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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5342
Written by Hamish Cameron, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 13/11/07 Five: 26/02/08

• Karl and Susan are overjoyed to see Libby and Ben return
• Zeke stops Miranda from visiting Susan, telling her to come back another time, or even better, never
• Toadie tells Rosetta that he is giving up his law career, but she refuses to accept his decision

Rebecchi Cammeniti - Rosetta's office: Toadie and Rosetta argue over his decision to quit. Toadie tells her that he was so scared about going to court he was having panic attacks, which nearly left Susan in jail. He explains that he can't hack the pressure anymore and is doing her a favour by quitting.

No.28 - Dining table/kitchen: Libby and Ben are playing with Lego at the dining table as Rachel returns home, marching into the kitchen to ask Zeke what he said to upset Miranda. As Zeke explains, Rachel tells him that she was coming to apologise, however he says she deserved it. Libby says that doesn't sound like him, but Zeke explains that a lot has gone on that she doesn't know about, stopping as Susan walks in from the laundry room. Susan tells them not to stop talking on her account, but Rachel and Zeke quickly head to The General Store, whilst Libby offers her mum a cup of tea. As they leave, Susan asks Libby if there is anything she should know about, which she initially denies, before admitting that they are worried about her. Helping Ben with his Lego, Susan explains that she is busy building a skyscraper and wouldn't take on a project like that if she wasn't up for it, before asking Libby when Darren is coming. Libby tells her that he's busy with work, before quickly changing the subject, offering to help out with the cooking and cleaning. Susan thanks her but says that she's not an invalid, but accepts the earlier offer of a cup of tea.


Rebecchi Cammeniti - Toadie's office: Toadie is packing up his office when Rosetta knocks at the door, before entering. She reads out summaries of some cases in which Toadie has helped people before reminding him what he said on the day they started the firm, 'Rebecchi Cammeniti - law with a heart'. Toadie tells her it's not enough, but she tells him he's a brilliant lawyer and what happened with Susan doesn't change that.

No.26 - Lounge: Ned is on the phone to Kirsten as Miranda returns home. He tells Kirsten he will call the agent about a flat before ending the call. He explains to Miranda that Kirsten is moving to Erinsborough as she has a new job, who are going to put her up for two weeks whilst she finds a place to live. Miranda says that's good news but Janae might be a bit put out. Ned asks Miranda not to say anything to her; he'll tell her when the time is right. Miranda agrees, before heading to Bridget's room to show her some clothes she's bought.

No.26 - Didge's bedroom: Rachel is helping Didge choose an outfit for her date with Declan, but she's not happy with anything she tries and considers cancelling. Miranda knocks at the door before entering with her bags of shopping, but Didge isn't happy that she chose them without her being there. As Rachel pulls a top from one of the bags, Didge continues to have doubts.

The General Store: Declan is checking the cinema listings as Oliver enters, teasing his brother when he explains that he is going with Bridget. Declan tells him it isn't a date, but Oliver ribs him about it, before asking if he's ok with it after everything that has happened, but Declan insists that it is just a movie with a friend.

No.26 - Didge's bedroom: Didge is holding up the top from earlier in front of the mirror, which they all agree on. Didge kisses her mum and thanks her. As Miranda leaves, Rachel's phone rings. Asking if it is Ringo, Didge tells her that she'll have to call him back sometime, but Rachel says that she needs to do her make-up for her.

The General Store: Oliver advises Declan to be himself on the date, before giving him some money for popcorn, and throws him a packet of breath mints as Declan heads out the door.


Charlie's Bar: Charlie is finishing his lunch as Valda is clearing away some plates, whilst joking with Steph and Toadie. As Libby enters with Ben, Steph screams and the pair jump for joy as they hug each other, before they each say their hellos to the other's respective son. Libby asks why Steph hadn't been to see her, but she explains she thought she'd give her some family time first, before offering her a coffee. Libby comments on the bar and the design, which Steph explains was mostly hers, before heading off to make Libby her coffee. Sitting down, Libby thanks Toadie for everything he did for Susan, saying that no-one would have fought for her the way he did.

No.26 - Didge's bedroom: Bridget has changed for her date and Rachel is finishing off her make-up for her. As Rachel tries to get Didge to choose a lip-gloss, Didge asks if it matters, before Rachel tells her to think back to her first kiss, her own with Stingray was a disaster, but Didge reveals that she has never really kissed a guy. As Didge panics over the possibility of a disastrous kiss with Declan, Rachel passes on a tip that Zeke gave her, triangular gazing, but she can't remember it exactly.

No.26 - Front door: Declan arrives, taking a handful of mints from the packet that Oliver gave him earlier before knocking on the door. As Didge answers, Rachel looks on as they compliment each other on their appearance and Declan asks if she's wearing lip-gloss. Didge explains that it's passionfruit something. Miranda tells Rachel that her work is done, before pointing her towards the backdoor and telling Didge and Declan that Steve is happy to chauffeur, he's outside warming up the car. Miranda joins them on the car journey, as she wants to hire a DVD.

Cinema - Exterior: As Steve pulls up outside the cinema, Declan gets out and runs around the car to open the door for Didge. Steve tells them he'll be back to pick them up as soon as the movie has finished. As they drive off, Declan notices some boys staring a Didge's walking stick. As Declan heads towards the steps up to the cinema, Didge tells him that the ramp is better for her, suggesting that he goes ahead and gets the tickets, but he says its ok, before noticing the boys staring again and changing his mind, glaring at them as he passes.

