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Episode Summaries > 2015 > Episode 7046

Written by Peter Mattessi, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 26/01/15, Channel 5: 09/02/15

• Susan is unhappy about BradŐs lack of preparation for the upcoming school year
• While playing street cricket, Erin smashes a window at number 26
• Sonya thinks Erin should ask Cat to stay for a while to bond and work on their relationship, Cat agrees to stay
• While doing community service, Josh finds some undeveloped rolls of photos in boxes at the Waterhole. Paul tells Josh to bin them as Jim Weir, the journalist that took them, is dead
• Daniel is upset after finding out that Amber and Josh are developing the negatives together
• Josh spots a dead body in one of the developed negatives

Community Centre: Amber thinks that, if she can print it, they might be able to increase the exposure on the negative to see if there actually is a body in the shot. Daniel arrives and Amber shows him the picture, but while trying to get a closer look, Daniel accidentally spills liquid onto the negative.

Ramsay Street - outside number 26: Toadie apologies to Kyle for the window being smashed at number 26 and says he'll pay for it. Kyle teases Toadie who then says it was actually Erin that broke the window - Kyle replies that's typical because Toadie's generation aren't natural sports people. Toadie then challenges Kyle to a generational cricket match: Generation X vs Generation Y. Toadie invites Terese to join his team but she can't because she's leaving for the airport to go and visit Piper in Canada. Kyle reckons that if Terese joins Toadie's team, the match will be an easy win.

Ramsay Street - outside number 22: Imogen is searching frantically through paperwork: Terese asks if Brad wants to come, as there's still time to book him a seat on the plane, but he says he can't he has to do the prep work for school. Brad says goodbye to Terese and tells her to do DVT exercises on the flight and to give his love to Piper. Imogen then takes her to the airport.

Number 30: Sonya tells Mark that Cat's foster parents have agreed to let her stay for a few days. Mark agrees that it's ok but only if Erin feels ready. Sonya and Mark then tell Erin it's fine for Cat to stay as long as they stick to the rules, and Mark leaves. Although excited, Erin says to Sonya that she's nervous about Cat staying, but Sonya reminds her how far she's come and if she focuses hard enough on her goal of being a good mother, then she can be.

Community Centre: Amber tells Josh and Daniel that the negative is ruined. Josh explains that this is where the detective work begins, as they know the name of the journalist. Daniel says his dad was also a journalist and might know something - Amber thanks him and he says he'll let her know how he gets on. Daniel leaves and Josh thinks he can spot a tree in the negative - Amber is unimpressed that it's all they have to go on.

Outside Harold's Store: Kyle and Toadie are still bickering about whose generation is best at cricket. Karl overhears the conversation and asks what they're talking about, so Toadie explains that there's going to be a generational cricket match for Australia Day. Karl offers to play as he was a good off-spinner when he was in university. Toadie calls Karl a baby boomer and he and Kyle laugh. Sheila, wheeling herself over, says that even though she and and Karl are of the boomer generation, they're still active. Toadie reminds them they're both just out of hospital and Kyle points out to his grandmother that she's in a wheelchair. She states that it's just a precaution, and she and Karl demand to play - if not they'll block Ramsay Street with their cars and complain to the council. Toadie and Kyle decide to let them play, announcing that each team should have a baby boomer. Both want Karl on their team, so they flip a coin - Kyle ends up with Sheila.

Erinsborough Police Sub-Station: Josh and Amber show Matt the negative, but he's not convinced it is a body and asks if they have a sharper image. Josh thinks it could be evidence of a cold case and thinks Matt should investigate further. Matt tells Josh and Amber not to get ahead of themselves as if it is a body it could've already been solved. Josh asks him to check it out to put their minds at rest, while Amber suggests putting it through the police database and checking the missing persons reports from May 1990 when the photo was taken. Matt agrees, and as they leave the station, Josh says that he and Amber should keep investigating. Amber suggests waiting to see what Matt can find out, but Josh reckons he has a better idea and suggests they use the photocopier in Terese's office at the hotel.

