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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6832

Written by Fiona Bozic, Directed by Fiona Banks, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 04/03/14, Five: 18/03/14

Paul confessing to Rebecca that he still loves her
Callum correcting Bailey's belief that he was being admired by 'hot' Josie
Kate asking Georgia for another chance at friendship and Georgia rejecting her
Kate tearing up a photo of her with Brennan; Brennan meanwhile is explaining to Kyle that he still wants to be with Kate

Ramsay Street: Callum and Bailey are busy washing the car, Bailey admitting that he is missing Mason. Callum suggests Bailey ask out 'hot' Josie as a distraction but Bailey wonders why Callum is suggesting it when he had already said Bailey didn't stand a chance. Callum replies that he is feeling sorry for Bailey but Bailey squirts Callum with the hose when Callum admits he pities Bailey. Callum tells Bailey to make the most of the fact that he is working on an assignment with 'hot' Josie. Just then, Kyle and Brennan sprint past, returning from a run, and Bailey indicates that Kyle has more to offer than himself. Meanwhile, collapsing on the grass, Kyle and Brennan discuss the fact that they are getting too old to deal with girl problems by exercising in the way that they just have. Kyle suggests they move on, but seeing Brennan's expression, sarcastically tells him that Kte is not worth fighting for as she is only the love of his life. Brennan retorts that Kyle doesn't seem to be making any headway with Georgia either. The two reflect on the situation as Brennan heads off.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Paul is busy adjusting cushions on the sofa when Kate walks in. Kate asks what time Rebecca is coming and whether Paul really has his hopes up about getting back with Rebecca. Paul replies that he will regret it forever if he doesn't at least try and that, now he has the opportunity, does not want to stuff it up. Kate is surprised when Paul admits he wants to be able to wear his wedding ring again one day and reveals he believes he and Rebecca have a future together. Seeing Kate's reaction, Paul explains that he will not make the same mistakes twice and will treat Rebecca well. Kate advises Paul to be careful and heads off, leaving Paul busily preparing for Rebecca's arrival.

Harold's Store: Kate sees Georgia and asks her if she is working, although Georgia replies that it is the weekend. Kate tells Georgia that Mason says hi, and that he has arrived safely in Darwin. Georgia admits she felt bad about not seeing him off, but explains that she had an appointment with the doctor. As Georgia leaves, Kate asks if she wants to do something later, but Georgia declines saying that she already has plans. Kate reiterates what she said at Mason's party and asks that Georgia understands how sorry she is. Georgia says that she does and heads off quickly.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Rebecca and Paul are finishing work on the Twin Cities scheme. As Rebecca goes to head off, Paul invites Rebecca to stay, pointing out that he has already ordered lunch for them both. Rebecca rejects the offer, explaining that she has already arranged to meet Kate and has a few jobs to do before arriving at the airport. As Rebecca goes to leave, a shocked Paul jumps up from the sofa and asks Rebecca where she is going: Rebecca explains she has other clients in Sydney and wonders how Paul could think that after a few days she would fall back into his arms. Rebecca gets into the lift and leaves Paul alone in his apartment.

No 32: Bailey is reading 'hot' Josie's essay, commenting on improvements she could make. Josie asks if he likes burgers and suggest they go out and get one. Bailey suggests they spend more time on the assignment than thinking about lunch, but Josie asks why assignments aren't set on more interesting topics. Bailey sarcastically replies that Josie should suggest it to Kate; Bailey is pleasantly surprised when Josie suggests they meet up for another study session during the afternoon, although slightly less enthusiastic when she decides upon Grease Monkeys, and points out it is in front of Dial-a-Kyle.

No 30: Callum is making lunch and is reassuring Bailey that if 'hot' Josie really wanted to see Kyle, she could go to Dial-a-Kyle without Bailey. Discussing body language, Callum does his best to stop Bailey from worrying and suggests that, if Bailey is still concerned, he should try and be more like Kyle. Bailey wonders how he could possibly do that.

Charlie's: Rebecca is telling Kate that she can't believe Paul thought he could talk her into staying, but Kate replies that once Paul gets an idea in his head it's stuck there. Kate tries to explain that Paul is not as bad as he makes out and points out Paul must still care, as he arranged their meeting through the Twin Cities scheme. Just then, Brennan walks past, and Rebecca says hi, explaining that she didn't know Brennan was still in the area. Brennan replies that he has some business to attend to, but Rebecca, sensing the frosty atmosphere asks if there is a problem. Brennan forcefully retorts that he can't get over the fact that Rebecca got away with attempted murder and Kate urges Brennan to back off. As he leaves, Kate explains that Brennan has issues and Rebecca asks what the situation is with Kate and Brennan. Kate explains that things have been weird between her and Brennan, but says that it doesn't matter.

