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Magic Moments > 2014 > The 2014 Season Premiere Episode 6791

Written by Libby Butler, Directed by Laurence Wilson, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 06/01/14, Channel 5: 20/01/14

Jacob leaving his son with Sonya... Lauren revealing to Lucy that she had a baby before Mason… Brad’s baby... Kyle trying to warn Georgia about Gem... Sonya trying to reassure Toadie why Georgia/Gem aren't answering their phones... Gem asking Georgia to trust her... Toadie expressing his concerns about Gem to Kyle/Chris... Georgia discovering Gem has been lying to her... Toadie telling Kyle and Chris not to panic... Georgia discovering Gem hacked into Kate’s email... Gem forcibly pushing Georgia away, her accidentally switching on the gas ring when she collides with the cooker... Gem shoving Georgia, who falls and is knocked out after hitting her head... Gem taking off leaving an unconscious Georgia on the floor with gas coming out of the ring...

At number 32, Lucy wonders how Lauren managed to keep the baby news quiet all these years. Lauren explains that it was too hard to talk, or even think, about so she kept it buried where it was easier to deal with it - until Brad moved across the road. Lauren confirms that Matt doesn't know about this, but their conversation quickly ends when Mason, Imogen then Matt come into the room and chat turns to the hunt for Gem and Georgia. Lauren asks if anyone has heard from them, and Matt tells her that they've been able to track Georgia’s phone and local police are going to take a car out there now. Matt mentions that Chris and Kate are heading out there also, Mason, upon hearing this, is concerned what Gem might do to Kate. Matt reassures Mason that the local police will be able to deal with it.


Kate and Chris have arrived at the gate to the cottage; Chris checks that they're at the right place. Kate confirms that it is Elysium Cottages, where Gem and Georgia are staying, but they’ve got to go up a dirt track to get to the cottages so they split up. Chris asks Kate if they should wait for the cops, however, Kate tells Chris to just go.

Kate finds the cottage but the door is locked. Through the window, she can see Georgia lying on the floor, so gives the door a few shoulder shoves and eventually it gives way and she goes immediately to the unconscious Georgia.


As Toadie and Kyle pull up at the gate too, they see Chris, who points them in the direction that Kate went. Toadie mentions that he is going to phone the cops.

In the cottage, Kate is coughing due to the gas and goes to switch off the oven and open the windows. Chris and Kyle arrive just as Kate is assessing Georgia - as they turn her onto her side, she starts to come around. She asks where Gem is, and they all start to look around, nervously.


A little later, the paramedics have checked out Georgia and Kate - one of the paramedics mentions the bump on Georgia's head, and she's quick to say that it was just an accident. Kyle then mentions the gas; Georgia tells him that she must have knocked it when she fell. The paramedic tells Georgia and Kyle they can talk about it more when she gets to the hospital and is properly checked over. Toadie gives an update from the police – that despite what Gem told Georgia, about the car being broken, Gem has taken off in it, though the police are on the look out. Toadie also says that it was down to Kate that they found her, but all Georgia does is give Kate an evil stare before the paramedic pushes her out in the wheelchair to the waiting ambulance.

At number 32, Lauren thanks Imogen for tidying up, as they all wait for news - Matt then arrives home and updates them. He explains that Gem has done a runner in Georgia’s car and that Georgia's suffered a head injury. Mason enquires about Kate - Matt says that she's fine and Mason is very relieved, which a jealous Imogen takes as her cue to head home, with Mason showing her out. Matt comments to Lauren that it was a pity Lucy had to leave so soon and that it must have been nice for her catching up on old times – Lauren remains quiet.


Over at number 22, Brad and Terese finish a Skype conversation with their daughter Piper, who's still on exchange in Canada. Terese then tells Brad about the joke she had with Lauren and Lucy, about having flings with him back in the old days. Terese tells Brad that she is fine with it, and they should be okay with it too. Brad mentions that Lucy was asking him questions, and they wonder if Lauren's had enough of the comments about the past, though Terese wonders if Matt's the one with the problem. Brad reassures Terese that he will drop in on Lauren tomorrow and find out what's wrong with her.

Chris, Kate and Kyle arrive back at number 26 - Chris wonders if it’s even worth going to bed as it's so late. Kyle says that he won’t be sleeping until he knows Georgia is home safely. Chris tells Kate he doesn’t mind dropping her back off at Paul’s, but she says that she can't deal with recounting the whole story to Paul now, so she'll just crash at the house, if it's OK with both of them. They both agree, and Chris heads off to bed - Kyle then thanks Kate for her superhero role in rescuing Georgia. Kyle adds that if it weren’t for her, he might have lost Georgia; Kate suddenly decides it's bed time.


The next day at number 30, Georgia is back and gets a hug from Sonya, who asks how she's feeling. Georgia says she's very down and decides to forgo the offer of breakfast to get some sleep. Toadie is after much-needed sleep too, and Sonya breaks it to him that Elliot is still there and shows him the message she got from Jacob. Toadie can't believe that Jacob has dumped his kid on them, though Sonya points out that Jacob is going through a really rough time. Toadie wants to get the police involved but Sonya thinks that Jacob will be back as soon as his head is sorted out, and if they contact the police, everyone will get involved and it will be out of their hands. Toadie tells Sonya he doesn’t even know why it’s in their hands, but she pleads with him to give Jacob the benefit of the doubt. He agrees, mainly because he’s so tired, but says that he just hopes that Jacob comes back soon.