Number 30: Toadie tries to explain the differences between the generations to Nell, telling her that her generation will be generation cute, and he notices Sonya looking concerned and staring into space. He asks if she's ok, she says she is, but explains that she and Erin were meant to be going shopping for bed sheets for Cat for when she comes to stay, but Erin had gone to get her wallet and hasn't been back. She's not answering her phone and there's no one home at number 24. Toadie suggests that maybe Erin thought she and Sonya were meeting at the store, and he offers to look for Erin with her. Sonya says no as Toadie is playing in the cricket match. He isn't happy about Sonya searching for Erin alone, after being mugged the last time she did so, but she insists she'll be fine as it's daylight and she'll only look in populated places. She says she's unsure who'll look after Nell, so Toadie says he'll drop her off at Judith's and pick her up after the match - telling Sonya to concentrate on finding Erin and to call him if she needs anything.

Ramsay Street: Toadie talks match tactics with Sheila and Mark, and invites Naomi to play. She says no because she believes 20-20 is a travesty and prefers test cricket - Matt calls her a purist. Mark, complaining about the heat, takes his shirt off, at which point Naomi changes her mind and joins the match. Kyle, Georgia and Karl emerge onto street from number 26 - Kyle noticing that Naomi has joined Toadie's team, unimpressed at her lack of loyalty, calling her a turncoat. Toadie sees Kyle wearing the Australian flag as a cape and tells him to take it off - the Australian diggers didn't die so the flag could be warn as a cape. Georgia points out to Toadie that Generation X are supposed to be multicultural to which he says they are, but are also counter-moron, still demanding that Kyle should take off the flag. Karl, sticking up for Kyle, points out that technically Kyle wearing the flag is a form of free speech which is what the diggers fought for. Toadie responds to Karl by calling him a baby boomer and that he is technically a guest, therefore he isn't entitled to an opinion. Matt and Mark again insist Kyle should take off the flag, so Kyle finally gives in but asks if he can put the flag in the tree instead - everyone agrees to this and Toadie explains the match rules to them. Kyle whistles for Bossy and tells everyone she's going to be his team's fielder. Toadie, sniggering at the idea, flips the bat and Kyle wins - Toadie declares the start of the game.

The Waterhole: Sonya walks in to see Erin playing cards. She tells Sonya she needs time on her own, but Sonya wants to know what's going on, explaining that it's ok for Erin to be scared. Erin says that it's been so long since she's lived with Cat, she doesn't know how to be a mum to her daughter, saying she feels overwhelmed.

Ramsay Street: The cricket match is in full swing - Sheila apologies for having missed a catch - Matt tells her not to apologise, and to keep creaming them. Toadie tells Mark, who is flirting with Naomi, to concentrate on the game as he's midfielder and they're bleeding runs. Kyle is next up to bat as Matt bowls with Kyle joking they are in for some bakery treats. Toadie asks what he's on about - Kyle says they keep throwing pies! Kyle bats and the ball flies - everyone cheers.

Harold's Store: Paul is staring at the notice board, which has a printout of the negative with the supposed dead body in it. Seeing Paul looking at it, Amber and Josh walk over to him and suggest that maybe he could help with their investigation. Josh explains that it's from the rolls of film he found in the store room - Paul is surprised and looks anxious as he hears about their plan to plaster it all over town. Amber says it's a bit of a blurry picture but it's possible to see the body. Paul has another look at it and says that it has to be Wally, who was the town drunk and would sleep under bushes. Paul declares that the mystery is solved and takes down the picture, but Josh is unsure and thinks they should still ask around to see if anyone knows anything. Paul warns Josh it's against council bye-laws to post flyers without permission. Paul asks if there were any other photos on the roll of film, Amber says they're boring, but Paul asks where they are now. Amber says they're in the dark room, and asks if he wants them back. Paul thinks they might be important for the council archives, so Amber agrees to drop them over to him later. She then asks Paul if Daniel is going to be home tonight - Paul is unsure but thinks he'll be working at the bar, admitting that he can't keep up with her and Daniel's relationship at the moment. After Amber walks away, Paul makes a phone call and leaves a suspicious message, asking the person to call him back as they have a problem regarding what they did in 1990.

