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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5621
Written by Alix Beane, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 09/02/09 Five: 13/04/09

• Elle is impressed when Lucas arrives dressed in a suit and insists on taking her out to lunch
• Elle & Lucas’s lunch ends disastrously with Lucas accusing her of wanting him to be only a temporary distraction in her life
• Harold counsels Rachel but she refuses to see she is behaving as a completely out of character
• Libby has another nightmare about losing grip of Zeke’s hand during the rafting accident. She confesses to Dan that she blames herself for Zeke’s disappearance
• Karl & Susan face up to the fact that they it is likely that Zeke is dead
• Steph makes it clear her she wants no part of Libby’s wedding when she gives Libby back the bridesmaid dress

No 28 - Lounge: Libby is pinning the bridesmaids dress to a new length on Rachel after asking her to become her bridesmaid now that Steph has refused to have anything to do with the wedding. Libby comments that she should have always chosen Rachel. Libby changes the subject by remarking how Rachel will have to get used modelling clothes due to her singing career but Rachel isn’t enthused about being a ‘clothes horse’. Rachel goes to look at herself in the mirror and Libby joins her telling her she looks beautiful. Rachel’s thoughts are drawn to Zeke and she tells Libby she wishes Zeke was with them to share the moment. A wave of guilt comes over Libby as she has a flashback to the moment where she lost grip of Zeke’s hand in the rafting accident. Libby almost begins to confess to Rachel but the moment is lost and then forgotten when Susan and Karl return home. Very solemnly they tell the girls that they have decided it is time to hold a memorial for Zeke.

No 28 - Lounge: Karl & Susan explain that despite none of them wanting to accept Zeke is gone, they believe now is the time to say goodbye. Susan suggests a quiet farewell, held at No.28 and officiated by Harold. Libby however wants it to be a bigger affair to make it a celebration of Zeke’s life with photos and his favourite music playing. Libby decides she’ll organise everything but Susan can see Rachel is not happy at being excluded and suggests Libby allow Rachel to help plan. Realising she has overstepped the mark; Libby apologises and asks Rachel what she would like to do. Upset, Rachel makes the excuse she needs to see Ty to practice her singing and leaves for her bedroom to get changed. However she makes it clear she is unhappy about not being consulted about the type of memorial they should hold.

Charlie's bar: Ty tries to explain to Rachel that she cannot expect him to walk out mid way through his shift at work just for her to practice her singing. Rachel however thinks he is the one being unreasonable. Ty questions what is really going on but seeing how determined she is, he agrees to try and get someone to cover him, suggesting she go home and wait for him. When Rachel tells him she doesn’t want to go home, she then has to admit the reason why, explaining that she resents Libby for planning the memorial service and one that Zeke would have hated. Ty gets the phone ready to call someone in to cover his shift but Rachel tells him not to worry as she realises she was just overreacting. Rachel decides it is best if she goes home to face the family anyway.

Harold's Store: As it is the day before Valentine’s Day, Harold is offering out free chocolate to his customers but unaware Elle is in the store making cynical notes about ‘love’ to her Dictaphone. He sees her and explains he made the chocolates for their customers to celebrate Valentine’s. Harold asks if she is expecting any cards but before she can answer, Lucas appears from behind her and jokes that he thinks she would expect more – something like a trip to Paris or a diamond necklace to suit her princess status. Elle remarks she doesn’t need a Valentine to buy such things and would rather buy them for herself. Harold excuses himself and Elle makes it clear she has work to do and no time to chat to Lucas. Lucas remarks that he too has work to do. The two of them realise that Paul has set them up, playing cupid with them, but Elle retorts Paul is wasting his time. She suggests she can work alone and takes Lucas’s camera from him but when she fails to realise how to operate it, Lucas tells her they are stuck working together. He teases her, offering her a strawberry to eat from his fingers but Elle dampens his ardour questioning when Lucas last washed his hands. Undeterred, Lucas jokes he knows she wants it.

