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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 7005

Written by Sam Carroll, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 04/11/14, Five: 18/11/14

Paige telling Mark that them hooking up didn't work and that it happens
Rain, Daniel's ex-girlfriend, turning up and Daniel introducing her to Paul
Amber asking Daniel why he broke up with Rain and Daniel admitting that Rain cheated on him
Josh saying that he doesn't want to postpone the hearing over his attack on Chris
Brad stealing a piece of evidence from Josh's file whilst Imogen isn't looking

Number 30: Imogen arrives as Toadie is searching through Josh's file. She asks Toadie how things are looking and he replies that they are well prepared and organised thanks to the hard work and time she has invested in the case. Toadie points out that Imogen's exams are also important and Imogen explains that they are not as important as Josh and that she has factored in the case to her study times. Suddenly, Imogen sees Toadie's worried expression and asks him what is wrong: he says that the report on Josh's enzyme deficiency is not in the case file. Surprised, Imogen says she is sure she put it in the file and apologises, explaining that she must have left it at home. Toadie tells her not to worry, providing that she still has it and Imogen rushes off home.

Lassiter's Complex: Paige and Josh are exercising. Paige comments that Josh has a big day tomorrow and Josh admits he just wants it all to be over. Paige asks if Josh is scared and Josh says that he isn't. Just then, Mark comes over and asks how Josh's shoulder is. Josh replies that it is still a bit stiff but that he will be alright. Mark then comments that it is good to see Paige is on the mend too before jogging off. Josh comments that he thought things were over between Paige and Mark and Paige explains how Bailey thinks that Mark being extra nice shows that he is giving her signs. Josh urges Paige to go for it if that is what she wants citing him and Amber as an example of how people can be out of reach forever.

Number 22: Imogen is searching frantically through paperwork: Josh arrives home and offers to help her find what she is looking for, but Imogen says that it is no big deal. She asks how he is feeling and Josh replies that he is alright. He points out that it is unusual for Imogen to lose something and she snaps back that he is not helping. Josh apologises and wonders if anyone else could have taken the paper. Imogen says there isn't and he heads off. Suddenly, Amber remembers the conversation she had earlier with Brad and his declaration that he wasn't going to stand back and watch Josh go to jail.

Lassiter's Complex: Brad is sitting on a bench by the lake. Noticing Imogen is trying to get through on his phone, he ignores her call and puts it back into his pocket. Amber and Daniel walk along behind where Brad is sat, Daniel reassuring Amber that he believes Josh is a good person. They spot Rain in the distance sitting on the ground drumming as several people dance nearby. Daniel comments how impressive it is and says that Rain enjoys what she is doing and isn't after the attention. Amber sarcastically comments that it looks as if Rain enjoys the attention to her! Daniel tries to persuade Amber to join in, but she pulls him away, saying that she is hungry and wants to go and get some breakfast.

Number 32: Matt and Lauren are enjoying a romantic breakfast. Paige walks in and tells them not to mind her as she is just grabbing her bag. She is wearing a new red dress and Lauren gets up, telling her she looks beautiful and asking if she is off to the races. Paige replies she is just getting into the spirit of things, admitting it is her first Melbourne Cup as a Victorian. Lauren wonders if there is any other reason for the flashy new outfit - Paige replies there isn't - and Matt urges her to join a sweep, commenting that Sheila has one going at The Waterhole. Paige wonders if they should start their own with the neighbours and Lauren asks Paige sarcastically if she had any particular neighbours in mind. Paige replies that she can talk anyone round and Lauren says that she is sure Paige can.

The Waterhole: Sheila is panicking to Paul that there is so much to do and so little time. Paul replies there is plenty of time as people are only just finishing breakfast, but Sheila explains that the first race starts in an hour. Paul points out that if Sheila did more work and less yapping there would be plenty of time and Sheila tells him that Kyle and Georgia were supposed to help her out but that they pulled the pin due to a scheduling conflict. Paul retorts that Sheila only needs to ask him for help, as he has hundreds of staff at his beck and call: Sheila finally asks Paul for help and Paul turns to Daniel, who is sitting at a table with Amber, and asks him to help Sheila for a couple of hours. Daniel replies that he will, just as Rain comes in and walks over. Daniel comments that Rain's drumming went well before and she comments that he should have joined her. Daniel replies that Amber was hungry and Rain says not to worry as there will be other times and she knows how much he used to enjoy it. Rain says she hoped to go over plans with Daniel for the new community. Daniel explains he has to work, but Rain replies that she will help and they can work and talk at the same time. She invites a reluctant Amber to join them.

