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Episode Summaries > 2015 > Episode 7047

Written by Margaret Wilson, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 27/01/15, Channel 5: 10/02/15

• Generation X are declared the winners of the street cricket match
• Chris, Nate, Georgia and Lucy are at Harold's Store discussing the IVF
• Chris tells Nate he can't go ahead and tells Lucy to stop the process
• Sonya and Erin discuss Erin's worries about Cat
• Mark tells Sonya and Toadie that Erin has done a runner just Cat knocks at the door, leaving Sonya wondering how she's going to explain things

Number 30: Cat asks where Erin is as she sits down with Toadie and Sonya. Toadie explains that Erin isn't there and he doesn't know if she'll be back in time for her visit. Sonya tells Cat that Erin was looking forward to her visit, but Cat points out that she's not here though and that she knew this would happen. She tells Toadie and Sonya she'd better go if she wants to catch the last train back to Albury. Sonya asks if she's leaving, Cat says that she doesn't have anywhere to stay, so Sonya offers her Callum's room for the night. Cat says she doesn't want to put them out, Sonya tells her she wouldn't be, and Toadie points out that it would be a pain for her to have to take the long trip back on the train at that time of night. He tells her he was accredited by the DHS when he was looking after Callum, so Cat and her foster parents won't have to worry - she'd be safe with him and Sonya, Cat says she knows. Sonya tells her that, you never know, they might be able to sort something out with Erin - Cat says good luck with that, before going to phone her foster parents to let them know what's going on.

The Waterhole: Andres, the new bartender, is proving to be popular as a group of locals are admiring him from afar just as he breaks a bottle doing tricks trying to impress them. Watching this, Georgia asks Sheila if she's almost ready to go back to work as Andres looks like he needs to be whipped into shape. Sheila tells Georgia that if there's any whipping to be done it will be done by his groupies - pointing and looking over at them saying that they've got their tongues hanging out. Georgia says he's kind of hot, Sheila explains that she had to do something as the Off-Air Bar was taking all the business from the Waterhole. Just then, Andres comes across with drinks for Sheila and Georgia. As Georgia tries to explain that he's given them the wrong drinks, all he can say is 'ok' and then he leaves. Sheila tells Georgia that Andres' English isn't crash hot, Georgia asks her if Andre knows any other words apart from ok, but Sheila isn't sure that he needs to. Georgia takes a mouthful of the drink he brought over, which turns out to be coffee, and she says it's the worst she's ever tasted. Sheila tells her that it won't matter when he smiles at people, and Georgia realises that Sheila is feeling better and back to her old self. Sheila says that she is feeling really good today and that nothing will bring her down, but then Lou walks in and Sheila realises that she spoke too soon.

The Penthouse: Chris and Lucy are watching a birthing video on Lucy's laptop. Paul walks in and asks what the music is, Lucy tells him that she and Chris are getting prepared for what lies ahead. Chris and Lucy are amazed as they continue watching the video agreeing that their baby will be much cuter, and a concerned Paul asks them if they think they're getting a bit ahead of themselves. Lucy says no, saying to Chris that this could be them in nine months time, and Paul walks away.

Number 30: Toadie finishes talking to Cat's foster parents on the phone and says to Cat they seem really nice and that they've agreed that she can stay the night with him and Sonya as long as Cat gets the train back tomorrow afternoon. Cat is pleased and asks Toadie and Sonya if she can put on the tv, as Liverpool are playing Manchester United. Toadie asks if she's mind having some company and she agrees, as long as they don't have to talk about their feelings. Sonya says that if they're going to watch football, they're going to need snacks, and, going over to the front of the fridge to get the takeaway menus, Sonya then looks at a picture of herself, Callum and Toadie. Feeling reflective, she looks round to Toadie and Cat who are looking for the TV remote.

