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Magic Moments > 2007 > Susan's MS Diagnosis Episode 5348

Written by Helen MacWhirter, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 21/11/07, BBC One: 05/03/08

Bridget tells Miranda that it’s not fair that she has to walk with an aide, but Miranda tells that every teenager has to go through the same things as her. Carmella tells Rosetta that she’s having a few differences of opinion with Marco but finds herself being teased by her sister over her feelings for him. Libby discusses Susan’s burnt hands with Karl and her lack of reaction. As Susan heads back to the car to collect her purse, she feels dizzy and has blurred vision, scared and confused she calls out for Libby as her sight disappears...

In the car park at the shopping centre, a scared Susan calls out for Libby as she reaches into her bag to find her mobile phone. Finding it, she struggles to hold it in her bandaged hands and it drops to the floor. Kneeling down, she slowly crawls, feeling for the phone as a car turns the corner and nearly hits her, stopping just in time. Traumatised, Susan calls out for help as off-duty Senior Constable Sophie Cooper recognises her and asks if she’s ok. Susan explains that she can’t see and that her daughter, Libby is inside and asks Sophie to get her. Sophie asks her to tell her what’s wrong again and is shocked when Susan repeats that she can’t see anything.



At the hospital, Didge is having a check up with her Physiotherapist. He explains that he’s impressed with her progress, but she tells him that she’s not seen any improvement, sitting down he shows her that her extensions have stretched out half a centimetre since her initial readings, but she’s disappointed.

Outside the shopping centre, Libby is worried that Susan hasn’t joined her and Ben inside, however he’s more concerned that the shops will be closed by the time they get there. Spotting an ambulance, Libby’s fears are confirmed and dashes over to find her mum on a stretcher. As Susan feels for her, Libby asks if she can see her and is stunned when Susan says that she can’t. As the paramedics explain that they’re going to take Susan to the hospital, she pleads with Libby to stay with her. Reassuring her mother that she’s right there, Libby looks on anxiously as Susan is loaded into the ambulance.


At the hospital, Doctor Demi Vinton is checking Susan’s vision as Karl & Rachel arrive and ask what happened. As she explains that she was in the car park and then suddenly couldn’t see anything, Libby suggests to Rachel that they give them some space. As they leave, Ben asks Libby why Susan can’t see, so she explains that the Doctors are trying to work that out. Inside Susan’s room, she explains to Karl that to begin with it was like she couldn’t focus but it passed and then she couldn’t see anything. Repeating the symptoms to Dr. Vinton, Karl promises a scared Susan that they will find the right diagnosis and fix it.


At Charlie’s, Toadie is trying to plan some time together with Steph, but their schedules keep clashing. As Steph says that it shouldn’t be that hard to arrange he suddenly points out that he’s there with her now, she tells him she’s working and will have to call in a casual but suggests they have dinner together. Toadie says that whilst she’s organising that he’ll go back to the office, but promises that it will only be for 10-15 minutes, as Steph tells him she’s starting the stopwatch he changes it to 25.

Meanwhile, Carmella is meeting with Claudia Scanlon, a potential client to arrange to provide her fruit & vegetables; however the client says that she’s happy with her current supplier. Carmella explains that she’s willing to undercut them by 15%, but the client says that a cut in price usually means a reduction in quality; however Carmella tells her that they have a produce guarantee, but she’s still not impressed. Heading over to the bar to get another coffee, Carmella explains to Rosie & Steph that things aren’t going too well, if she could convince the client, she could add three new restaurants to her customer base. Rosie & Steph tell her that if anyone can win her over, she can, so she heads back to have another go. As she does though, the client gets up to leave, informing Carmella that she’s rechecked her proposal and the answer is still no.


Back at the hospital, Dr. Vinton advises Karl & Susan that she’ll send a nurse in to take some blood to send to pathology for testing. As she leaves, Susan asks if the kids are still there, so Karl goes to get them. Sending them in, Karl confronts Demi and asks what her diagnosis is. She reels off a host of possibilities that match different symptoms and rules them out due to the others, apart from a tumour, so Karl asks if she’s considered Multiple Sclerosis, but she points out that Susan is outside of the diagnostic age range. Karl tells her that cases do exist outside of that and tells Demi that he would order an MRI immediately, but she explains that she’s Susan’s physician and doesn’t want to put her through the upset of another misdiagnosis, however he repeats his question, asking if she’s ruled out MS. She tells him that she wants to rule out all of the more likely possibilities first.

At the Veterinary centre, Riley, pretending to be a cat’s voice asks Bridget to read his horoscope. As he puts the cat away, he tells Miranda that Steve was wondering if she could help him at the clinic tomorrow, but she says that Bridget has swim therapy, but Didge says that it’s not worth it for half a centimetre of leg extension, offering to work behind the desk in her Mum’s place. Riley asks if her decision is because of Declan, but Didge tells them that if other people can’t accept her for who she is, then it’s their problem, not hers.


At the hospital, Susan asks Demi what they’re testing her for this time, but Susan demands to know what is happening to her and pleads with Karl that if he has any idea of what is going on then he has to tell her. Against Doctor Vinton’s earlier advice, he tells Susan that he hopes to God that he’s wrong, but it could be MS.

Still at the hospital, Susan asks Demi if Karl’s right, if it could be MS, but she tells Susan that Karl’s diagnosis was premature and points out to Karl that he’s not her attending physician, explaining that not all of the symptoms match and that neurological conditions are notoriously difficult to diagnose, so she would rather not have risked the stress of another misdiagnosis at that stage, but agrees to arrange an MRI for that night. As Demi leaves, Libby asks Karl if he thinks it is MS as he was looking at it on the internet the other night, but he explains that he hasn’t practiced medicine for a year and could be wrong.