Fruit Farm - Orchard: Elle and Lucas wander through past the trees as they research for the newspaper article on Valentine’s Day. Elle questions what an orchard has to do with Valentine’s and Lucas defends Paul’s choice as being very romantic – Elle remarks she would rather ‘eat her own head’ than be there. Lucas continues to take pictures of Elle and asks her to pose for him but she steps backwards without looking and trips over. Lucas carries on snapping, calling it the perfect shot.

Fruit Farm - Farm shop: Covered in mud, Elle storms into the shop followed by Lucas to find something clean to buy to wear. She selects a dress but when she goes to find her purse she realises she has lost it and her phone from when she fell. Elle tells Lucas it is his fault she fell and therefore he can pay for the dress. Lucas brings out $A20 but the shop assistant Hannah tells him is costs $A40. Lucas remarks he has no more money on him and asks what Elle can have for the $A20. Hannah goes to another rail and selects a vintage Kaftan dress which Elle is less than impressed with.

Fruit Farm - Farm shop: Elle’s bravado about wearing the dress stops Lucas’s teasing getting to her. She remarks that she cannot believe he’d only bring $20 with him. As they go to leave to get to their second destination of a rose farm, Elle notices a sketch drawing on an easel and remarks to Lucas that it looks very much like Zeke’s face.

No 28 - Lounge: Harold, Susan, Karl & Libby go through photos of Zeke they want to use at the memorial when Rachel arrives home. Seeing what they are doing, Rachel explains that Zeke would have hated that what they are planning. Rachel outright asks Libby why she is so determined to ‘take over everything’. Libby’s feelings of guilt cause her to see the flashback again and she explains that she let go of Zeke’s hand and therefore she is responsible for them losing him. Karl & Susan try to reason with Libby that she cannot blame herself but Rachel tells her she is to blame. Libby gets up to go to Rachel but she is warned off. Rachel storms out of the house.

Charlie's bar: Rachel arrives at the empty bar to find Ty playing his guitar. Seeing she is visibly upset he goes to her to give her a comforting hug but saying nothing, Rachel moves away from him and goes to pick up his guitar.

No 28 - Lounge: Susan joins Libby who is staring at pictures of Zeke in a photo album. Susan gives her a comforting hug and turns the page so they can look through the album together.

Charlie's bar: Rachel is penning lyrics to a song she has in her head while Ty watches on. They are unaware that Karl is watching them from the door of the bar. He sees Ty go over to Rachel and place a comforting hand on her shoulder but he is saddened when Rachel rejects Ty and he leaves.

Fruit Farm - Farm shop: Lucas takes some more shots while he waits as Elle tries to negotiate information out of Hannah about the portrait of the boy. Elle returns to Lucas and admits she got nothing out of Hannah other than she did the portrait but has struck a deal – Hannah’s stall will get a mention in the Valentine’s Day article in exchange for a chat about her portraits. Lucas thinks it’s a fair deal but Elle calls it the hardest deal of her life.

Fruit Farm - Farm shop: Hannah tries to get Elle & Lucas to relax as she draws a portrait of them while Elle gets to question her about her work. Elle acts as if she hates being so close to Lucas so he tries to take advantage by teasing her but she rewards him with a gentle slap to his cheek. Elle begins to question Hannah about her work in general but quickly moves onto the portrait of the boy. Hannah explains the drawing was done after she met the boy but she knows nothing more than that he was working picking fruit on the Andrews property which is around two kilometres away. Hannah finishes the portrait and shows it to them but Elle in unimpressed when Hannah has made it look as if she is staring lovingly towards Lucas. Hannah tells her she has captured what they have inside and hands the portrait over to Elle. Elle asks if she can have the portrait of the boy as well and Hannah agrees, for $A30. Lucas cannot help and so Elle distracts Hannah allowing Lucas to take the portrait. As Elle leaves, Lucas takes out his wallet and hands Hannah the $A30.

