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Magic Moments > 2014 > Daniel's Arrival Episode 6872

Written by Sarah Duffy, Directed by Scott Major, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 29/04/14, Channel 5: 13/05/14

Naomi is relieved on the phone that the payment has been cleared... Sheila tells Naomi she hopes she kept the receipt for the handbag... Mark tells Imogen to run before Montague grabs hold of her... Imogen tells her family she wants to see how Mark is doing... Matt tells Mark they are already going through the old files... Paul tells Mark to back off and leave it to the police... Mark looks at the files spread over the floor...

It is night time. There is a red car by Lassiter's Lake. Someone turns off the engine - we see him in the mirror and he gets out of the car and opens the boot. The young man starts unpacking what he needs and looks up into the sky.



At number 30 the next morning, Sonya is on her laptop; she is excited because she got two new comments on her mummy blog in one day. One commenter likes her idea for using frozen fruit to soothe baby’s teeth. Toadie tells her she is a mummy blogger genius and kisses her. Sonya, realising he's responsible, tells him he's good with his pseudonyms. There is a knock on the door; Toadie answers it to find Brennan. Brennan comes in and apologises for being so early, before asking Toadie if he remembers representing a guy called John Lamont. Toadie isn’t sure, so Brennan tells him that he arrested this guy a couple of years ago for unauthorised possession of firearms. Brennan starts to describe him to Toadie and Toadie remembers him. Brennan informs Toadie that he got 18 months and he’s recently been released, and then asks Toadie for some personal information. Toadie says that he can't, as he doesn’t have access to the file, and even if he had it, he couldn’t give it to him because of client confidentiality. Brennan suggests that Lamont could be a suspect in Kate’s death. Toadie wonders why he doesn’t just tell the police - Brennan forcefully asks again if Toadie can get the information and Toadie confirms he can't. Sonya offers Mark breakfast, but he declines, mentioning that he has a lot to do, and leaves.


Sheila is outside number 26 as a black car pulls up - a man gets out and she asks if she can help him. The man confirms that it's number 26 Ramsay Street. Sheila says “that’s what it says on the letterbox”. The man introduces himself as Norm Symonds and says he’s looking for Naomi Canning, asking if she's Naomi's sister. Not taken in by the compliment, Sheila isn’t impressed and tells him she’s Naomi’s mother and she’s not home. Norm says it’s a shame and asks where she is. Sheila informs him that she’s at work and asks if Norms tried Naomi’s mobile number. Norm says that he'll do that, and starts to explain to Sheila that he was in the neighbourhood and he thought he’d surprise Naomi in person - Sheila asks how he knows Naomi. Norm informs Sheila that he and Naomi used to work together, and asks if she knows when Naomi will be home. Sheila states to Norm that Naomi keeps her own hours. Norm thanks Sheila for her help and asks her to tell Naomi that Norm Symmonds came round to see her. Sheila says she will, but looks concerned as Norm drives away.

Down by Lassiter's Lake, music is blaring from the car - Imogen sees the man and heads over. The man is cooking breakfast, so Imogen stands behind him and coughs a few times. The man tells her he’s got some water if she needs to clear her throat. Imogen comments that she’s ok; the guy tells Imogen that, in that case, he’ll continue making his brekkie. Imogen asks him to turn his music down - he apologises and tells her it’s a song mix his dad made him for the road, and he’s obsessed with it. He tells her that he’ll keep the volume down. Imogen tells him that it’s nice of him to do that but he’s staying in a no camping area. The man points out there are no 'no camping' signs. Imogen informs him that there’s no sign saying he can either, and he questions why he wouldn’t be allowed. Imogen says that it's against the law, and he wonders which law - "the law against camping" is Imogen's response. He guesses she has no idea what she's talking about, and Imogen tells him that people can't go around sleeping wherever they want as then everyone would do it. He wonders why that would be bad, and Imogen comments that it would really upset some people. He then asks her name and introduces himself as Daniel. Daniel informs Imogen that he’s not trying to upset anybody, and noticing her mat, asks if she is off to a yoga class. Imogen confirms she is, to which Daniel says that he hopes it'll help her to relax!


