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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6798

Written by Faith McKinnon, Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 15/01/14, Five: 29/01/14

Josh finds himself being approached with sponsorship deals
Amber is irritated when a girl gives Josh her number
Brad tells Josh that his times in the pool need to improve
Georgia tells Kyle to go and be with Kate, if that's what he wants
Georgia realises that she's pregnant
Susan encourages Karl to beat Paul in the race for mayor

No 30: Karl calls by to check on Georgia, worried that she wasn't herself at work yesterday. She says that she just needed a good night's sleep, and tells Karl that she's taken a few days off to make sure she's fully recovered. She makes a bit of small talk with Karl, but manages to get rid of him and is very relieved when he's gone.

No 22: Josh is using the laptop, when he finds the family budget spreadsheet that Brad's been working on. He's alarmed to see how much his swimming training is costing the family. He then gets a text from Ruby, arranging for a photographer to come over and asking if he's OK with it.

Lassiter's Complex: Karl arrives to find Susan already setting up his campaign stall, and he apologises, explaining that he stopped by to check on Georgia. As Brad is passing, Karl asks if he has enough campaign leaflets at the gym, but Brad admits that he hasn't really noticed, as he's a bit preoccupied with Josh's Commonwealth Games trial next week. Susan offers her congratulations on Josh winning the Emerging Talent Award, but Brad says that it's turned out not to be such a great thing, as Josh is suddenly getting a lot of attention and sponsorship offers, which is proving to be distracting for him.

No 22: Brad arrives home, looking for Josh who missed his training session. Just then, Josh comes in from the back garden, dressed in a pair of gold shorts and covered in gold body shimmer. He explains that it's for an ad for a jeweller, and that Ruby text him earlier when the photographer was already on her way. Brad reminds his son that the trials are next week, but Josh says that he's capable of making his own decisions and he wanted to do this - he says that he'll make up for the missed training later.

Lassiter's Complex: Kate is handing out flyers, when Kyle comes by, pushing baby Nell in her pram. He explains that he's babysitting, but Kate thinks that he'll be using the baby to help Karl win extra voters. Meanwhile, Matt is helping Karl to hand out flyers when a woman approaches them - she says that her name's Sylvie and she's one of Karl's patients. She explains that she won't be voting for him as she's very concerned about his wife, who can't have all that many years left. Karl points out that MS isn't terminal, but Sylvie says that Karl will thank her in the end, and walks off.

No 30: Susan calls by to see Georgia, saying that she thought she might need a friend. Georgia tells Susan that she was right - she is pregnant, but it just feels wrong. Susan gives her a hug and sits her down, asking her if she's sure - Georgia says that she did five tests, and she's definitely pregnant. She admits that she can't tell Kyle just yet, so Susan suggests that she should talk to Sonya and Toadie, but Georgia doesn't want to dump anything else on them after what happened with Gem. She says that she's so confused, as this should be one of the happiest moments of her life.

No 22 - Back Garden: Josh is posing for photographer Nora, when Amber comes back, very amused at the scene that greets her. Josh says that he doesn't care what he looks like, as he's getting paid for it. Amber starts looking at Nora's camera gear, very impressed, and jokes that she's only with Josh so he can buy her some similar expensive equipment. Amber's smile fades, however, when Nora goes over and starts applying more gold shimmer to Josh's body.

Ramsay Street: Georgia is leaving number 30 when Kyle and Nell return. She's surprised that Toadie and Sonya didn't ask her to babysit, and says that it's almost like they're shutting her out of the family. Kyle tries to be supportive, but she reminds him that it's his fault she's in this mess, so she doesn't need his sympathy. Kyle suggests that they start this conversation again, but Georgia tells him to forget it, and walks off.

No 22: Josh is annoyed that Amber just made fun of him, instead of supporting him. She reminds him that she was supportive when another girl asked for his number, and said nothing when the photographer was smearing gold shimmer all over him - she says that she's finding this difficult too, and him being so precious is making things harder. Josh admits that he's finding it difficult to receive so much attention, and Amber apologises if she's made things worse, but suggests that he should focus on his swimming and not the other stupid stuff. She asks if he should be getting to training now, but he just starts kissing her instead.

