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Magic Moments > 2014 > Naomi's Arrival Episode 6847

Written by Sarah Duffy, Directed by Jo O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 25/03/14, Channel 5: 08/04/14

Brad and Lauren consider trying to find their daughter... Imogen confronts Bailey on why his family is being weird... Bailey tells all to Imogen about Brad and Lauren’s baby together... Rebecca tells Paul she is not staying in Erinsborough, she is going back to Sydney...

“How could you not have told us?”, Imogen asks Brad as the Willises sit together. Brad explains that he and Terese had every intention of telling them, but they were trying to get their heads around it. Josh points out that Amber, Bailey and even Callum knew, and Imogen says “we have another sister and we are the last ones to know about it”. Brad tells Josh and Imogen that it’s a lot to take in; he’d asked the Turners to keep it to themselves and admits that he and Terese are struggling with the news too. Josh, putting things together, asks Brad if this is the reason Amber has been weird with him. Brad confirms this and mentions that he had asked Amber not to say anything to him. Josh can't believe that his parents let him believe that Amber was losing interest in him, and Terese admits that it was her fault, as she thought that he needed to avoid further stress, after finding out that his swimming career was over. After confirming that they don't know where Brad and Lauren's daughter is, Brad says that they haven't thought about searching for her just yet, but if they do, it'll be a joint decision. Imogen says to Brad “She’s going to be about 20, a bit older than Ned?” Brad nods and confirms this. Imogen continues “Wow! Well that’s one hell of a family tree we’ve got”. Terese noticing that Imogen is getting angry tells her that it is hard and she can understand how she is feeling. However, Imogen declares to Terese that she doesn’t think she can, then proceeds to get up from the sofa and storm off upstairs.


At the Turner house, Amber is filling in Matt and Lauren on how Imogen and Josh have found out about the baby. Amber explains that Imogen kept asking questions and Bailey caved and told her everything. Lauren says that this is exactly what Brad and Terese wanted to avoid, but Matt tells Amber that it’s not her fault, and nor is it Bailey's. Amber mentions that they should never have been told to keep it a secret in the first place as she found it hard to lie to Josh. Amber’s phone beeps; it’s a text message from Josh. Amber tells Lauren and Matt that Josh knows everything, and she leaves the room whilst texting a reply. Lauren tells Matt that she should call Terese, however Matt stops her and encourages Lauren to give Terese and Brad some space and time to digest this as a family. Matt asks Lauren if she has heard from her mum, she says that she has and she’s offering to put adverts in the newspapers. Matt asks how Lauren feels about that and Lauren admits that it’s a long shot, she doesn’t want to get her hopes up and she has to consider what Brad and Terese want to do.

Outside Harold’s, Mark and Kate are being very loved up, Kate notices Paul going across the the complex and grabs a menu, hiding behind it as she pretends to look at it. Mark, also noticing Paul, asks Kate what she's doing, and she explains that she is not hiding from Paul, she is just putting off from seeing him for a little while longer as she wants to hang on to what they have. Mark believes that Paul will tell her that she’s making a huge mistake, and Kate informs Mark that once Paul sees how happy she is, he will change his mind. Kate decides she is going to cook Paul’s favourite dinner and serve his favourite wine tonight and when he’s in a really good mood, she’ll bring Mark in and he can offer to help with the Charlie’s renovation Paul’s got planned. Mark is not convinced and tells Kate that they should just tell him that they are together. Kate proceeds to get her phone - Mark points out that Paul is only over at Charlie's, but she says that she can't do this face to face.


Inside Charlie’s, Paul is surprised to see boxes everywhere and asks Sheila what's going on. Sheila starts to explain but Paul’s phone rings - it's Kate making arrangement for dinner that evening - Paul agrees and ends the call. Sheila explains to Paul that they’ve had a flood in the storeroom and she’s waiting for the plumber to arrive and fix it. Paul, not impresse,d tells Sheila that she cannot leave all this stuff in the bar as it looks unprofessional, plus it’s a safety risk for the customers, so he demands that she move it somewhere else. Sheila tells Paul that there is nowhere else; however, Paul insists that she just does what she’s told. Sheila grabs the mop and bucket and mutters something under her breath; Paul hears and says to Sheila “Maybe when I give this place a change of name, I might change the manager to one with manners”. Sheila, fed up with Paul’s attitude, asks how long he is going to make everyone suffer for Rebecca leaving him. Paul angrily tells Sheila that his personal life has nothing to do with the state of the bar. Paul declares that he doesn’t want to see a box out of place when he gets back and he walks out, leaving Sheila to make a start on moving the boxes.

