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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5347
Written by Michael O'Rourke, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 20/11/07 Five: 04/03/08

Frazer reassures Prue as she worries that she is going to lose another child, but Dan points out that kids die from anorexia
Elle tells Riley that they need to pull the story as the farmer could lose everything, but he says it's already gone to print
Susan picks up a red hot casserole dish with bare hands, panicking Karl, but she can't feel a thing

No.28 - Kitchen: Karl is running Susan's hands under cold water. Rachel wonders how she couldn't have felt anything, passing Karl a roll of cling film to wrap Susan's hands with before reassuring a scared Ben that Susan is ok. As she suggests calling an ambulance, Karl tells her no, asking Libby to get the car instead, telling Rachel and Zeke to stay behind to look after Ben.

No.30 - Kitchen: Rosie, Frazer and Prue have just finished their dinner, which Prue has cooked, but Ringo hasn't touched his. Rosie asks Frazer why he can't cook, he replies that he does a sensational two minute noodle with baked beans before Prue turns her attention to Ringo, telling him that he isn't leaving the table until he has taken a mouthful. Ringo explains that he isn't hungry because Rachel has dumped him for the final time, but Prue refuses to accept his excuse, saying that he will always find another reason not to eat. He jabs a piece of lettuce with his fork and eats it, which Prue says is a start.


Erinsborough & District Hospital: A nurse is bandaging Susan's hands as Dr. Vinton explains that they will need to check the dressings again in a couple of days to make sure that the burns aren't infected. She tells them that Susan will need help with just about everything until they heal, to which Karl and Libby say they'll be there to support her. Karl comments that Susan will need more tests, which Dr. Vinton agrees with, saying that the tiredness and blurred vision could be chronic fatigue syndrome, however Karl doesn't concur and they continue to discuss various symptoms and diagnoses, however Karl is insistent that Susan have an MRI scan, but Dr. Vinton says they need to start again at the beginning with more blood tests.

The General Store: Valda is looking at jobs on the noticeboard, Harold tells her she can put up her own ad if she likes, but not to tell Lou as he'd charge her. Valda says she was just checking out the competition for her lingerie business, but there isn't any. Paul comments that he wishes his team had half her energy, Valda says that there is plenty more where that came from, offering her services to both him and Harold, but they assume she's joking.

No.30 - Kitchen/Hallway: Prue is on the phone to Graham telling him that they'll need to cancel the cruise they're booked on. Coming out of the bedrooms, Ringo overhears, making his way into the hallway to listen in at the curtain. Prue asks Graham if he's sure the company won't give them a refund, but they won't, so they'll have to start saving again, but she doesn't want to leave Ringo how he is as she couldn't live with herself if anything happened to him, apologising to Graham, but Ringo has to come first.

No.28 - Living room: Rachel and Zeke are sitting on the sofa watching tv as Susan, Karl and Libby return home. They ask about Susan's hands, which she laughs off as trying to get out of the housework. Karl explains that the burns aren't as deep as they could have been, with Susan adding that in the meantime its tests, tests and more tests. She thanks them for staying up whilst Karl prescribes that they should all go to bed, especially Susan. As Karl sees Susan to their room, Zeke wonders what he and Susan aren't telling them.

No.28 - Living room: Karl is looking up Disorders of the Nervous System on the internet when Libby walks in and looks at the screen. Libby reads from the computer screen, asking Karl if that is bad news, commenting that when her mum burnt her hands she was just staring at them, as if nothing was working properly. She adds that Susan has always been so strong and capable; the rest of them could slack off, to which Karl comments that she's a saint, Saint Susan. Libby says that she's really going to need them now, before telling her dad that she's scared. Putting his arms around his tearful daughter, Karl tells her that he is too.

Ramsay Street: Outside Number 30, Frazer is putting out the rubbish as Valda calls out to him over the front fence of Number 32. He comments that she's up early, as she asks him for some advice about the horses. Frazer jokingly asks if the bottom has fallen out of the lingerie market, but Valda immediately takes the defensive asking who told him that as it's a lie. He explains the joke to her before going back inside.

Outside of Number 26, Elle is waiting for Riley as he comes down the steps, frightening him as she steps out from behind the hedge. She asks him to pitch another story to Brad, this time telling the other side of the farmer's story. Riley refuses, telling her to pitch it as it's her story, but Elle says that Brad thinks that she's emotionally incontinent and won't listen to her. Riley comments that he did, before flicking her on the nose.


