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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6902

Written by Brooke Wilson, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 10/06/14, Five: 24/06/14

Lauren and Brad searching for their daughter in Adelaide
Terese checking Paige into Lassiter's Hotel
Matt revealing the chief suspect in Kate's shooting is Victor Cleary, Gus Cleary's brother
Brennan swearing that he will never let Paul forget what happened if Victor Cleary is responsible
Matt telling Paul that he is looking to arrest Victor after locating the rifle used in Kate's killing

Cemetary/No 32: Paul stands looking solemnly at Kate's grave. Meanwhile, Matt shows Brennan in and reveals that he has found the rifle and is looking to track down Victor Cleary. Brennan becomes angry that Paul was responsible for Kate's death. He can't believe that, since the shooting, he felt responsible and Matt tells him he doesn't have to carry that burden any more. Brennan agrees, saying that now falls upon Paul. Paul is kneeling beside Kate's grave in tears, devastated at the news.

The Waterhole: Terese and Brad are enjoying a "date breakfast", although Terese wonders why she is being spoilt. Brad admits he is feeling guilty because he has been in a bad way recently, including lying to Terese and Imogen and making several bad decisions. Terese replies that Brad had his reasons, but Brad explains that they weren't good enough and that he realised he missed his family when in Adelaide. Terese replies that Brad will always have her, and Brad says that he hopes so. Terese wants to thank Lauren for helping Brad get his head straight. Just then, Paige arrives and Brad asks if she is going to the gym that day. She says that she will, after her shift, and Brad once again asks for photo ID so he can input her onto the gym system. Paige explains that she hasn't updated her address yet, but Brad tells her with her old address and Lassiter's it shouldn't be a problem. Terese looks suspiciously at Paige and asks where she said she was from. Paige replies that she didn't, but adds that she is from Tasmania. Terese asks what she did for work and when Paige replies with a bit of everything, Terese wonders how odd jobs pay so well. Paige heads off, leaving Brad to wonder why Paige is so reluctant to sign up. Terese replies that money won't be an issue for Paige.

Erinsborough Police Station: Lou is explaining to Kelly that the only involvement he had with Gus Cleary was the fact that he owned the building that burned down. Lauren spots him and asks what Lou is doing in the station as she thought he needed help choosing books for Cambodia. He explains that he was talking about the fire at the complex. Just then, Matt arrives and Lauren hands over some lunch that she has prepared him. Matt asks what hotel Lauren stayed at in Adelaide, as there is a strange entry on their credit card statement, but it is not the hotel. Lauren reveals Brad paid for their stay anyway, and Matt replies he will have to fix Brad up with the money later. Terese arrives and comments that Brad is not the only romantic when she spots Matt's lunch. As Lauren and Lou go, Terese asks Matt if he thinks its strange that someone insists on paying with cash all the time, referring to Paige.

Lassiter's Complex: By the lake, Paige is explaining to Ethan that she needs a fake ID so she can continue to get to know the Turner and Willis families in her own time. She sees Brad preparing for a yoga class and he apologises for pressuring her earlier, although admits he is only looking after her pocket. Paige replies that she understands, but didn't expect Terese to grill her on the details. Paige adds that she doesn't really like to talk about her past but asks after Brad, who says he used to be a PE teacher. She wonders why Brad gave it up, and he tells Paige that he gave it up to help Josh with his swimming career, until Josh's accident ended it. Paige realises that this is the reason she beat Josh in the gym previously and says that working in the gym must be better than teaching in a school anyway.

Harold's Store: Paige starts work and tells Matt that if he is looking for Lauren, she is with Lou. Matt asks how she is settling in and wonders if it is not too boring for her. He adds that she must have done something more interesting in the past leaving Paige to wonder if he is asking her as a cop. Matt denies this is the case, telling her that he is asking because people have seen hat she has lots of cash. Paige realises that Terese must have been responsible, and she informs Matt that he needs to tell Terese to mind her own business. Paige suggests that Matt do the same.

Lassiter's Complex: Paul is walking along when he recognises a woman heading in his direction: it is Laura, Victor Cleary's sister. Matt walks over and asks if everyone is ok - Laura explains who she is and adds that she might know where Victor is.

Erinsborough Police Station: Laura is explaining to Matt about Victor, Paul watching from the other side of the room. She says that Victor worked out what Paul told Laura many years ago that he had killed Gus. Laura admits that Victor couldn't put the past behind him and, just then Kelly enters, telling Matt that the address Laura gave is an industrial area. Matt and Kelly head off to go and check it out. Laura urges Paul to be careful, because he is in danger if Victor is after him.

Industrial Area: Matt, Kelly and several other police officers are staking out the address that Laura supplied. A radio is playing, indicating that somebody is inside the building. They move forward, Matt knocking on the door and calling for Victor. With no reply, they rush in, but the room is empty, a radio playing loudly in the corner. Matt pulls a mattress away from the wall in another corner of the room: there are photos and newspaper clipping of Kate and Paul attached to the wall. Matt and Kelly get ready to head off and search the estate, gathering statements from any local residents.

