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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6843

Written by Emma J Steele, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 19/03/14, Five: 02/04/14

Paul asks Rebecca to move back to Erinsborough
Susan wonders if Rebecca is trying to make up for mistakes from the past
Kyle agrees to help Georgia with the charity farm day
Kathy tries to make amends by buying number 32 for the Turners

No 32 - Back Garden: Lauren is furious that her mum is trying to buy her way back into the family like this, and realises that all the presents for the kids have been bought out of guilt too. They both agree that there's no way they'll allow Kathy to buy the house for them.

No 32: Inside, Lou is furious that Kathy stuck around in Erinsborough, and is now using her money to try to buy affection and forgiveness. She says that she was just trying to make their lives a little easier, and has removed the pressure of them having to worry about the rent. This makes Lou stop and think, and he asks if she can honestly say that she expects nothing in return. She replies that, if they still choose not to forgive her, then she'll accept that. She then says that she's going back to the hotel, and they can find her there if they want her.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Paul is out on the balcony on the phone, and he apologises to Rebecca. She says that she doesn't mind him working, but he says that he'd prefer to be spending time with her. He again mentions her moving back to Erinsborough, and shows him some businesses for sale, suggesting that he could buy her a bar or even a travel agency. Rebecca reminds him that this is still a huge decision, and that it will involve Declan and India. Paul says that he understands, and tells her how lucky he feels to have her back in his life again - Rebecca then tentatively agrees to move back, but says that she needs to go and talk to Declan. Paul then looks up Georgia on his phone.

No 30: Toadie is on the phone to his old boss, Charlotte, about some contract work with a mining company he dealt with in Chile last year. He tells Georgia about it, and explains that it would involve being away for a week, which might be too much to ask of Sonya at the moment. Georgia says that she'll be able to help out, and she's sure Sonya won't mind if it's just a one-off. She then gets a text from Paul, asking to talk about the charity fundraiser, and she realises that this can't be good news.

Eclipse Apartments - Lift/Paul's Penthouse: Paul and Georgia are in the lift, on the way up to his apartment, and he's explaining that there's a problem with the event, as the paperwork was wrongly filled in, so there's no public liability insurance. Georgia wonders why he can't just resubmit the forms, but he says that it's not that easy. They step out into the apartment, and she says that she's already told everyone where it's all taking place, so they can't just change the venue. Paul suggests that she arrange for someone to stand at Lassiter's and redirect people, and tells her that everyone will understand. She's not too impressed, and steps back into the lift to leave.

No 32: Matt ends a call to Lucas, and reports back to Lou that Kathy's offer on the house was well above market value, and he isn't keen to knock it back. Lou says that he can understand Lucas's position, and says that, putting aside Kathy's involvement, it would be great for the family to stop worrying about rent and possibly having their home sold from under them. Matt agrees that, under other circumstances, they'd love to own the house outright, but he has to respect Lauren's wishes not to have anything to do with her mother. Lou points out that they have to think about the future, and their three children, and Matt also agrees with that, but doesn't think that Lauren will change her mind. Lou then says that maybe he could come up with a way for them to own the house, without accepting Kathy's offer, as such.

No 30: Georgia is on the phone to Susan, having no luck moving the charity farm day to the school grounds. Kyle then arrives at the door and asks if there's anything else he can do to help with the farm day - Georgia's surprised to learn that he's helping at all, and he explains that Brennan roped him into it. She then tells Kyle that there's been a stuff up with the insurance, so there probably won't even be a farm day, and she feels terrible about letting down the women's shelter - she says that she's going to meet Toadie now, to come up with a plan, and she invites Kyle to come along and help.

Charlie's: Susan is on her way out, and apologising to Georgia that the school isn't available, but there's no way that she could cancel the sports carnival. Georgia asks Toadie's advice, refusing to believe that Paul could have messed up something as simple as the insurance, and he agrees that it's a very standard form to fill in. He agrees to look into it for her, and she asks if he's told Sonya about Chile yet. Toadie admits that he hasn't and he leaves, just as Kyle returns with the drinks. He says that he's just overheard some of the staff complaining about a last-minute wedding that's been booked for tomorrow, at the lake, and Georgia is furious that her charity event has been bumped so that Paul can make some quick cash.

