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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5623
Written by Anthony Morris, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 11/02/09 Five: 15/04/09

• Donna is in shock as her mother moves into Ramsay Street with plans for the Freedman’s to be a reunited again
• Rebecca & Miranda take a dislike to Cassandra Freedman when she is seen playfully tapping Steve on his bottom
• Cassandra makes it clear to Tegan that she intends to snare Paul to become the next Mrs. Robinson
• Rebecca is stunned when she witnesses Cassandra being ‘helped’ by Paul in the street and Cassandra climbing out of her dress
• Ringo is confused by Donna’s insistence that he stay away from her mother
• Susan is shocked by what she sees when she finds a pack of photo’s hidden by Zeke before he went missing

No 28 - Zeke and Ringo's Bedroom: Ringo struggles to be alone in his bedroom, his thoughts constantly taken up with thinking about Zeke. He looks over to Zeke’s bed as he runs through all the things he said about his friend at the memorial. Susan interrupts to check on him after doing the same with a sleeping Rachel. She informs him that she has just finished talking to Katya, who wanted to make the memorial but couldn’t. Susan questions if Ringo is aware of a hat that Zeke had, an old school hat he wore when he first started school – Katya would like it as a keepsake. As Susan goes to search through Zeke’s drawers, Ringo becomes upset at the thought of Zeke’s possessions being moved and tells her to stop searching as they should be left the way he wanted them. Seeing it is distressing him, Susan tries to placate him and suggests she look again the following day but it doesn’t seem to appease Ringo. Susan reminds him they have all had a hard day and need sleep. She wishes him goodnight. Alone again, Ringo can’t help but look over again to Zeke’s bed.

No 22 - Dining table: Paul & Sam arrive home to find Donna sitting alone at the table. Sam senses something more than just the memorial is troubling the girl and Donna admits she is missing having Simon & Tegan around, now they have moved in with Sass in No.24. Paul can’t hold back from expressing how glad he is that they have gone and decides to celebrate by getting to bed for some undisturbed sleep. Donna explains to Sam that she felt she and her siblings were finally getting to know each other before her mother arrived to ruin it. Sam reminds her that Sass said she was only trying to bring the family together but Donna believes none of it – her mother is out to make her look bad. Donna confides that she feels like living at No.22 is the closest thing she has ever had to having a real family and Sass has already started to take that away from her. Donna reminds Sam that Paul has already made it clear he wants her to move out but Sam assures her she’ll support Donna against Paul in Elle’s absence.

No 28 - Zeke and Ringo's Bedroom: Ringo is trying to get to sleep but all he can do is keep thinking about Zeke and becomes more and more restless until he decides he cannot stay in the room any longer. He grabs his bedding and heads towards the lounge.

No 28 - Lounge: Early next morning Susan is surprised to find Ringo sleeping on the sofa. Ringo awakens and seeing her makes an excuse that the room was too ‘stuffy’ to sleep in but Susan knows there is more to it and asks how long he has not been able to sleep in the bedroom – Ringo admits pretty much since Zeke going missing. Susan feels for Ringo but tries to reassure him that it is his room as well. Ringo tells her he feels differently, it is still Zeke’s room. Ringo grabs his bedding and heads back to the bedroom, leaving Susan to ponder over how to try and resolve things.

No 22 - Porch: Paul answers the door to find Sass there and takes great delight in reminding her that the last time they were in this situation she kissed him. Sass just smiles and pushes past into the house telling him she wants to apply for the job at the Erinsborough News. Paul tells her that she’ll need to apply to his advertising manager. Disappointed that she won’t be able to work ‘under him’, Sass goes on to explain she has a form of experience selling advertising space when she was hired to wear very little for the opening of a nightclub and pictures were taken of her. Sass offers to show him the photos and Paul eagerly accepts. They are interrupted by Sam who assuming Sass is there to see Donna is soon corrected by Paul as he explains Sass is after the Sales rep job. Sam immediately states that the job role has been filled but Sass senses Sam is lying. Paul has no reason to doubt Sam and jokes with Sass about ‘maybe next time’. Sam makes an excuse to get rid of Sass by reminding Paul they have a meeting to attend but there is a moment where the two women are left alone and it is made quite clear in the silence that there is no love lost between them.

Harold's Store: Steph & Miranda share a coffee together when Sass arrives and says hello to Miranda. Miranda confirms to Steph that this is Donna’s mother and comments she also likes to put her hands all over other women’s husband’s - Miranda realises she may have just offended Steph, but she just laughs it off. As Steph & Miranda go to pay at the counter, Sass is there and so Steph introduces herself. Sass asks after ‘sexy’ Steve and Miranda explains he is at home ‘fixing the toilet’. Sass jokes she is keeping her ‘sexy man locked away’ which doesn’t impress Miranda who excuses herself so she can speak to Karl. Across the store, Sass spots Karl and asks Steph about him. Steph explains who he is and confirms for Sass that Karl works at the local hospital. They exchange pleasantries and Steph leaves the store with Miranda. Sass begins to count the money she owes for her goods in small change but exclaims in front of Karl that she can’t quite find all the money she needs. Karl steps in and offers to make up what she owes. Having caught his attention, Sass introduces herself and makes a deliberate mention of the fact she is struggling to get to the next pension payday so when she asks Karl if he could put a good word in for her for a job at the hospital, he feels cornered.