Sonya enters number 24 and sees all the files over the floor - she asks Brennan if these are his old cases. He confirms some of them are; Sonya asks how he got his hands on so many. Brennan tells her that a friend helped him out. Sonya then tells him that Toadie really wanted to help him out, however Brennan isn’t so sure. Sonya proceeds to tell Brennan that she spoke to Danni last night, who was filling her in on why she was leaving. Brennan isn’t too bothered, but Sonya tells him that Danni was worried about him, as are a lot of other people. Brennan insists he’s fine, but Sonya says that he doesn’t look fine and indicates the paperwork. Brennan thinks she’d be doing the exact same thing if she lost Toadie, but she says that she'd be more concerned with looking after her children. Brennan isn’t too happy at this remark, and Sonya apologises and tells him she’s not trying to lecture him. He says that, if she wants to help, she could get Toadie to change his mind over John Lamont - Sonya says that she can't do that, and she reminds Brennan that he’s not in this alone, there are plenty of people that care about him and not to cut them off, he can't lock himself in the house forever. However, Brennan just sighs, so Sonya leaves.

In Harold’s, Paul is talking to a private investigator, who tells him that it’ll be expensive. However, Paul tells her that money is not an issue. She says she’ll see what she can do and gets up to leave. At another table, Naomi is looking confused after hearing about her visitor, and tells Sheila she’s never heard of him. Sheila sats that he was looking for her and mentioned that they used to work together. Sheila starts to describe him, and Naomi suggests she may have known him by a nickname. Naomi tells Sheila that she has to go as she’s scheduled the day off for Toadie but she’s got some paperwork to do at home. Sheila wonders how Norm would know where she was, as she hardly told anyone where she was going - Naomi tells her mum that she may have told one or two people and the word got around.


At number 26, Naomi is on the phone, asking Charles to tell Polly to back off; she does not need to be harassed like this. There is a knock at the door, Naomi tells Charles to call her back when he gets her message. She opens the door and when she sees Norm she tries to stop him from getting in, threatening to call the police. However, Norm enters and tells Naomi to hand over the painting and he’ll go. Naomi says she doesn’t have it anymore; she sold it. Norm wants to know who bought it, but she says that it’s none of his business. Norm informs Naomi that it wasn’t hers to sell, and she tells him to get away from her. However, Norm states that he won’t leave until she tells him where the painting is. Sheila arrives, tells him to get away and knees him in the groin - Norm doubles over in agony. Sheila tells him to get out of her house, adding that her neighbour is a cop and he can be here in a second. Norm promptly leaves, and Sheila asks Naomi to tell her what is going on.

A little later, Sheila and Naomi are sitting at the table; Naomi tells Sheila that it's true - Charles gave her the painting as a gift. However, Sheila points out that his wife clearly doesn't see it that way. Noami says that she sent him a message and he’s going to sort it out when he gets back, explaining that he's in Antarctica. Sheila wonders what they'll do in the meantime - wait for another visit from big ol’ Norm? Sheila recalls that when she spoke to Polly, she didn’t seem the kind of woman who likes to negotiate and reminds Naomi of the goon who has just been around. Naomi reassures Sheila that Charles will help Polly understand that the painting belongs to her. Sheila sighs and asks where it is - Naomi says that it's not here, Sheila sighs, realising that her daughter has sold it. Naomi explains that she had to, as Polly made sure she got nothing when she and Charles broke up. Sheila decides that she’s going to call Matt, but Naomi pleads with her not to, as she will only make things worse. Sheila wonders how things can get any worse, as it's not just Naomi who's in danger if that thug comes back. Naomi tells Sheila to give her some time, she will sort it out. Sheila reminds her that she is not Charles' wife and she does not have a legal leg to stand on, but Naomi declares that Sheila is wrong, she is entitled to that painting and she will prove it.


Down at Lassiter's Lake, Imogen comes across Daniel whom is sitting in the rotunda making himself at home. Daniel asks Imogen how yoga was and enquires if the box of pastries is for him. Imogen can't believe he’s still there and tells Daniel that he has to move right now as people will see him. Daniel tells her to take it easy, wondering what the big deal is. Imogen admits something happened a few weeks ago, something tragic. Daniel apologises and asks what happened - if she doesn’t mind him asking. Imogen starts to fill Daniel in, “Someone died, she was a teacher at my high school and a really amazing person, she was shot” Daniel looks taken aback. Imogen continues “the whole community is still grieving, which is why it’s wrong for you to be camping here”. Imogen asks him if he understands and Daniel tells her he does, so she leaves.