Number 28 - Dining table/kitchen: Susan and Libby are using the laptop as Karl enters laden with shopping bags, a casserole and a card. As Karl puts the casserole in the fridge, Susan reads the card, which is from Miranda, whilst Zeke emerges from the bedrooms and quickly leaves. As Susan goes for a lie down, Libby asks how things are with Miranda, before commenting that how weird it is having Drew's best friend living next door. As Karl asks Libby to pass him the ice cream, she comments that they were never allowed it, but he says the rules have changed, before noticing photos of Holly on the worktop. Assuming that Libby is upset about Susan's health issues, Karl beings to reassure her, but she cuts him off before storming off to her room.

Cinema - Interior: Didge and Declan are queuing to buy tickets, but have missed out on the movie they planned to see. Didge apologises for taking so long to get in, but they struggle to choose an alternative, leaving the boys from earlier heckling them and telling Didge to 'shake a leg', irking Declan further.


No.28 - Dining table/kitchen: Karl, Susan and Libby smell something awful as Ben emerges from the garden, having found William, the turtle. As Susan offers to take Ben to clean up, Karl answers the phone to Darren who Libby quickly evades by taking over from Susan. As Karl mentions that it's good that Ben has bounced back from the virus which stopped Libby from coming down for Susan's trial, Darren seems to be unaware of it. Susan tells Karl to ask Darren when he's coming down. Hanging up the phone, Karl explains that was what Darren needed to speak to Libby about.

Cinema - Movie theatre: Didge and Declan take their seats and he offers her one of Oliver's mints. She comments on the seats, whilst he offers her a drink, before nervously offering her another mint.

Rebecchi Cammeniti - Rosetta's office: Rosie is working as Toadie enters, followed by Steph. Toadie apologises for his recent behaviour, telling her that from now on he's going to pull his head in and she will have an equal say in every business decision. She asks if he is staying, which he replies he is, if she'll have him before they shake hands and hug, before grabbing Steph to join in. As Rosie suggests finally going to celebrate Susan's win, Steph says that she already has champagne on ice at the bar and they head out.

Cinema - Movie theatre: Didge and Declan alternate awkward glances and their hands meet as they both reach for the drink, before pulling away. Taking another mind from the packet, Declan crunches on it loudly.

Charlie's bar: Miranda and Ned are eating dinner, whilst she ponders if it is too late to buy a ticket for the film and sneak in at the back. Ned tells her to try not to think about what she got up to as a teenager on a date in the dark. Getting her own back, Miranda asks Ned if he has told Janae about Kirsten's move to Erinsborough yet. He says that he hasn't had a chance.

Elsewhere, Valda asks Steph if she has made herself officially single now, but she says that she hasn't signed the divorce papers yet. Valda says that's understandable, it's the last impediment for her marrying Toadie. As Valda hands her granddaughter a pen, Steph signs the papers.

Cinema: Exiting the theatre, Didge asks Declan what he thought of the movie. He says it wasn't bad for a chick flick, before they proceed to argue over what makes a chick flick. As the boys from earlier mess around behind them, once of them bumps into Didge and trips over her stick before apologising. Enraged, Declan tells Didge that he's left his phone in the cinema, so she heads off as he'll catch up. As she does, he confronts the boy who bumped into Didge, threatening him.

No.26 - Exterior: Declan helps Didge up the steps to the front door. Didge comments that Steve and Miranda are probably watching out of the window before thanking Declan for the date, suggesting that they do it again. As they look at each other, Didge is hurt when Declan says that he'll see her around and leaves rather than kissing her.


Charlie's bar: Steph is quizzing Libby for the gossip on her and Darren, but can see that something is wrong. Libby covers that it's just the thought that her mum could have a stroke at any moment. As Steph takes her hands to comfort her, Libby notices that she isn't wearing a ring. Steph says that it just feels weird and that she's worried about getting married again given her history. Steph explains that Toadie is aware before Libby berates her for being so blasι about her relationship. Realising that there is more to Libby's reaction that she is letting on, Steph asks what is wrong, but Libby says that she can't talk about it.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Rosetta Cammeniti, Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Susan Kinski, Ned Parker, Miranda Parker, Bridget 'Didge' Parker, Declan Napier, Oliver Barnes, Stephanie Hoyland, Charlie Hoyland, Valda Sheergold, Steve Parker, Karl Kennedy

Guest Cast: Ben Schumann as Ray Lowe, Brent Trotter as Trent McWilliams

Trivia Notes
• Ringo Brown was a fan of Rachel's Citrus Tang lip-gloss
• Rachel Kinski's first kiss was with Scott 'Stingray' Timmins
• Bridget Parker has never been kissed
• Rachel Kinski explains that Zeke passed on the method of triangular gazing to her which Carmella Cammeniti taught him in episode 5221.
• Didge wears passionfruit flavour lip-gloss for her date with Declan, which he likes.
• Malcolm, Libby and Billy Kennedy were never allowed ice-cream as children.
• The card Miranda left with the casserole reads 'Dearest Susan, please know that my thoughts are with you during this trying time. Miranda.'
• Didge and Declan's movie is shown on screen 10.

Summary by Callum

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