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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6792

Written by Brooke Wilson, Directed by Fiona Banks, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 07/01/14, Channel 5: 21/01/14

Sonya telling Toadie they can't call the police regarding Jacob's disappearance
Lauren revealing to Lucy that she was pregnant with Brad's baby when she left Ramsay Street
Georgia trying to leave Gem, only for Gem to push her causing Georgia to be knocked out
Kate saving Georgia
Mason worried about how Kate is, after he hears that Georgia has been found
Kate bringing flowers to Georgia and Georgia saying that she can't get over what Kate and Kyle did

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Kate is explaining to Chris that she tried to apologise to Georgia, but that Georgia rejected her peace offering. Chris is surprised, particularly as Kate saved Georgia's life, but Kate replies that although she wants things to go back to how they were, she just needs to accept that their friendship is over. Chris asks how Kate feels about Kyle, and she admits that she can't help it, but that she is still in love with him. Chris tells Kate that if she wants to make things right with Georgia, she has no choice but to stay away from Kyle.

No 26: Kyle arrives home with Bossy, who runs straight into the kitchen and barks at Sheila who is baking. Sheila tries to find out how Kyle got on when he saw Georgia and tries to convince him that, eventually, Georgia will forgive him, because she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Sheila adds that love like that does not simply evaporate overnight. Kyle continues to stare gloomily into the distance, but Sheila urges him to get a good night's sleep, reminding him that things often look better in the morning. He slopes off, leaving Sheila looking worried.

No 30: Toadie and Sonya are trying to get Nell to sleep, after baby Elliott has woken her. Toadie laments Jacob's decision, and again suggests calling Children's Services. Just then, Callum arrives home, asking sarcastically if Toadie and Sonya had forgotten anything. they apologise for not collecting Callum and Callum says he did try and call them multiple times. Sonya replies that they didn't want to wake the babies. Hearing "babies" in the plural, Callum confusedly asks if he had been away that long. Sonya says she will explain, but first grabs Callum in a hug, whilst Callum suggests to Toadie that he pay the cab outside as the meter is still running.

No 30: The next morning, Callum is giving out presents from his time away. Callum tells Sonya and Toadie that Josie is away on holiday when they offer to have her over. Just then, Elliott starts to cry and Callum remarks how busy the house must be, what with two babies, Georgia and Gem. Toadie explains that there are things Callum doesn't know and that he wasn't told the previous night.

Ramsay Street: Imogen sees her decorated car, heads over and begins tearing the tinsel from it. Mason says that he thought Imogen liked the car, but Imogen retorts that it was a temporary blip, from which she is recovered. Mason asks if he did anything wrong, and Imogen explains that she is annoyed because Mason ran off after Kate when she was in trouble. Mason says he is sorry of he has upset Imogen and that, although a part of him will always care about Kate, it doesn't mean that he still wants to be with her. Imogen replies that actions speak louder than words and that she is not going to wait around being a Plan B. Mason goes to hug Imogen, but she pushes him away, telling him they should leave things the way they are. Imogen storms off inside, following Josh, who has just arrived home on his bike.

No 22: Taking off his helmet, Josh asks Imogen what was going on outside. Imogen marches into the kitchen, trying to find her mug as she wants to make a smoothie and would rather not have to refill the small glasses they have in the house. Josh asks if she is having problems other than finding her mug; Imogen sarcastically replies how perceptive Josh is, but says there is nothing he can do to help. Suddenly, Imogen blurts out that she kissed Mason and Josh incredulously asks her why she would go near such a loser as Mason. Imogen explains that she is not together with Mason, but that she feels used as he still is hung up on Kate. Josh asks Imogen if she is being hassled, but Imogen refutes this, saying that she doesn't want to talk about it.

Harold's Store: Matt is collecting a coffee, and telling Lauren that his two New Years resolutions were to remove the children from the TV screens and to tell Lauren he loves her more. Kate comes in and orders a tub of ice cream, telling Lauren it's all she is in the mood to eat. Lauren asks how Kate is coping, and Kate reveals that she is spending the day catching up on TV and avoiding the world.

Lassiter's Complex: Heading outside, Kate bumps into Kyle who is frantically searching for Bossy. Kate reluctantly offers to help look for Bossy when she discovers Bossy ran away when she was let off the lead. Dumping her ice cream in the bin, Kate joins Kyle in the search, heading down by the lake. Kate goes to look in the shrubs, but has to come out when her arm begins to hurt again. Kate tells Kyle she is alright and Kyle retorts that it is no thanks to Gem. Kate reveals that she is glad it's all over and wonders how the situation is between Georgia and Kyle. She tells Kyle that he needs to give things time with Georgia.

