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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6842

Written by Sam Meikle, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 18/03/14, Five: 01/04/14

Kate rejecting Brennan's efforts to reconcile
Lauren telling Kathy to help the family by leaving
Bailey and Amber revealing that Kathy told them about Lauren's daughter and Lauren urging Amber not to tell Josh
Josh admitting that he will be unable to compete in the Commonwealth games and wondering if Amber is really there for him

No 22: Amber is speechless after Josh has revealed to her that he is unable to compete. Josh urges her to say something, though Amber can only apologise for the news. Josh suggests Amber tries to sell her plane ticket, but Amber explains that it doesn't matter and she is only reacting the way she is because she is in a state of shock. Josh wonders if there is anything else, but Amber can only apologise, rushing out of the house, leaving Josh upset and thoughtful.

No 22: The next morning, Josh is preparing pancakes when Imogen comes in, commenting on the amount of carbs and sugar that he is consuming. Josh replies that he might as well, and comments that Amber didn't say very much the previous evening.

No 32: Amber is telling Matt, Lauren and Bailey about the news Josh gave her, pointing out that she now is keeping a huge secret from Josh that she has been told that she cannot share. Lauren apologises, and Matt points out that it won't be forever. Amber asks when Terese and Brad are planning to tell Imogen and Josh the news.

No 22: Brad and Terese see Josh eating the pancakes he had prepared: Brad comments that just because Josh has been forced to pull out of the games does not mean he should be giving up on his general health.

No 32: Bailey tells Amber to avoid Josh for a while as by doing so, the problem of keeping the secret will be solved.

No 22: Brad tells Josh to go to the gym with him, although Josh retorts that it is fairly pointless.

No 32: Matt urges Bailey and Imogen to head off to school and adds that they can talk about the situation later.

Ramsay Street: Bailey and Amber are walking to school when Josh rushes up, telling them to wait. Josh asks Amber to go for a coffee before school, much to Amber's surprise. Imogen reminds Josh that going for a coffee is a new concept for Amber. Meanwhile, Bailey tries to move Amber on by pretending they need to finish a geography assignment together. after they leave, Imogen tries to reassure Josh that Amber is not avoiding him, although Josh believes Amber is upset because she made the effort to join him in Glasgow by buying a plane ticket.

No 32: Matt angrily says he could throttle Kathy, but Lauren explains he won't have the chance as she has ordered Kathy out of Erinsborough. Matt says that they need to tell Brad and Terese that Amber and Bailey know about the baby, but Lauren replies that they need to let Mason know too. Just then, Lou walks in and wonders what news needs to be broken, asking what has happened now.

Lassiter's Hotel: Kathy is sitting and contemplating recent events in her room, when a frantic knocking begins on the door. Much to Kathy's annoyance, Lou bursts in, demanding to know why she told Amber and Bailey. Kathy explains that they pressured her into it, and asks after Lauren, who is not returning any of her calls. Lou asks why Kathy is around, particularly as Lauren wants nothing to do with her, but Kathy replies that she can't leave. Lou yells that Kathy is only sticking around because she is doing whatever suits her: Kathy retorts that she is not the only person to have ever made a mistake. Lou angrily tells Kathy she has meddled one too many times and sarcastically replies how comforted Lauren must feel when Kathy replies that she loves her grandchildren.

No 24: Brennan invites Kate into the house and tells her how good it is to see her, despite their last meeting in the Lassiter's foyer. Sitting down, Brennan apologises for saying what he did, but tells Kate he wants them to face things together. Kate replies that they will never be a couple and urges Brennan to accept they can't be together and will only ever be friends.

Harold's Store: Kathy spots Bailey sitting at a table; Lou sees her and tells her to try Charlie's if it is a coffee she is after. Heading over to Bailey, Kathy asks how he is and sits down, telling him they need to talk. Bailey jumps up, informing Kathy he needs to get to school, and explains the chaos the family are currently going through, telling Kathy that it is all her fault.

No 22: Terese furiously tells an apologetic Lauren that they had an agreement, pointing out she warned Lauren about Kathy. Brad tries to soothe the issue, but Terese asks Lauren about Amber and how she is expected to keep the news from both her boyfriend and best friend. Lauren admits there is not a lot she can do, except to ask Amber and Bailey to keep the news to themselves. Brad tells Lauren that he and Terese will handle things from there, and Lauren heads off. After Lauren has left, Brad tells Terese that they can't blame Matt or Lauren for the latest drama. Terese admits she hates herself for always having a go at Matt and Lauren, but explains she is worried for Imogen and Josh. She adds that she is also worried about herself and how much of a struggle it is to accept Brad and Lauren have a child together somewhere out there. Terese explains that she knows it is hard for Brad too, but the thought of it all is just too much for her. Brad replies that they need to tell Imogen and Josh soon, but Terese asks for a little longer.

Ramsay Street: Kate is sitting unhappily on the wall outside Number 24. Just then, Georgia comes outside and sees Kate, heading over to see what the matter is. Kate explains to Georgia that she doesn't know if she is making a mistake by keeping Brennan only as a friend. Kate apologises for coming to Georgia for advice and tries to rush off. Before she goes, Georgia explains she is working on a new fundraiser and could do with a few more hands: Kate immediately offers to help. Georgia and Kate head off together to talk through the plans so far.