At number 26, Kate wonders about going over to see Georgia - Chris says that she saved her life, and it should count for something. Kate believes that she and Georgia aren’t going to be friends anytime soon, but Chris thinks that Georgia is a forgiving person. Kate says that she likes this optimistic side to him and wonders if it has anything to do with him getting back together with Hudson. A shirtless Kyle then enters the kitchen, having a conversation with Sonya, and reports to them, once he’s hung up, that Georgia is fine and she’s resting. Unable to take her eyes off of Kyle, Kate tells the boys that she'd better get going as she is supposed to be meeting Mason.


At Harold's Store, Brad is in the kitchen talking to Lauren. He check things are okay with Lauren, and she reassures him all is fine. He then leaves when Lauren’s phone begins to ring - it’s Lucy.

Lucy and Lauren meet up at the lake to continue their chat. Lauren explains that she didn’t realise that she was pregnant until she was 6 months along and that she got lazy with contraception after the doctors said she’d have a very low chance of conceiving thanks to her pelvic inflammatory disease diagnosis. Lauren adds that by the time she realised, Brad was already married to Beth, they had left Ramsay Street and, given they were so happy, she felt she couldn’t ruin that. Lauren continues to tell Lucy she didn’t know what to do, and she couldn’t even tell her dad, in case Brad found out via his family, so she went to her mum’s in Brisbane. She explains that her mum was a huge support, but the birth was difficult and there were complications - she lost the baby, a little girl. Lauren mentions to Lucy that after the birth she was just a mess and the only way she could deal with it was to just pretend that it never happened. Lucy comforts her, telling Lauren her actions were understandable. Lauren continues to tell Lucy that soon after, she went to visit a friend in Mount Isa, just to get away from everything - and that's when she met Matt and a crazy, impetuous one-night stand turned into almost 20 years of happiness. Lauren then explains that there was never the right time to tell Matt and the longer she leaves it, the harder it gets, but she will never forget. Lauren shows Lucy the teddy that she puts on the Christmas tree as her way of remembering her little girl. Lucy says that it must have been so difficult - Lauren replies that it was, but she managed, until she saw Brad again and now every time she sees his face, she just thinks of their baby, and he has no idea. At this point Lauren totally breaks down and Lucy comforts her.


Over at number 30, Toadie is awoken from his sleep as Elliot is screaming the house down and Sonya doesn't know what to do. Sonya is quick to rule out Toadie’s suggestion that he’s sick, claiming that he's simply unsettled. Toadie mentions that it’s through being abandoned that Elliot is unsettled, and tells Sonya that there has got to be someone else in Jacob’s life that he could have left Elliott with, someone who has known him longer than Sonya has. However, Sonya makes it clear to Toadie that Jacob has been cut off from people since Hannah died and says that she's going to continue to help Jacob.

At Lassiter's Lake, Lauren admits to Lucy that there was a reason she wanted to hide the sketch she drew of Brad - because she drew it when she was pregnant. Lauren tells Lucy that no matter what she did, the sketch still kept coming back, and she felt as though the universe was trying to remind her of the baby she lost. Lauren continues to tell Lucy of the dreams she then started to have, about crying babies and dancing with Brad. Lucy asks why she didn’t tell Brad and Lauren admits that it would have been very difficult to find a way to tell him, and says that they both have families now and no good could have come of it. Lucy points out that it still seems to be having a bad effect on Lauren, who explains that talking with her and her mum has helped, although Lucy adds that there are obviously still some unresolved issues. Lucy’s phone beeps; she explains that she’s got a meeting with Terese before leaving for New York. Lucy promises not to say anything but thinks that she should consider telling those involved, or at the very least, Matt. They agree to keep in touch before Lucy heads off to see Terese.


At number 30, Karl finishes checking on Georgia, and tells her she must rest. As Karl leaves, Kyle enters and asks how she is - she says she's alright, before adding that Gem totally duped her, she didn’t see it coming and she can't believe Gem left her there “for dead.” Georgia explains that growing up she always looked up to her, Gem was her idol and as they grew older she started doing strange things but she always gave her the benefit of the doubt. Kyle remarks that he loves how she seems to see the good in people - Georgia then mentions that Gem is not the only person she was blind to! Kyle tells Georgia she has every right to be angry with him but asks if she can move past it, telling her that he loves her and wants to be with her. However, Georgia doesn’t answer his question, instead telling him that she is tired and wants to rest. Kyle begs but she totally ignores him, so Kyle leaves the house.


Kate is walking up the street with some flowers for Georgia when she runs into her, as she's outside, checking the mail. Georgia takes the flowers and comments that she should be the one giving her the flowers after what happened. Georgia asks about Kate’s shoulder; Kate tells Georgia its nothing major, just some bruising. Kate explains that she’s done some stupid things in her life but none more so than what happened with Kyle - she says that it was a huge mistake and she never meant to hurt her, she needs her to believe that. Georgia tells Kate that she does believe her and she can't thank her enough for last night. Kate mentions that she really cares about her, but Georgia tells Kate that she is grateful but she can't get over what she did - she’s sorry, she’s tried, but she can't. Georgia continues that they’ll still be polite and wave when they see each other on the street, but as for being friends again, she can’t do it. She then pushes the flowers back towards a shocked Kate.

Featured Regular Characters: Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Mason Turner, Bailey Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis, Karl Kennedy, Kate Ramsay, Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks

Guest Cast: Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Nic Romney as Justin Cicero

Trivia Notes
• Past characters Beth Brennan and Hudson Walsh are mentioned
• Absent Willis child Piper is also mentioned again

Summary by Kyle