The Waterhole: Lou tells Sheila that Lauren told him that she'd been in hospital and that he's sorry to hear about her 'dodgy ticker' - she says it's just something we all have to face as we get older. Lou then asks her what she's going to do next - whether she's going to slow down and consider retirement. Barking at him, she says she's not over the hill yet. Andres comes back over to the table with a glass and a bottle of wine. Lauren tells him that they didn't order that, he says ok, Lauren tells him no, another table must have ordered it - Andre again says ok - Lou says to Sheila that the sooner she's back on deck, the better. Lauren agrees that Andres could use some more training, although he's very good looking and asks if she's the only one that's noticed. Sheila says to her that every other woman in the pub has noticed, and Georgia adds that some of the men have possibly noticed as well. Sheila says that Andres is the Waterhole's secret weapon, explaining that the business has taken a hit since Off-Air has been up and running. Lauren tells Lou that Daniel has opened a new bar in the old radio station, and says that business has been down at Harold's too. Looking over to the bar at Andre, Sheila says that's why they had to launch Operation Eye Candy. Lauren says that it seems to be working as the Waterhole is packed, and Sheila smiles, looking pleased with herself.

The Penthouse: Lucy is texting on her phone whilst having dinner with Paul. He asks her if she could put the phone away while they're eating, she tells him that she's just trying to get on top of when her hospital appointments are going to be so she can let Chris know. She says that, hopefully the insemination next week will be successful, so they won't have to go to an IVF clinic. Paul asks Lucy if she and Chris have formalised a contract yet, she tells him that they don't need one as they're friends and they both know what they want. A shocked Paul says that he can't believe what he's hearing as she's an astute businesswoman who would never make an important decision like this without having a contract. She tells Paul that they're talking about a baby, not a business merger, but Paul says that's exactly the reason why they need to have a contract. Lucy points out that to do so would be illegal in Australia, and Paul sarcastically asks if she's happy to fly by the seat of her pants and hope for the best, reminding her that she and Chris haven't even known each other a year. Lucy says that Chris is decent and trustworthy and asks Paul what it is he thinks is going to happen. Getting more frustrated, Paul says he doesn't know as he doesn't have a crystal ball and that is exactly his point - everyone is on the same page at the moment but might not be further down the track, he tells Lucy she needs to make sure that she and her baby are protected for the future.

Number 30: Sonya is talking to Karl about the situation with Erin. She explains that doesn't know how they're going to move on from this, even if Erin woke up this morning and realised how stupid she'd been. Karl tells her that it's entirely possible that could happen - Sonya says she knows but that Mark won't let Erin move back into number 24 after she stole from him. Karl asks Sonya if Mark reported the theft, she says that he agreed to wait until Erin made contact with her but she hasn't heard anything so far. Sonya tells Karl that Cat is devastated, saying that she's trying to hold it together, adding that Erin was so close to getting what she wanted. He asks if it was what Erin wanted or was it what she wanted for Erin, an exasperated Sonya insists that it's what Erin wanted. Karl says to her that it's just he's surprised that she can't see that what's going on with Erin, saying that she of all people should see that it's a classic case of self-sabotage, just as things are going Erin's way she panics under the pressure and undermines the situation. Sonya says she gets that but says that Erin really wanted Cat back in her life. Karl asks if Sonya has any idea where Erin may have gone, she says no and that she was going to check the squat where Erin had been living but says to Karl that if Erin isn't there then she wouldn't know where else to look. Karl tells Sonya to think back in time about where she would've gone herself when she was in a similar situation and asks her what she would've done if she wanted to run away.

Power Road: Sonya finds Erin coming out of the antiques shop, saying that she knew she'd find her there. Erin tells her to leave her alone, but Sonya says that she knows she's scared that things won't work out with Cat, and also that she has been pushing her too hard but that they can find another narcotics rehabilitation program as self-destruction is not the answer. Erin tells Sonya to leave her alone again, Sonya tries to stop her and pleads with her not to go - she tells Erin that they're going to go into the antique shop, and they'll get back the things that Erin stole from Mark, and then Erin is going to go back to Number 30 with her as Cat is still there and she needs her mother. Erin says that Cat needs a real parent, someone that's not going to let her down all the time, but Sonya says that Erin can be that person. Erin disagrees, and says that she knows she really believes in her but it's way too much for her. She tries to walk away but again Sonya stops her, pleading with her to stay. Erin says that Sonya doesn't have a choice - Sonya asks what about Cat and everything they've worked for. Erin says that she's doing this for Cat, saying that can't she see that she can barely look after herself. Sonya pleads again with Erin not to leave, Erin tells her to give it up already saying that Sonya doesn't owe her anything and that she doesn't need to save her. Sonya says she isn't doing that, but Erin says she knows she's made Sonya's life hell, so she's letting her off the hook. Erin insists that Cat will be so much better off without her and walks off, leaving Sonya upset.

