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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 32
Written by Chris McCourt, Directed by Mandy Smith, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 30/04/85 BBC One: 09/12/86 UK Gold: 15/12/92

• Max reveals to Jim how Danny isn’t his son
• Maria explains to Helen that she told Max the truth about Danny to stop all the lies
• Danny & Scott are stranded without bikes and their backpacks after they are stolen
• Max informs Maria that he no longer wants them to live together and their marriage is over

No 24 - Lounge: Maria questions if this is what Max wants but he tells her it is all he can cope with. Maria seems to accept his decision and Max offers to move out of the house so the boys have a home with her and they agree to tell them that they are just separating. Max asks to wait off from telling Shane until he gets home from work that evening and Maria asks how they’ll tell Danny as Max will have moved out by the time he gets back. Max believes Danny will be pleased by the news.

. . .

Mrs. Forbes' farm: Danny & Scott contemplate whether they have any different options to make money rather than ask to work on the farm. Scott has his watch but selling it on could lead the police to them as it has his name and home telephone number on it. They are interrupted by an old woman demanding to know if they are there for the labouring job. Danny speaks up and introduces him and Scott as the Jones brothers. Mrs. Forbes agrees to take them on as labourers as she has no choice in the matter as no one else has applied. Both boys are slightly scared as the woman urges them to enter the property.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen: Shane returns from his coaching lessons with good news to Maria, who is furiously ironing, that he has had more enquires from other children for lessons. Maria questions if he is at home for the evening and he tells her if he unsure, suspicious of her asking as she never normally would. They are interrupted by Helen who is hoping to be able to have a coffee with Maria. Grateful for the break from the ironing, Maria hands over the laundry she has already ironed to Shane to get him out of the way. Alone Maria explains to Helen that her problem with Max has concluded with him deciding it is over between them and that she has nothing to fight back with to stop it happening. Helen urges her to fight on but Maria admits she feels relieved. Her only fear now is telling Shane. Maria asks Helen not to tell Jim yet about the separation until Shane knows. Helen agrees and again questions if nothing can be done to save the relationship. Maria seems resigned that nothing can and goes to make the coffee, leaving Helen doubting it is as clean cut as Maria is making out.

Mrs. Forbes' farm - Barn: Mrs. Forbes shows Danny & Scott the barn where they’ll be sleeping as she doesn’t want strangers in her house. She gives them bedding and explains they’ll be able to wash from the tap outside the barn but offers them drinking water from the farm house – with her permission. Danny questions about payment and Mrs. Forbes reveals the rate is $A40 a day and she expects it to be only two days worth of work as they’ll only be digging a manure pit! Danny & Scott are not impressed.

. . .

Mrs Forbes' farm - Field: Danny & Scott make a start on digging the manure pit despite Danny’s objections to doing all the work just for $A40 a day. Danny takes off his shirt as he gets hot and Scott hands him his watch to put to one side as well. Mrs. Forbes drives up and complains about how little work they have done in an hour but Danny protests that they are working hard. She tells the boys she is going out for a while and after she drives off Danny jokes she is probably going to the pub. Scott adds he thinks she is an alcoholic and this made her husband walk out on her. Danny jokes she may have even killed him while Scott adds she then buried him. Both boys look down to where they are digging, half expecting Mr. Forbes’s body to appear. Realising how crazy it sounds they begin to dig again.

No 24 - Kitchen: Max arrives home to find Maria in the kitchen baking. She tells him his customer Mrs. Hastings has left a message along with a couple of other people about work. Max assures Maria he’ll get an answering service after he moves out but then accepts Maria’s offer to continue to take messages for work for him. Max asks if he can also keep his tools stored at the house until he is settled and Maria reminds him she sees the house as being his, so of course yes. Maria suggests to Max that he could change his mind and stay but he changes the subject, telling her he needs to contact Mrs. Hastings.

. . .

Mrs. Forbes' farm - Field: As the boys continue to dig, Danny speculates that Mrs. Forbes may never return and they’ll never get paid but then they see the old woman in her car pulling up. She gets out and gives the boys a backhanded comment about how well they are digging for her and steps back onto Scott’s watch. She picks it up and notices the watch has ‘Scott Robinson 641168’ written on the back of it. She is aware though of Danny watching her and places the watch back on the fence post.

