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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6977

Written by Sam Meikle, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 23/09/14, Five: 07/10/14

Paul confessing to Dakota that he does not remember her and then Dakota making a mysterious phone call saying that Paul will help with her plans
Mark telling Chris that Nate attacked a man when he left the army
Nate storming out on Chris after being confronted about the attack
Daniel announcing his and Amber's engagement
Matt pushing Brad after overhearing Brad commenting on the engagement
Josh getting drunk at the party and being ordered to leave by Chris after he makes a scene
Chris being attacked by a mystery assailant outside of The Waterhole

Number 28: Susan is watching the TV when Nate arrives home. Susan wonders why Nate is back home early, and she asks him how everyone looks all dressed up. Nate says that everyone looked great but doesn't elaborate on that, or any other of Susan's questions. When she asks about Chris, Nate explains Chris was busy most of the night and Susan thinks it is the reason why Nate is back early. Nate excuses himself, saying that he is feeling pretty tired, and heads off to his room.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Paul shows Dakota in and offers her a drink. She thanks him and comments that her hotel room is perfect. Paul points out that things have come a long way since she slapped him across the face. Dakota says she wasn't sure she could trust Paul again and confides that it is good to feel safe at last as she isn't on holiday: she is on the run.

The Waterhole: The party is still in full swing. Sonya and Sheila are enjoying themselves dancing the hustle, and Daniel walks over to where Amber is sat by the bar. He comments that it looks as though she wants to go home, but Amber denies that she does, saying that she doesn't want to go home and be grilled by Lauren. Daniel suggests they go back and tell Paul the good news, but Amber sarcastically replies that Daniel has told enough people for one day. Daniel apologises; Amber explains she feels bad for Josh and that despite him acting like a tool, they have already hurt him enough. As the dancing continues, Georgia asks Kyle if he has seen where Chris went. Kyle replies that he doesn't know where Chris is, but reckons he is probably trying to make things up with Nate. Georgia laments all the bad feeling between people during the evening and says that she just wanted everyone to be happy. Kyle replies that most people are and that she shouldn't worry about it. Georgia tells Kyle that she would like to go and find Chris: Kyle agrees and they head towards the door.

Lassiter's Complex: Outside The Waterhole, Kyle reaffirms his belief to Georgia that Chris has simple gone off to find Nate. Georgia gets her phone out to call Chris and his phone starts ringing in the bush in which he fell. Georgia discovers Chris lying on the ground, and shouts at Kyle to call an ambulance. Kyle immediately does so, and relays the situation to the medics, asking Georgia if Chris is breathing. She confirms that he is indeed breathing: Kyle explains that Georgia is a nurse and knows what she is doing. Just then, Sheila comes out of The Waterhole and asks what Kyle and Georgia are up to. Kyle points out Chris to Sheila who asks what has happened. Kyle replies that they don't know but that the ambulance is on the way.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Chatting on the sofa, Dakota tells Paul that she should have left Sao Paolo when he did, but didn't because she became the girlfriend of Carlos, one of Paul's associates. Dakota adds that she knew he was involved in things that were not above board, but that it was part of the thrill and that she didn't realise how serious everything was. Paul asks Dakota if she was harmed: she replies she wasn't but warns Paul that Carlos is an extremely dangerous man. Dakota says she couldn't be around Carlos any longer, especially after she was questioned by the police and that she had to get away as quickly as she could, even though she wouldn't have talked to the police when she was taken in. Paul wonders why Dakota fled to him in Australia, rather than to her family in England. She says it would be the first place Carlos would think to look, the only person that knew her from Sao Paolo was Paul and that she hopes he might be able to help her start again.

Erinsborough Hospital: Chris is wheeled in on a trolley followed by a worried Kyle and Georgia. Karl immediately asks for Chris to be taken away for scans and he is wheeled off. Karl asks how long Chris was unconscious for and whether he had had any fits or seizures. Georgia says that he hadn't whilst they were with him and reassures Karl that Chris was breathing for the whole time by himself. Kyle tells Karl that the ambulance medics told him that it was likely Chris was hit and became unconscious when he fell. Karl heads off, telling them they would know soon. A worried Georgia is comforted by Kyle.

