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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6846

Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Jo O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 24/03/14, Five: 07/04/14

Amber explaining she feels guilty about keeping a secret from Josh when he needs her support about the ending of his competitive swimming and Bailey suggesting she avoids Josh
Kate trying to get Brennan to understand they can't be together
Sienna, Brennan's ex, turning up and asking Kate what the situation is with Brennan: Kate replies that Brennan is 'all yours'

Charlie's: Kate heads over to where Paul is sat asking what he wanted to speak to her about as it sounded important. Paul explains that he wanted Kate to help him redecorate Charlie's, brainstorming ideas before the professionals arrived. When Kate doesn't reply, Paul assumes she is worried about him as Rebecca has only just left, but Kate denies that is the reason she was slow to respond. Paul asks her what the new name for Charlie's could be; flustered, Kate says she can't think now, leading Paul to ask if she is ok. Kate explains Sienna visited her and was very intense. Paul urges Kate to sit down and tell him all about it.

No 24: Brennan asks Sienna why she went to find Kate: Sienna replies that she wanted to check out the competition that Brennan kept hidden from her for two years. Sienna adds that she wanted to make things work, and points out Kate doesn't want him any more. Brennan asks Sienna exactly what Kate said and Sienna retorts that Kate said the relationship was over and that Brennan needs to move on. Brennan walks over to the front door and opens it, pointing the way out to Sienna, who he tells to go and find someone that can give her what she wants. Sienna refuses, telling Brennan she wants it to work and reminding him how good they were together, but he resists her advances. Sienna grabs her bag and heads off, telling Brennan she will be waiting for him once he is ready.

No 22: The next morning, Brad walks into the kitchen, asking Terese and Imogen where Josh is. Imogen replies that he is still sleeping. Terese looks worried, mentioning that sleeping in is not like Josh, but saying that she has to leave, asks whoever sees Josh first to get him to call her. Before Terese rushes off, Brad suggests he visit the hotel later, but Terese tells him not to bother as she will probably be busy. After Terese has left, Imogen explains to Brad hat Terese is still angry that Brad built Josh's hopes up: as he leaves, Imogen tries to reassure Brad that Josh will be ok. Once Brad has closed the front door behind him, Josh comes downstairs, Imogen asking how things are with Amber. Josh reveals that Amber is still avoiding him and Imogen explains it has nothing to do with the Commonwealth Games, although is forced to admit that something has definitely changed with Amber.

Ramsay Street: Amber is heading to school and tries to ignore Imogen, who is walking with Josh, calling her. Imogen calls again and Amber is forced to acknowledge her. Catching up, Josh asks how Amber is and suggests walking to school with her, although she tries to put him off, telling him not to go out of his way. Explaining that she is in a hurry, Josh reluctantly heads off, giving Amber an awkward kiss on the cheek, telling her he will see her some other time. Imogen rounds on Amber, asking her what is going on between her and Josh. Amber says nothing is the matter, but Imogen explains how weird she is acting. Amber tries to pass it off as stress: Imogen asks her to give Josh a lot of care at the moment and asks if she can help with any subjects Amber is having difficulty with. Walking to school, Amber explains it is an English assignment - Imogen is unconvinced.

Lassiter's Complex: Paul is busy taking photos of the exterior of Charlie's when Brennan marches over, asking if Kate is alright after the previous night. Paul curtly replies that Kate isn't, adding that Brennan needs to tell his 'psycho ex-girlfriend' to stay away. Brennan explains that he has and wants to apologise to Kate, but that he can't as she isn't answering his calls. Paul tells Brennan to take that as a hint Kate doesn't want to see him and suggests that Brennan is selfish for not packing his bags and walking away. Paul reveals that Kate has shed more tears over Brennan than anyone else and wonders how many times Brennan needs to be told by Kate that she is not interested in him. Brennan walks away as Paul adds that he is not good enough for Kate and never has been.

Charlie's: Sienna rushes over to Brennan who has just enough time to arrive and order a coffee. Sienna asks to pay her bill: Brennan asks why she hasn't yet left Erinsborough. Sienna replies that she is going to, and isn't stalking Brennan, who explains that he did love her and tried to make it work, but he can't help the way he feels about Kate. Sienna reiterates that Kate isn't going to get back with him as recapturing a moment that has gone doesn't work. Brennan retorts that Sienna is trying to do exactly the same. As Brennan leaves, Paul sidles over and hands Sienna a tissue. He explains that he is Kate's uncle and confirms that Kate won't get back together with Brennan. Paul urges Sienna not to give up the fight for Brennan and when Sienna asks why he is being so nice to her, Paul explains that he wants to see a relationship work.

Lassiter's Complex: Walking along, Kate tells Chris that if Sienna wants Brennan she can have him, although Chris wonders how she would feel, knowing that they were together. Kate reluctantly admits that seeing Sienna and Brennan together would kill her, when Chris explains he knows that she wouldn't be ok with the relationship. Just then, Kate's phone rings: she rejects the call immediately when she notices it is Brennan. Chris urges Kate to tell Brennan how she feels, but Kate points out how hurt she was over the whole Kyle situation. Chris reveals that Kyle didn't break up with Kate because Georgia was pregnant, he broke up with Kate because he was crazy about Georgia. Chris tries to get Kate to see the parallel aspects, telling her that Brennan coming back for her twice must prove something. Kate explains how badly everything has gone since Brennan first left, with both Mason and Kyle. Chris asks her whether this is trying to tell her that things went wrong because she is no longer with Brennan.