Andrews Property: It’s late in the evening and Elle complains about them having to spend the night sleeping in Lucas’s Ute but he reminds her that it is her that wants to be around for when the pickers start work. They bicker about having to spend the night together but Elle realises she has no other option. After they bed down under the stars, Lucas tells her that looking up at the stars is his perfect romantic moment and it costs nothing. He leans over towards Elle and wishes her ‘goodnight’, calling her princess again. Elle manages to smile but then turns on her side, remarking that she hopes he doesn’t snore.

Andrews Property: In the morning, Elle & Lucas are woken up as the pickers arrive for the start of their working day and Lucas is thrilled to find Elle spent the night snuggled up next to him. Elle however has more pressing matters in hand and rushes over with the portrait to speak to the pickers. Elle shows the portrait to a guy and volunteers the information that she is a reporter looking for Zeke after he went missing in order for him to talk to her. The man tells her he has never seen the boy.

Andrews Property: Elle tells Lucas they may have had a wasted trip but Lucas points out that she might be wrong as the guy who was being questioned drives off without helping them out. Elle and Lucas decide to follow him.

Homestead Drive: Lucas pulls the Ute over after he loses sight of the car. Elle is annoyed and surprises Lucas by her motives to track down Zeke being purely about reuniting the Kennedy/Kinski family. Lucas tries to reason with Elle that it might not be Zeke and the fact is he could be really dead. Elle however is determined to prove it is Zeke and they turn around to go back to the farm.

No 28 - Lounge: Karl & Susan tell Libby that Dan is right to tell her, like they, that she is not to blame for Zeke’s disappearance. Karl points out that she may have died too had she not let go of Zeke’s hand. He tells her it is only natural that she feels guilty but she isn’t to blame. Libby questions if Rachel will see it like that, unaware that Rachel is outside on the porch listening. Karl tells them he hopes the memorial will bring them all together again. They are aware of Rachel as she opens the porch door and Karl explains to her that the memorial service is all planned but it will be held at Harold’s store and be small and intimate as she wanted. Rachel questions if Libby is going to be there and when told she will, Rachel makes it clear she won’t be going. Karl tries to reason with Rachel but she delivers an ultimatum – it is either her or Libby.

Harold's Store: Harold joins Susan & Libby for a coffee so they can discuss the memorial. He suggests asking Rachel to sing but Susan questions if they should postpone the service with all that has happened. Libby explains that she has decided not to attend the service so Rachel will go. Susan insists that postponing it is the better option.

No 28 - Dining table: The pile of photos still lie on the table but Rachel has started to cut them up, removing any trace of Libby from them.

Harold's Store: Libby is determined that the memorial service go ahead so the family can move on and promises to say goodbye to Zeke in her own way. Susan is upset at the thought of Libby being alone but Libby insists she be fine.

No 28 - Dining table: Rachel continues to cut up the photos but her attention turns towards Libby’s bridesmaid’s dress hanging up on the bookcase. Rachel looks down at the scissors.

No 28 - Lounge: Rachel picks up the bottom of the dress and taking the scissors to the material begins to cut into it and again, and then again.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Elle Robinson, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Lucas Fitzgerald, Ty Harper

Guest Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Robert Mammone as Phil Andrews, Brooke Aust as Hannah Stone, Hannah Johnson as Young Girl, Justin Ingram as Young Guy

Trivia Notes
• Rachel agrees to be Libby’s bridesmaid, replacing Steph
• Elle & Lucas travel to the country to a fruit farm to research an article about romantic breaks for Valentine’s Day but never make it to visit a rose farm
• Rachel ruins Libby’s bridesmaid dress cut cutting it up and cuts out Libby from the family photos
• The road Elle & Lucas lose sight of Phil Andrews is Homestead Drive. A real street located in Templestowe, Victoria. The location is on the corner of Homestead Road & Monckton Road
• One of the photos on the bookcase in the Kennedy house is of a pod from the London Eye attraction that Susan and Karl visited on their London trip in 2007

Summary by Paul

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