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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6900

Written by Sarah Duffy, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 06/06/14, Five: 20/06/14

Callum tells Toadie and Sonya that he wants to go to America
Paul angrily tells Brennan that Kate would have wanted him to find the person responsible for her death
Brennan helps a woman with a broken shoe
Naomi pretends to have a stalker, to get Toadie's attention

Harold's Store: Brennan and Honor are discussing their favourite Doctor Who episodes and Doctors, and Brennan is enjoying himself until he notices the store is closing. He suddenly feels uncomfortable enjoying another woman's company and says that he should be going. Honor suggests that they could go on to The Waterhole, and is disappointed when Brennan leaves.

No 30: The next morning, Callum hears Sonya on the phone to Jade, who has confirmed that she'd be happy for Callum to stay with her. Callum is delighted, but Sonya says that she won't be rushed into making this decision. Callum tells his parents once again how much he wants to go, and then leaves for school, just as Naomi arrives. She asks Toadie for a lift to work, admitting that she feels silly, but is still freaked out after the man followed her home last night. Sonya and Toadie are both understanding.

Harold's Store: Karl is telling Holly a story - and she keeps on interrupting by adding zombies into it - when Susan returns to the table and says that she's found someone to fill in for her deputy principal. Karl thinks it all sounds a bit short notice, but Susan smiles knowingly and says that the candidate is worth it. At another table, Kyle is checking work emails as Georgia arrives. She wants to spend the day with him, but he notices that there's an account that's overdue by three weeks. He leaves to go and sort it out, as Georgia orders some coffees to take away - Brennan then walks up to the counter. Georgia notices that he looks unhappy and says that she's available if he ever needs anyone to talk to - he bluntly turns her down.

Dial-a-Kyle: Kyle is checking the invoice, and realises that it's from when Doug was in charge - Georgia says that Doug really wasn't up to it, so it probably explains the oversight. Kyle leaves a message with Josh to ask him about it, then he and Georgia run off for some private time in the site office.

Rebecchi Law: Sonya is telling Toadie about the research she's been doing on the area Jade lives in, and how lots of the school have metal detectors. Toadie is sure that Callum can cope, and that there are lots of positive things about San Francisco. He says that Callum is smart and mature, and Sonya is holding on tight because she's scared of losing him again - Sonya doesn't get a chance to reply, before Nell starts crying, and she quickly leaves.

The Waterhole: Toadie is chatting to Naomi, and he thinks that it would be a huge mistake to stop Callum from leaving - Naomi suggests that Sonya is just being overprotective, but she might change her mind. Sheila then comes over to join them, showing Naomi some photographs of the men who were at the singles' night, asking if any of them remind her of the man who followed her home. Naomi isn't keen, and starts to suggest that maybe she was mistaken about the man following her - plus she never turned around to get a good look at him. Toadie says that it's common for the victims to think they made a mistake, but the photos could trigger a memory for Naomi, which could help the police to catch the man. He then gives her the afternoon off, so that she and Sheila can go through the photographs properly.

No 24: Sonya and Nell call in on Brennan - Sonya says that Nell looked up at the house and said 'Uncle Mark' but Brennan realises that she's just making an excuse to check on him. She notices that there's some laundry that hasn't been cleared away, and asks if he has something on his mind. He tells her about Honor and how they met, and Sonya thinks it sounds lovely, but Brennan says that he felt like he was betraying Kate. Sonya starts to get upset as she tells him that he has to get on with his life and move on - but she knows how difficult it can be to let go of people. Brennan asks about the situation with Callum, and Sonya admits that she knows that she's not being a very supportive mother by stopping her son from following his dreams, but the thought of not having him around is more than she can deal with. Brennan tells her that she's very strong and that she needs to follow her own advice - sometimes you have to let someone go.

Dial-a-Kyle: Georgia and Kyle stumble out of the office, as he gets a text message from Josh, who can't remember the mysterious missing delivery. As they're leaving, Georgia notices the security camera, worried that it might have filmed their antics in the site office. Kyle is sure that they're safe, but then wonders if the camera might have filmed the delivery arriving. He calls Chris to find out how he can get access to the footage.

No 26: Chris is telling Kyle about how Brennan organises the CCTV camera recordings. He then joins Naomi and Sheila, who are going through the photos of men from the singles' night. Naomi insists that she doesn't recognise any of them, and tries to change the subject, but Sheila then has the idea that Naomi could come to one of her self-defence classes, so that if this bloke turns up again, she'll be able to defend herself. Naomi tries to wriggle out of it, but Chris also thinks it's a great idea and offers to join them, and Naomi runs out of excuses not to go.

No 30: Callum arrives home and shows Sonya his certificate from the app competition, which he's had framed. He says that he wanted to do something special, as he won't be going to America. Sonya says that was very grown-up of him, but he walks off saying that she's getting him confused with Nell. Sonya then starts looking at photos and thinking back to moments she's shared with Callum, such as when she first arrived as the guide dog trainer and when Callum walked her down the aisle at her wedding. Toadie then arrives home, and Sonya tells him that he's right - they need to let Callum go. She says that she keeps thinking about when he was born and how tiny he was, and how difficult it was to lose him, and now, just as she feels like she's doing a good job as his mum, she's losing him all over again. Toadie comforts her as she breaks down in tears.

Fitzgerald Motors: Kyle and Georgia are looking through the CCTV footage from early in April - all they've got so far is Chris walking through the yard and picking his nose, and Georgia is getting bored. As they fast forward, they spot a mysterious stranger, who walks in and hides something in the pile of mulch outside the office.

The Waterhole: Sheila asks Naomi whether she got anything from the self-defence class, not impressed as Naomi and Chris start messing around. Sheila reminds Naomi that this was meant to make her feel safe - Naomi says that it will, but she's been stressing out a lot lately, so it's nice to have some fun too. Brennan then comes in and tells them all that he was planning to throw a barbecue the following week, and wondered if they'd like to come.

No 30: The atmosphere is still tense as Callum wanders in to get a drink, but then Sonya tells him that she expects him to call at least once a day and to make sure he does well in his schoolwork. He realises that this means that he can go, and he tells his mum that he's going to be OK. He hugs her, and Toadie then joins them both for a group hug.

Harold's Store: Karl and Holly are doing zombie impressions, as Susan joins them at the table. She says that she's found her stand-in deputy principal, but she won't say who it is, and Karl is intrigued. Kyle and Georgia then come in, and show the CCTV photo to Karl and Susan, explaining why they're trying to identify the man. As they're talking, Holly sees the photo and says that it's her mum's friend, Victor.

Harold's Store: Karl finishes a phone call with Izzy, who's confirmed that the man in the picture is Victor Cleary. Susan decides to take Holly home, and Kyle asks Karl why he looks so worried. Karl explains that Victor is the brother of Gus Cleary, who died in mysterious circumstances in the Lassiter's fire 10 years ago. He explains that Paul once confessed to Gus's murder, and after finding out that Victor was seen on the same day that Kate was shot, he says that Kyle needs to take this photo to the police.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning, Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks

Guest Cast: Lucinda Armstrong-Hall as Holly Hoyland, Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Richard Sutherland as Victor Cleary, Ann Troung as Honor Taylor, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi

Trivia Notes
Past characters Jade Mitchell, Doug Willis, Kate Ramsay, Gus Cleary and Izzy Hoyland are mentioned
Richard Sutherland (Victor Cleary) is credited, but is only shown in photographs and CCTV footage
Brennan mentions the Doctor Who episode Voyage of the Damned, which featured former Neighbours actress Kylie Minogue

Summary by Steve

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