No.28 - Living Room: Ben is on the phone to Darren as Libby comes out from the bedrooms. Darren asks to speak to her, but she tells Ben that she's busy which he passes on. Ben tells her that Darren misses them and suggested that he should come over. Rushing to the phone, Libby tells Ben to go and get dressed before speaking to Darren, telling him that she doesn't need to hear it as he's done enough already and hanging up. As Zeke emerges, Libby asks how he is, saying that she knows how hard it must be for him and Rachel after what happened with their mum and dad, but he tells her not to dare talking about them before shouting to Rachel that they need to leave as he doesn't want to be late. Coming out of Karl and Susan's room, Rachel tells him to be quiet as Susan is still asleep. Libby wishes Rachel a good day as she follows Zeke out the door.

Ramsay Street: On their way to school, Rachel tells Zeke that he was a little bit tough on Libby as she's just as worried about Susan as they are, replying to Valda who says for them to 'give them heaps' as they pass. Looking at the paper, Valda reviews the odds on the horses before heading inside.

Across the street, Miranda is jogging, stopping as she sees Rebecca, who asks Miranda if Didge and Declan are still tormenting each other, before saying that she saw Libby at the hospital the night before as Susan had burnt her hands. Thinking, Miranda asks Rebecca what she is doing that afternoon. She tells her that she might have some time before asking what she has planned, to which Miranda replies, getting in the way.

No.28 - Kitchen: Susan is struggling to open a jar of Vegemite as Karl comes in, telling her off for not behaving herself, swiftly followed by Ben and Libby, who tells her to sit down and watch a DVD. Susan says that it is too early to watch TV, but Libby says that it never used to stop her with Lust Na Vila as Susan reluctantly follows orders. As Susan rejects any of Karl's DVD suggestions, Ben offers her his Game Boy, but Karl says that she may struggle a bit with that, given her bandages. Susan tells them she thinks she'd just like some time out, so Karl and Susan go off towards the bedrooms. As they do, Susan gets up to begin folding the laundry, but Ben tells her off.

No.30 - Hallway/Kitchen: Ringo is getting ready for school as Frazer and Rosie come out of the living room, giving him their condolences about his break-up with Rachel. Following him into the kitchen, they ask how she did it as he fetches his bag from the laundry room. Explaining that it was along the lines of it not being fun anymore, Ringo asks if they knew that Prue and Graham were going on a cruise. Frazer tells him that he did as they'd been planning it for months, but Ringo explains that their mum isn't going now, because of him; he heard her talking on the phone to their dad. Overhearing, Prue walks in, lying that it was because they needed the money for other things, but Ringo tells her that would be difficult considering that they can't get a refund. Prue explains that they just have other priorities at the moment; she wants to be there for him.

The General Store: Frazer and Adam are sitting at a table when Libby walks in having picked up Rachel and Zeke, who has Ben on his back, from school. She is surprised to see Daniel Fitzgerald at the counter, who explains that he is back at Erinsborough High. She asks Rachel and Zeke why they didn't tell her, before realising that they wouldn't have known to, explaining that she and Dan used to know each other. Dan says goodbye, before leaving and Libby comments to Rachel that he's a good teacher. Elsewhere, Mickey is playing with a toy robot, which Ben is taken with. Realising that they haven't met, Harold introduces them and Mickey hands over the controls to the toy to Ben. Libby comments to Harold that boys are simple creatures as Ringo walks in, telling Rachel how sorry he is about Susan, offering his support before walking over to Frazer and Adam.

Frazer asks Ringo how it went, to which he replies ok, before telling him that he's had an idea about Prue, asking for his help.

Erinsborough News - News Office/Editor's Office: Elle walks in and asks Riley if Brad is there, overhearing from his office, he says that he is, before they go in. Elle pitches her story, a series, but thinks that Brad and Riley are making fun of her as they suggest titles. Brad says that they are brainstorming, to which she asks if he'll print it. He says that he'll decide when she shows it to him. She tells him that the first story will be a profile on Gary Allen, plus his side of the story, starting with an apology. Brad points her to a spare computer, to which she is taken aback.


