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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6818

Written by Sue Hore, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 12/02/14, Five: 26/02/14

Josh falls whilst abseiling
Josh is shocked to learn how serious his injuries are
The Willises and Turners are divided over who's to blame
Mason finds out that Brad is suing him
Imogen tells Mason that she wants to be with him

No 22 - Lounge Room: Mason and Imogen are kissing, but he says that he should go before her parents get back from the hospital. Imogen jokes that he could just jump over the back fence, but he doesn't want to risk anything, given the way Brad feels about him right now. They both agree that they wish it didn't have to be like this, and Mason leaves. Imogen closes the door and smiles to herself.

No 32 - Kitchen: Amber is telling Lauren that Josh will be home from hospital in the morning, and she's been given the morning off school to be with him. Mason then arrives home, in a very good mood - Bailey wonders what's wrong with him, but Lauren thinks that it's good that he isn't letting things get him down. Amber then announces that she's got an email from the council, telling her that she's one of six finalists in Erinsborough's Young Photographers Awards. She rushes off to find something to wear at the awards ceremony the next day.

Charlie's: The next morning, Brad meets with Matt, who says that the whole thing was an accident and that a law suit isn't necessary. Brad says that Matt must think there's something to it, or he wouldn't have engaged Toadie as Mason's lawyer already - Matt says that he was just trying to protect his son, and tells Brad that suing Mason won't solve anything, or give him the answers he wants. He suggests that he should focus on Josh's recovery, instead of looking to place blame, but Brad starts raising his voice, telling Matt that he won't be accepting parenting advice from him. He then says that he has to go and collect Josh from the hospital, and walks out.

Erinsborough Hospital: Karl is overseeing Josh's discharge, hiding his concern that Brad is taking his son to the gym later, and making it clear that he shouldn't do anything to put any strain on his upper body. Brad says that, because of Josh's level of fitness, he'll recover quickly, and Karl makes it clear that he just doesn't want anyone to have unrealistic expectations. Amber then arrives, hurting Josh as she launches herself at him to give him a hug, and a concerned Karl watches as they all leave.

No 22: Josh arrives home, with his entourage of Terese, Brad and Amber, and Imogen greets her brother. Brad says that they'll go to the gym in five minutes, though Terese and Amber think that might be pushing it. Brad says that he'll be back in the pool in no time, and Imogen says that if he's fit enough to train, then he can go to Amber's award ceremony too. Josh is surprised to learn about the photography awards, and Amber tries to play it down, but is happy when he says that he'd love to be there. They go out to the car and, in the kitchen, Terese wonders if the lawsuit is putting unnecessary pressure on Josh and Amber - Brad tells her that Mason needs to pay for what he's done to them all.

Harold's Store: Imogen joins Mason in the store, and they pretend to be having an innocent conversation, but Imogen quickly walks away when she sees Lauren. Lauren asks if Imogen was giving Mason a hard time about the Josh thing, but he says that she doesn't want to get involved in any of it. Mason then joins Imogen over by the fridges - she tells him to stop being so obvious and says that she'll see him at Amber's awards ceremony, but he tells her that he's not going, as he doesn't want to create a scene with Josh. They agree that they'll find a way to see each other later, and Imogen leaves.

Lassiter's Complex: Imogen walks out of the store and smiles to herself as she receives a text from Mason, saying 'Missing you already'. She passes Lauren, who then spots Terese coming, forcing her to stop and talk. She suggests that they could try and find a way to end all of this feuding, and says that it was just boys pushing themselves to prove a point, and it all ended in a terrible accident. Terese says that the equipment wasn't faulty, which can only mean that it's Mason's fault, but Lauren defends her son, saying that he's abseiled a lot and never had any problems before. Terese tells Lauren that she can understand her wanting to defend her son, but he's got to accept responsibility - but she then agrees with Lauren that she can't see what the lawsuit will achieve. Lauren realises that it's Brad who's pushing the lawsuit, and asks Terese to think about things before they get any worse.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Josh is still doing his workout, but admits to Brad that his shoulder is starting to hurt, so Brad tells him that they can stop for today, as he shouldn't push things too much. He tells Josh to warm down and then head home, as he won't be finished at work for a bit longer. As Josh goes to get his water bottle, he notices the newspaper on the table, with the headline about him and the end of his sporting career.

