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Episode Summaries > 2013 > Episode 6736

Written by Alexa Wyatt, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 23/09/13, Channel 5: 21/10/13

Lucas suggests that they should move to the country
Alec gives Vanessa $100,000 in return for a quick annulment
Susan says that Josh is in danger of failing year 11
Paul warns Georgia that there'll be dire consequences if she breaks the contract
Sheila finds her garden trashed, and tells Karl that his animals are pests

No 26 - Lounge: Kyle gets home and tells Sheila that he found some odd bits of timber at the yard, so it won't cost them anything to fix the fence. Sheila points out that Paul owns the house now, and he'll want a proper job done - and she then says that Karl will be paying. Kyle wishes Sheila luck in persuading Karl to part with his cash, but Sheila says that she's also going to make it clear that she wants those animals out of the street, as the only place for a pig and a sheep in a suburban street is on a barbecue - and she has the marinade ready.

No 30 - Lounge: Georgia opens the door to Paul, who's annoyed that she isn't even up and dressed. She explains that she was asleep, as she was doing a night shift at the hospital - but Paul isn't interested and tells her to go and get ready, as she has a meeting in half an hour. Georgia goes to make herself a coffee, and Paul reminds her that she said she'd be able to cope with combining her singing and nursing careers. She, in turn, reminds him that she didn't think she could cope, but he wouldn't let her out of the contract. He then tells her that the meeting is with a record producer who heard her play last night, and she suddenly becomes interested and rushes off to get ready.

Lucas and Vanessa's Flat: Lucas and Vanessa return from their honeymoon in Daylesford, and she says that it all seems a bit dull at home now - Lucas says that they should just have gone straight to pick up the keys to the new apartment. She says that she wants to upload some photos to Facebook first, so her mum can see the ones of Patrick feeding the ducks, but then she notices that she has an email from Chris Lynch, the man who Lucas outbid on the Eclipse Apartment, and who they emailed to see if he was still interested, when they were having money problems. Vanessa says that Chris is still interested and has made them an offer - Lucas says that it's typical of his luck. Vanessa replies to tell Chris that the apartment is no longer for sale, and Lucas says that he's looking forward to having their own bedroom again - thought Vanessa points out that it's only until the next baby comes along.

No 26: Georgia is telling Kyle about the meeting with the producer, who wants to release her song as a single, with the possibility of an album to follow. She says that there are plans for a video clip, plus TV and radio interviews - Kyle tells her that she's going to run herself into the ground if she's not careful. She realises this, but says that she has to do what Paul tells her, or he'll sue her. Kyle tells her to be careful not to overdo it, and suggests that she stay with him for a while, but she says that she needs to go home and get some more sleep, as she has another gig and night shift later on.

No 22: Terese is telling Josh that she isn't prepared to argue about this - he needs more tutoring and that's what he's going to get. Josh says that he's so close to making the Australian swimming team, and that he needs more hours in the pool, not the classroom. He tries to get his dad's support, but Brad just agrees with Terese, who points out that Josh has found plenty of time to spend with Amber lately, so he can spend that time with a tutor instead. Josh then suggests that he could leave school, and pick up his studies again later on, like Brad did - Brad, however, says that it wasn't that easy, and he'd probably do things differently if he had his time again. Terese isn't even prepared to entertain the idea, but Brad says that they should all calm down, thinks things through and discuss it again later.

Ramsay Street: Kyle goes over to Karl, to give him the bill for the fence. He explains that Sheila wanted him to do a good job of it, now that Paul owns the house, and she was really on the warpath about the pets. Karl says that there shouldn't be a problem, now that the fence is fixed, and starts walking towards the house, only to step in a pile of pig poo. He then notices that the side gate is unlocked, and Lennie and Chop have gone, and he starts screaming their names.

Harold's Store: Terese has been telling Susan about Josh's plan to quit school, but Susan thinks that tutoring would be the best idea for him, and with a few hours each day, he could be back on track in no time. She offers to do the tutoring herself, and says that Josh is such a good swimmer because he doesn't cut corners, and the same thing applies at school. Across the room, Lucas and Vanessa come in, after seeing their new apartment, and they're both quite underwhelmed with it. As Lucas goes to take a call, Susan and Terese come over to hear about the honeymoon, and Vanessa tells them about a cottage that was open for inspection. Lucas then comes back over, and says that he'd had some surprising news. As Susan and Terese leave, Lucas tells Vanessa that he's just had an offer from a big chain to buy the garage, and they're offering a very good price.