Whilst the rubbish truck pulls up on Ramsay Street, inside number 24, Imogen arrives with a box, informing Brennan that she’s brought him some pastries. Brennan thanks her, and tells Imogen he was cleaning up, as he let things slide a bit. Imogen tells him that he has so much going on recently, and asks about the files all over the place. Brennan explains that he’s been working on the case - Imogen thinks it’s cool but Brennan says that some people might think it’s obsessive. Imogen feels it’s totally understandable as he wants answers. Brennan asks how she's feeling after everything with Montague and her Pop - Imogen says she's fine and has been talking to her counsellor. Imogen tells Brennan that she’ll let him get back to work but he should take a break from work at some point as he can't hide in here forever. Brennan asks Imogen to stay as he can't eat all these pastries by himself and Imogen agrees.


Brennan and Imogen are heading out of number 24; Imogen checks she isn’t dragging Brennan away from anything, but he says it’ll be good to get some fresh air. Imogen tells Brennan they can work off those pastries. Sonya joins them, as Brennan is about to take his bin in, before realising that it hasn't been emptied. Brennan tells Sonya that Paul is using his powers as Mayor to punish him. Sonya doesn’t believe that, but Imogen suggests Brennan should complain. However, Brennan isn’t sure who he should complain to, as Paul is the Mayor. Sonya and Imogen offer the use of their bins, but Brennan declines, Imogen and Sonya watch Brennan walk away. Imogen says that this is the last thing Brennan needs and starts to tell Sonya that she brought over some pastries to cheer him up and she should see how much effort he is putting into solving the case. Sonya says he’s still grieving and everyone does that in their own way. Imogen mentions to Sonya that she’s been talking to him about the case and Kate; she’s really trying to support him - Sonya comments that it’s a big job for anyone to take on. However, Imogen claims to Sonya that she doesn’t mind as they’ve been through a lot together and thinks they have a really special connection. Brennan comes back and Sonya suggests she’ll put the rest of his rubbish in her bin. Brennan thanks her and Imogen suggests they keep walking - Sonya looks concerned.

At number 30, Toadie is on his laptop, as Sonya talks to him about Imogen's obvious crush on Brennan. Toadie wonders if Sonya thinks Mark's hot - she says he isn’t as hot as Toadie. Toadie wonders if Mark has any idea about how Imogen feels, but Sonya doesn’t think so as he’s too distracted to notice. There’s a knock on the door and Toadie answers - it's Naomi, who enters as Sonya excuses herself to check on Nell. Naomi mentions the painting and tells Toadie that there might be a slight problem with it. She explains to Toadie that Charles' wife might want it back, but confirms to Toadie that Charles gave it to her as a gift, but he paid for it with family money. Charles' wife Polly thinks she has a claim to it and has sent a guy around to hassle her into giving it back. Toadie reassures Naomi that she needs to calm down and needs to prove she has ownership of the painting, and he offers to help her.


Naomi heads back over to number 26 and tells Sheila that Toadie thinks she’s in with a good chance of proving ownership, if Charles is willing to back her up. Naomi is confident that Charles will do that when he gets back in contact. However, Sheila thinks it’s typical of Naomi to find herself another married man who will save the day. Naomi says “I am not interested in Jarrod, he is a friend, he’s my boss, he’s a lawyer and he’s helping me out, that’s all”. Sheila looks at Naomi knowingly. Naomi asks Sheila why she spins everything into a negative and why she can't she be happy for her. Sheila reminds Naomi that she sees her making the same stupid mistakes she did before and she won’t sit around and watch her do it all over again. Naomi says that if she hadn’t interfered she wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. Sheila asks Naomi when is she’s going to stop pretending it’s all her fault. Naomi angrily tells Sheila that it is her fault and leaves.