Number 28: Georgia is on the phone with Sheila. Susan tells Sheila she doesn't know if Nate is awake, but when she calls through from the lounge, Nate responds and appears at the door from the bedrooms. Susan tells Sheila she will call her back and hangs up. Susan tells Nate what has happened to Chris: Nate just says ok. Susan asks Nate if he is alright and he says that he is. Unsure about Nate's monosyllabic answers, Susan suggests Nate go and join Georgia and Kyle at the hospital. Reluctantly and with some hesitation, Nate says he probably should. he heads off to organise himself as Susan looks on quizzically.

Erinsborough Hospital: Chris is having a scan. Meanwhile, Georgia is worriedly telling Kyle how much effort Chris went to for them. She points out how unfair it is, as Chris is so kind and gentle. At that moment, Sheila arrives and asks Georgia and Kyle what is going on. Georgia informs Sheila that Chris is in for his scan, but has yet to regain consciousness. Sheila hands over a bag, telling them she has brought them a change of clothes and says that despite making several calls, she has been unable to reach Chris' parents. Kyle replies that they are on holiday on one of the Greek Islands and Sheila says they are not to worry as she will find a way to contact them somehow. Karl walks over and tells them all that Chris has a fractured skull as well as swelling and that he has been put in a coma until the pressure can be relieved. Kyle asks when Chris will wake up, but Karl is unable to give an answer. Sheila wonders how it could have happened: Karl explains that Chris was hit, as he has a bruised eye, and that his hands showed he didn't have time to defend himself. Kyle is furious that Chris was 'coward punched'. Karl says that he has passed the information onto the police as it was a serious attack. He adds the perpetrator will be charged with assault - or worse if Chris doesn't pull through.

The Waterhole: Matt is informing the remaining revellers that someone must have seen what happened and so the police will be talking to them there. Matt asks when the last time Chris was seen: Amber replies it was when Chris was escorting Josh outside. Sonya confirms that was also the last time she saw Chris and Daniel explains that Josh had not taken the news of his and Amber's engagement will and had become quite mouthy after having had a drink. Brad is surprised that Josh had been drinking and Amber retorts that she tried to point it out to Josh but that he didn't care. Brad heads off to call home to check on Josh. Amber suggests to Matt that he call Lauren because she was waiting for a taxi outside. Matt nods and asks when Chris took Josh outside. Daniel explains it was just after the point when Matt had a go at Brad. Matt heads off to call Lauren. Meanwhile, Brad also heads off, having told Mark that Josh isn't at home and that Terese and Imogen thought he was still at the party.

Erinsborough Hospital: Nate arrives and is greeted by Sheila. Georgia explains that Chris is in the ICU and they will be able to see him shortly. Nate wonders what happened and Kyle explains that someone hit Chris, Georgia adding that the police are currently looking into it. Karl comes out of the ICU and shows Nate in, saying that the more familiar voices that Chris hears the better. As he goes in, Kyle comments on Nate's cold reaction. Sheila agrees, pointing out that Nate is a very strange fish. They head in to go and see Chris.

The Waterhole: Mark asks Matt if he has spoken to Lauren and whether she has seen anything. Matt retorts that Mark can't help himself as he always has to try and do his job. Mark replies that Chris works with him and is one of his best mates, pointing out that Matt would be doing the same in his position. Matt explains that Lauren saw Josh and Chris arguing and another guy trying to gang up on Chris with Josh. When Matt explains that Nate then turned up and put a stop to it, Mark is surprised saying he thought that Nate had gone home. Matt indicates that Nate helped get the situation under control, causing Mark to ask Matt what he now thinks. Matt says that he needs to speak to Josh, Nate and the other man and adds that is all that Mark needs to know. As his phone rings, Matt heads off.