Harold's Store: Lou asks Bailey if he's missed out on anything else while he's been away, just as Lauren comes over with their food. Bailey tells his grandfather about Matt and Lauren buying the house back from the kids, and a surprised Lou asks Lauren if she and Matt can afford a mortgage, nervously she says to Lou that Matt seems to think they can. Lou asks if Matt knows how quiet things have been at the store, Lauren insists it's not that bad, though there's only one other customer. Lauren says to him that once the novelty of the Off-Air bar wears off, business will improve. Lou tells Bailey that complacency is the biggest mistake in business, and asks if he's told him about the Connecting Hands Cafe - Bailey sarcastically says that he's mentioned it once or twice - or seventeen thousand times. Lou says that it has been packed both day and night and, smiling, he says that it didn't happen by accident.

The Waterhole: Chris thanks Andres as he picks up his takeaway, Andres says ok. Paul walks in and asks Chris if he's seen Lucy this morning, before handing him a card for his lawyer, telling him that it would be best to get a legal contract drawn up for their arrangement. Chris is surprised and asks Paul if this is what Lucy wants, Paul says that he thinks it's a good idea and tells Chris to get on to Tim Collins and let him know what's going on - or he can use Toadie - telling Chris he doesn't mind just let him know which lawyer he wants to use and that he'll be happy to pay the bill. As a surprised Chris leaves, Karl walks in and greets Lou, giving him a fright as he's taking pictures on his phone. He explains to Karl that he's checking out the competition and that he's got Bailey doing the same thing over at the Off-Air Bar. They agree to say no more about it, and Lou says that they will need to have chat about E.M. Williams. Karl says he's nearly finished the book, he's just got to do a few revisions, and Lou is pleased and says that he can give Karl a few more days to finish it as he can only do one project at a time - right now he's got his hands full as he takes another photo - leaving Karl looking confused.

Sonya's Nursery: Chris is telling Nate that he doesn't know whether to be angry or offended over Lucy's decision to get lawyers involved, as he feels this means Lucy doesn't trust him. Nate says that may not necessarily be the case. Chris isn't so sure, but Nate points out to Chris that Lucy might be trying to think ahead and protect everyone's interests. Chris asks Nate's opinion on the use of contracts - Nate says he thinks it's a great idea and says he surprised that Chris doesn't. Nate feels that it would be a good way for Chris to get down in writing his responsibilities as father of the child. Chris wonders why Paul was the messenger, and why Lucy couldn't have spoken to him about it, but Nate says that it's kind of a touchy subject and that maybe Lucy was scared to bring it up. Chris wonders if that reflects badly on his and Lucy's friendship, but Nate points out that he hasn't exactly tried to speak to her about these things either, so how does he know how she's feeling.

Number 30: Cat and Toadie are looking at newspapers and discussing Serena Williams, just as an upset Sonya arrives back home. After Toadie asks where she's been, Sonya says she's just been out and about, and he folds away his newspaper, looking concerned. Cat asks Sonya if she's been looking for Erin, and Sonya replies that she was, and that she found her. Sonya tells Cat that Erin is not in a good frame of mind and that she's feeling overwhelmed. Cat wonders if her mum has decided that she isn't worth it, but Sonya tells her no, that Erin doesn't see herself worthy of Cat. Sonya apologises, but Cat says that Sonya did everything she could, and was the only reason why she thought things might be different this time. Sonya tells Cat that things were different this time, explaining that, in her own way, Erin is trying do what she thinks is best for her daughter. Cat refutes this, saying that Erin has never put her first so why would it happen now, and Toadie comforts her as she breaks down in tears, as Sonya looks on, visibly upset.

The Waterhole: Georgia is getting a coffee at the bar, as Sheila sees her and says that it's a bit quiet. Realising that Andres is nowhere to be found, Sheila goes off to look for him. Meanwhile, Chris, Nate and Lucy are discussing what Paul said earlier, leaving Lucy furious. Chris asks Lucy if she'd asked Paul to talk to him - she says no, explaining that he's been hassling her about getting lawyers involved but she didn't want to. Nate looks at Chris, half smiling, and Chris shakes his head in disbelief. Lucy says to Chris that she hopes that he didn't think that she didn't trust him, and Chris explains that at first he did think that but he and Nate talked and now he thinks the contract is a great idea. Lucy is surprised, but Nate explains that the contract is just to make sure they're both on the same track before everything happens. Lucy asks what they are expecting to see in the document, Nate says questions and answers, like how often does Lucy want Chris to come and visit. Lucy says as often as he wants to, and Chris smiles. Nate continues and asks what about a Christening for the child - Chris says there's got to be a Christening but Lucy says no, and is surprised to learn that Chris is religious. He simply says that his parents would expect it, so Lucy says that, in that case, it's a yes from her too.

