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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6877

Written by Elizabeth Packett, Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 06/05/14, Five: 20/05/14

An upset Doug pointing out to Pam that she didn't believe he was ill, thinking he was having an affair instead
Sonya realising Imogen has a crush on Brennan
Brennan lashing out at Paul after Paul hires a private investigator to look into Kate's death
Naomi offering to help Sonya with her accounts; after thousands of oranges arrive at the nursery, Sheila suggests to Sonya that Naomi did it on purpose and is after Toadie for herself

Ramsay Street: Toadie arrives home in the car to find Sonya dealing with the boxes of oranges that are stacked up on the driveway. Sonya declines a walk around the lake with Toadie, pointing out that she has to sort out the over-order of oranges. Toadie asks how it happened, and Sonya replies that Sheila believes Naomi did it on purpose because she wanted Sonya out of the way so she could have Toadie all to herself. The two laugh, but when Toadie realises that Sonya is being serious, he suggests that Naomi and Sheila must still have unresolved issues. Sonya believes it is because Naomi has seen a married man before and when Toadie indicates that he knows, Sonya becomes suspicious, wondering how Toadie knew about it. Toadie quickly says that the information related to the legal help he is giving Naomi, and that they have become friends - but nothing more! Sonya wonders if Naomi sees things differently but reassures Toadie when he explains that he can be trusted to put an immediate stop on any advances that Naomi might make.

No 22: Terese and Imogen are comforting Pam, who says that Doug was right: she is a terrible wife because after nearly fifty years together, she didn't notice anything was wrong. Imogen points out that neither did they but Pam replies that Doug is her husband and because she was so busy worrying about an affair, she missed all the signs. Pam sadly adds that the whole situation has shown she and Doug are further apart than she ever thought.

The Waterhole: At the bar, Doug asks Brad how Pam could have thought he was being unfaithful. Brad urges Doug to put himself in Pam's position, considering the fact that Doug mentioned his past lover. Doug says he can't remember doing it and laments the fact that Pam doesn't trust him. Brad reassures Doug that after so many years of marriage he will be able to sort it out, but Doug. Gets up to head out for a walk, pointing out that he has his phone with him in case he gets lost. Doug heads off, wondering if that actually wouldn't be a bad thing. Meanwhile, Paul arrives and heads over to Tracey Wong, the private investigator he hired to look into Kate's death. Paul hands over a set of transaction reports to Tracey as she explains she wants to find out who was in the complex at the time of the shooting. Paul says the police would already have done it, but Tracey explains that the police take a while to process evidence. As Paul goes to leave, Tracey asks Paul about a rumour going around about Brennan.

Ramsay Street: Outside Number 24, Paul tells Brennan he believes that Brennan has some files linked to Kate's shooting. Brennan denies it, saying it is rubbish, but Paul points out the friends Brennan has in the police and demands to see them. Brennan once again says he doesn't have them, just as Imogen walks up. Imogen asks what is going on and Brennan retorts that Paul is leaving. Imogen comments that the exchange looked intense and they head inside, Brennan commenting that Paul is just being Paul.

No 24: Inside the house, Imogen comments about how 'neat freaks' really go for it when they tidy, after spotting the piles of files everywhere. She goes to the fruit bowl and starts putting oranges in there, explaining the mix up that Sonya had with the order. Imogen tells Brennan that she is trying to find out if the mix up was deliberate and asks Brennan for any tips he might have on where to start.

No 30: Toadie lets Naomi in, who says that she needs him to sign some documents for her. Toadie thanks Naomi for bringing them over and Naomi says she also typed up the letter regarding her painting and that it is on the way. Naomi notices the oranges and Toadie explains the mix up, asking her about going in giving Sonya a hand. Naomi admits she did as Toadie had been so good to her and when Toadie wonders what to do with all the oranges, Naomi offers to take a bag home as Sheila makes a nice marmalade. Sensing Toadie's awkwardness, Naomi asks what Sheila has done.

The Waterhole: Naomi asks Sheila how she dare tell Sonya about Naomi. Sheila replies that she was just warning a friend, explaining that she has watched Naomi in action before and doesn't want to see her come between Sonya and Toadie. Naomi can't believe what Sheila is saying, but Sheila continues, wondering whether Naomi got close to Toadie to see if he and Sonya were arguing. Naomi denies she has her sights set on Toadie and argues that they are just friends. Sheila points out again how things turned out for Naomi the time before and explains that she is just looking out for Naomi. Naomi points out that she has learned her lesson, but when Sheila gives her a doubtful look, Naomi furiously tells Sheila to keep her thoughts to herself and stop ruining her friendships with other people, before storming off.

No 22: Pam is busy ironing and tells Brad, who has just arrived, that she is doing it as it helps keep her calm. She asks where Doug is and Brad explains he needed some time alone. Brad explains how scared Doug is as he is frightened he is going to lose Pam and doesn't want to face his illness alone. Pam replies that she doesn't want Doug to face it alone either and is also scared. She adds that, despite their arguments, Doug is the love of her life and the thought of eventually walking into the room and him not recognising her terrifies her.

