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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6826

Written by James Walker, Directed by Laurence Wilson, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 24/02/14, Five: 10/03/14

ē Karl tells Kate about the charity car boot sale for the hospital
ē Sonya tells Lauren she has been asked to be a convener at her Gamblers Anonymous meetings
ē Sonya tells Toadie she wants to be the convener and she wonít change her mind about it
ē Kate asks Brennan why he is back as she thought they had moved on
ē Kate kisses Brennan, then apologises and leaves

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Brennan comes to see Kate at Paulís apartment to talk about their relationship. Kate says there is nothing to talk about but Brennan thinks the kiss warrants a quick chat at least. Brennan tells Kate he knows she is confused and there must be some reason she is holding back from him. She tells him he doesnít know what he is talking about and begins to get agitated as Brennan asks more questions, saying that kissing Brennan was a huge mistake and it wonít happen again. Brennan disagrees as he wants to be with her and he knows thatís what she wants too. Kate asks him to leave so he does, without saying a word.

No 30: Sonya is on the phone to Bob, he has asked her to convene her first meeting. Toadie is happy to look after Nell so Sonya can do it. Sonya seems nervous as she didnít expect to be running her first meeting so soon and she doesnít want to let people down but Toadie reassures her that she will be great. Sonya thanks Toady for spending extra time with Nell so she can convene the meeting but he is happy to as he is still upset that he missed Nellís first steps. Toadie tells Sonya he has hated fighting over the last couple of weeks and wants to make it up to her. She thinks thatís a good idea, they have the house to themselves and they could do what they want right there and thenÖ so they do!

No 30: Later, Callum returns home and hears a noise whilst he is getting some water from the fridge. He thinks there is an intruder and threatens that he has just called the police but when Sonya and Toadie pop their heads over the sofa he tells them they scared him to death. When Callum asks them what they were doing he realises they are both naked and is embarrassed. Whilst covering his eyes, he takes a picture of them on his phone so he can use it for insurance against any future teenage stupidity he wants to get out of. He goes to bed still embarrassed and when he is gone Toadie jokes that he blames Sonya as she took advantage of him when he was vulnerable.

Ramsay Street - No 26 Driveway: Sheila and Chris are carrying things outside for the charity car boot sale. Sheila has lots of things to sell and she doesnít want to have to unpack them all later if she doesnít manage to sell it all. Kyle arrives having taken Bossy for a walk. Chris canít believe sheís selling her records so she tries to sell them to him but he doesnít want to pay that much so wishes her good luck and leaves to visit Hudson in prison. Sheila asks Kyle how he went with Georgia yesterday. He thinks it was good, they had ďa momentĒ but then Georgia got scared and backed off. He is being positive though as he thinks they can find a way back to each other, he just has to give her more time. Sheila hopes he is right.

No 30: Karl, Sonya and Georgia are sorting through their things for the car boot sale. Karl is hoping it will be a good turnout. He finds Georgiaís earrings and says theyíll get a good price but she says they arenít for sale as theyíre the first earrings that Kyle gave her. She puts them to one side on the breakfast bar and tells them that everything in the pile on the breakfast bar is to stay but everything else is for the sale. Toadie walks in after this with a crate of romcom videos and Georgia and Karl make fun of how many there are. As Karl, Sonya and Georgia leave, Toadie tells Sonya sheíll be amazing at the meeting. Toadie rushes out of the door after them, but before he does he slides everything from the breakfast bar into his crate for the car boot sale... including Georgiaís earrings from Kyle.

Erinsborough Community Centre: Sonya is standing outside, greeting members of the meeting when a woman turns up and tells her she is going to a meeting but doesnít know where she is going. Sonya guesses they are going to the same place so they introduce themselves to each other; the womanís name is Patricia. It isnít Patriciaís first meeting; she is a lapsed member and hasnít been for almost 20 years but feels she needs the support now. Sonya explains itís her first day as convener and she is nervous so they agree to look out for each other and walk in to the meeting.

Ramsay Street: Kyle says hello to Brennan who has just returned from a run but Brennan doesnít want to talk to him. Kyle is confused as to why Brennan is annoyed at him and wants to sort out any issues they have but Brennan says they canít. Brennan calls Kyle a jerk for messing up Kate and blames him for Kate pushing him away. Kyle is still confused but Brennan walks away telling him to forget about it.

No 24: Brennan returns home and Kyle is not far behind him, wanting to know what just happened. Brennan just wants to fix things with Kate but is getting mixed messages from her and thinks there must be something more to Kate and Kyleís relationship. Kyle says it was never really a relationship and the situation between him, Kate and Georgia was and still is a mess but that isnít a reason for her to push Brennan away. Brennan is frustrated but Kyle says he isnít a threat, reminding him that the last time Kate had a choice between them she chose Brennan. Kyle asks if they are ok with each other and Brennan says they are. Kyle leaves but Brennan is still confused over the way Kate is acting.