Lassiter's Lake: Lucas and Vanessa are discussing the offers, and beginning to wonder if they should think about accepting and making a fresh start. Vanessa says that she hasn't been able to stop thinking about moving to the country, ever since Lucas suggested it a few weeks ago, and she looks at a photo of the cottage in Daylesford on her phone, saying that's where she can imagine them raising their family. She then says that they've worked so hard to build a life together in Erinsborough - but Lucas suggests that they could just start following some other dreams, and says that, if someone had told him he'd be in this position now, he'd have been looking for a flying pig. As he says this, they hear a pig in the bushes nearby, then Chop the sheep appears in front of them. Vanessa wonders what's going on, but Lucas realises where they've come from, and goes to give Susan a call.

Charlie's: Karl comes in and accuses Sheila of opening his gate, but she says that her hand has 'been nowhere near your back gate' and asks why she would want those smelly animals out roaming the streets. Susan then calls Karl to tell him that Lennie and Chop have been spotted near the lake, and she'll meet him down there.

Lassiter's Lake: Chop is tied up to the rotunda, with Susan standing nearby, mortified as Karl calls out to Lennie, convinced that he's still there somewhere. Susan says that this wouldn't have happened if the animals were on a hobby farm in the country, where they could roam free, and 'do sheep and pig things'. Karl says that it's difficult, and reminds Susan that Chop brought them back together at his dad's farm. Susan thinks that Karl owes it to Chop to give her more freedom, as she's obviously feeling cramped if she's trying to escape. Karl says that Sheila left the gate open on purpose, but then Susan admits that it was her, and it was an accident as she was in a hurry.

Charlie's: Paul is getting annoyed with a useless barman, when Kyle comes in and tries to find out why Paul is pushing Georgia so hard with her music. Paul says that Georgia is an investment, and that he's happy for her to continue nursing, as long as the singing is her priority. Kyle points out that Georgia can't cope with both, and Paul wonders if Georgia sent him to say all of this, but Kyle explains that he's just trying to look out for his girlfriend. Paul then says that he'll have another look at Georgia's workload, as he doesn't want her to go into this half-baked - Kyle is happy to hear it, and leaves.

No 22 - Kitchen: Terese still thinks that tutoring is the ideal solution for Josh, but Brad wonders if Josh might be right - and also thinks that Josh is going to resent every moment of the tutoring if it keeps him from the pool. Terese wonders what would happen if Josh got injured or sick, and didn't have his education to fall back on, and Brad starts to come around to her way of thinking, and says that maybe they should be firmer with the kids, after everything that's happened lately. Josh then arrives home, and Terese tells him that they've decided that he'll be having the tutoring. He isn't impressed that he was left out of the decision, but Brad tells him that it's either the tutoring or he gives up swimming.

No 26 - Kitchen: Susan has dragged Karl to apologise to Sheila for blaming her - she pretends not to hear his apology and then shows Karl the lamb casserole she's preparing. Karl apologises again, and Susan admits that she accidentally left the gate open. Sheila is glad that it's all cleared up, and is happy to hear that the pig and sheep will be going away to a farm in the country. She asks if Karl and Susan would like to come back for some lamb casserole later - Karl rushes off, and Susan tells Sheila that she's a shocker. Sheila then wonders if the open gate was such an accident after all, and Susan can't help a little smile, as she says that she would never, ever do that to Karl.

Lucas and Vanessa's Apartment: Lucas is leaving a message for Paul, complaining about the shoddy work on the tiling at the new apartment. Vanessa then gets a message from the estate agent in Daylesford, following up on their interest at the open house. She says that she'll reply and tell him that they were just nosy tourists, but Lucas says that, with the sales of the apartment and the garage, they could afford it. Vanessa asks if Lucas would seriously consider leaving Erinsborough, and they both wonder out loud if they really want to.

Charlie's: Georgia arrives to meet with Paul - he says that they need to talk about the meeting with the record producer earlier. He asks if she's always going to be so ditzy, having to be dragged out of bed for important appointments. He then tells her that they're going to take things a bit slower, as he's clearly been pushing her into this - he's going to cut back on her performances, and will adjust her pay accordingly. Georgia wonders where Paul's got the impression that she can't cope, and Paul explains that Kyle heavily implied it when they were talking earlier. Georgia isn't impressed that Kyle has been interfering but Paul says that he doesn't want her boyfriend constantly hassling him about having no time with her, so he's decided to get someone else to record her song. She asks how he can do that, but he points out that it's the contract - he has the rights to all of her material. He then walks off, leaving Georgia devastated.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Joshua Willis, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante

Guest Cast: Basquait Voevodin-Knack as Patrick Villante

Trivia Notes
Past characters Tom Kennedy and Francesca Villante are referred to
Final appearance of Chop the sheep, who has lived at the Kennedy house since 2006. Lennie the pig also departs in this episode, but is not shown

Summary by Steve

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