Erinsborough Police Station/Lassiter's Complex: Paul is waiting to speak to Senior Constable Kelly Merolli about Brennan. She tells him that it had better be important: Paul explains that he has heard a rumour that Brennan has files relating to Kate's case and he is worried that it might jeopardise the police's investigation. Kelly says she will make some enquiries and Paul walks out, saying the sooner the better. Outside, he bumps into a stressed Sonya, who walks off after thrusting a bag of oranges in his direction. Imogen races over, having solved the mystery: the oranges were ordered as a result of a clerical error at the suppliers, as she found Sonya's order book to prove it. Imogen tells a worried Sonya that she will be reimbursed by the supplier, but Sonya says that that is not the problem. She thanks Imogen before heading off.

No 24: Imogen brings food for Brennan, thanking him for the tips he gave her in solving the orange mystery. Just then, Brennan's phone rings: he hangs up and urges Imogen to leave, telling her he should not have the police files that are in piles all over the living room. He stuffs them in a bag as a knock comes on the front door. Imogen offers to take the bag out of the back with her and hide it over the fence: Brennan is unsure, but he accepts Imogen's offer and tells her not to be seen as she heads out of the back door. Brennan lets Kelly in the fort door, a search warrant in her hand.

No 22: Doug, Pam, Terese and Brad are sitting at the table: Brad says he wants Doug and Pam to look at the photo book that Josh made. Brad talks through some of the photos that were taken in tougher times, but highlights the fact that Doug and Pam were both there for one another. The two look fondly at the photos as Brad explains that the road ahead is going to be very tough but that, if Pam and Doug can make it through the difficult times depicted in the album, they can get through anything.

Lassiter's Complex: Down by the lake, Toadie is jogging when he spots Naomi, sitting on a bench crying. Naomi explains how she is never going to be able to move on from the past as Sheila won't let her forget, but Toadie says that if it is any consolation, he has been through something similar in the past. Naomi jokingly asks if Toadie got mixed up with a married man too: Toadie replies that he was once a fool and a bogan, and that it took years to earn people's respect as a lawyer. Naomi wonders if she should wait a hundred years for everything to be fine again with Sheila and Toadie reassures her that if she has genuinely changed, Sheila will see that. Toadie admits that there is still a little bogan in him and that he can come out on special occasions. Naomi, cheered up, laughs along with Toadie.

No 24: The police have finished their search and, not finding anything, Kelly tells Brennan he is in the clear. Brennan wonders who tipped the police off, but Kelly can't tell him. She does, however, warn Brennan he is being watched as he is clearly invested in the case and she adds it wouldn't surprise her if the files were in his possession after all.

No 22: Terese and Brad are talking in the kitchen, Brad wondering when Pam and Doug will return. Terese points out it is a good thing, as they must be talking but when they do return, they can inform Pam and Doug of what they have been discussing. Just then, Pam and Doug return admitting they have made a good start reconciling. Brad explains that he and Terese have also been talking and would like Doug and Pam to move in permanently so they can help them. Brad explains he has spoken to their children and Gaby, who all think it is a great idea. Pam points out how generous it is, as there will be times they want to throttle them, but Terese says they are sure as they are all family. Brad jokes that if it all gets too much, Doug and Pam can always move back to Gaby's.

The Waterhole: Sheila is surprised when Sonya explains Naomi was not responsible for the orange order. Sheila still doesn't believe that Naomi is not after Toadie, but Sonya asks why this is the case. Sheila pulls Sonya to the side and informs Sonya that Naomi has always used her feminine ways to get what she wants and that she worries every time she sees Naomi with a married man. Sonya asks if it has occurred to Sheila that Naomi might have changed, but Sheila asks if a leopard can really change its spots. Sonya points to herself as an example, adding transformation is more likely to occur when you have the support of the people around you.

Harold's Store: Naomi and Toadie are drinking coffee, Toadie reminiscing about the bikini shop and wrestling from his past. Having cheered up Naomi, he heads off to cook dinner at home, leaving Naomi looking thoughtful and happy.

The Waterhole: Paul meets up with Tracey in the bar: she hands him a credit card statement for the hotel on the day of the shooting. Taking a look, he is surprised by the name of a person on the statement from half an hour before the shooting...

No 24: Paul barges in, after telling Brennan that Sienna was in the area on the day of the shooting as the credit card statement clearly proves. Brennan explains that Sienna had an alibi, but Paul replies that they both know Sienna wanted Kate out of the way. Brennan says Sienna wouldn't have gone that far, but Paul points out that she would have and that, once again, Kate's shooting is all down to Brennan.

Featured Regular Characters: Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Sheila Canning, Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Imogen Willis, Paul Robinson, Naomi Canning

Guest Cast: Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Terence Donovan as Doug Willis, Aileen Huynh as Tracey Wong, Sue Jones as Pam Willis, Maya Aleksandra as Kelly Merolli, Peta Brady as Cody Willis

Trivia Notes
Peta Brady is credited as Cody Willis for this episode, as the character is shown in photographs. Gaby Willis (Rachel Blakely) is also shown and mentioned, but is not credited

Summary by Alex

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