Number 30: Sonya comes home and sees Toadie working hard at the table. Toadie asks how her walk was and Sonya says it was nice and that she has decided not to let some faceless person intimidate her. She adds that Nell is with Susan and that she has agreed to meet Mark at the pub for the Cup, asking if Toadie wants to join her. Toadie replies that he has lots to sort out for the hearing the following day, but urges her to go. Sonya heads off, telling Toadie she loves a hardworking man. Just then, Imogen arrives and admits that she can't find the enzyme report. She apologises, denying that she removed the report on purpose and adds that she wouldn't do something like that. Toadie points out that in the past, she has done something like that, and Imogen adds she learnt her lesson from last time, promising that she didn't take it. Toadie asks who did take it, but Imogen can't say, apologising for the fact it has gone. Toadie says that as his employee, he has to be able to trust Imogen and if he can't, she is the wrong person for the job. He fires Imogen on the spot.

The Waterhole: Sheila is trying to sell tickets for her sweep, Daniel and Amber busy helping move things behind the bar. Sheila approaches Paul and offers him a ticket: he replies if he wanted to win money, he would choose his own horse and place a bet through his bookmaker. Sheila wonders if Paul can prove that he never loses and manages to persuade him to buy a ticket. Sheila gives some jobs to Daniel, Amber and Rain, such as clearing tables and taking the foil off the champagne bottles. Rain begins cleaning tables; Amber says she will do it, as she is used to it, but Rain replies that she should take a break and do the champagne bottles instead, adding that she doesn't do that at Harold's! Amber looks annoyed as Rain sweeps off with the dirty cups and plates.

Number 24: Mark is outside, busy working out with the punchbag. Paige appears, pointing out that the pink of the bag is really his colour. Mark replies that she can use the bag whenever she likes as it is hers. Paige says that she might do and Mark points out she wouldn't be dressed like she is. He then asks what she is doing there and Paige replies that they are neighbours and Mark tells her he is glad that she is there. Paige explains that the Turner family are running a sweep and she pulls out a ticket for him. Before leaving, Paige adds that she is going to The Waterhole later: Mark says that he will probably see her there.

The Waterhole: Sheila is busy counting tickets at the bar when Lauren walks over, commenting about the number of tickets Sheila has: Sheila has bought 23 of them because she wants to teach Paul a lesson for being so arrogant, thinking that he can win just by buying one ticket. Sheila doesn't mind the fact she will just be winning back her own money, as it is the principle of it that is important. As the horses set off on the television, Paige and Lauren sit down at a table, Paige explaining that she has sold all the Turner's tickets, Lauren receiving the last ticket which has very long odds. At that moment, Mark arrives and says hi, before heading over to Sonya at the bar, much to Paige's disappointment. Sonya apologises to Mark for the fact he received one of the poison pen letters and thanks him for not judging the things from her past. Mark replies that they all have their regrets. He catches Paige's eye and they both smile at each other. Lauren tells Paige that she needs to spill, as she has missed out on so many mother-daughter chats and asks Paige whether she and Mark still have feelings for each other. Paige replies that they maybe do still have those feelings.

Number 22: Imogen is staring into the distance as Brad arrives home. He asks if she has any news; Imogen wonders on what, for example the case, such as whether it has been postponed. Imogen confronts Brad, admitting she knows he took the lab report. Brad denies all knowledge, but Imogen says she knows that he has it and now needs it back. Brad doesn't want to discuss it, but Imogen argues back that it is serious as it is the strongest piece of evidence they have and that it is the best way of keeping Josh out of jail. Brad again says he doesn't have it and thinks the postponement is what will keep Josh out of jail. Imogen shouts back that the judge may not agree and wonders what they will do if the lab report is the only thing that will stop Josh receiving a jail term because they could otherwise be left with nothing to explain the attack. Imogen highlights the fact that Josh could be seen as aggressive with no impulse control and asks Brad if that is really what he wants and that he hasn't been thinking. She storms off, sarcastically shouting "like father, like son".

