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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6880

Written by Mithila Gupta, Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 09/05/14, Five: 23/05/14

Josie is upset that Callum has based Super Cool Chick on Imogen
Paul agrees to buy Naomi's painting
Brad asks his parents to move into number 22
Imogen gives Daniel a skateboard, but he won't accept it
Josh collapses after drinking champagne

The Waterhole: Georgia is helping Josh, as Amber and Imogen stand by. Terese and Brad then turn up to the party, wanting to know what happened - Amber insists that they only had one glass of champagne each, and Brad wonders if someone spiked Josh's drink. As Georgia unbuttons the top of Josh's shirt, they notice a rash, and Georgia says that they'll find out what's wrong once Karl gets his car and they can take him to the hospital. Imogen wants to go with them, but Brad tells her to stay, at least until Doug and Pam arrive.

Harold's Store: Toadie is picking up a last-minute birthday card, when he spots Josie. He asks if she's coming to the party, and she says that she's just going to wait and see. As he leaves, Daniel walks in, and finds Paul just finishing up a meeting. Paul explains that he was meeting someone about a networking event he's holding at the penthouse - which is also what he wants to speak to Daniel about. Daniel wonders why his uncle didn't just come over to the party at the pub, before realising that the connection with the venue and Kate's birthday. Paul asks him if he'd like some work at the function, serving food and drinks - Daniel isn't keen, particularly about having to wear a uniform, but Paul reminds him that he never turns down a new experience. He points out that it might lead to some ongoing work, and even a new direction in life. Daniel, with not very much enthusiasm, agrees to help out.

The Waterhole: Imogen is worried about Josh, with Doug trying to keep her spirits up. Pam then returns with news that Josh has suspected alcohol poisoning, and should be allowed to go home soon. Imogen wants to go and see him, but Doug says that life's too short to miss out on her own 18th birthday party, and Pam agrees, making a toast to Imogen. At another table, Callum is looking worried, when Toadie arrives and says that he's just seen Josie over at the coffee shop, but she didn't seem to be in any hurry to come to the party. Callum is confused about what she wants, and pushes Toadie away when he tries to get Callum to go and speak to her.

No 22: Terese and Brad are making sure that Josh is comfortable, and he complains that, after all those years of clean living, now that he can actually drink alcohol, he finds out he's allergic to it. Brad reminds him that he's not allergic - he's just missing the enzyme that breaks down the alcohol. He tells his parents and Amber to go back to the party - Brad and Terese eventually agree to go and see Imogen, but Amber stays, telling Josh that she'd rather be with him. He's very touched, but the romance of the situation ends abruptly when he throws up into a bucket.

The Waterhole: Doug, Pam and Imogen are sitting with Callum, and one of Pam's favourite songs comes on - Doug reminisces about the summer when she played it non-stop, and they go to have a dance. Callum tries to call Josie, but she hangs up on him. Brad and Terese then arrive, reporting to Imogen that Josh is fine, but just a bit hungover. Brad sees his parents dancing, and asks Imogen if she'd care to dance with him.

Lassiter's Complex: The next morning, Callum spots Josie and chases after her, wanting to know what's wrong. She stops and asks why he didn't come and look for her the night before, like he did at the school dance. He says that he isn't psychic and didn't know that's what she wanted him to do - and points out that he told her he loved her, which should be enough. She thinks that he only said it because he felt guilty about the game, but he says that he's never said that to a girl before. Josie claims that they're just words, and she walks away.

Harold's Store: Amber tells a grumpy and hungover Lou that she's going on her break, and she sits with Imogen, asking how things went at the party. She says that a certain person didn't show up - Amber realises that she's talking about Brennan and says not to take it personally, as he's pretty caught up in Kate's case right now. Daniel then walks in, wearing a Lassiter's uniform, and Imogen is annoyed when Amber calls him over and mentions the skateboard. Daniel explains that his old one belonged to his Uncle Henry, so he wants to try to fix it rather than replace it. He jokes that maybe Imogen can use the other one - but not around Lassiter's, as skateboarding's been banned there!

No 22: Josh gets off the phone from the hospital, and tells Brad that the test results should be back this afternoon. Everyone then gathers, as Doug wants to make an announcement - he explains that they've thought about the offer to move in, but the answer is no. Pam explains that they've thought about it, and there are other things that they want to do. Doug says that they've made a bucket list and they're leaving to go travelling, with the first stop in Canada and a visit to Piper. They're both very excited about it, but Brad thinks that it's a terrible idea and makes this perfectly clear.

