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Magic Moments > 2014 > Ramsay Street Lockdown: Part One Episode 6869

Written by James Walker, Directed by Fiona Banks, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 24/04/14, Channel 5: 08/05/14

Imogen admits that having feelings for Mark would be insane... Paul agrees to buy Naomi's painting... Naomi tells Sheila that she and Charles got back together after their break up... Stephen Montague breaks into number 24 with a crowbar...

Mark comes out of the bathroom, shirtless after his shower, and notices the door has been forced opened. Montague gets Mark's attention by asking where Danni is - Mark asks Montague to relax and to put the crowbar down, but he's not keen to do that. Mark surreptitiously picks up his phone as Montague orders him to sit down. Montague wants to know where Danni is, Mark informs him that Danni isn't there, but Montague comments that he saw her online and her car’s outside. Mark tells Montague that she stepped out for a bit. Montague asks Mark to call her; however Mark mentions that he left his phone at work. Montague points to the landline and tells him to use the home phone. Mark obeys Montague’s orders and leaves Danni a message, “Danni, hi, it's Mark, can you get home as quick as possible, I need your help with something”. Montague says to Mark “How do I know you called the right number?” “Why would I lie?” is Mark’s reply. Montague comments that Mark stopped him and Danni being together before. Mark lies that he didn't understand the situation back then, but he does now and he realises how much he and Danni mean to each other, so he suggests that Montague calms down and waits for her to come back.


At the Penthouse, Paul tells Naomi that he's got the painting authenticated but without the paperwork he won't pay full price. Naomi tells him that insurance values it at $80,000, and she can’t accept $40,000. Naomi then proposes $60,000, and when the paperwork arrives Paul pays the remainder. Paul shrugs and tells Naomi that he could just wait. However, Naomi doesn't want to, she tells Paul that she hates being broke. ‘If I have money, I have options - you of all people should understand that’. Paul generously agrees, Naomi is pleased and suggests that they draw up a contract. Paul tells Naomi that she can trust him, as he is the mayor! Naomi says to Paul “I don't think your mother can trust you, Paul Robinson”. Paul laughs and suggests cracking open a bottle of champagne. However, Naomi tells Paul that all she asks for is to make sure the money is in the bank. Paul and Naomi shake on the deal.

In Harold's, Toadie, Sonya and Callum are having afternoon tea together, Callum is rushing his food, mentioning to his parents that he's meeting Josie and they are going on a picnic and he has stuff to do first. Sonya reminds Callum he's got a shift at the nursery, but Callum tells her that Imogen is covering it - although she hasn't actually been informed yet. Callum rushes off, and Sonya mentions to Toadie that she has to go to a GA meeting, and Toadie is a bit upset that they can't spend time together. Sonya promises Toadie that they can have some alone time tonight. Matt comes in followed by a flustered Sheila, who tells him that she saw a ‘really scary guy’. Matt asks what he was doing, and Sheila explains that he was hiding by the bus stop and watching the garage. Matt asks Sheila if she recognised him and Sheila thinks she did, she starts to describe him as scruffy and with tattoos. Matt tells Sheila that the description is of Stephen Montague. Sheila looks shocked and tells Matt that she can give him a really good description. Matt suggests that she come with him to the station.



At number 24, Mark is fiddling with his phone and Montague asks what he's doing. Mark claims he's putting his shirt on. While he does that, Mark quickly starts up a recording app. Montague asks why Danni is not here yet, Mark claims he doesn’t know and suggest Montague puts down his crowbar. Mark starts to talk to Montague about not being with the person you love and how it can make you do things you thought you weren't capable of. Montague claims he didn’t want to hurt Danni, he just wanted to be with her - when he’s not with her he can’t think straight. Mark proceeds to ask Montague “Is that why you did it? At the lake?” Just then there's a knock at the door. It's Susan. Susan comments about the damage to the door, and Mark tells her he did it, after he locked himself out. Mark asks Susan if there is anything else, Susan gives him the post that was accidentally posted through her door. Mark thanks her and tells her he's really busy, and shuts the door, leaving Susan looking puzzled.

In Harold's, a worried Sheila is drinking her coffee and doesn't notice Naomi coming in. Naomi calls Sheila on blanking her, Sheila apologises and tells Naomi that she has just come from the police station. Naomi asks what happened, and Sheila starts to explain that she thought she'd spotted Stephen Montague down by the bus stop. Sheila tell Naomi that Matt is going through the security footage and when they showed her his mug shot she was certain it was him, and now she can’t stop thinking about Kate. She tells Naomi how at first she wished that Kate was Kyle's girlfriend, but then after Kyle and Georgia broke up, she was so awful to her, so judgemental. Naomi sarcastically says “You, judgemental? I can't imagine”. Sheila tells Naomi that she spent a lot of time being angry at Kate, but she spent years being angry at her daughter. Sheila apologies to Naomi and tells her that she missed her.