At Charlie’s, Toadie finally returns after nearly an hour to find a rather annoyed Steph. As he presents her with a bunch of flowers, which she recognises immediately as the ones from Rebecca’s desk, he asks if she’ll forgive him if he lies and says that they aren’t. With Steph clearly not impressed, Toadie begins to eat the flowers, at which she laughs and tells him to eat more, quickly changing it to all before she’s willing to talk forgiveness.

In the hospital waiting room, Libby, Ben, Rachel & Zeke are watching Karl & Susan through the window. Rachel worries what will happen if Susan’s eyesight doesn’t return, but Libby tells her that they need to keep things together for Susan, however Rachel points out that Susan has been walking funny for the past few days. Zeke tells them it’s more like a week as Ben asks if his Nana is dying. Reassuring her son that Susan will be fine, she offers him a two dollar coin and points him in the direction of the vending machine. As Zeke walks off, Libby follows him and asks where he’s going. He explains that he’s going home to feed the pets, but as Libby tries to reassure him that everything will be ok, he asks her if she’s going to try and palm him off with a chocolate bar as well.


Back at Charlie’s, Toadie is still eating the flowers. Rosie explains to Oliver & Rosie that they’re from Rebecca’s desk and that they had a spider on them the day before, which she killed with half a can of fly spray. Carmella wonders if she should tell him, but as Toadie retches, Oliver says that he thinks Toadie’s already worked it out for himself, before complimenting Carmella on how well she’s looking. She explains that the hospital are keeping an eye on her and everything seems fine with the baby, but she’s got an ultrasound coming up next week, which she invites him to. He says that he has a conference, but as Rosie offers to go instead, Oliver changes his mind and tells Carmella that he’s going to put family first. Unimpressed, Carmella sees Marco arrive and heads over to discuss business. Carmella gives Marco an update on the business, but explains that she’s concerned about their late deliveries and wants to instigate a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ policy for their drivers before telling him about her disastrous meeting with Claudia, but Marco is convinced that it’s worth another shot.

At the hospital, Karl asks Demi if he can talk Susan through the MRI procedure, to which she agrees. Explaining what is going to happen to a distressed Susan, she becomes upset as the technicians prepare her for the scan, not knowing what is happening around her. As Karl tries to reassure her, he tells her that the worst will be over soon, pleading with her to stay calm. Trying to compose herself, she agrees to.


At Charlie’s, Marco arrives dressed to impress, but Carmella suggests that it’s not very professional for his meeting with Claudia, before his proceeds to undo more buttons on his shirt. As Carmella does them up again, Marco suggests that she take notes from the other side of the bar, where Frazer is telling Toadie, Rosie & Steph about one of his fares. Looking on, Carmella watches as Claudia arrives as the others comment on Marco’s schmoozing technique, but Carmella isn’t impressed.

Over at The General Store, Riley asks Didge if he can sit with her, but she says that she doesn’t want to talk. Riley tells her not to give up because Declan walked out on her, but she says that she doesn’t blame him, telling Riley that to get used to the new her.


Back at Charlie’s, Marco says goodbye to Claudia as Frazer compliments him on his performance. Heading over to join him, Carmella tells Marco that she needs him to review some adjustments to the delivery schedule. He asks her if she’s curious to know how the meeting went, but she tells him that she’ll just assume it was productive as Marco’s phone rings – it’s Claudia. He arranges to meet her for lunch to iron out the details, but Carmella warns him about mixing business with pleasure and not to give Claudia the wrong idea – she’s attractive and obviously single. He points out that he is too as far as he knows, to which she agrees.

At the hospital, Rachel is trying, unsuccessfully to contact Zeke. Libby tells her that she’s worried about the way he’s reacting as it’s unlike him, but Rachel explains that he was the same when their dad died, however Libby says that bottling things up isn’t the way to handle the situation. As Rachel asks how to handle it, Libby explains by hugging her.

In the MRI chamber, a petrified Susan is beginning her scan. The technician explains that the scan will last about 30 minutes and leaves to join Dr. Vinton. Alone and afraid, Susan begins to panic screaming for them to let her out.



As Karl joins a distressed Susan, now out of the scanner, she apologies over and over, wondering what she’s going to do if she has MS as Rachel & Zeke are so young and she’s worried about Libby, begging Karl to stay as she’s scared. Karl tells her that he’s going to stay as Demi asks Susan if she can try again. As she says no, Karl reassures her:
Susan, yes, yes you can, I know you can. Please. I’ll be here the whole time.
Scared and unable to see, Susan moves forward and kisses him, desperately seeking the reassurance of familiarity in a new and frightening situation. As Karl strokes her hair, he continues to comfort her:
Karl: Sweetie, I’ll always be here. Okay?
Susan: Okay, yeah.
Karl: Good girl.
Susan: Yeah.
Karl: That’s right.
Susan: Yep.
As Karl puts his arms around her, he whispers in to Susan’s ear, repeating that it is going to be alright as she continues to assure herself that he’s right, at last beginning to calm down.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kinski, Bridget ‘Didge’ Parker, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Jarrod ‘Toadfish’ Rebecchi, Rosetta Cammeniti, Stephanie Hoyland, Carmella Cammeniti, Zeke Kinski, Riley Parker, Miranda Parker, Oliver Barnes, Marco Silvani, Frazer Yeats

Guest Cast: Emma Moore as Senior Constable Sophie Cooper, Daniel Whyte as James Anderson, Angela Twigg as Dr Demi Vinton, Julia Wee as Claudia Scanlon

Trivia Notes
• Reference to Alex Kinski & Zeke’s reaction to his death
• A trailer for this episode can be viewed on PerfectBlend's Trailers page in the Multimedia section

Summary by Callum

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