Imogen is outside doing yoga, as Brad comes outside - she does not acknowledge him. Brad tries to speak to Imogen but she continues to ignore him. Eventually Imogen breaks her silence and tells her father that she doesn't want to talk to him. Brad sighs and comments that he feels as though he has let her down - Imogen angrily reminds him that he had five children to three different women, and wonders how he could have been with Lauren and Beth so close together. Brad starts to explain to Imogen that it’s complicated and he wouldn’t expect her to understand right now. However, Imogen, still not happy, wonders how he'd feel if one of his children went around behaving like that. Brad informs Imogen that he made a mistake. Imogen walks away from Brad, as he asks her not to go, wanting her to tell him what she's thinking. Imogen turns around and says “What I’m thinking? I don’t understand how you can be so calm about this, our family is a complete mess”. Imogen goes inside.


In Harold’s, Amber apologies to Josh for lying to him and explains that his parents thought they were doing the right thing. Josh disagrees and tells Amber that he thought she was avoiding him because he is no longer swimming, he felt really scared at the thought of losing her. Amber reassures him, telling him that will never happen; she moves to be nearer to Josh. Amber declares that she loves Josh for him, not his swimming. Conversation moves on to the fact they share a half sister, Amber tells Josh that it’s so weird and it's all her family have been talking about. Amber asks Josh if they can talk about something else which Josh agrees to, and he asks how they will distract themselves, to which they both smile at each other and kiss.

At the penthouse, Kate and Mark are putting the final touches to the dinner. She tells Mark that he's used the wrong crockery set and she can’t get the flowers in the vase right. Mark reminds Kate that Paul is not going to care about the plates or the flowers. However, Kate tells Mark that she wants everything to be perfect. Mark insists that it will all be perfect; she just needs to stop worrying. Kate reminds Mark that she needs Paul to give them his blessing; again Mark reassures Kate that Paul will. They start to kiss - Kate’s phone beeps with a message from Paul telling her that he'll be half an hour late. Mark and Kate seem to like this news, and they continue to kiss.


At number 22, as Brad is in the kitchen making dinner, Terese enters. Brad tells her that he spoke to Imogen earlier and she called him ‘morally degenerate’. Brad continues to tell Terese that she was right to be concerned about telling the kids, and says that he had no idea the fall out would be so huge, especially for Imogen. Terese explains to Brad that it’s not really surprising because Imogen has only just got his attention and now she’s got to compete with somebody else - she probably feels threatened that he has someone else in his life. Brad, shocked by this, reassures Terese that she and Imogen have nothing to worry about; they will always have his attention. Terese tells Brad that they both need to focus on Imogen as she has been through a lot and he has to make sure this doesn’t set her back. Brad agrees.

Kate and Mark are being passionate on the sofa, just as the lift doors open and Paul walks in. Clearly shocked by Paul’s early entrance, Kate quickly says that she didn't want him to find out like this, but asks if he can just be happy for them. Paul looks less than impressed. Kate says that she and Mark are in love with each other and they want to be together. Paul asks if he can speak with her alone, however, Mark informs Paul that whatever he has to say to Kate, he can say to them both. Paul sighs and says that, as much as he wants his niece to be happy, Mark is not the man for her. Kate tries to stop Paul but Paul continues to tell her that Mark is going to hurt her again. Mark then asks if he can say something, to which Paul tells him that he can’t and asks him to leave as he wants to speak to Kate alone. Mark agrees but Kate stops him and announces that Mark is not going anywhere; he is a part of her life. Paul tells Kate that Mark is not welcome in his home, at which point she says that if Mark isn't welcome, then she'll leave too. Paul calls her bluff, and so Kate and Mark get in the lift and go, leaving Paul looking irritated.