Harold's Store: Kate and Kyle run into each other again - she asks if he's OK, but he says that he doesn't want to talk, instead inviting himself along to go running with her. She's worried that he hasn't been doing much exercise lately and won't be able to keep up, but he goes home to get changed. Susan is standing nearby and hears their conversation, but then Karl comes in and she apologies to him for being gone for so long. She explains that she kept running into people who wanted to offer their sympathies over her MS. As she goes outside, Karl admits to Matt that this isn't looking good, but maybe if Susan is out there with him, people will see that she's healthy and their concerns are unfounded.

No 26: Kate and Kyle arrive back, and he's completely shattered and thinks it must be a sign that he's getting old. Kate says that he's just out of practice, and is a little perturbed when Bossy runs away from her. She decides to leave, but then Kyle talks her into staying and making some lunch for him, as he can barely stand up.

Lassiter's Complex: Georgia meets up with Susan for a chat, and explains that she saw Kyle earlier but couldn't tell him about the pregnancy, as he was carrying baby Nell and she was completely thrown. She says that she always knew he'd make a great father, but what if he ends up resenting her, or the baby, because he just wants to move on with someone else. Susan doesn't think that Kyle would behave like that, but Georgia then wonders if he might want to get back with her because he feels that he has to, when he'd really rather be with Kate. Susan tells Georgia that she needs to stop second-guessing Kyle's reaction and just tell him. They arrange to meet later, once Georgia has spoken to Kyle.

Erinsborough Aquatic Centre: Brad is looking around for Josh, annoyed that he hasn't shown up for training again. He tries calling him, but just gets his answerphone.

No 22: Brad arrives home, very annoyed to find Josh and Amber coming down the stairs, adjusting their clothing. As father and son start to argue, Amber quickly makes herself scarce. Brad asks if this is all some big act to impress Amber, but Josh says that he's allowed to take a break sometimes. Brad reminds his son that he has a job to go to, rather than spending the afternoon waiting around at the pool for Josh to turn up, and he could be making money rather than wasting time. Josh tells him to just go to work if that's what he wants to do, and then grabs his bag and leaves.

No 26 - Back Garden: Kate and Kyle have finished lunch and he's in the spa recovering from his run, whilst she sits on the side, teasing him. She says that if he's going to need a spa every time he goes for a run, then their electricity bill will be huge. Kyle says that she shouldn't still be paying the bills when she doesn't live there, but she thinks that it's easier and she doesn't really mind. She then starts splashing water in his face and as they're joking about, Georgia appears. Bossy starts barking, and Georgia apologises for intruding - she says that she just came to get some of her things, but she can see that they're busy. She rushes off around the corner, and looks completely devastated.

Charlie's: Susan arrives to meet with Karl and Matt, and all they all report that most of the votes are very sympathetic about Susan's illness, but they aren't going to vote for Karl. They realise that they're going to have to find a new angle, something to distract the votes from the MS. Susan says that she has to go and meet Georgia, but she expects Karl to have come up with some very good ideas by the time she next sees him.

No 22: Brad and Josh arrive back, and Brad wants them to go to the gym, but Josh says that he's too tired. He complains that he gets lectured when he skips training, and then when he goes to training, and he can't seem to win. Brad says that he won't win with attitude, and says that he's made a lot of sacrifices for Josh's career. Josh says that he knows what he's doing, but Brad accuses him of sounding like a brat. Josh then accuses Brad of sounding like a bitter old man who couldn't succeed at surfing, so he's reliving lost opportunities through his son. Brad tells Josh to get out.

No 28: Susan asks Georgia how Kyle reacted to the news, but Georgia explains that she went to tell him, and he was having fun with Kate in the spa. She says that she was so upset to see them together, but it made her realise that she has to put herself and the baby first, and not worry about how Kyle is going to react to the news. Susan points out that there might not be anything serious between Kyle and Kate, but Georgia says that she's already decided - she's going to keep the baby news from Kyle for as long as possible.

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Georgia Brooks, Brad Willis, Josh Willis, Matt Turner, Amber Turner, Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay

Guest Cast: Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Camille Edwards as Sylvie Johns, Ali Ryrie-Golding as Nora Evans

Trivia Notes
Past character Jack Lassiter is mentioned

Summary by Steve

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