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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6868

Written by Elizabeth Packett, Directed by Fiona Banks, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 23/04/14, Channel 5: 07/05/14

Danni tells Brennan to leave the investigation to the police
Brennan sets up a fake Twitter account in Danni's name
Chris complains that he feels completely alone
Toadie asks Naomi to take Sonya's place at dinner
Naomi is unsettled by a phone call
Paul and Naomi arrange to have dinner together

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Naomi makes a toast to her evening with Paul, and says that his choice of art work in the apartment is very interesting. He says that his dealer suggested it, and she asks if he's more of an investor than an art lover. He confirms that this is the case, so she then shows him the Daisy Nader painting that she's brought with her, telling Paul that it's valued at $80,000. Paul looks at her like she can't be serious, then asks if she has proof of authenticity - she explains that it isn't a fake, but the paperwork hasn't arrived yet. Paul realises that she needs the money, and she doesn't deny it, so he offers to have his art dealer look at it the next day. Naomi starts to pack the painting away, saying that she feels like Paul is wasting her time, and then says that she can't stay for dinner. Paul is confused as she then thanks him for the champagne, and leaves.

No 30: Naomi then turns up on Toadie's doorstep - he tells her that he'd cancelled the restaurant and is moping around on his own. She asks if they can hang out, as her dinner with Paul ended early, and her only other option is to go home and help Sheila make tomato chutney.

Erinsborough Hospital: Amber has been telling Chris about her problems, and Josh not wanting her to take the job, and Chris admits that he can understand, as he's starting to feel the strain of Hudson never being around. She asks if this would even be an issue, if Will hadn't turned up, and Chris admits that it's been nice having someone else around, but he's explained to him about Hudson being in prison. Amber says that Will must really be interested if none of this has put him off, but Chris says that it won't come to anything, unless he breaks up with Hudson, and that's something he doesn't even want to think about.

No 30: Naomi and Toadie have been watching a film together, and she wonders if those cheesy lines would actually work on someone in real life. Toadie, ever the romantic, says that it would work on him, but their conversation is interrupted by Sonya returning home, exhausted after helping Patricia. Naomi quick puts her shoes on and says that she should go, as she has an early start - Sonya then sits with Toadie and asks if he's upset with her for missing their date. He admits that he's disappointed, and Sonya apologises and says that she was really looking forward to it too. Toadie tells her that it's a shame that they always seem to be interrupted, whenever they want to spend time together - then Georgia walks in, complaining about the terrible movie she's just seen. She realises that she's walked in on something, but Toadie heads off to bed - Sonya tells Georgia not to worry about it, as everything will work itself out eventually.

No 30: The next morning, Sonya is making 'guilty pancakes' for Toadie, who insists that she has nothing to feel guilty about. She says that her work with Patricia is important, but she still feels bad - she thinks that their home life is always going to be busy, but they just need to make sure that they always communicate. She goes to clean up Nell, and Toadie says that he has an early meeting to get to - Sonya tells him that she loves him, then notices that Nell has thrown her breakfast on the floor.

Rebecchi Law: Paul and his art dealer have verified that the painting is a genuine Daisy Nader, and he tells Naomi that she can expect her bank balance to be a lot healthier in the near future. Paul then leaves, as Toadie arrives - Naomi offers to shout him something to eat later, to thank him for spending time with her the previous night. He says that it was his pleasure, and she admits that she felt like she was caught in the middle of something when Sonya returned home. Toadie tells her that married life is full of ups and downs, but they always work things out in the end.

No 30: As Georgia comes into the kitchen, she tells Sonya that Chris is coming out of hospital today. Sonya wonders if Patricia knows, but Georgia confirms that she does, and says that it's a shame that Patricia doesn't have someone else to turn to, as she seems to be relying on Sonya a little too much. Sonya explains that Patricia trusts her, but Georgia doesn't think she should have cancelled her date with Toadie. The phone rings and it's Danni - Sonya listens to her, and tells her to calm down. She then explains to Georgia that someone has made a fake Twitter page in Danni's name, and the police are dealing with it. They look at the page, wondering who else but Montague would do something like this. It then occurs to Sonya that someone has done this to lure Montague out of hiding, by using Danni as bait - Georgia thinks it's all a bit sick, but Sonya realises who's behind it.