No.28 - Kitchen: Susan is cleaning up, stumbling, before looking up with blurred vision as Karl walks out of their bedroom. He asks how the DVD was; she says it was good before going to sit down. He offers her a cup of tea before going to answer he door. As he answers, she's thrilled to hear Miranda and Rebecca's voices, berating Karl as he tries to turn them away, asking if they've come over to each chocolate and chat or to tell her what she can or can't do. They say it's the former before seeing themselves in.

No.30 - Kitchen: Prue is unpacking the shopping as Ringo walks in, followed by Frazer and Rosie, asking if she has a second. They presents her with some sunblock, sunglasses, a hat, a scarf and some sea sickness pills. Prue tells him that she's not going on the trip, but Ringo passes her some paperwork from Rosie, a legal contract drawn up by Rebecchi Cammeniti assuring her that he will continue to see his counsellor, eat three solid meals and that should anything happen, Rosie and Frazer will call her. Prue agrees to think about it.

The General Store: Elle arrives for a meeting with Gary Allen. Sitting down at his table, she apologies for the earlier article and offers to help make this right by printing his side of the story.

No.30 - Kitchen: Ringo is sitting at the table, looking at the sandwich in front of him. He pinches his stomach before getting up to throw the sandwich in the bin, whilst from the curtain, Prue looks on. Remembering the contract, he changes his mind, sitting back down and beginning to eat.

No.30 - Kitchen/Hallway: Later, Prue is at the table signing the contract, whilst Frazer promises her that they will call if Ringo stops eating again. Getting up, she puts her arms around him and Rosie, telling them how lucky Ringo is to have the two of them, before heading into the hallway. Ringo asks if she has her sunblock, before promising to keep talking to her, seeing her out as she blows kisses to Rosie and Frazer.

No.28 - Living Room/Kitchen: Karl watches Susan, Miranda and Rebecca as he cleans the kitchen. As Susan tries to take the last piece of the chocolate cake that Rebecca brought with her, Miranda stops her, saying that the sympathy card will only get her so far. Rebecca agrees, grabbing the cake and licking it in order to claim it for herself as Libby enters, telling them that she's going to the shops as Ben's new best friend has shown him a toy he has to have. Miranda says that she has to leave anyway, as Bridget has a physiotherapy appointment and she and Rebecca get up to leave. Susan asks Libby if she can go with her, but Karl doesn't think that it's a good idea, trying to play the doctor card. Susan reminds him that he is an ex-doctor, and she is going stir crazy and they head out of the door, leaving Karl to clean up.


Erinsborough Plaza - Car Park: Susan, Libby and Ben are walking into the mall when Susan realises that she has left her purse in the car. Libby offers to go back for it, but Ben needs to go to the toilet, so Susan sends her ahead. Walking back to the car, Susan stumbles again, but steadies herself, slowly walking towards the car, her vision blurred. Scared and confused she calls out for Libby as her sight disappears.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kinski, Libby Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Ben Kirk, Frazer Yeats, Rosetta Cammeniti, Ringo Brown, Valda Sheergold, Harold Bishop, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Riley Parker, Miranda Parker, Rebecca Napier, Adam Rhodes, Daniel Fitzgerald, Mickey Gannon

Guest Cast: Penny Cook as Prue Brown, Angela Twigg as Dr. Demi Vinton, Tony Rickards as Gary Allen, Brendan O'Connor as Brad Jordan

Trivia Notes
Frazer Yeats can't cook
The jobs Valda looks at include a fork lift operator, pool cleaner and a chicken sexer
Libby makes reference to Lust Na Vila, the soap opera she & Susan became obsessed with in 2004
The Game Boy that Ben is playing and offers to Susan has no game cartridge in it.
Ringo's contract states 'I, Ringo Brown, being of reasonably sound mind and body do hereby undertake to fulfil the following conditions:
1: I shall continue seeing my counsellor until such time that said counsellor decides that this is no longer necessary.
2: I shall make every effort to discuss all problems, concerns and issues with the parties henceforth known as the guarantors.
3: I undertake to eat at least three solid meals per day, regardless of dumpings by possible girlfriends and any other acts of God.

This contact shall be legally binding as soon as the other party agrees to set sail with her husband, Graham'

Summary by Callum

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