No 30: Chris calls by to pick up some brochures on gambling addiction, and apologises to Sonya for the way he spoke to her when he found out about his mum. She suggests that he should go to the family support meetings, and gives him a hug. Chris thanks her, and also thanks Toadie for agreeing to represent Patricia in court, then he leaves. Toadie is about to tell Sonya about the Chile job, but she assumes that he wants to speak to her about the way she's been spending so much time with the Pappas family lately. She says that there's a wrestling tournament on TV every night next week and they're going to watch it together. She then rushes off to the loo, and Toadie takes the opportunity to call Charlotte and turn down the work offer.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Rebecca is impressed with Paul's expensive bottle of champagne, and he says that it's just a small taste of what to expect when she moves back to town. He says that it's also about the two of them, though, and not just the material things, and Rebecca agrees and says that they should take another look at the businesses he's thinking about buying. As he stands up, Rebecca notices a thank you card on the chair, which reads 'Thank you so much Paul for accommodating our wedding at the lake tomorrow. Dave & Laura'. Paul says that it must have fallen off the bottle, but Rebecca admits that she's more concerned about how he can host a wedding when he's already promised the whole complex to Georgia's fundraiser. As Paul struggles to come up with an explanation, she realises what he's done - Paul says that he'll make a big donation and he's offered some alternative venues to Georgia, but this wedding is worth a lot of money. Rebecca asks him outright what's more important to him - a few extra dollars in his pocket, or helping out a women's shelter - his silence speaks volumes.

No 32: Lou is explaining his idea to Matt and Lauren - Kathy buys the house for the kids and puts it in their name, with Matt and Lauren managing it as adult trustees. Lauren thinks that they'd still be letting Kathy buy her way out of all this, but Lou says that Kathy would simply be treating her grandchildren, and Matt and Lauren would benefit on the side. He also points out that the kids would be set up for life, and there'd be no more struggles to pay the monthly bills, plus Kathy has assured him that there'd be no strings attached. Matt says that they wouldn't have to tell the kids until the time was right, but Lauren can't believe he's considering going along with this. Matt reminds her that they're just securing their financial future, but Lauren is under no pressure to forgive her mum until she wants to.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room 124: Kathy is pleased to find Lauren at the door of her hotel room, saying that she didn't think she was going to see her. Lauren tells her mum that she can't buy her way out of this, and tells her that a parent is supposed to offer guidance, not take away the biggest decisions in their child's life. Kathy apologises for failing her daughter, and Lauren says that she believes that, which is why she's going to allow her to buy the house for the children, as they shouldn't suffer too. She then presents Kathy with one condition - that she leaves town now, and doesn't contact them again. As Lauren turns to leave, Kathy says that, if she ever wants to find her missing daughter, she will do anything in her power to help. A tearful Lauren simply says goodbye and walks away.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Lou and Bailey are waiting for Kathy, and Bailey is wondering whether Lauren might never have met Matt, if she'd been able to keep her first baby. Lou tells Bailey that Matt and Lauren were meant to be. Kathy then steps out of the lift and says that she's happy to see Bailey. He passes on a goodbye from Amber, and says a quick goodbye to his gran. Kathy then asks Lou to look after the family, and to let her know if there's anything she can do. She then goes to get in her taxi, and with a final look at Lou, Kathy is driven away from Erinsborough.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: The lift opens and Georgia steps out, commenting that she's texted him about 50 times, and now Paul finally chooses to let her in. She says that she knows about him bumping the fundraiser for a more lucrative wedding, and Paul can barely get a word in, as she rants at him. Paul asks if she's quite finished, then tells her that he's managed to get the permit, so the fundraiser is back on, and the wedding is being moved to the ballroom. Georgia is slightly taken aback, but reluctantly thanks him before leaving.

Charlie's: Rebecca is telling Susan about Paul's change of heart over the fundraiser, and says that she thinks she's a good influence on him. Susan thinks that a 'good Paul' would be great for everyone else, but she doesn't see that it should be so important to Rebecca, and reminds her of all the terrible things he did to her. Rebecca, in turn, reminds Susan that she pushed Paul from the mezzanine. Susan says that she was pushed to her limit by Paul, and she wouldn't be the only person, but she shouldn't allow that guilt to force her back into a relationship with him. Rebecca, however, doesn't think that she has any other choice, if she wants to move on with her life.

Harold's Store: As Susan walks into the store to buy some milk, Paul is trying to choose a cake for Rebecca, and asks Susan for her advice. Realising that he's just rubbing her face in the fact that she was wrong about Rebecca taking him back, Susan tries not to say too much, but Paul continues to go on about how it won't be long before Rebecca is back living with him. Susan suggests that they should take some time before rushing back into anything, but Paul reminds Susan that he and Rebecca used to be married and that they still make a great team. Susan tells him that, although his feelings may be genuine, Rebecca is only doing this out of guilt, over what she did to him four years ago. She asks if he really wants a relationship that's based on guilt and obligation.

Featured Regular Characters: Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Bailey Turner, Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas

Guest Cast: Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, Tina Bursill as Kathy Carpenter

Trivia Notes
Past characters Charlotte McKemmie, Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante, Declan Napier and India Napier are mentioned

Summary by Steve

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