Erinsborough High: Amber tells Bailey she can't believe he told Callum about the Turner's current situation and asks if anyone else knows. Bailey says no and Amber urges him to keep things that way. Callum reassures Amber he won't tell anyone. Just then, Imogen arrives, who notices the three acting strangely and skirting around an invitation to Harold's for a free period to meet up with Josh. Amber and Bailey rush off; Callum tries to do the same but is pulled back by Imogen who tells him to tell her if something is going on. Callum says he will and races off to the library, but Imogen quickly follows him, demanding that he tell her everything that he knows.

No 22: Brad hears Josh arrive home and, seeing Josh's bag, asks if he has been to the gym. Josh reassures Brad that he only did some cardio and that he is not kidding himself, having accepted his swimming career is over. Brad apologises for building up Josh's hopes, but Josh replies that Brad was only supporting him and that he loves him for it. Brad asks Josh what is wrong, and Josh reveals that he thinks Amber wants to break up with him. He explains how little he has seen of Amber, and despite Brad trying to reassure him that Amber isn't breaking up because Josh ended his swimming career, Josh explains that it is the only explanation.

Lassiter's Complex: Paul tells Kate that he is glad she is much happier. Kate explains what Chris told her earlier about Kyle and Kate happily says that she can't blame all her problems now on her fertility. Frustrated, Paul implores Kate not to tell him everything is leading back to Brennan, but Kate implies she is prepared to give Brennan another chance. Paul tries to pour cold water on Kate's happiness, explaining how wrong Brennan is for her, before walking off in disgust. just then, Brennan calls Kate again. Once more, she rejects the call.

Ramsay Street: Arriving home, Bailey and Amber are talking about calling Mason when Brad comes towards them, calling for Amber. Amber tells Bailey to go and set up the call with Mason, then turns to Brad and asks if everything is ok. Brad asks if their relationship is alright, and Amber sarcastically replies that it is, apart from keeping such a big secret from Josh. Brad asks if that is the reason Amber is keeping her distance: Amber acknowledges that every time she sees Josh, she feels as though she is lying to him. Brad explains that Josh feels as though Amber isn't interested in him any more because he is no longer a swimmer and asks Amber to reassure Josh. Amber questions if reassuring Josh is the solution and urges Brad to tell Imogen and Josh the truth. Brad replies that it is not that simple, but Amber retorts that neither is her and Bailey being forced to lie to people, emphasising how unfair it is. She tells Brad that the only way to fix things is to tell Imogen and Josh the truth.

Erinsborough High: Walking along, Callum bumps into Imogen. Callum looks horrified as Imogen gives him a questioning look and runs off in panic, causing Imogen to run after him, yelling at him to tell her what is going on.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Brad is trying to convince a reluctant Terese to tell Josh and Imogen the news that evening. Terese tries to put it off, telling Brad how much things will change, but Brad reiterates the seriousness of the conversations he has had with both Amber and Josh earlier in the day. Although both Terese and Brad admit they are worried about the effects the news will have, Brad points out Imogen and Josh are strong and can handle it. He adds they don't have another choice and Terese concedes that the news can't come from someone else.

Fitzgerald Motors: Chris heads over to a frustrated Brennan, who explains his run-in with Paul earlier in the day. Trying to reassure Brennan, Chris points out that he and Kate are great together and urges Brennan not to let Paul get to him. Brennan reveals his annoyance at how things seem to keep getting in the way between himself and Kate. Chris replies that Brennan and Kate are meant to be together, particularly as Brennan keeps returning to Erinsborough for Kate. Chris goes on to say that it is obvious that both Kate and Brennan feel the same about each other.

Lassiter's Complex: Down by the lake, Kate is strolling over the bridge, looking thoughtfully at the padlocks, remembering the night he left for witness protection and how upset she was that she was too late to meet him. Further memories come to Kate: seeing Brennan during the eclipse and the subsequent relationships with Mason and Kyle. Kate heads purposefully away from the bridge.

Erinsborough High: Callum is still desperately trying to escape Imogen, pulling Bailey along with him in his attempts. However, they run headlong into an annoyed Imogen who is wondering why they are acting so strangely. Imogen demands to know what is going on, telling Callum and Bailey she will make their lives hell if she doesn't find out. Callum replies it has nothing to do with him, causing Imogen to round on Bailey. Under pressure, Bailey is forced to admit the truth about Brad and Lauren's baby to a very shocked Imogen.

No 24: Kate arrives at the front door, much to the surprise of Brennan. He heads over to let her in. Kate says she has a few things to say: first, he needs to stop acting like a stalker by calling her so many times. Kate goes onto say that she has done a lot of thinking about Brennan, for example the lies about Sienna and pretending to be dead. She adds that, since Brennan left she has made several disastrous mistakes, but has come to realise that she has made the mistakes because she hasn't been in a relationship with the right person. Admitting she was trying to replace something that was missing, Brennan is thrilled when Kate reveals that what was missing from her life was him. Kate explains she loves Brennan and the two kiss happily.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis, Amber Turner, Bailey Turner, Callum Rebecchi, Chris Pappas

Guest Cast: Sarah Roberts as Sienna Matthews, Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi

Trivia Notes
Past characters Mason Turner and Rebecca Napier are mentioned

Summary by Alex

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