The Waterhole: Paul tells Daniel to collect some red wine for his networking soiree, then spots Matt at the bar and suggests that she should try doing some work - and his first job could be to arrest Sienna Matthews. Matt says that he needs to have a word about Tracey Wong, the private investigator, but Paul points out that if he hadn't hired Tracey, then the police wouldn't even have known that Sienna gave a false alibi. Paul stomps off, and Brad says that it's nice to see that Matt and Paul are still such good mates.

No 30: Callum is looking to Toadie for advice on how to win back Josie. Toadie thinks that Callum's ideas so far - flowers, chocolates, a hairless puppy - are all terrible. He says that they need to be brave and find the romantic gesture to end all romantic gestures...

No 22: Brad arrives home, as Pam finishes up a phone call, booking their flights home to Darwin. She says that they'll organise the trip to Canada once they get home - Brad asks her if she's really prepared for all of this. She insists that she is, and jokes that, if Doug forgets who she is, she'll just chain herself to him until he remembers. Brad doesn't see the funny side, and Pam tells her son that she knows that this will be a struggle, and that Doug will one day forget who she is, but until then she wants to laugh and joke and dance with him, so she'll have some stories to share with him when he forgets. Brad tells his mum how much he'll miss her, and gives her a hug.

Harold's Store: Callum walks into the store, with some pieces of card and a CD player, and he asks Amber is she can turn down the music. As Amber and the other customers look on, Callum stands in front of a surprised Josie, plays some music and shows her the cards, which say 'We've had trouble talking lately, so I thought I'd write this down. Sometimes I'm an idiot. A really big idiot. And I don't always get things right. But one thing I do know is... I love you. And... I'm so happy you're in my life.' Josie then stands up and walks over to Callum - they kiss.

Lassiter's Lake: Callum and Josie walk by the lake, hand in hand, and find their love lock. She says that she almost got some bolt cutters and snapped it off last night. Callum says that he was an idiot, but she did overreact too, and she explains that she's just becoming aware that they're getting really serious - and she might be ready to get even more serious. Callum is confused, and Josie admits that, before the fight, she wanted to discuss them 'taking things to the next level'.

No 22: As Imogen and Josh take the bags outside, Lou arrives to see off Pam and Doug, saying that it's a shame that he and Pam didn't get more of a chance to catch up and mull over the old days. Pam mentions the time that she caught Lou and Cheryl 'at it' in her house, and they all share a laugh about it, until Doug says that he'd like to pop over and say goodbye to Cheryl, feeling terrible when Lou reminds him that Cheryl passed away quite a while ago. Lou is surprised to hear that they're getting a taxi to the airport, but Doug says that he doesn't like long goodbyes. They head outside, but Terese stops Brad, saying that this is for the best. Brad says that he has a right to spend time with his father too, but Terese thinks that it isn't Pam and Doug's job to make him feel better - it's about them, and doing what's best for themselves.

Ramsay Street: As he and Pam stand by the taxi, Doug makes a speech to the rest of the family: "The next time you see me, I might not be myself. I know I'm not the smartest bloke, but over the last few weeks, it's taught me something very important. Life goes by bloody fast - we get caught up in work, bills, trying to impress people, but none of that means anything. The only thing that matters are the people you love so hug them every chance you can get and make sure they know how you feel. Because that's what I'm gonna do." He and Pam then get into the taxi and leave.

Harold's Store: Daniel is complaining to Amber about his painful work shoes, and she suggests that he wear double socks. He goes to sit down, as Josh comes in and tells Amber about the difficult farewell to his grandparents. He says that the hospital has just confirmed that he has an enzyme deficiency which means he can't drink alcohol - so he'll just have to find something more productive to do with his time. He says that he's going to share Doug's attitude and make the most of life - and he then kisses Amber and tells her that he loves her.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Paul is showing his Daisy Nader painting to various impressed guests at his networking event, when Susan makes a comment under her breath about how much it must have cost. He takes her to one side and reminds her that she was only invited because of her good standing in the community - though she says that it was because he agreed to pay for new school netball courts. Paul then buzzes someone up in the lift, assuming that it's the caterers, but it's actually the police, who've come for the Daisy Nader painting. Paul is then mortified as the police take the painting, and Matt tells him that they need to take him to the police station for questioning, as the painting has been reported as stolen.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy, Lou Carpenter, Matt Turner, Amber Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis, Joshua Willis, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks

Guest Cast: Tim Phillipps as Daniel Robinson, Terence Donovan as Doug Willis, Sue Jones as Pam Willis, Madison Daniel as Josie Lamb

Trivia Notes
This episode marks the end of a five-week guest stint for Terence Donovan (Doug) and a one-week guest stint for Sue Jones (Pam)
Past characters Henry Ramsay and Cheryl Stark are mentioned. Unseen character Piper Willis is mentioned again

Summary by Steve

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