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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5666
Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 13/04/09 Five: 15/06/09

Ringo tells Fitzy he's quitting school
Cass accuses Rebecca of serving alcohol to a minor
Toadie warns Rebecca that she could be fined or even go to prison
Donna snaps at Sunny about her bad attitude
Sunny phones 'Lost Boy' and confides that she never stays anywhere long enough for people to like her
Whilst searching for Monty the rabbit, Declan finds something else...

No 26 - Living room: Bridget walks in on Declan, who's sitting staring at the money on the coffee table. He's startled by her, and admits that all this money is freaking him out a little bit. He starts talking about all the things they could do with it, but Bridget is convinced that it's dodgy and they should hand it in to the police. They hide the bag under a table as Mickey comes in and asks Declan if he's moving back in. He explains that he just stayed over as he and Bridget needed to talk about something, and Mickey wants to know the secret. They tell him he's too young, and Bridget suggests that he take Jake for a walk, but he says that if he's too young to know the secret, then he's too young to walk the dog by himself. He plays on his Wii, as Bridget and Declan quietly try to move the bag to a safer hiding place.

No 28 - Zeke and Ringo's room: Ringo and Zeke are asleep when Susan suddenly bursts in, blowing a whistle and telling them that they have five minutes to join her in the living room.

No 28 - Dining table: Five minutes later, bleary-eyes Ringo, Zeke and Sunny are sitting at the dining table, and Susan is reminding them that, even though it's school holidays, the world hasn't ground to a halt. She reminds Ringo to do the dishes, Zeke to put the bins out and Sunny to pick up her wet towels. She says that they also need to sit down and talk more, as they're a family, not a bunch of strangers living under one roof. When Susan reminds Ringo about his studies, he says that he's quit school, and he storms off when Susan points out that he'll never get a job with no qualifications. She then tells Sunny and Zeke to do the dishes.

Charlie's: Rebecca is working on the accounts before opening time, when Ringo comes in, asking if there's any work going. Rebecca explains that she just can't afford to take on any new staff, so Ringo offers to work for free. He suggests that it'd give him experience and she could give him a reference - he tells her that he really needs something to go his way right now. Rebecca agrees, but tells him that it'll have to be only food and coffees, as he hasn't got his RSA.

No 28 - Kitchen: Zeke has finished doing the dishes on his own, as Sunny went to the bedroom to look for dirty glasses, then never came back. She storms in, announcing that the radio station has sacked her. Zeke points out that she never worked there, but she explains that she was speaking to the DJs and they were keen for her to volunteer. Zeke reminds her that she was only trying to get in there to find out the identity of Lost Boy, and she suddenly decides that this whole mess is Lost Boy's fault. She grabs her bag and races off out the door, with Zeke following.

Charlie's: Bridget is complaining to Declan about being hungry, and says that they had to leave the house as Mickey was getting suspicious. Rebecca overhears and they lie that Mickey was getting suspicious as they were playing Cluedo. Ringo then emerges in his black t-shirt, and Rebecca is surprised to learn that he isn't planning to return to school. Declan then accuses his mum of exploitation, and she drags Declan off to Harold's to get some milk, but reminds Ringo that he can't serve alcohol. He then goes over to a group of guys, who recognise him from his football days and make a crack about him being a 'hero' as he walks away.

Harold's Store: Rebecca, Bridget and Declan are still talking about Ringo, and Rebecca insists that she isn't exploiting him, he came to her. She hints to Declan that she was pretty desperate for help, as things at the bar aren't going great, but insists that Declan should focus on his studies. She tells Declan that the best thing he could do is to get into agricultural college and learn how to grow a money tree. Declan glares at Bridget as they all leave.

No 26 - Living room: Bridget isn't convinced that Rebecca will appreciate taking dodgy money, but they realise that it's missing. Declan is annoyed, thinking Bridget's taken it to the police, but she insists that she put it in the drawer, and they're both worried.

No 26 - Living room: Bridget and Declan follow Mickey into the living room, asking him what he's done with the bag. He asks them where all the money came from, saying that he had to look to find out what was going on. Declan tells him that it's none of his business, and Bridget apologises for not including him, but says that they just weren't sure what to do. Mickey offers to give them clues to where to find the bag, but Bridget snatches his Wii controller and threatens to put it in a sink of water, so he relents and tells them that they'll need a shovel.

Skate park - Outside PirateNet studios: Zeke and Sunny arrive, and she says that she doesn't need them to let her in, she's just going to scream 'Fire!' and then walk right in. Zeke tries to defend Lost Boy, saying that maybe he was just trying to help. Sunny then goes to phone and claim there's a fire, but Zeke snatches her phone and runs to the top of the skate ramp. Sunny takes off her shoes and follows, but he won't give the phone back, so she decides to just sit there and wait.

Charlie's: Rebecca tells Ringo that he can keep his tips, and she insists that he's doing well. He asks if that means he can have a full-time job, but she tells him not until he finishes year 12. He goes to clean up the table from earlier, and they ask for his autograph, then tell him they want three beers, and to get a shandy for himself, as he's such a girl. Ringo turns on them, but Rebecca stops it from going any further, and Ringo tells her he quits and he storms out.

Lassiter's Complex: Rebecca goes after Ringo and says that one guy is no reason to quit. He says that, if he's stayed, he would have decked him, but Rebecca tells him that he needs to learn to keep his cool. Ringo reminds her that she threw Lucas out for badmouthing Elle, but Rebecca warns him that he won't get very far in life if he keeps quitting, but he tells her that he's not much use to her if he flattens every idiot in the bar either.

No 28: Ringo arrives home and Susan tells him that Rebecca called. He says that he's heading to the gym, but Susan says that she's worried about him, and calls out asking whether he'd rather talk to his mum. He comes back and says he doesn't want her involved. Susan says that they need to talk, as he's part of the family and she's worried for him. He admits that he's stuffed everything up, and agrees to go back to school if Susan can help him to catch up. He's then told that Zeke and Sunny cleaned the kitchen, but they left the rest of the house for him.

Skatepark - Outside PirateNet Studios: Zeke wonders why they're sitting and wasting the holidays, when Lost Boy might not even show up. Sunny tells him that he doesn't have to hang around. They start talking about Susan and Karl, and how many times they've been married, and Zeke explains about Alex, Rachel and Katya. Sunny tells him about her family, and her stupid sister. Zeke hands back her phone and tells her that she can wait alone.

Outside no 26: Mickey is showing Declan and Bridget where the bag is buried, by following his map. When they realise there's no signs of digging, Bridget spots some unearthed soil and Declan starts digging, while Mickey grins inanely.

Outside no 26: Declan, Bridget and Mickey are sitting on the steps, counting the money. Mickey insists that he didn't take any, and is told that he can't go with them to return it to the police. He goes to see Callum, sarcastically promising not to say anything, while Declan laments that he could have done so much with all that money, but it's not worth it. As they talk, Zeke comes by with some wrongly-delivered post, and suddenly asks where they got that bag, as it belongs to his sister, Katya.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Mickey Gannon, Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy, Rebecca Napier, Ringo Brown

Guest Cast: Hany Lee as Sunny Lee, Jason Geary as Darren Palmer, James Dunstan as BMX Rider

Trivia Notes
Bridget mentions that Miranda is away in Albury
Declan's suggestions for what to do with the money include going to the World Music Festival, an iPod for Bridget, a high chair for Tadpole and watching the sun come up in Paris
Zeke mentions his family Alex, Katya and Rachel

Summary by Steve