Imogen and Brennan are walking towards Lassiter's Lake, Imogen still unable to comprehend Paul's behaviour. Brennan spots Daniel's car, and Imogen explains that it's a guy who set up camp, and she's asked him to leave - twice - but he won't. Brennan becomes sidetracked as he spots the private investigator who was talking to Paul earlier. Imogen, meanwhile, goes over to Daniel and tells him that she can't believe he is still here after everything she told him. Imogen again tells Daniel he needs to leave right now, before asking what he's doing - he explains that he’s burning sage to invite positive energy into the space. Brennan joins them, but he doesn't seem too bothered by Daniel's presence, and tells Imogen that he has to go and do something. Daniel says “You should relax, your dad didn’t seem to mind” - Imogen is furious about this, and storms off. Across the lake, Brennan asks the woman what she is doing there, pointing out that private investigators don't look around in the bushes for no reason. The woman tells Brennan that it doesn’t concern him. However, Brennan informs her that it does if she’s investigating the Kate Ramsay case. The woman claims not to know what he’s talking about - Brennan tells her that he can guess who hired her, but again the woman stays quiet.



Over at the Lassiter's Complex, Brennan asks Paul why he is using a PI, telling him that he’s going to destroy the investigation and it’s a big mistake hiring Tracey Wong. Paul calmly comments that Tracey can't do any worse than the police have done. Brennan informs Paul that he’s worked with PI’s before and the only things they’re good at is getting cases thrown out of court by breaking the rules to find evidence that ends up being inadmissible. Brennan again states to Paul that Tracey is going to ruin everything. Paul insists that Tracey knows what she's doing, she’s not an idiot. However, Brennan tells Paul that he needs to call her off right now. Paul quite firmly tells Brennan, that if he thinks he’s going to take orders from the man who’s responsible for Kate’s death he can think again! Brennan says “If you stuff this up and ruin Kate’s chances of getting the justice she deserves, you will have me to deal with”.

In Harold’s, Paul is on the phone to Tracey. He tells her if Mark Brennan does anything to stop her investigation she is to let him know. Imogen comes in and tries to talk to Paul. He motions for Imogen to wait and tells Tracey to keep searching. Imogen tells Paul that there is some guy camping down at the lake. Paul isn’t bothered, however Imogen mentions that she’s asked him to move three times and he won’t. Paul tells Imogen that he doesn’t think it’s his problem as it’s a public space. However, Imogen points out the council clause, which states that camping is prohibited by the lake and in the surrounding parkland. Imogen points out that its Paul's job to know this. Paul tells Imogen that it’s his job to take care of important matters like the entire community - not slapping campers on the wrist. Imogen informs Paul that it does affect the community and she’s surprised he’s ok about it. Paul looks confused, so Imogen reminds him that Kate died there and letting some stranger camp there is disrespecting her memory. Paul looks thoughtful.



Daniel is putting things into the boot of the car as Imogen approaches. Imogen tells Daniel that the owner of Lassiter's is on his way right now. Daniel says “For real?” Imogen confirms this, adding that he’s actually the mayor too. Daniel tells Imogen that he’s packing up and says that he wouldn’t want to get into trouble. At this moment Paul approaches the car and says “Hey! Whoever you are you can pack up your stuff and get out of here. This isn’t a camping ground you know”. Daniel takes his head out of the boot and says “G’day Paul!” Paul looking surprised says “Daniel?” Daniel, laughing, tells Paul that he wanted to say hi earlier but his staff said he was in meetings all day. Paul says that Scott and Charlene didn’t tell him that he was coming down - Daniel says that he wanted to surprise him. Imogen jumps in to the conversation and says “Wait you two know each other? “Yeah, course!” is Daniel’s answer. Paul confirms this by telling Imogen that Daniel is his nephew. Imogen looks stunned as they hug each other.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning, Imogen Willis

Guest Cast: Tim Phillipps as Daniel Robinson, Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Aileen Huynh as Tracey Wong, Adam McConvell as Norm Symonds

Trivia Notes
• First appearance of Tim Phillipps as Daniel Robinson, a previously unseen character, first mentioned on screen in 1992
• Daniel's first words are "There's some water here, if you need something for your throat."
• Daniel's mix tape includes the song Suddenly by Angry Anderson, which was played at Scott and Charlene's wedding
• Daniel’s car number plate is 317 JBS
• Tim previously appeared in Neighbours in 2007 as Fox
• Adam McConvell, who plays Norm in this episode, previously appeared in 2009 as Trevor Maguire
• Past characters Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson and Kate Ramsay are referenced in this episode
• Imogen quotes the following act to Paul: The Erinsborough Council Act 1982 states section 8B clause 9 states camping is prohibited in the vicinity of Lassiter's Lake and surrounding parkland
• The song Riptide by Vance Joy is played over the opening scene

Summary by Kyle