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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6908

Written by Sue Hore, Directed by Scott Major, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 18/06/14, Five: 02/07/14

Jayden laughs at Bailey as he tries to get in shape for astronaut training
Chris tells Georgia that Kyle's having financial problems
Naomi pretends to have a stalker, to get Toadie's attention
Libby agrees to fill in as principal when Susan falls ill
Karl tries to get Susan to pretend to still be unwell, so Libby might stay longer

No 28: Karl is encouraging Susan to take more time off work, as she has to look after herself - Libby agrees, and checks that it's just a cold, and not something more serious. She suggests that her mum should take a few more days off, and Karl says that Libby could continue to fill in for her. Libby isn't sure, but Karl says that she's only half way through her first day - she then admits that she doesn't have much confidence in her teaching abilities these days, as she blames herself for the closure of her last school. She admits that, after this favour for Susan, she was thinking about giving up teaching, but maybe working at Erinsborough High might be just what she needs to get her groove back. Susan agrees to stay at home for another couple of days to recuperate, but says that she'll keep her phone switched on, just in case there are any problems.

Power Road: Toadie and Naomi are walking out of Grease Monkeys, and he says that it's nice to have a burger, as he doesn't get them at home. Naomi jokes about him burping meat breath all over Sonya, and says that should be his super power, and that she'd have something like a leopard as hers, always protecting her. Toadie asks if she's still worried about her stalker - she insists that she isn't, and she wipes some sauce from Toadie's face. As they walk past Kyle's yard, Georgia walks by and apologises to him for offering to pay him for his handyman services. He accepts, and they kiss and make up - she then produces a dog treat from her bag for Bossy, who runs away, clearly still upset with Kyle for going to Thailand. Georgia notices that Kyle's been tidying up the yard and asks what he's going to do with the rocking horse (which he was restoring for the baby that Georgia miscarried). He says that he's going to keep it, as he found the work very rewarding - and this gives Georgia an idea.

Erinsborough High: Ben is embarrassed by having his mum around, so Libby leaves him alone, and he then spots Bailey being bullied by Jayden and his mates, as they start pulling everything out of his locker. Ben steps in and defends Bailey from Jayden, who isn't impressed at being called an idiot by a year 10. He says that he'll let Ben off - but only this once.

The Waterhole: Toadie is helping Naomi to write her police statement - she says that she doesn't know where to start, and that she doesn't want to make any mistakes. Toadie jokes that giving a false statement carries a prison sentence, which rattles Naomi a bit, and she says that maybe they should just forget about it. Toadie calls Sheila over, and Sheila is shocked to learn about the letter Naomi received, and disgusted when she reads it. She tells Naomi that she has to go to the police now, so Naomi reluctantly starts writing the statement again, with both Toadie and Sheila telling her to make sure she does it.

Harold's Store: Ben finds Bailey hiding out in the store and asks why he didn't stand up to Jayden earlier. Bailey says that it's easier to keep a low profile, but disagrees, pointing out that he grew up in a country town, writing poetry and playing music, and he learnt that you have to stand up to the bullies, otherwise they win.

Erinsborough High: As Bailey and Ben go their separate ways, Jayden spots Ben and says that he looked him up online and found out about the poetry competition he won. Bailey overhears the argument and returns, and Jayden asks what sort of guy writes poetry. "One who can read" is Ben's reply. Jayden then suggests that's what Drew must have been doing when he fell off that horse, and that it's a good thing that he died, so he wouldn't see his son turn into a mummy's boy - Ben then loses his temper and a fight breaks out. Libby eventually arrives and breaks it up, stunned to see that Ben's involved.

Erinsborough High - Principal's Office: Libby is struggling to get any information from Jayden, Bailey and Ben. She says that she could see Bailey trying to stop the fight, so he can go - but only once he's told her what caused the fight. Bailey explains that Jayden was sledging Ben about his poetry, then he starting talking about Ben's dad. Libby looks very upset. She looks to Ben, then tells Jayden that they have a zero tolerance policy with bullying, so he has a one-week suspension. She also tells Ben that whilst she understands his reaction, he needs to learn to show some restraint, so he has afternoon detention. She then sends the boys away.

The Waterhole: Sheila can't believe that Naomi hasn't finished her statement, but Naomi says that she's still worried that it was just a prankster and she could be wasting everyone's time. Sheila, however, has just spoken to Matt, who wants to see Naomi at the station. She agrees to go, but as Sheila turns her back, Naomi pretends to knock her drink all over the letter from the stalker. Sheila says that they won't be able to do any forensic testing on it now, but she still has to go and make a statement.

