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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5667
Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 14/04/09 Five: 16/06/09

Cass receives a silent call from her stalker
Cass accusing Paul of being her stalker
Cass apologising to everyone and admitting she set Paul up
Dec and Didge wondering what to do with the money they found
Zeke admitting the bag the money is in belongs to Katya

No 26 - Kitchen: Zeke is explaining to Didge and Dec the story behind Katya and the money. Didge is wanting to hand the money to the police but Zeke insists this can't be done they must bury the money back where they found it. Zeke insists that they tell no-one about the money.

Allotments: Zeke, Didge and Dec are burying the money in the ground - Dec can't believe he's just let go of $20,000! Didge is trying to find out how dangerous Guy Sykes is. Zeke explains he took Steph, Charlie and him hostage and shot Toadie in the back. Zeke asks them for their word that they will not breath a word about the money. Didge says yes, Dec isn't so sure but eventually agrees and they leave. When they leave it is obvious that someone is watching them and the money from behind a tree.

Harold's Store: Zeke is grabbing a drink when Toadie approaches him obviously worried about something. Toadie tells him Guy Sykes is on parole. Toadie doesn't think there is any reason to be worried but is clearly very worried, as is Zeke when he's shown a photo of Guy.

No 30 - Living room: Libby arrives home laden with shopping. Ben and Dan are in the living room - Ben is sporting a new trendy haircut! Libby is shocked at the haircut - she only wanted a trim! Dan tells Libby that the interviews for the Head position are tomorrow. Libby doesn't think this is fair as they're on holiday. Dan starts to get ready for his interview, Libby says she doesn't need to do any work and appears quietly confident.

No 24 - Living room: Donna is on the phone to Simon and Tegan and tells Cass that they send their love. Cass doesn't believe her thinks everyone hates her. Donna tries to make her think otherwise but Cass doesn't believe her. Donna thinks that maybe her apologising has made up for everything and starts reminiscing about a trip to Sydney as a family when she was younger. Donna suggests Cass look for a job, Cass isn't sure. Donna admits she was really proud of Cass for telling the truth, but Cass still thinks that everyone hates her. Donna insists they go for a coffee.

Harold's Store: Elle is serving Cass and Donna coffee, Steve walks in and Cass asks him how the family is - making Steve suspicious. When Cass comments on this to Donna, Elle overhears and says it's probably because he's scared she'll accuse him of making threatening phone calls. With that Cass and Donna leave. Callum and Mickey enter the Store ordering food and pay for it with a $50 note. When Steve notices and tackles him about this, Mickey says the money was sent to him by Ned as his birthday present, something that Steve doesn't believe. Toadie enters the Store and Steve explains all that's going on, Toadie also doesn't believe the money was sent from Ned as Mickey's birthday was a couple of weeks ago. Mickey tries to own up and say that they found it but finds no-one believes that either. Toadie thinks the pair have been stealing and because the pair won't reveal where they found it, grounds Callum until they admit where it came from, Callum does not agree with his grounding. Steve also grounds Mickey. Mickey then fibs and tells them it was found in the community garden in a bag. Elle thinks this sounds like a story!

Allotments: Everyone is digging trying to find the money - Callum and Mickey are looking very smug knowing it won't be found! Elle is speaking some notes into her dictaphone for the story. Steve asks if the money is definitely hidden where he's digging and all of a sudden the boys aren't so sure and admit it may be elsewhere in the garden. Toadie and Steve move to another part and start digging again. Mickey wonders if they should tell the truth that they moved it, Callum says no.

Harold's Store: Didge is complaining that Dec ate half her food and asks for money for it. Donna is half talking to Zeke, half reading a magazine. Steve and Toadie walk in absolutely shattered from all the digging they've done and it is then that Zeke realises they've been digging for Guy's money. Zeke is gravely concerned that Elle is going to run this as a story and tells Toadie that this is the money Katya was going to use to pay Guy off. Zeke says Elle must not run the story.

