rest and Susan leads him to the bedroom. Waiting until they leave, Rachel tells Zeke to promise that they rely only on each other from now on, unable to rely on Susan should she possibly get ill in the future, lying to them about Alex and not being their family. Now that Rachel understands how Katya felt at the time, they can go to find her, explaining that an acquaintance of Katya’s called earlier after seeing the picture of her in The Big Issue. She tells Zeke that it will be the three of them in this together.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Isabelle Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Susan Smith, Bree Timmins, Max Hoyland

Guest Cast: Andrew Clarke as Alex Kinski, Daniel O’Connor as Ned Parker, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Brett Swain as Kim Timmins, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Marisa Siketa as Summer Hoyland

Trivia Notes
• Summer has a new dream catcher to stop Steph having nightmares
• While Summer was in boarding school, Bree wrote to her every week
• Max talks about Claire having high metabolism like Summer
• Izzy suggests a shopping spree or going clubbing to help Elle feel better
• Janelle gave Izzy a fake pudding recipe with gin, vodka and rum as ingredients
• Karl orders tea with three sugars for Rachel. Elle orders chardonnay at the bar
• Izzy suggests that she, Paul and Elle go on a picnic every second Sunday as a way of bonding
• Elle compares Izzy to Martha Stewart

Summary by Brendan