Harold's Store: Bailey watches on as Lou shows Andres round the store, making sure that he knows how to operate the coffee machine. Andres simply replies with 'ok' to all of Lou's questions. Bailey asks Lou if he realises that Andres can't understand anything he is saying, Lou tells Bailey that it's not polite to talk about someone that's standing in front of them. Just then, Lauren comes through and Lou introduces Andres as their newest member of staff. Lauren is surprised, telling her father that they don't actually need to hire any new staff right now, but Lou says that Andres is ready to start his first shift now. He says that they need to improve business to pay the mortgage at number 32. Sheila then comes in and sees Andres, Lou offers her a coffee and a piece of cake. Unhappy, she says that if she wanted a beverage, she'd want it served to her in her own establishment by her own member of staff. She points at Andres and says to him that he's rostered on at the Waterhole today. In response, Andres says ok. Lou says sorry to Sheila but says that Andres has decided to work at the store now - Lauren quickly points out that she had nothing to do with it. A furious Sheila tells Lou that poaching other people's staff is a new low, even for him, saying he has no marketing ideas of his own. Lou says that, as Harold's has better pay and working conditions, Andres has every right to take advantage. Andres then suddenly corrects Lou on the pronunciation of his name. Sheila angrily says to Lou that if he expects her to take this lying down, he's got another thing coming. Lou asks if that's meant to have him quivering in his boots. Sheila says she doesn't care what happens in his boots, but she'll tell him one thing, declaring war as she storms out.

Number 30: Cat is getting ready to leave and Toadie asks if she's sure they can't give her a lift to the station. Cat says she'd prefer to ride her bike. She thanks Toadie and Sonya for letting her stay with them, and Sonya insists that she's more than welcome. She hugs Cat and says to her if she needs anything then to call them anytime - she'd be more than welcome. Toadie jokingly says even if it's just to shout at the sport on the tv. Cat says she'll catch them later and Sonya tells her to take care as Toadie shows her out and tells her to ride safe. Toadie asks Sonya how she's going, and Sonya says that, on a rational level she knows what's happened with Erin is not her fault, but she did push Erin too hard. She says that she wanted it to end well and Toadie insists that they all did. He says that maybe one day in the future Erin and Cat can work things out, but Sonya isn't so sure.

The Waterhole: Chris, Nate and Lucy are still discussing plans for the baby, Nate asks Chris and Lucy what the plans are for the baby's education. Lucy says that she's been looking into it already saying with the good schools in New York, you have to put the childŐs name down before they're born. Nate asks Lucy if it's private schools she's thinking about - she says of course, Chris says that he doesn't know how he feels about that. Lucy says that she can show him the schools online and says that the facilities are amazing, adding that their child will get a first rate education. Chris agrees but says that public schools have their advantages too. Lucy says that she's determined that her child gets the best possible start in life, Chris insists that he wants that too, and Lucy says that means going to a private school. Chris asks if the child will get all the life lessons they're going to need there, but Lucy tells him not to take it the wrong way, asking him if it's going to bother him if he's not around. Chris says that he thinks it will. Nate asks Lucy what happens if she meets someone and asks what if they don't like Chris - Chris scoffs and says that everyone likes him - Nate says what if this person doesn't. As Nate forces the issue, Lucy goes quiet, not knowing what to say. Chris asks if they really need so much detail in the contract, Nate says that he thinks that Chris and Lucy need a firmer idea of what they both accept so that nobody's disappointed. Lucy is left downbeat.

Featured Regular Characters: Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Lou Carpenter, Sheila Canning, Georgia Brooks, Chris Pappas, Paul Robinson, Nate Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner

Guest Cast: Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson, Adrienne Pickering as Erin Rogers, Maleeka Gasparri as Cat Rogers, Henry Torres as Andres Serna

Summary by Keri

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