Dingoes' Den Gym - Changing Rooms: Josh finds his father and asks why he didn't mention the newspaper article - Brad says that he didn't want anything to interfere with his recovery. Josh starts to get worked up about it, and Brad says that this is exactly why he didn't say anything, as Josh would overreact. Josh can't believe that Ruby would write something like this, and make it sound like he has no hope of recovery, but Brad says that it's tall poppy syndrome, and people just enjoy seeing others cut down to size - but they love a comeback story even more. Josh, however, isn't convinced that there'll be a comeback.

No 22: Josh is getting himself a drink as Terese arrives home - he's surprised to see her in the middle of the day, and she explains that she's taking advantage of her new flexible work conditions. He realises that she's checking up on him, and she tries to claim that it was her maternal instincts, but he then realises that she's spoken to Brad. She says that it must have been heartbreaking to see that article, but he insists that he's fine and is still in a positive frame of mind, so she can go back to work.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Paul's surprised to find Terese at work, and she says that she tried to help Josh, but couldn't. Paul advises that she just step back and let her son deal with this in his own way. She thanks him for the advice, and as he goes, Paul tells Mason off for carrying the guests' bags, as that's what they employ the porters for. Terese says something similar to Mason, and then tells him to go and take an early lunch break. She then calls Gaby at Lassiter's in Darwin, and says that she needs to ask a favour.

Charlie's: Terese finds Mason at the bar - he thinks she's looking for him as he's taken such a long break, but she says that she's actually got some good news for him. She explains that he's been doing an excellent job, and she's recommending him for a promotion - Mason is delighted, until he learns that the job is in Darwin. She explains that she'll do for him what she did for Rhiannon, with airfares, relocation and accommodation costs thrown in, but he says that it sounds like she's getting rid of him. She admits that she's struggling to see him around the place, given what's happened to Josh, and even says that she'll talk Brad into dropping the lawsuit, if Mason takes the offer. She gives him the rest of the day off, so he can think about it.

No 32: Bailey can't believe what Terese is trying to do, but Mason says that it might just be the perfect solution to all their problems. He says that he doesn't want to go, but he needs time to think, and asks Bailey not to say anything to their parents. As Mason walks out of the room, Lauren comes in the back door with the washing, asking if that was Mason she heard. Bailey struggles to know what to say, and Lauren asks him exactly what's going on.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Lauren stops in, on her way to the awards ceremony at the community centre, and accuses Terese of trying to banish Mason. Terese quickly pulls Lauren to one side and says that this is a great opportunity for Mason - Lauren thinks it's just revenge. Terese admits that she's struggling to look at Mason, fit and healthy, when Josh is having to work so hard to get his fitness back. Lauren thinks that it's unfair to make Mason choose between the lawsuit or giving up his whole life, but Terese says that it's the chance to make a new life. Lauren, however, declares that Mason isn't going anywhere, and she won't see her son used as a whipping boy by Brad and Terese.

Erinsborough Community Centre: Karl arrives at the photography awards and checks out the finalists' pictures, very impressed with Amber's work, though Josh is clearly uncomfortable with all the praise she's receiving. Across the room, Matt and Lauren arrive, trying to work out what to do - Lauren is determined that Mason won't be forced out of town, and Matt agrees, but says that they'll need to be prepared to fight for this, as they're already losing friends. Bailey then calls them over, as the presentation is about to start.

No 22: Terese is telling Brad about the job offer and how she knows it was the wrong thing to do, but she doesn't know how she can look at Josh each day, with Mason still living across the street. Brad insists that Josh is going to get better, but Terese reminds him that the specialist wasn't at all sure of a full recovery. Brad, however, says that he's not going to give up on Josh's chances just because of the opinion of 'some doctor'. Terese reminds him that 'some doctor' is actually a top orthopaedic surgeon, and she admits that she doesn't know what Josh is going to do without his swimming career.

Erinsborough Community Centre: Paul, in his role as Mayor, is talking about the photography awards, as the first in a new youth initiative for Erinsborough. He says that the six finalists were all very impressive, but the judges agreed that one stood out - he then opens the envelope and announces that Amber is the winner. He hands her a trophy and a cheque for $500 - she thanks the council for putting on the awards, and her family, then she thanks Josh for inspiring her and encouraging her to follow her dreams. As she turns to thank the other nominees, Josh gets up and leaves, and Amber then turns back and is saddened to see her boyfriend walking out the door.

Featured Regular Characters: Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Mason Turner, Amber Turner, Bailey Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Joshua Willis, Imogen Willis, Paul Robinson

Guest Cast: None

Trivia Notes
Past characters Gaby Willis and Rhiannon Bates are mentioned
Terese started her Lassiter's career in Darwin

Summary by Steve

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