No 28 - Kitchen/lounge: Daphne apologises to Des and Shane for the early dinner she is cooking but it is down to her having an early evening booking. Des offers Shane a beer and some advice to cheer up and appreciate the fact that Max isn’t yelling as much as he was when Danny was around. Daphne however can see how insensitive Des is coming across as and urges him to stop. Shane decides he isn’t in the mood and politely declines the offer of a cooked meal but promises he’ll take up Daphne’s offer again soon.

Mrs Forbes' farm - Barn: Scott and Danny retire to their sleeping quarters after finishing work for the day and cleaning themselves up. Danny is keen to get to the pub, sure that they can both pass for being eighteen years old. Mrs. Forbes arrives with their dinner and comments on them looking so clean. Danny tries to imply they are used to it after growing up on a farm but the old woman looks unconvinced. After she leaves, Scott worries Mrs. Forbes is on to them but Danny has doubts. He assures Scott he never touched Carol Brown but Scott makes it clear he knows Danny is telling the truth. Both boys question how long they’ll be on the run for but their hunger becomes more important as they tuck into their dinner, despite Danny hating corned beef.

No 28 - Dining table: Des compliments Daphne on her cooking and comments how he’ll struggle to find another woman who cooks so well. Daphne reminds him that he should be looking for more in a woman than just her cooking skills! Daphne wants to just spend the evening at home rather than wrapped as a present and jumping out of a cake for a client who is celebrating his birthday. Des seems uncomfortable with Daphne having to do the act but she assures him it is all done with her being in control and once ‘unwrapped’ she’ll leave. Des offers to drive her over to the venue as she needs to be there in twenty minutes and he can then bring her home. Daphne is grateful for the offer and accepts.

House: Des drives up with Daphne to the address she has for her stripping job and is concerned when he sees it is a house party warning her not to go in as it looks ‘unsavoury’. Daphne laughs off his concerns and heads off to the house leaving Des waiting for her return. However as he sees her enter the house to the cheers of the partygoers he becomes concerned and decides to go over to the house.

. . .

Mrs Forbes' farm - Barn: Danny & Scott sleepily chat about getting to the pub to meet some country girls as they rest in their beds. Scott falls asleep before Danny but he is resigned to the fact that he needs sleep too before any girl.

Mrs Forbes' farm - Farmhouse kitchen: Mrs. Forbes decides she needs to act on the fact she has learnt Scott’s surname is Robinson but is interrupted by a phone call from the hospital. A Sister explains that Ned has taken a turn for the worst. Mrs. Forbes takes comfort in the fact Ned is resting and explains she’ll visit the following day. She asks the Sister to let Ned know the manure pit will be ready by Saturday. After coming off the phone, Mrs. Forbes remarks she may even get the pit finished by Friday for Ned.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Maria is watching out for Shane from the lounge window and remarks to Max that their son must be due back soon as he was only visiting Daphne. Max is unhappy at Shane seeing ‘that tart’ and Maria suggests they postpone telling Shane their news until the following day as it is late - Max still wants to do it as soon as possible. Maria questions how they’ll explain to Shane why they are separating and Max agrees it cannot be the truth. He wants them to tell Shane they have had marital problems and need some time to be away from each other. Shane arrives home and is met by pleasant conversation from his parents and he questions if everything is alright. Max says nothing and Maria tells him all is okay. Shane decides to get off to bed. After he leaves Maria questions why Max never said anything and Max tells her it is too hard. Max tells her he’ll never forgive her for what she has done.

. . .

House: Des watches through a window trying to see what is happening at the party but hides to the side of the house when the front door opens and Daphne followed by the birthday boy come out. The man asks Daphne for a kiss before he hands back the money she received for the job. Daphne jokes this is blackmail but Des sees it as a though Daphne is in danger. He confronts the man and demands he takes his hands off Daphne. In the confusion, Des decides to punch the man in the stomach and the guy falls to the ground. Des tells Daphne to run to the car. Daphne is appalled by Des’s actions and kneels down to see if her client is okay. Des is very confused.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Gwen Plumb as Mrs. P Forbes, John Adams as Birthday Boy

Trivia Notes
• Maria tells Max about a client Mrs. Hastings who needs work done on her central heating
• The Robinson telephone number is displayed on Scott’s watch as 641168

Summary by Paul