Harold's Store: Georgia tells Kyle that she's found a job for him - he's not keen on the idea, but she explains that it's for the hospital, making themed beds for kids who are coming out of hospital after long illnesses. Kyle likes the idea, but asks if the charity can afford to pay him - Georgia says that they can, but the pay isn't great. He's very happy and goes off to start working on some ideas, as Georgia looks guilty.

No 28: Libby is making tea, as Susan ends a call from Jayden's mum, Sue, who is making a complaint against the school. She says that Sue is accusing Libby of favouritism, as Ben was the one who started the fight, but Jayden is getting the more severe punishment. Libby confirms that Ben did start it, but he was seriously provoked with some very hurtful comments about Drew. Susan is shocked, and wonders if she should go back to work tomorrow to sort all of this out, but Libby says that, if she's still sick, she should stay at home. Libby insists that she can handle this challenge, and she's not going to let one disgruntled parent change her mind about the decision.

Power Road: Jayden tracks down Bailey and Ben, saying that his mum's going mental about his suspension. He tells Bailey that he should have kept his mouth shut, and says that he needs to go to Miss Kennedy and change his story, otherwise Matt and Lauren will find out about Bailey's drinking 'hobby'. Jayden marches off and Bailey can't believe it - but Ben says that he should do what Jayden wants.

No 28: Libby can't believe that Bailey made the whole thing up - Bailey claims that it was because he wanted to protect Ben, but also to get back to Jayden, who's been giving him a hard time lately. Libby wonders if someone is threatening Bailey, but Bailey says that he just felt guilty about lying, and that Ben attacked Jayden without any provocation. Libby sends Bailey away, telling him that he'll have to be punished with a detention.

The Waterhole: Sheila and Toadie are chatting about the upcoming pool contest, when Naomi returns from giving her statement at the police station. She says that she still feels bad about the whole thing, but Sheila tells her that the stalker is the only one who should be feeling guilty. Toadie also reassures Naomi and offers to walk her home. He pops back to the office, and Sheila comments that the only person who seems about to make Naomi feel better is Toadie - Naomi asks what exactly she's being accused of, and Sheila wonders if Naomi is conning them all and has made up the stalker. Naomi says that it's a ridiculous thing to say, but Sheila says that she knows Naomi too well and won't be taken for a fool. Naomi storms out, refusing to listen to her mum's accusations.

No 26: Georgia is very impressed with Kyle's sketches of racing car beds, and hands over $250, which she claims to be an advance for the first bed, from the hospital committee. Kyle is delighted and says that it feels great to be making stuff, and earning money, again, and says that when he's done with the work, he'll need a shower - asking if Georgia wants to join him. He goes outside as Naomi arrives home and says that it's nice to hear that things are back on track for them, as Chris had mentioned that they were having some problems. Georgia then asks Naomi if she's ever done anything dishonest to help someone she loves. Naomi goes along with it, and delivers some amazing advice to Georgia: "When you've dug yourself into a hole, I think sometimes you just need to keep digging until you find a way out!"

No 28: Libby is interrogating Ben about the fight, and wondering why Bailey said that Jayden had mentioned Drew. Ben explains that he told Bailey to say it, as he knew he'd need a good excuse. Libby is disgusted, and Ben goes off to the bedroom. Libby can't believe the mess she's found herself in, but Susan wonders if there's more to this, as it's so unlike Ben to start a fight.

No 30: Georgia and Kyle are getting intimate in the kitchen and are in the process of ripping each other's clothes off when Toadie arrives home, and Kyle hurriedly leaves. Toadie then tells Georgia that he needs her share of the bills, but she explains that something's come up and she's about $200 short. Toadie agrees that she can pay it the following month, and she again looks guilty.

Harold's Store: Bailey is restocking the fridge, when Jayden comes in and says he's glad that Bailey did the right thing and went to Miss Kennedy. He asks if Bailey's going to start hitting the bottle again, calls him a loser and leaves. Bailey takes out his phone and sends a text to Karina, asking if she's up for another big night. Across the store, Naomi is on the phone to a guy called Lee. She says that she has a proposition for him, and asks if he'd like to be her stalker...

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning, Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Bailey Turner

Guest Cast: Kym Valentine as Libby Kennedy, Felix Mallard as Ben Fitzgerald, Khan Oxenham as Jayden Warley

Trivia Notes
Past character Drew Kirk is mentioned
The episode also refers to Jayden's mum 'Sue', who is later revealed to be Sue Parker, a character who last appeared in 1987

Summary by Steve

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