Paul enters Charlie’s and demands that Sheila make him a scotch. She starts making Paul his drink and asks what happened to his dinner with Kate - Paul fails to answer and asks if the plumber has been and gone. Sheila explains that he has, and apparently there was a crack in one of the old pipes, she hands Paul his drink which he takes from her with a little force. Sheila again asks what happened with Kate. Paul declares that Mark Brennan happened, and that he's going to break Kate's heart all over again. Sheila is pleased to hear that the couple are back together, and reminds Paul that it was a long time ago that Brennan hurt her, to which Paul replies by saying that he's already started to turn her against her own uncle. Sheila informs Paul that if he keeps up with that attitude he'll lose her for good - Sheila reminds him that Kate loves him and she is not going to dump him like Rebecca did. Paul, not too happy with Sheila bringing Rebecca into the conversation again, tells her she has no idea what she is talking about and she probably hasn’t has had a relationship since the 1970s. Paul proceeds to tell Sheila to keep her mouth shut and run the bar. Sheila, outraged, gets her bag and announces that she is going to take her break and she will be back in 3 hours' time. Paul asks who will run the bar and Sheila, nearing the door, tells him that he will have to figure that out for himself!

Kate and Mark are discussing Paul’s actions - Mark comments that finding them in that position would have been a shock. Kate disagrees and says that it looked as though Paul was ready to have a fight the second he saw them. Mark informs Kate that he can understand where Paul is coming from; he is worried about her and wants the best for her. Kate asks him not to defend Paul, but Mark apologises to Kate, saying that he didn’t mean to come between her and Paul. Kate tells Mark that she was stupid in thinking he would be fine with it in the first place. Mark asks Kate what is she going to do, and she asks if she can stay with him until she figures out what she has to do. Mark agrees and tells her she can stay as long as she likes.



Lauren and Matt are in Charlie’s, Lauren comments that Brad and Terese still haven’t been in touch. She wonders if she should go over to the Willis house, after she’s closed up at Harold's. Matt tells his wife that Brad and Terese will get back to her when they are ready. Paul then comes back to the bar, looking a bit flustered, with their change that he has had to take out of tomorrow's float. Matt comments that it wouldn’t happen if Sheila was here, to which Paul smiles falsely. Lauren and Matt both leave, then a mysterious woman enters, goes to the bar and orders a drink. Paul apologies for her wait as it’s not his usual job and he's waiting for his ‘hot-tempered barmaid' to return from her Paul mentions that he hasn’t seen her around before, to which she tells him that it’s her first time in the area. Paul offers the drink on the house and suggests that he could show her around sometime. However the mysterious woman comments that bartenders are not her type. Paul proceeds to tell her that he is the owner and her attitude immediately changes. She compliments the wine and Paul asks if she would like some company - to which she agrees, they finally introduce themselves, her name is Naomi.

Brad and Terese are finishing dinner as Imogen comes downstairs and informs her father that it’s weird to text her from inside the house. Brad tells Imogen that if she didn’t spend the whole evening in her room, he wouldn’t have to. Imogen asks what her dad wants to talk about, wondering how long it will take as she has got homework to get through. Brad starts to explain to Imogen that whatever happens with this other child, nothing changes between them, telling her that he hasn’t been the perfect father and he’s sorry to have let her and everyone else down, but he wants her to know that she is everything to him and from the moment she was born and he held her in his arms, he fell in love with her. He promises that whatever happens, nothing or nobody will come between them. Imogen, humbled by Brad’s speech, tells him that she loves him too and suggests that he should look for his daughter, as it is the right thing to do. Imogen leaves the room and goes back upstairs. Terese looks uncomfortable and Brad comments that he didn’t see that coming. Brad asks how Terese is feeling, wanting to know her opinion on him looking for his daughter. Terese tells Brad that the thought of him having this child is confronting, but it’s not about her, he needs to do what he needs to do. Terese says to Brad “Brad, you have a daughter, you have a right to know her and, like Imogen said, she has a right to know her dad”.



Back at Charlie’s, Naomi and Paul are talking, and he proceeds to open another bottle of wine and tells Naomi that he is mayor of Erinsborough. Naomi seems impressed with Paul and comments that he is a busy man, asking if there is anything else he wants to tell her. Paul, enjoying the attention, tells Naomi that he can’t give away all of his secrets, and they toast to new friends. Paul goes to get some ice and we see Naomi suspiciously get out her phone and locate Ramsay Street on a maps app.

Featured Regular Characters: Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Joshua Willis, Imogen Willis, Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Sheila Canning

Guest Cast: Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Morgana O'Reilly as Naomi Canning

Trivia Notes
• First appearance of Morgana O'Reilly as Naomi Canning
• Naomi's first words are "Er... hi... can I have a glass of sav blanc?"
• Past characters Beth Brennan and Rebecca Napier are mentioned. Ned Willis is also mentioned

Summary by Kyle