Lassiter's Complex: Ringo sits outside Harold’s Store to drink his tea when he is joined by Declan & Bridget. They all discuss the fact that with the memorial past them it feels as if Zeke has really gone. Across from them, Sass is on the phone to Tegan about the fact she lost out on the job with Paul due to Sam. Seeing Declan & Bridget leaving Ringo to carry on drinking his tea alone, Sass hangs up from the call and makes her way over to the boy. As Donna requested, he tries to avoid her but Sass tells him she knows Donna has asked him to avoid her. Ringo is persuaded to sit with Sass who claims she has come to her wits end with knowing what to do with Donna. Ringo remarks that perhaps she shouldn’t have slept with Donna’s last boyfriend. Sass feigns shock at such a suggestion and tells Ringo the ‘truth’ – Donna slept with her boyfriend and has been lying to him all along. Seeing she has put the seeds of doubt into him, Sass leaves Ringo to think things through but he is interrupted by a call from Susan.

No 28 - Lounge: Susan and Karl have gathered Declan, Bridget, Donna and Ringo to explain that despite it being earlier than planned, they’ve decided to pack up Zeke’s things from his bedroom. At first Ringo rejects the idea but Susan assures them that she wants them to all have a keepsake to remember Zeke by and allow them to all move on, accept he is gone forever. Bridget questions how Rachel feels about it and Karl admits Rachel couldn’t cope with being there but she does support the idea. It all becomes too much for Karl too and he has to leave the house. Susan tells Ringo it is the right time and reluctantly he joins the others in going to his and Zeke’s bedroom.

No 28 - Zeke and Ringo's Bedroom: Ringo remains at a distance as Bridget, Donna and Declan look through Zeke’s partially packed possessions. Declan is less emotional as he deals with what they are doing, handing Donna Zeke’s footy top and Ringo his iPod, knowing that these things would mean so much to them to remember Zeke by. Things are interrupted by Donna receiving a call from Sam that causes her to rush out.

No 24 - Kitchen/lounge: Donna barges into the house to confront her mother about Sam’s claims that she has not returned for the family but just to get herself Paul Robinson. Sass doesn’t deny it and laughs off Donna’s vow to stop her. Sass makes it clear to her that she intends to get her back living with the family before making excuses that she needs to leave to get to a job interview.

Erinsborough Hospital - Waiting area: Sass arrives for the job interview but intent on securing the job she pretends to be the interviewer and in front of the other candidates tells them their job has been filled. Now left as the only applicant, Sass sits down and checks through her resume.

No 28 - Zeke and Ringo's Bedroom: As Bridget & Declan start to box up Zeke’s final few things, Ringo discovers a love song Zeke had written about a girl he was in love with.

No 28 - Hallway: Outside the bedroom, Susan stops as she overhears them discussing the song.

No 28 - Zeke and Ringo's Bedroom: There seems to be no reference to who the girl is but Bridget is sure she was very special to Zeke by the lyrics of the song.

No 28 - Hallway: For Susan however it is very clear she knows who the girl is after seeing the photos she found. Photos she is now holding in her hand.

No 28 - Zeke and Ringo's Bedroom: Declan thinks the idea is lame but Bridget defends it as being romantic. Susan interrupts them and finds they are near the end of packing up Zeke’s things. After getting Declan & Bridget to take one of the boxes through to the lounge, Susan hands over the pack of photos to Ringo and explains how they fell out of Zeke’s bedside cabinet drawer. Ringo opens the packet to find it is full of photos of Donna. Suspecting there is more to this and armed with the photos, Ringo decides to confront Donna. Realising what she has done, Susan tries to suggest it was all an innocent crush on Zeke’s behalf but Ringo wants answers.

Lassiter's Complex - Outside Harold's Store: Ringo confronts Donna by presenting her with the photos. She questions where he got them from and denies ever seeing them before. When she learns they are Zeke’s, Donna is freaked out and confused but it becomes clear to her that Ringo thinks she could be lying to him. He admits after talking to Sass that he has doubts. Donna is appalled at him firstly being fooled into talking to her mother after she warned him off and secondly how he so easily believed her. Ringo reminds her it wouldn’t have been the first time she cheated. Deeply hurt, Donna decides to hurt Ringo back and tells him he’s right – She and Zeke were seeing each other behind his back. Believing her, Ringo walks away unaware just how devastated he has left Donna.