Number 30: Brad hands the report over to Toadie, admitting he knew it was a stupid thing to do. Toadie replies that he hopes Imogen realises it, leaving Brad to confess that Imogen didn't take it: he did. Toadie is shocked and wonders if Brad realises how it looks when the judge would realise that Toadie had tampered with evidence. Brad points out that Toadie didn't tamper with it, but Toadie explains the judge wouldn't have made that distinction as the evidence was in his possession. Toadie goes on to say that it is serious misconduct and it is the reason he had to fire Imogen. Brad wonders if Toadie will now take Imogen back on, but Toadie doesn't know as what Brad did could have led to him being disbarred. Brad admits he didn't think through the consequences and that he was only trying to help Josh. Toadie gets rid of Brad, telling him that if he really wants to help Josh, he should just stop interfering.

Lassiter's Complex: Amber brings a tray of drinks out to Rain and Daniel, who are drumming on a rug on the ground. Paul, who is watching from a bench, comments that Amber is well trained, although Amber admits that she offered to get the drinks. Amber sits down next to Paul, revealing that she is not happy watching Rain and Daniel together and seeing the look Daniel has for Rain and her new community. Paul tells Amber that Daniel loves her and that he should know as he has had to listen to Daniel going on about it for the last few months. Amber asks Paul what he makes of everything and Paul wonders why Amber cares what he thinks. Amber replies that she needs another perspective. Paul admits Scott and Charlene didn't like Rain because Rain had a hold on Daniel and that Daniel changes when he is around her. Amber says that she doesn't know what to do.

Number 22: Toadie comes in, having been let into the house by Brad, and finds Imogen studying hard. He explains that he knows Imogen didn't take the report and that not revealing Brad as the culprit showed loyalty and guts. Toadie goes on to say that when Imogen becomes a lawyer, her first duty is to the court, even over clients and that she will have to take an oath to that effect. Imogen realises she stuffed up as Toadie explains that were she a solicitor, it would have been professional misconduct and could have been the end of her career. Toadie says that she isn't a solicitor yet and so it is not the end, offering her her job back. Imogen gets up excitedly, thanking Toadie and goes to hug him, but he stops her, telling her not to lie to him again. Imogen confirms that she won't and Toadie says he will see her in the morning.

The Waterhole: The race is just finishing and Sheila realises, to her horror, that Paul has won and that she hasn't. Paul sidles over and Sheila gives him the money, Paul rubbing it in that he did try to warn her. the money is all in coins and he tells her not to worry as he can use it for parking. He pops a coin down her top, and tells her that it is a consolation prize for coming second. Meanwhile, Sonya sits down with Mark and, noticing him watching Paige, asks if there is something he wants to tell her. Mark admits he misses Paige, but as a friend. Paige is telling Lauren that things happened way too fast. She thinks that things would have been fine if Dakota hadn't turned up and cause doubts to happen in Mark's mind. Mark tells Sonya that he didn't have enough connection with Paige to be relationship material. Paige tells Lauren she knows that Mark felt a connection and still does because he has been so nice recently. Mark explains to Sonya that he has been trying to be nice because he wants to make up for things and that it was a mistake. Paige says that the relationship isn't over.

Harold's Store: Rain is giving Amber a palm reading, although admits it is a con, saying that she can tell Amber is going to have a long and happy life and that she doesn't need the lines on Amber's palm to tell her that. Amber wonders how Rain can tell. Rain explains it is a feeling she has and then wonders if Daniel is coming. Amber replies that he is and Rain says that Daniel is great. Amber suddenly asks if Rain came back for Daniel and freaks out when Rain admits she did, pointing out that she and Daniel are now engaged. Rain apologises, hastily explaining that she meant she wants Daniel to help set up and live in New Eden. Amber is confused because Rain had said she wasn't going to get in the way of her and Daniel's relationship. Rain clarifies the situation, saying she wants Amber to go and live in New Eden too.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Mark Brennan, Sheila Canning, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Paige Smith, Brad Willis, Imogen Willis, Josh Willis

Guest Cast: Airlie Dodds as Rain Taylor

Trivia Notes
Past characters Scott Robinson and Charlene Robinson are mentioned

Summary by Alex

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