No 22 - Living room: Elle, Toadie and Zeke enter the house and walk through to the living area. Toadie and Zeke are trying to convince Elle not to print the story. Elle says she can't pull the story - it's already gone to print. Elle is sure they have nothing to worry about.

No 30 - Living room: Ben tears into the house running through to the living room with Libby in tow shouting to Dan that he got a hole in one at his Krazy Golf. Dan high fives him, Ben leaves to get a drink of water. Dan starts reading out the Head advert to Libby and it looks like he's struggling and asks her opinion on what the school are looking for. Libby says it sounds as if they're looking for someone who can teach. Libby then leaves the room deciding to bake a cake with Ben.

No 30 - Kitchen: Libby and Ben are tucking into their cakes, Ben asks Dan if he wants more cake. Ben leaves the room taking the plates to the sink to start washing up. Walking out of the ktichen Libby admits to Dan that she is not going for the Heads job anymore as she wants to spend more time with Ben. It's clear she doesn't want to miss out on him growing up. She gives Dan her blessing to "knock them dead."

Allotments: Zeke is reading the Erinsborough News whilst other people are digging. Toadie approaches and says that the bag was found in the Parkers back yard. Zeke is worried this is still not enough. Toadie says that this now needs to be handed over to the cops and leaves. We then see Guy Sykes on the other side of the fence reading the Erinsborough News which has a picture of Callum on the front cover in the Community Garden.

No 30 - Living room: Sergeant Morris has just finished taking statements from Toadie, Dec, Callum and Mickey and asks if there's anything else to add. The reply is no. Callum asks if there is a reward and Sergeant Morris explains what will happen next to the money. As the money seems to be the proceeds of crime it doesn't look like Callum or Mickey will get a penny - something which Callum thinks sucks. Callum asks for one last look at the cash before it goes.

Harold's Store: Libby is telling Ben about all the things she plans to do when spending more time with him, volunteering at the tuck shop, joining various committees etc whilst they are having a drink together. Donna is trying to get Cass involved in the community by telling her that there is going to be another park built, something Cass doesn't care about. Donna points out that people will see her as a good neighbour for showing an interest in this. Dan walks in and admits he got the job, everyone is ecstatic. Donna reminds him then of what he's got to organise, school plays etc. Cass volunteers to make the costumes saying she can't do enough for the community.

No 24 - Kitchen: Donna is reading a book and explains what the book is about to Cass. Cass insists on making Donna a costume for the audition for the school play.

Harold's Store: Dec, Didge and Zeke are ordering food and discussing the money. Didge understands that if the police can't prove that the money was the proceeds of crime then Dec gets the money as he found it. Zeke wants the money to be burnt if that happens, Dec disagrees. Dec and Didge leave, Zeke heads over to get some crisps. At that moment Guy Sykes approaches him from one of the tables. He asks where Katya is and asks for his money.

Harold's Store: Zeke and Guy are now sitting at a table together, Zeke is trying to convince him that there is no money but then admits that the police have it. Guy says he didn't like jail much and blames Zeke's family for putting him there. Guy says that Katya doesn't contact him anymore, doesn't return his calls. Guy gives Zeke 24 hours to get the money and makes Zeke think he will track down Katya if he doesn't comply. Zeke says to leave Katya alone, it is then that Guy admits he is not going to bother Katya, he's going to bother Zeke. Zeke says he will get the money.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Declan Napier, Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman, Zeke Kinski, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Ben Kirk, Daniel Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Mickey Gannon, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker

Guest Cast: Tottie Goldsmith as Cassandra Freedman, Fletcher Humphrys as Guy Sykes, Jacqueline Brennan as Senior Sergeant Michaela Morris

Trivia Notes
Fletcher Humphrys and Jacqueline Brennan both resume their guest roles as Guy Sykes and Michaela Morris, having last appeared in episodes 5121 and 5490 respectively

Summary by Louise