Back at number 24, Mark again tries to talk to Montague about what happened, but then Imogen arrives with another meal. Mark shouts at her to run, but Montague grabs her. Mark tells Montague that Imogen doesn’t even know Danni, he’s got no reason to keep her here. However Montague says “If I let her go, she will call the cops”. Imogen promises that she won't, but Montague does not believe her and orders her to sit. Imogen gets a call from Callum and she points out that if she doesn't answer Callum will call her home. Imogen answers and goes to speak to him near the window. Callum is asking about the shift swap, and she tries to keep him talking while Mark is writing a text to Matt. Montague spots him and grabs the phone and stamps on it.

Inside number 30, Susan is telling Sonya how Mark acted earlier, and they agree that Mark isn't normally rude. However, Sonya explains that he’s not been himself lately. Susan tells Sonya that is understandable but breaking in to his own house is very odd especially as he could have got another set of keys from the estate agents, Susan also mentions that Mark didn’t even open the door properly. Sonya tells Susan that she doesn’t want to jump to conclusions but she suggests that maybe Montague is in there with him as Mark has been trying to lure him back to Erinsborough. Susan asks why he would do that and Sonya explains that he's trying to get a confession over Kate's murder. Sonya then wonders if she's just letting her imagination run away with her, but Susan thinks that the police should be informed, even if it's a waste of time, as they could all be in danger if Montague is nearby.


At the penthouse, Matt is reading out a list of crimes to Paul, who isn't interested - he wants to know about Stephen Montague and why he hasn’t caught him yet. Matt tells Paul that they are working on it. Just then Matt gets a text saying that Montague has been ID'd on CCTV, then Sonya calls about how Montague might be at number 24. Matt tells Sonya to stay inside - he’ll be right there. Matt leaves the penthouse.

Matt heads through the complex to the station, ordering a lockdown on Ramsay Street, then calls Lauren to check that none of the family are at home.


Inside number 24, Montague challenges Mark about whether he even called Danni, and Mark claims he was texting her. Montague declares that he's leaving and taking Imogen, who's very scared. Mark thumps him, and pushes Imogen into the cupboard. Imogen shouts at him, but Mark and Montague have left the house, as sirens are heard in the distance.

On Ramsay Street, lots of police arrive and Matt instructs them to cordon off the street and says that no one is allowed in or out. He and Kelly are going into number 24, whilst a few of them are searching other houses.



Mark returns inside number 24 and tells Imogen that Montague has bolted and decides to get her out of the house. Matt then arrives and asks if Montague is with them, Mark tells Matt that he was but he took off out the back. Kelly heads outside, and Matt asks Mark if he knew where he was going - Mark doesn’t know, but claims he won’t have gone far. Matt asks Imogen if she is ok, she says that she's OK and explains how Mark saved her. Matt, Mark and Imogen all leave the house.

Sonya calls Toadie and she asks him to see if Callum is down at the lake with Josie, saying that she’s heard from Georgia, who plans on staying in the city with Nell, but she hasn’t heard from Callum. Toadie tells Sonya that he will get back to her. Matt comes in and tells them they haven't found Montague yet. Sonya asks what they should do now; Matt tells them that they should stay inside and lock the doors. Sonya then asks about Mark and Imogen, Matt informs her that they were a bit shaken up but they are fine. Susan tells Sonya that Callum will be ok and suggests that she tries to relax; Sonya says that she can’t relax until she knows where Callum is. She then tries Callum's phone again, but there's no answer, so she leaves a voicemail.


On Ramsay Street, a panicky Sheila comes out of the house and mentions that she saw someone run through the garden and jump over the side fence. Matt tells her to go in and lock the doors. A police officer with a dog goes to investigate with Matt.

At the end of the street, Naomi and Toadie arrive, but the police won't let them through. Sonya calls Toadie and is worried to hear that he hasn't found Callum. Sonya tells him they have to find him.


In the garden at number 32, Callum is listening to music while he sorts out the labels and hasn't noticed that he has 5 missed calls. Callum goes into the shed, and there's somebody there - Montague!

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy, Sheila Canning, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Imogen Willis, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Morgana O'Reilly as Naomi Canning, Damian Hill as Stephen Montague, Maya Aleksandra as Kelly Merolli, Julie Uric as Policewoman

Trivia Notes
• Past character Kate Ramsay is mentioned
• Brennan's text to Matt reads: 'Montague here come now'

Summary by Kyle