Lassiter's Complex - Outside Harold's Store: Sheila brings Kathy a coffee when Lou heads over, sarcastically commenting on Kathy taking up his advice to get a coffee elsewhere. Sheila asks if Lou has always been the same: Lou just hands Sheila a bottle of milk she ordered and walks away. Kathy explains that at one time, Lou was everything to her, but that after he left she made mistakes. Kathy reveals that she just wanted the best for her children and tells Sheila that she hopes, in time, the family will understand why she did what she did. Sheila gets up and walks across to Lou, who is listening to the conversation from another table. Sheila asks Lou if Kathy touched a nerve just then, and Lou is forced to admit he wasn't there for his family. Heading off, Sheila points out that there is always time to make amends.

No 32: Sitting at the kitchen table, Lou is explaining to Lauren that he confronted Kathy because she deserved to hear what he had to say. Lou reveals that it has made him think of a few things, and when Lauren asks him what things, Lou asks why Lauren didn't tell him she was pregnant as he thought they were close enough not to have any secrets. Lauren explains that telling Kathy did not mean she had made a choice between her parents - she had no choice because the Willis family were still on the street and she couldn't risk Lou finding out. Lou explains he wouldn't have told Brad's parents, but Lauren replies Lou would have tried to talk her into staying and she knew then that she had to get away to Queensland. Lauren wonders whether, if she had stayed, the whole mess wouldn't have happened.

Harold's Store: Imogen and Josh join Amber, Josh asking why Amber hasn't called. amber replies how busy she has been, and tells Josh she is about to start studying. Josh wonders why Amber is pulling away from him, and tells her to just say that she is annoyed about the plane ticket. Amber denies it, though unable to add anything else, Josh walks off to leave Amber to study. Imogen asks Amber what the matter is, pointing out that Josh needs her and that Amber was avoiding her at school too. Amber apologises, adding she will make it up to Josh, before running off to study somewhere else.

No 32: Brad arrives to see Lauren, apologising about Terese. Brad tells Lauren that he and Terese will tell Imogen and Josh soon, but Lauren says not to worry: she is just concerned about the pressure the news is putting on Amber. Lauren asks Brad how he is feeling, and Brad replies that when he was at the gym he was watching a young woman working out, wondering if she was his daughter. Brad returns the question, asking how Lauren is: she replies that when she is not angry at Kathy, she spends her time worrying about the effects on the Willis and Turner families, although adds she is happy that someone she thought she had lost forever isn't. Turning to Brad, Lauren states that any decisions to be made will need to be made together. Brad thanks Lauren, and just then notices the teddy bear tree decoration she is holding on to. Brad asks what it is and Lauren puts the kettle on before explaining its relevance.

Fitzgerald Motors: Brennan is working on a car when Georgia arrives looking for Danni. Brennan explains he spoke to Danni earlier who said she would love to help with the fundraiser. Georgia hands Brennan a list of jobs that need to be done. Brennan says that he will give it a go. Just then, Kyle wanders over, asking if Georgia is alright. Georgia says she is fine and heads off. Brennan asks Kyle how he feels about helping with the list of jobs: he is reluctant until he finds out it is to help Georgia. Brennan explains that their first task is to organise a tug-of-war.

Harold's Store: Lou is telling Georgia that Vanessa would be the person to organise cupcakes, but Georgia replies that she is ready to give birth and Lucas is sounding very stressed. Kathy arrives and overhears Lou's fears that Lucas and Vanessa will sell Number 32 from under them, as with a new baby imminent, they may need extra cash. As Georgia heads off with the promise of cupcake help, Kathy walks over explaining she is not there to fight. Lou points out he doesn't want a fight either, and explains he thought about what he heard her say earlier. Lou apologises for leaving her alone with the children and admits that, because of this, he has a part to play in the mess that's been created. Kathy asks Lou if he could convince Lauren to speak to her, wither at home or the hotel. Lou replies that if Lauren is really serious about making amends she has only one option: leave Erinsborough as it is keeping the pain going for Lauren.

No 32: Lauren is looking at the teddy bear decoration when Amber arrives. Amber sits with Lauren and hugs her, explaining that she saw Brad as she came in. Lauren explains that she was catching up with Brad and apologises for the situation that Amber has been put in. Amber replies that Imogen knows something is wrong, but that things will be ok with Josh. Amber wonders if Lauren was concerned when she got together with Josh because Lauren worried the same thing would happen to Amber. Lauren admits it was and Amber says she gets things now. Lauren then points out both Brad and Josh are good men: Amber says that they are. Lauren is asked by Amber whether she will ever forgive Kathy and Lauren replies that she doesn't know: they were so close, but the last twenty years are now so different. Lauren adds that as long as Amber is honest with her, they will get through anything and remain close.

No 32: A little later, Lauren is folding clothes when Matt arrives. He kisses her, telling her he loves her. Suddenly, Kathy walks in, telling Lauren she can't change the past but wants to make the future a little easier. Kathy explains she overheard Lou talking about Lucas and Vanessa. Lauren asks what they have to do with anything, but Kathy explains that they are about to have a baby. She adds that she rang Lucas and put in an offer on Number 32. Lauren incredulously asks what Kathy did: Kathy replies that the Turners don't need to worry about a roof over their heads - she bought the house for them.

Featured Regular Characters: Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Bailey Turner, Amber Turner, Lou Carpenter, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis, Josh Willis, Georgia Brooks, Kate Ramsay, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning

Guest Cast: Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Tina Bursill as Kathy Carpenter

Trivia Notes
Past characters Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante and Mason Turner are mentioned

Summary by Alex

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