Number 28: Susan shows Mark in and wonders if Nate has gone to the hospital. Susan confirms he has and Mark shares his idea with Susan that Nate may have been the one that attacked Chris. Susan asks Mark why he believes that to be the case and Mark explains that he has done some research and found out that Nate attacked someone else after leaving the army. Susan says it doesn't mean Nate would attack Chris, but Mark tells her he told Chris the same thing earlier in the evening and that an argument had ensued. Susan wonders if Mark has told the police about it: Mark confirms he hasn't because he didn't want to jump to conclusions and make the same mistakes that he did before. Susan denies that Nate would attack Chris, although Mark wonders if she is sure about it.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Dakota and Paul are enjoying a candlelit dinner in the penthouse when Daniel arrives in the lift. Paul introduces Daniel and then asks if the party was lousy after he sees Daniel's subdued expression. Daniel says he will tell Paul about it in the morning and goes off to his room. Dakota gets up to go, saying it is bedtime for her too: as she goes, Paul wonders how he can help Dakota, based on what she had previously said. Dakota asks if Paul is genuine about his offer of help and informs him she would like help setting up a bar - it is where they met and they had always talked about opening one themselves. She points out it would be great to finally live the dream. Paul admits he can't remember saying that. Dakota is annoyed, but explains she needs the capital to get the business started, organising the legal aspects, and someone else's name on the paperwork because she can't risk being found. Dakota adds that it would be a good investment and says she has though about the moment she kissed and slapped him since it happened. Before leaving, Dakota says she will understand if Paul turns her down as she is just grateful for a safe place to stay, and kisses him before getting into the lift.

Erinsborough Hospital: Brad escorts a drunken Josh along the hallway. Karl asks what has happened and Brad explains that he found Josh crashed out in the back of the car. Karl wonders whether Josh has been drinking and Brad confirms that he has and that, due to Josh's condition he thought he should bring him in to get checked out. They go and sit down. Brad explains that once Josh has been checked out, they will call Matt, as Josh was one of the last to see Chris. Josh looks confused although remembers a lot of what happened, and asks where Chris is. Brad explains to Josh that he is in intensive care.

Erinsborough Hospital: A little later, Josh is looking at Chris, who is hooked up to several machines. Amber comes in, immediately apologising that she didn't know Josh was in there. She says how awful she feels because she didn't want to hurt Josh. He asks if Amber really loves Daniel that much. she confirms that she does and Josh urges her to be happy. Amber heads off, leaving Josh alone with Chris.

The Waterhole: Dakota is on the phone to Carlos: she asks him to be patient, as with a little more time to work on Paul, she will have the bar up and running within a month. As Paul comes in, she hangs up. Paul heads over, saying he thought Dakota was on her way to bed. She replies that she couldn't sleep. He goes on to say that he wanted to find out from the staff what happened earlier in the evening. Dakota realises that Paul owns the bar and Paul confirms that he does, as well as the rest of the complex. Paul tells Dakota he has been thinking about her proposition and is going to agree to her request for help. He leaves and Dakota races over to the bar to order another cocktail. As she does so, Mark comes over, having left his coat where she is standing. He explains he was at a buck's party earlier. Dakota cheekily says she hopes he isn't the groom and Mark confirms that he isn't. Dakota suggests that next time, he brings the party to her bar, adding that she doesn't quite know yet where it will be, but that there is definitely room for one! Mark says he will see her around: Dakota replies that he can count on it.

Erinsborough Hospital: Kyle notices that Chris' room is empty. As he heads out of it, he spots Nate and asks where Nate has been as he and Georgia only went to the cafeteria because Nate had promised to stay with Chris. Nate replied that he needed to go and get some air. Kyle demands to know how Nate can be so cool about things as if Georgia was in a coma he would be going nuts. Nate replies that he has had a lot of practise and reminds Kyle that he helped calm him down when Georgia had her surgery. Nate adds that they are just different people but demands to know what Kyle means when Kyle says they also have different care factors. Kyle retorts that Chris has a fractured skull rather than a stubbed toe and wonders if Nate knows what happened, implying that Nate had something to do with it. Nate walks off as Kyle shouts at him that whatever happened will come out. Once Nate has gone, Matt arrives, saying that he needs to talk to Josh about what happened. Kyle replies that Matt doesn't need to talk to Josh as he reckons that Nate is the one who attacked Chris.

Erinsborough Hospital: Later on, Matt and Kyle come out of Chris' room as Nate arrives. Matt says that he has some questions to ask Nate regarding his movements that evening. Nate replies that it will have to wait, but Matt informs him that he has had a report that Nate and Chris had a fight earlier in the night. Nate heads into Chris' room telling Matt he had nothing to do with it and that if he wants to believe Kyle it's fine by him. Matt goes to follow him in, but Josh walks over and stops him, telling Matt that he was the one who hit Chris.

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Nate Kinski, Sonya Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Mark Brennan, Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Matt Turner, Amber Turner, Brad Willis, Josh Willis

Guest Cast: Sheree Murphy as Dakota Davies, Edward Valent as Piano Player

Summary by Alex

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