Lassiter's Hotel: Rebecca is leaving and about to get into a taxi when she spots Brennan and heads over. Rebecca says that she gets why Brennan doesn't like or respect her, but asks what the issue is between him and Kate. Rebecca points out that it is obvious he still has a powerful effect on Kate, but Brennan angrily replies that he is not going to beg Kate for a relationship. Rebecca urges Brennan to find out what is causing the block between him and Kate, but Brennan wonders why Rebecca is interfering, yelling that Rebecca is the cause of his and Kate's split in the first place, since Rebecca made Kate lie about the night of Paul's fall from the mezzanine. Shocked, Rebecca admits that she didn't know about that, but Brennan furiously replies that she does now, before storming off.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Paul phones down to the hotel to get the lunch in his apartment taken away, but cancels the instruction immediately as Rebecca marches in. Rebecca Makes it clear to Paul that she is not there for anything except to talk about Kate. Rebecca explains she has been talking to Brennan and has discovered the split was her fault. Paul explains it all happened after Rebecca's departure for Portugal and adds that he couldn't tell her, because they weren't on speaking terms. Rebecca wonders what else Paul hasn't told her, and Paul reveals he will tell her anything she wants to know over a meal. Rebecca accepts a glass of champagne as Paul moves to call the front desk to cancel her taxi and hold onto her bags.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Kate begins unrolling her yoga mat in preparation for a yoga class about to take place. turning round she apologises to the person she bumps into. This turns out to be Georgia. The two of them admit they didn't know the other was into yoga: Kate admits it is the only thing that clears her mind, Georgia explains that it is her first class and helps to boost circulation during pregnancy. They debate over who should leave, but the instructor (Susanna) arrives and tells them to save the socialising for after class. Kate and Georgia both sit down as the yoga begins. A little while later, Kate looks over as Georgia, fully relaxed begins snoring. Kate gently tries to wake Georgia, but as Georgia wakes up, she moves her arm and accidentally hits Kate in the face.

No 32: Callum is patiently waiting in the kitchen for Bailey to reveal his makeover as Kyle. Bailey comes in, wearing vest and carpenter shorts, with his hair all over the place. Callum looks on, admiring the transformation, but Bailey races over to the table where he tries to cover up with his own clothes. Callum tells Bailey he looks much better and says they now need to ring 'hot' Josie so that they can change the venue from Grease Monkeys to Harold's so that Kyle isn't nearby. Bailey worries that Josie will run off but Callum urges Bailey to man up as women like to have a man who is in control.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Kate laughs with Georgia telling her she got in a good hit. Georgia apologises and Kate says that these things happen, though usually only in a boxing ring. Georgia laughs, telling Kate she never thought she would be apologising to her, and Kate jokingly adds that once Georgia realised she had hit her it probably felt rather good. Turning serious, Kate tells Georgia that Kyle never loved her, and says that Georgia is and was the only one for Kyle.

Lassiter's Complex: Josie is sitting just outside Harold's when Bailey arrives. Bailey pretends to speak like Kyle leaving Josie to ask if he is feeling ok. Bailey apologises, saying that he is just messing around and impulsively asks her if she would like to go on a date. Bailey goes to walk off, but Josie says she would love to, providing that he reverts back to being himself. Josie says that, although they should be doing their assignment, they could make now their first date.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Paul and Rebecca are discussing Andrew: Paul admits he wished he had spent more time showing Andrew how proud he was of him and Rebecca, surprised, can't believe that Paul is showing remorse. Rebecca adds that she has decided to stay in Erinsborough for a little longer because she wants to fix the situation between Brennan and Kate. Paul invites Rebecca to stay in the apartment, but Rebecca declines saying that she doesn't want Paul to get any ideas. The two make a toast to 'happy outcomes'.

Dial-a-Kyle: Georgia walks across to Kyle, complimenting him on the restoration he has done on the rocking horse for their baby. Kyle asks Georgia how her day has been, and Georgia replies that it has been fine, explaining she has done her first yoga class. Kyle is happy when Georgia says that she popped over so the baby could see 'dad'. Leaning down happily, Kyle says he will have to get used to being called dad, and leans down to greet the baby bump. Afterwards, Georgia goes to head off and turns back to ask Kyle if he is free that evening as she is making a lasagne. Thrilled, Kyle says that he will see her there.

No 30/Dial-a-Kyle: At home, Georgia carries the baby book over the table, looking through it excitedly and happily. As she goes to write in it, she doubles over in pain. Meanwhile, Kyle, who has completed the rocking horse, receives a phone call from Georgia. She explains that there is no one home and she didn't know who else to call. Frightened, Georgia explains that there is something wrong with the baby and asks Kyle to come over. Jumping in the van, Kyle reassures Georgia that everything will be ok and that he is on his way.

Featured Regular Characters: Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Callum Rebecchi, Bailey Turner

Guest Cast: Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, Kate Mylius as Josie Mackay, Emily Buxton-D'arcy as Susanna Toms

Trivia Notes
Past characters Mason Turner and Andrew Robinson are mentioned
For the second time, Josie's surname (Mackay) is misspelt as McKay in the closing credits

Summary by Alex

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