Erinsborough Hospital - Reception: Nurse Jodie Smith is taking newly appointed receptionist Sass through the procedures around filing away patient records. Jodie stresses to her that they are confidential and cannot be mixed up. After Jodie leaves her alone for a moment, Sass flicks through the files and sees Sam’s name. Intrigued she opens the file and is delighted to learn that her newest enemy has bi-polar. As Jodie returns to the reception desk, Sass closes the file. She pretends to enquire about what bi-polar means but backtracks when Jodie suspects she may have read a patients file and could face having the shortest career in hospital history. As Jodie walks away, Sam arrives for her appointment to see Dr. Olenski. Sam teases Sass that she found a job but Sass makes it clear she hasn’t forgiven Sam for stopping her getting the job at the newspaper.

Erinsborough Hospital - Room 201: Sam is seen by Nurse Smith after Dr. Olenski is called away to deal with an emergency. Jodie explains that they have realised from the size of the baby that it was conceived three weeks later than Sam thought. It begins to dawn on Sam that it means Dan cannot be the father...

Charlie's bar: Paul, Donna & Sam share a very sombre evening meal together but for Paul things brighten up when Sass asks to join them. Sam excuses herself to go and get more drinks from the bar but Sass decides to join her. Sass remarks about how she is enjoying her new job and stresses the fact she is learning new things about people – Sam realises Sass is referring to her file and Sass does nothing to deny it. Feeling trapped, Sam begs Sass not to expose the fact the Dan isn’t the father of her child but soon realises Sass knew nothing of this, only about her bi-polar. Sass tells her she hasn’t decided yet if she’ll pass onto Dan this revelation.

No 28 - Lounge: Susan and Karl sit in amongst the boxes packed with Zeke’s things. Karl feels as if they have packed away memories of Zeke but Susan reminds him that they are just ‘things’ and cannot take away how they feel. Ringo arrives back and Susan asks if he has spoken to Donna. Unaware of what is going on, Karl is furious as Ringo offloads just how much he has come to hate Zeke for betraying him by being with Donna. Karl refuses to believe Zeke would have done such a thing but Ringo reminds them that none of them really knew who Zeke was before he went missing. In his anger, Ringo kicks one of the boxes with Zeke’s chess trophies in it across the floor. Susan is appalled and Karl refuses to accept Ringo’s behaviour. He tells Ringo to get out of the house, warning him he’ll throw him out if he doesn’t leave.

Ramsay Street: With only a few things packed Ringo walks away from No.28. Sass gets out of her car as he walks past her and calls out to him. Seeing his bag she offers him a place to stay and after initially turning her offer down he accepts he has no other choice and walks with her to No.24.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Stephanie Scully, Miranda Parker, Bridget ‘Didge’ Parker, Ringo Brown, Declan Napier, Donna Freedman

Guest Cast: Mary Annegeline as Nurse Jodie Smith, Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald, Tottie Goldsmith as Cassandra ‘Sass’ Freedman

Trivia Notes
• Ringo moves out of No 28 and into No 24. Simon & Tegan move from No 22 to No 24
• There is audio from episode 5622 of Ringo’s memorial speech heard in scene one
• Susan mentions that she has spoken to Katya Kinski and she has asked about getting hold of a hat that Zeke wore in his early years at school as a keepsake
• Ringo reveals he has been sleeping in the lounge at No 28 since Zeke went missing
• Off screen Steve is fixing the toilet in No 26
• Elle is referred to as being away
• Cassandra asks about filling the vacancy at the Erinsborough News for sales rep. Sam mentions that Jock is the paper's advertising manager
• Off screen Dr. Olenski is unable to see Sam for a hospital appointment due to a patient suffering a seizure. The appointment is held in room 201
• Sam’s medical file reads that she has a bi-polar mood disorder and is on constant medication. It records she came off of the medication when attempting to fall pregnant. She miscarried in January 2007 and developed a mild allergy to peanuts since 1994 and strawberries since 2003
• Another of the medical files Cassandra has is for a patient called Alan Ross
• The address on Cassandra’s resume has the address as being 24 Ramsay Street, Erinsborough, (03) 9525 323, 0413 66978. Her D.O.B as 09/07/68 and mentions that she was educated at Sandringham Secondary School. It also mentions she passed her VCE. It also can partially be seen that she passed another course in 1984
• Susan & Karl plan to donate all of Zeke’s possessions to the Salvation Army. Donna, Ringo, Declan & Bridget select keepsakes including Zeke’s footy top and iPod
• Cassandra refers as to working once on the opening of a nightclub that required her to be photographed wearing very little clothing
• The hospital concludes that Sam fell pregnant 3 weeks after the date she had told them due to the size of the baby

Summary by Paul