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Dakota Davies 2014, 2018
Occupation: Bank Employee, Bar Owner, Businesswoman

After meeting in a bar in Sao Paulo, London-born Dakota Davies and Australian Paul Robinson quickly struck up a relationship and they'd been a couple for a while when, one day, he disappeared back to Australia. It was over a decade before she tracked him down, delivering a slap and then a kiss, and telling him that she'd been waiting a long time to do that. Paul had suffered from a brain tumour during their time apart, which had damaged parts of his memory, and Dakota was forced to explain who she was. She told him that, after he'd abandoned her, his associate Carlos had taken her under his wing, and she'd remained in Brazil working for Sipac bank. However, as Paul's memories slowly started to return and he realised how badly he'd treated Dakota, it became clear that she wasn't being entirely honest about her reasons for tracking him down.

As Paul put her up in a room at Lassiter's, Dakota then moved on to the next part of her plan, explaining that she wasn't actually on holiday, but on the run from Carlos and his controlling ways. She begged Paul to help her build a new life for herself, admitting that she'd always dreamt of owning her own little bar, like the one where they'd first met. Paul agreed, offering her the premises of the old student radio station to transform into a bar, and hopeful that they might even be able to pick up their old relationship where they'd left off. Dakota made Paul think that she might still be interested in him, but it wasn't long before local mechanic Mark Brennan also caught her eye. As they struck up a friendship, Dakota mentioned her old work with Sipac, and Brennan, a former detective, realised that he knew the name. After an internet search, he realised that they'd been previously connected with South American diamond smuggling rings, and started to worry that Paul was getting himself involved in something dangerous. Dakota also hired Paul's nephew Daniel as her bar manager, believing that nobody would suspect someone like him of being involved in anything dodgy.

Meanwhile, Brennan went to Federal Agent Greta Jackson with his suspicions, and she later returned to him with the news that Dakota was definitely a person of interest, asking Brennan if he'd be interested in some undercover work to try and catch her. Though she then found Brennan alone, seemingly snooping in and around the bar, Dakota was so smitten with him that she failed to realise what he was really up to. Knowing that he was in a relationship - and also realising how much Paul was falling for her again - Dakota then kissed Brennan, incurring the wrath of his girlfriend Paige Smith, who poured a drink over Dakota's laptop. Though her personal life was getting messy, the plan for the bar seemed to be working perfectly, as she received as shipment of coffee beans, with the diamonds hidden in the bags of decaf. However, as the next shipment was due to arrive, Brennan and the police were preparing to catch Dakota - or whoever was there to receive the delivery - and Daniel found himself asked to sign for it. As Matt managed to get Daniel out of the way, pretending to arrest him for jaywalking, Paul offered to sign for the delivery instead.

As Paul and Dakota were chatting about old times, and she reminded him how he'd left an orchid in the hotel room on the day he disappeared from her life, he happened to mention that Brennan used to be a detective. Suddenly realising why Brennan had been so interested in her, Dakota told Paul that she had to go, telling him not to worry about signing for the delivery, telling him that she'd take care of it herself. As the delivery driver was then arrested, Paul and the police went to Dakota's hotel room, only to find that she'd gone, leaving on an orchid on the table. Paul knew what this meant, and couldn't believe that he'd fallen for her lies, but was in for a bigger surprise when she returned, approaching him by the lake and asking for $10,000 so she could escape the country. When Paul refused, she pointed out that he and Daniel had their names across all of the documentation for the bar, and that she wouldn't hesitate to take them down with her. Paul then took Dakota back to the hotel and, after managing to get rid of a suspicious Brennan, he handed Dakota the money and sent her on her way.

Four years later, a British man named Rafael Humphreys arrived in Erinsborough, claiming that Paul had been responsible for a factory fire in Sao Paulo that had killed his mother. Because of his brain tumour, Paul had no memory of the fire or of Rafael's mother, but felt that Dakota might know something. After making a few enquiries, he learnt that Dakota was in London, where she was still using her old alias of Candice Weathermore. It was agreed that Paul's son Leo would go to London and try to find out if she knew anything about the fire. The plan seemed to be working as Leo met with Dakota, claiming that he needed her help to expand his start-up cafe business into Asia and South America. But as they chatted, she noticed 'Lassiters' come up on a call on Leo's phone, and he was forced to tell her what was going on. He then showed her a flash drive, claiming that it contained emails linking her to the diamond smuggling, and he would use it unless she told him everything about the fire. Unfortunately, at that moment, Paul phoned and Leo was distracted long enough for Dakota to snatch the flash drive and disappear. However, clearly feeling like she still owed Paul a favour, Dakota posted the flash drive back to Australia, with a UK statutory declaration saying that she and Carlos had started the fire deliberately as an insurance scam. With Paul off the hook, Rafael then left to return to the UK, and to help the police to track down Dakota.

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Biography by Steve