Lassiter's Complex - Car Boot Sale: Lots of people are at the car boot sale. Callum wanders around the stalls eventually buying a romcom video but when Bailey sees it he runs off with it, making fun of Callum so Callum chases him. Elsewhere, Paul arrives to speak to Karl. He is surprised to see everyone there as he knows Karl doesnít have a permit. Karl says he cleared it with Terese and thought she would organise the necessary paperwork but Paul says this isnít the case. Paul says that Karl has left him no choice and walks off leaving Karl thinking that Paul is going to shut down the sale.

Harold's Store: Sonya and Patricia are chatting over coffee about how well the GA meeting went. Patricia is disappointed that she didnít have the guts to introduce herself but Sonya reassures her that she didnít have to. Patricia appears nervous to be in public with Sonya but she reassures her again that it is fine, as far as anyone else is concerned they are just two new friends having lunch and anything Patricia tells Sonya is in complete confidence. Patricia says she was young when she started gambling but then stopped when she met her husband. She went to meetings in secret and got past her problem but the last few months have been tough as she has been feeling alone since her son moved out. Her family have no idea that she has this problem. Sonya suggests talking to her family but her husband is away in Greece and she doesnít want to open up to her son. Patricia thanks Sonya for letting her talk it through with her as she has been a real help.

No 30: Georgia arrives home from her walk with Nell. She notices her things have gone from the side and worries that Toadie has taken her earrings by mistake so rushes out to find him at the car boot sale.

Lassiter's Complex - Car Boot Sale: Karl asks Kyle where he bought his saw from as he is not sure how long they have left there so he has to hurry if he wants to grab the things he wants. Kyle wanders over to Toadieís stall but Sheila tries to persuade him to buy some of her items. Toadie gets distracted by an album that Sheila has and walks over to her stall. Kyle sees the earrings he bought for Georgia; he takes them and leaves $2 for them clearly upset that she has sent them to the car boot sale. Georgia arrives with Nell in a panic. She tells Toadie she has lost her earrings and describes them to him. Toadie thought they were an old pair of Sonyaís and he must have sold them. Georgia canít believe it as she put them in a separate pile on the counter at home. Toadie says the rest of the pile is still there but the earrings are gone, Georgia is upset that she has lost the earrings as the other stuff doesnít matter; Kyle gave her the earrings and they mean a lot. She asks Toadie to look after Nell then goes around all the people at the car boot sale asking if anyone has bought the earrings.

Lassiter's Complex: Karl arrives having received a text from Paul. He is annoyed that Paul is being difficult and doesnít want him to shut down the car boot sale as it is for charity. Paul surprises Karl with the permit for the site. Karl wonders what ulterior motive Paul has but Paul says nothing is going on. Paul says there is a catch he needs Karl to do a favour for him. Karl asks what kind of favour but Paul says heíll get back to him on that one as Karl walks away. Brennan appears and asks Paul for his help.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Paul enters with Brennan, asking Kate to listen to what Brennan has to say before she gets angry with him. He gives Brennan 5 minutes with Kate. Kate thinks there is nothing left to talk about but Brennan wants to know if she was really in love with Kyle as Kyle seems to think the relationship barely got off the ground. Kate really cared about Kyle and lost two of her best friends because of it. Brennan thinks they owe it to themselves to see if they can make their relationship work again but Kate asks him to leave. Paul intervenes and ushers Brennan to the lift.

Charlie's: Sheila sees Kyle having a drink in the middle of the day and asks what has happened. Kyle tells her he is upset at Georgia selling the earrings he bought her as they were a gift and he has just had to buy them back. Sheila canít believe she would do something like that, but Kyle says she did and he now thinks there is no hope for them as Georgia doesnít want anything to do with him or any reminders of him. Sheila is sympathetic and kisses a despondent Kyle on the head.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Paul and Kate are talking about Brennan. Paul thought Kate and Brennan were getting on ok. Kate says they were and Brennan is a great guy but it isnít going to work out between them. Kate doesnít want to get hurt again, Paul agrees. Kate questions him but he says she needs to surround herself with people that make her happy. If Brennan isnít one of those people then she is right to send him packing. Kate thanks him but looks confused that Paul has agreed with her.

Harold's Store: Sonya and Patricia are still discussing GA meetings. Sonya goes to pay as Chris walks in. He hugs Patricia and the penny drops for Sonya that Patricia is Chrisís mum. He explains to his mum that he lives on the same street as Sonya. He asks if they had lunch together, Sonya makes an excuse up as to why they were there together. Patricia asks Chris and Hudson for dinner but Chris makes his excuses. Sonya gives Chris a knowing look but then Patricia leaves. Sonya looks at Chris again when Patricia has left wondering why he is lying about Hudson being in Prison.

Featured Regular Characters: Kate Ramsay, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi, Sheila Canning, Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Karl Kennedy, Bailey Turner, Paul Robinson

Guest Cast: Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Katerina Kotsonis as Patricia Pappas

Summary by Nicola

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