No 32: Mason is lounging on the sofa reading a magazine when Josh lets himself in through the back door. Mason tells Josh that Amber isn't in, but Josh says that he is there to speak to Mason. Josh warns Mason to respect Imogen's decision to have nothing to do with him and goes to leave, but Mason gets up and tells Josh not to tell him what to do, especially as he has just walked into his house uninvited. Mason adds that Imogen wants them to be just friends, and Josh warns him that it needs to stay that way. Just then, Matt arrives home and asks Mason what's just happened. Mason explains that it was just Willis family paranoia and he has had almost as much as he can take.

Harold's Store: Lauren brings Sonya, who is having trouble settling the babies, a cup of coffee. Lauren suggests taking Elliott to the doctor and asks why she is getting involved. Sonya replies that she can't help it, as she knows what it is like having a baby for the first time, so she can sympathise with Jacob. Lauren admits she knows how it feels too, but looks sadly at the floor when Sonya says that at least Lauren had support with her first baby and that, if she hadn't, it could have led to some bad decisions. Sonya laments sadly that she can't change the mistakes she made in the past, but that she can do her best to help Jacob now. Lauren replies how terrible it must be to be so scared, when you have a baby and no support, obviously thinking back to her own experiences in the past.

Ramsay Street: Kate and Kyle are still looking for Bossy, Kyle worried that they should have found Bossy by now. Kate reassures Kyle that everything will be alright, and Kyle says that the one good thing about Bossy going missing is that it's given him and Kate a chance to hang out together again. Just then, Kyle spots Bossy, who is sitting under Georgia's bedroom window. Kyle sympathises with Bossy, admitting he is missing Georgia too but that she has made up her mind, and that they both need to move on too.

No 28: Kyle begins to make lunch for him and Kate, to say thanks for the help she has given in the search for Bossy. Kyle guides Kate over to the table, but when she winces with the pain in her arm, he pulls her top to the side to have a look at the bruise, commenting on how much it must hurt. Just then, Chris arrives, asking Kate what she is doing there. Kate explains they were looking for Bossy and Chris says it could be a sign that Kyle shouldn't give up on Georgia. As Kyle goes to feed Bossy, Chris asks Kate why she is hanging around, having a romantic lunch with Kyle. Kate replies that she is just trying to be Kyle's friend, but suddenly hurries off, saying that is just making things worse for them all.

No 30: Sonya arrives back with the babies, and asks Toadie if he has heard from Gem. he replies that she is still missing, but offers to take the family out for dinner later. Callum, who was sleeping on the sofa gets up and hurriedly says he will eat anything apart from Chinese food and urges Sonya, who is reluctant to go out, to go as it will perk her up. Once again, Toadie suggests calling the DHS, but Sonya asks Toadie to promise that he won't call either them, or Jacob's relatives in Adelaide.

No 32: Lauren is taking down the Christmas tree, whilst Matt and Mason are playing chess. Lauren watches on as Matt tells Mason he is two moves away from checkmate and that there is nothing he can do about it. Mason takes Matt by surprise and checks him; Lauren, watching fondly on, says how much she loves them. Matt tells them that last year was tough, but that 2014 would be the year of the Turners. Lauren takes the small teddy off the tree, that she puts on to remind her of the baby she lost, and gently puts it back into its box. As she does, she agrees with Matt that a good year is on the cards for them.

Lassiter's Lake: Down by the lake, Kyle runs up to Kate, wondering where she disappeared to as he had lunch ready. Kyle suggests Kate come over later for a movie or cake, but asks Kate why she is being weird when she rejects the offer. Kate replies that she can't replace Georgia in his life and isn't his surrogate girlfriend, before walking off.

No 30: Callum and Toadie are discussing how bad theatre restaurants are, when Sonya comes back and says that, with Elliott settled, they can't risk going anywhere. Heading off with Callum and Nell, Toadie goes over to the computer and searches the Internet for Hannah Holmes, Jacob's wife. He reads the funeral notice, and discovers the name of her parents, Maryanne and Victor Sutton. Toadie enters the information into the online phone directory, before calling the Suttons and announcing that he and Sonya are currently looking after their grandson, Elliott.

Featured Regular Characters: Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Mason Turner, Kate Ramsay, Kyle Canning, Imogen Willis, Josh Willis, Chris Pappas

Guest Cast: Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Ryder Smyth as Elliott Holmes

Summary by Alex