Lassiter's Complex: Lou is reading and, although Lauren shouts for help, as she is carrying a big box of books, Brad has to rush across when she begins dropping them. Lauren thanks Brad and Lou asks Brad if he has any snorkelling gear that he can borrow as he is off to Cambodia and wants to hit the beach. brad offers to drop it off later and Lou invites him to stay for dinner, enabling him to watch Lauren and Matt's vow renewal. Lauren tries to put Lou off, saying that Brad won't want to see it, although Lou replies that Brad will as it is a shame Adelaide got in the way. Brad says he will try and make it, much to Lauren's annoyance.

The Waterhole: Paige marches over to Terese and says she is not a thief, dealer or any other type of criminal. Terese apologises, but says that if Paige were in her position, she would also be asking questions. Paige wonders what the questions would be about, but Terese retort how strange it is that she won't use credit cards. Paige explains that it is none of Terese's business, although Terese says that it is her business as Paige is a resident of the hotel. Paige replies that she will look for other accommodation: Terese says that would be her choice, but gives the advice that Paige can't continue to act mysterious and then be shocked when people start asking questions.

Industrial Area: The search for Victor Cleary is ongoing, but Kelly explains that there is no one around since the estate was closed. She wonders why Kate was targeted: Matt believes it is because Victor wanted Paul to suffer as much as he did after Gus was killed.

The Waterhole: Paul is telling Matt he doesn't need protection because Victor has had weeks to target him and hasn't yet done so. Matt points out how dangerous Victor is, although cant persuade Paul to accept police protection and, defeated, walks off. Terese sits down and urges Paul to reconsider, asking him if he really wants anyone else to get hurt like Kate did. Paul wonders if Terese is worried about being caught in the crossfire; Terese retorts she is worried about her family and any other innocent passerby that might be. Just then, Sonya and Brennan head in and towards the bar before Brennan spots Paul and marches over. He grabs Paul, telling him that Kate's death is Paul's fault, whilst being restrained by Matt and Sonya. Matt urges Paul to reconsider, but Paul says no, adding that he deserves everything he gets.

The Waterhole: A little later, Sonya urges Brennan to stop his hatred of Paul because it will destroy him if he lets it. Sonya reminds Brennan that Paul is also a victim in the whole situation and that they should focus on thinking about what they actually have in common, as blaming Paul will not bring Kate back. Sonya asks Brennan to channel his energy to ensure that Victor is caught, as everyone would feel a lot safer.

No 32: Lou and Lauren are working in the garden. Matt heads over to them as he is returning to work. Lauren asks Matt not to be long, as Sonya has organised a farewell barbecue for Callum. Brad carries over some snorkelling equipment for Lou, who reminisces about how excited he was to meet his daughter for the first time. He stops when he realised what he has said and Matt asks Brad how much he owes him for the trip to Adelaide. Lou notices the look that passes between Lauren and Brad as Brad explains to Matt that he doesn't owe him anything. Lou comments its a shame that the Adelaide trip was for nothing and Brad replies that it was, before telling Lou to have a good trip.

Harold's Store: Paige notices the housemate advertisement that Brennan placed on the wall and asks if he is still looking, excited by the prospect of living on Ramsay Street. Brennan replies that he wouldn't be the best company at that moment, but Paige says that she isn't either although she is good for rent. Brennan explains that Paige wouldn't want to live with him, but Paige doesn't mind, pointing out she has already noticed that he has lined the sachets of sugar in a neat line on the table. After more persuasion, he eventually relents, but says that she needs to promise to stay neat and tidy. Paige replies that they are going to get along just fine.

No 32: Lauren is still working outdoors when Lou heads over, thanking Lauren for her help that day. Lauren notices that Lou doesn't sound very happy and he sits down, asking Lauren what is going on. Lauren denies that she knows what Lou means, so Lou directly asks what happened in Adelaide. Lauren begins to explain about the search, but Lou cuts her off, asking what happened between her and Brad. Lou explains that he doesn't want to judge her, but that something is turning her inside out and it doesn't take a genius to realise it has to do with Brad. He says that he can spot the signs and wants to give Lauren help and advice. Lauren reveals that she and Brad had to share a room, unplanned, and that after a long, exhausting day, she kissed Brad. Crying in Lou's arms, Lauren asks what she has done.

Cemetary: Paul takes more flowers to Kate's grave. He notices a white box by the grave with a Lassiter's card and some ashes inside. Worriedly, Paul looks around him as he rushes away from the grave. Somebody is watching from the shadows...

Featured Regular Characters: Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Sonya Rebecchi, Paul Robinson

Guest Cast: Olympia Valance as Paige Novak, Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Maya Aleksandra as Kelly Merolli, Jodi Flockhart as Laura Cleary

Trivia Notes
Past characters Gus Cleary and Kate Ramsay are mentioned
Jodi Flockhart reprises her role as Laura after 7 years, and the character's surname has changed from Davidson to Cleary

Summary by Alex