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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5706
Written by Jason Herbison, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 08/06/09 Five: 10/08/09

• Declan tells Bridget they can compromise regarding getting married
• Rebecca tells Paul she knows he didn’t run down Jill; Paul says if he could change things he would but Rebecca replies that she is the fool for not being able to give him up
• Lucas tells Elle about a sighting of Paul in Sydney
• Ringo tells Donna he didn’t leave the burning house sooner because he thought Donna was still inside
• Dan gives Sophie a journal; she asks what she should draw and Dan says she should draw her mother with Sophie replying she isn’t in their family anymore
• Rebecca tells Kate that she thinks Sophie witnessed the accident – Kate is furious and tells her to get out

No 26: Bridget and Declan are talking to Steve, who is just about to take Jake and Bronty for a walk. Rebecca gets a phone call from Paul and pretends that it is someone from work; Paul tells Rebecca that he is leaving the country and to meet him at an airfield later that day to say goodbye.

No 28: Donna is talking about her plans to redecorate no 22 after the fire – Zeke tells Donna that Sunny has told her parents about them. Ringo has to write down his thoughts on a pad of paper as he is not allowed to talk.

No 24: Toadie is talking to an angry Kate about his concerns Sophie saw the accident; Rebecca enters and pleads with Kate to talk to her. Kate tells Rebecca that Paul is her boyfriend and that’s all she cares about which Rebecca firmly denies. Toadie and Rebecca leave as Kate slams the door closed behind them.

No 26: Declan tells Rebecca that he knows it was Paul on the phone earlier. Rebecca explains the situation and Declan asks if she is going to meet him. Rebecca leaves to get something to eat and Declan looks through Rebecca’s handbag to find the time and location Paul had asked her to meet him.

Ramsay Street: Bridget runs into Declan, who is about to leave in his car. She sees the paper in his hand and figures out what is going on. She convinces Declan to let her go with him to try and stop Paul from leaving. Rebecca calls out just as they are leaving but Declan tells her they are just going to visit a ‘mate’. Kate goes outside to pick up and paper and glares at Rebecca, who attempts to smile back.

Northern Plains Airfield: Declan and Bridget arrive at the airfield and Declan asks someone whether they have seen Paul – he tells them he has just left. Declan is unhappy that Paul didn’t wait.

Harold's Store: Donna, Ringo, Zeke and Sunny are in Harold’s store; Donna asks whether Steve has seen Bridget and then asks Sunny about how she told her parents about Zeke- Sunny looks uncomfortable but talks about the qualities she likes in Zeke. An unhappy Kate walks in and Donna ends up apologising for Elle thinking Kate lit the fire.

Countryside: Declan and Bridget are stranded on a country road after their car breaks down. Bridget suggests walking back to a town they passed; she has a Braxton hicks; Declan asks if she’s ok and Declan suggests he goes and she stays but Bridget is adamant she wants to go with him and he reluctantly agrees as they walk off down the road.

No 26: Toadie opens the door to Toadie who thinks he is going to have another go at her but infact he just tells her she should stop standing up for him. Rebecca tells him that it is too late and he has left the country. Toadie is furious and is about to call the police when Paul turns up. A relieve d Rebecca runs up and hugs Paul.

No 26: Paul explains that he returned because of Rebecca; she tells Toadie she was meant to meet him before he left and Toadie is not happy. Paul tells Toadie and Rebecca he believes he has located the Ramsay’s father – he asks Toadie for a couple of days for him to go and bring him back – Toadie looks rather bemused by his request.

Church: It is pouring with rain as Declan and Bridget arrive at a church. Bridget has another Braxton hicks; Declan asks if she’s sure and she jokes that if it were the real thing she would tell him. Soon the organist turns up and they ask whether there is a phone they can use; she tells them she doesn’t have the key for the vestry but they can use her phone down the street – she tells them maybe they should wait for the weather to clear up and to take a seat. She begins playing the organ as the couple relax.

No 26: Paul is pondering his next move. Toadie tells Rebecca they shouldn’t let Paul go off again. Rebecca tells him that Paul will return and Toadie reluctantly agrees as he tells Rebecca he was never there.

No 28: Donna and Sunny are discussing decoration for no 22. Sunny asks where Zeke is and Donna suggests she may have freaked him out with her ‘husband-father’ talk earlier. Zeke enters and tells Ringo that they have to go and help Declan and Bridget in the countryside. Donna comments they don’t have a car and Zeke tells her Toadie said they could borrow his. As they leave, Donna and Sunny both comment that they are avoiding them. An irritated Donna says no one avoids Donna Freedman.

Car: Ringo and Zeke are talking about how they are glad to get away what with Donna going on about decorating and Sunny’s father-husband talk regarding Zeke; ‘women’ comments Ringo as Zeke replies ‘guess they’re ok’. Suddenly Donna interrupts as they realise both her and Sunny have sneaked into the car. Ringo and Zeke look rather annoyed.

Church: Bridget is resting as the organist interrupts; she awakes and asks where Declan is – she tells her he has gone to get her some water. The organist tells Bridget about the ‘love of her life’ which she says she should have married but she let go and that Declan is a ‘keeper’. As Declan returns with a glass of water, Bridget ponders what she has just been told and then surprises Declan by asking him if he will marry her right there now; Declan looks happy and smiles at her.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Katie Ramsay, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Donna Freedman, Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee, Ringo Brown, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Susan Turner as Molly Keogh, David Cormick as Kim Jonks, Erin Cody as Server

Trivia Notes
• Susan Turner previously appeared in 2002, 2003 and 2004 as Mrs Clarke, Lisa Agnew and Therese Bray respectively

Summary by Jonny