No 24: Sonya bursts in on Brennan, saying that she knows that he set up the fake profile, and that Danni is completely petrified. Brennan explains that he would never have done it if he thought Danni was in any danger, as she's nowhere near Erinsborough. Sonya still thinks that he should have told Danni what he was doing, but he is unapologetic, though he agrees to take down the profile when he hears that the police are involved. Sonya is satisfied with this, but then Brennan says that he won't take it down yet, as it needs to be there for as long as possible if Montague's going to see it.

Lassiter's Complex: Sheila is walking over to the law offices, when she spots the workers sitting outside the bar. She tells them all to get back to work, then goes into the offices.

Rebecchi Law: Sheila walks in and hands over a packed lunch to Naomi, who is quite surprised. She then gives her mum the first instalment of the money she owes her, and Sheila is impressed. As Naomi answers the phone, Sheila spots the painting on the coffee table, and starts snooping - Naomi spots this and snatches it back, refusing to answer any questions about it. Sheila assumes that it's stolen from Charles Tranner, and that if she's living under her roof, she wants some answers. Naomi then declares that she'll be moving out as soon as possible, and runs out of the office.

Lassiter's Complex: Sheila chases after Naomi, saying that she doesn't want her to leave. Naomi stops and explains that Charles gave her the painting - Sheila is surprised that she kept it for so long, but then Naomi admits that she and Charles got back together, and his wife turned a blind eye to the affair. She explains that she loved Charles and couldn't be apart from him, but she recently realised that it couldn't continue, so she ended things with him. Sheila asks why Naomi didn't tell her all of this in the first place, and Naomi says that she knew that she'd be judged for it. The two women then walk off in separate directions, as Toadie returns and spots an upset Naomi going back inside the law offices.

Rebecchi Law: Naomi is telling Toadie about her relationship with Charles, and how things got very messy when Sheila blabbed to Charles' wife, Polly. She then explains that she went back to him, and at first, it was wonderful to be going on luxury holidays and eating at fancy restaurants, but she never actually had Charles - and when she finally admitted that to herself, she realised that she had to leave. He asks how she's in so much debt, when she had such a wealthy boyfriend, and Naomi says that she lived as a kept woman for so long that she didn't pick up very good financial skills. He then asks if she's tempted to go back, and she says that she isn't, before thanking Toadie for not judging her.

Fitzgerald Motors: Paul turns up, very happy to tell Brennan that the council are cancelling their contract with the garage and will have their fleet serviced elsewhere. Brennan can't believe the lengths Paul is going to, but says that he isn't going to be driven out of town - not until he has justice for Kate. As the two men argue, Stephen Montague is watching from across the street and Sheila, who is passing by, looks directly at him.

Erinsborough Hospital: Chris is about to be discharged, when Amber turns up and offers to share a cab with him. He realises that she's avoiding Josh, because she's accepted the job and hasn't told him yet. Amber points out that she's not the only one who's avoiding speaking to their boyfriend, and so Chris suggests that they go and see a movie together.

Ramsay Street: Sonya spots Brennan arriving home in Danni's car, and goes over to ask him why he's driving it. He claims to be borrowing it, and Sonya wonders if he forgot to ask her permission, like he did when he put up that profile. She says that the police have taken it down, and that Danni knows that Brennan was behind it. Sonya tells Brennan that he's becoming obsessed, and that he really needs to let this go.

No 24: Brennan walks in, looks at a photo of him with Kate, then makes a call to Danni. He leaves her a message apologising for the way he's behaved and asking her to call him back. He then goes off to take a shower. Outside, Stephen Montague turns up, and uses a crowbar to break into the house...

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Sheila Canning, Chris Pappas, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadfish Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Amber Turner

Guest Cast: Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Morgana O'Reilly as Naomi Canning, Damian Hill as Stephen Montague, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Jaya Jamieson as Art Dealer

Trivia Notes
Past character Kate Ramsay is mentioned

Summary by Steve