Ramsay Street: The street is still playing cricket with Georgia batting and Mark bowling. Mark bowls Georgia out, and next up to bat is Mark with Karl bowling, followed by Naomi and Kyle with Naomi batting so hard that Kyle nearly ends up falling into a bush. As the game continues, Toadie walks over to Sheila and hands her the bat, saying it's her turn. Sheila says she can't bat, but Toadie tells her there's no one else, and that Mark will have to run on her behalf. Toadie gives her a pep talk, telling her that although they've had differences between Generation X and Boomers, they do agree on how much they dislike the Generation Y. With her team needing four runs to win, Sheila takes the bat from Toadie, Kyle bowls and Sheila hits the ball. Bossy snatches the ball and runs into number 26 with it, with Kyle chasing after her. Mark runs Kyle out of the game, and Kyle protests, saying that it was interference, but Toadie says it wasn't as Bossy was his fielder. Shelia and Generation X are declared the winners.

The Waterhole: Erin is explaining to Sonya that she's tried having Cat live with her before but it hasn't worked out. Sonya insists that things are different this time as she has a support network. Erin says everyone is watching her every move, but Sonya explains that it's not like that and apologises if Erin feels pressured - if she can get Callum back, then Erin can get Cat back too, Erin says she's not like her and Callum is not Cat. Sonya says she knows that, but also knows this is what Erin wants. Erin agrees, and Sonya says it's what Cat also wants and theyŐre not going to give up on Erin.

Number 30: Toadie gives an after match analysis to Nell, as Sonya comes in, asking if they won. Toadie asks her if she found Erin - Sonya explains that she did, and that Erin was worried about Cat coming to stay but she's ok now. She says that Erin has suggested having pizza on Cat's first night, and Toadie thinks this is an excellent idea, and it's just a shame that Cat isn't arriving earlier, as she'll miss the fireworks.

The Penthouse: Daniel is staring out on the balcony, as Amber arrives. Amber apologises for letting herself in, explaining that she didn't think anyone would be home, and that she should probably give him the keycard back. She says that she was just bringing the photos back for Paul as he wanted to have a look. Daniel says he spoke to his dad who told him he doesn't remember anything - Amber thanks him for trying. Amber says she'll leave the photos and Daniel asks if there's anything going on between her and Josh. She insists that there isn't, and Daniel asks if there's going to be. Amber winders him why he would even ask, so Daniel tells her he is scared her feelings for Josh will come back as she might think she'd be better suited to Josh than him. Amber says she's not suited to anyone right now. Daniel tells her he is only suited to her and that he loves her and always has and he'll never stop. The fireworks display starts and they both look out onto the balcony. Daniel looks at Amber, stroking her hair, Amber says she can't do this and runs off - Daniel is left deflated.

Number 30: Toadie and Sonya are discussing pizzas when Mark bursts in, looking for Erin. Sonya says she's meant to be at number 24 with him. Mark says she's done a runner, but Toadie asks if he's sure, as she could've just popped out again. Mark tells them Erin has taken all her things as well as his wallet, watch and laptop. Sonya can't believe it, and just then there's a knock at the door. They realise it's Cat, and Sonya, in disbelief, asks what she's going to tell her.

Featured Regular Characters: Amber Turner, Matt Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Joshua Willis, Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning, Kyle Canning, Mark Brennan, Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Bossy

Guest Cast: Adrienne Pickering as Erin Rogers

Trivia Notes
• Past character Scott Robinson is mentioned

Summary by Keri

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