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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 33
Written by Chris McCourt, Directed by Mandy Smith, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 01/05/85 BBC One: 10/12/86 UK Gold: 16/12/92

• Mrs. Forbes reveals to Danny & Scott she wants them to dig her manure pit
• Maria confides in Helen that Max has decided to leave her
• Des over reacts when Daphne’s customer appears to threaten her and he punches the man

No 28 - Lounge: Des & Daphne arrive back at the house and she tells Des he has no right to spy on her and secondly that he totally overreacted as the guy was just asking for a birthday kiss. Des plays it down by reminding her that the guy wasn’t really hurt but he starts to take things more seriously when she explains how the guy practices Karate and could have hurt him. Des apologises again and asks how he can make it up to her. Daphne thinks he should start by thinking how he can recoup the $A40 she lost out on as it is part of her rent money to him.

. . .

Mrs. Forbes' farm - Barn: Danny & Scott are woken up by the sound Mrs. Forbes with their breakfast but the boys are not amused when they learn it is just after 6am and she expects them to start work by 7am. After she leaves to start feeding her chickens, Danny jokes about the porridge she has cooked has the texture of glue.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen: Max arrives into the kitchen as Maria is collecting Shane’s breakfast plate. She tells Max that Shane left early to go to the swimming pool. Max is concerned she has told Shane about their decision but Maria reminds him they agreed to talk to Shane together. Maria wants Max to agree to tell Shane that day but he is unhappy at being pushed. She reminds him he has another choice and stay to try and work things out but Max tells her that would be impossible. Maria decides then that Shane needs to be told that day as she refuses to pretend any longer that things are normal.

No 28 - Dining table: Des cheerily greets Daphne as she eats her breakfast but she reminds him she is still angry at him despite his apologies the previous night. Julie arrives at the back door concerned about her lift to work and Des explains he is running late as Daphne forgot to wake him. Daphne comments she just decided not to do it before leaving him to do the breakfast dishes. Julie sensing all is not well presses Des for details and he explains what happened. Julie thinks Des’s actions are very brave and thinks Daphne should be apologising to him! Des explains about the ‘lost’ $A40 too and admits he can only see that he’ll need to confront the guy to ask for the money. Julie thinks it could be dangerous and he could get hurt. Des seems resigned to the fact it could be his fate.

Mrs Forbes' farm - Kitchen: Mrs. Forbes whinges about the fact that the boys are taking another break to quench their thirst and remarks she intends to watch them to ensure the job gets done. Danny assures her they have no intention of going anywhere and the old woman jokes to herself that they can’t afford to. She questions the boys about why they left home and tells them if they are in trouble with the police then she wants them to leave. Danny reveals that they are indeed runaways but then creates a story that ‘their’ father would become violent towards them after drinking. Scott joins in, lying that ‘their’ father nearly broke his arm six months ago because of it. Danny adds that the final straw was their father calling the police after they took some food to eat without his permission. Mrs. Forbes however seems unconvinced and plays with the boys that she might yet call the police in. When they push her to try and agree not to call the police she ushers them out of the house to carry on working. Alone she goes to the phone and picks up a piece of paper with the telephone number she found on Scott’s watch and dials the number.

No 26 - Kitchen/lounge: Jim is making himself a coffee when the phone rings and he rushes into the lounge to answer it.

Mrs Forbes' farm - Kitchen: Mrs. Forbes doesn’t introduce herself and asks if he has a son called Scott.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Jim, relieved, confirms it and in his eagerness to find out more he neither denies or confirms to Mrs. Forbes question if Danny is also his son. He asks her where the boys are.

Mrs Forbes' farm - Kitchen: Mrs. Forbes however has no intention of telling Jim where the boys are and who she is yet but confirms that they are okay and working for her on the farm. She refuses to let Jim talk to them reminding him they are working for her.

No 26 - Lounge: Jim confirms that the boys were in trouble with the police but are no longer. He asks Mrs. Forbes to tell the boys that they are both loved and can return home to no problems.

Mrs Forbes' farm - Kitchen: Mrs. Forbes becomes annoyed at Jim’s efforts to keep her on the phone and tells him as far as she is concerned the boys will come home when they are ready and hangs up.

No 26 - Kitchen: Later on, Jim finishes recounting to a relieved Maria about the phone call and they joke how the old woman seems intent on getting her ‘pound of flesh’ from the boys before they can go. Maria thinks in some ways it is a good thing Danny is away and Jim admits Helen has told him about her and Max but is very sorry to hear the news. Maria tells Jim that Max has made his mind up to leave her and the marriage. Jim asks if she will tell Danny the truth and Maria admits that she thinks not but remarks that it doesn’t mean Max won’t.

. . .

Mrs. Forbes' farm - Field: The boys continue to dig as Mrs. Forbes questions them further about ‘their’ father. Danny tells her that ‘their’ father is good pretending to everyone outside the family they have no problems. Mrs. Forbes asks if their father would be the type of liar who would say all is well when it isn’t just to get them home and Scott tells her he is. Danny asks again if she believes them but Mrs. Forbes will neither commit that she does or doesn’t. After she goes Scott voices his concerns why she was asking so many questions and what action she’ll take next. Danny remarks that he just thinks she is an ‘unpredictable Looney’.

No 24 - Kitchen: Maria arrives home with some food shopping and is helped to carry the groceries into the house by Paul. He comments about the good news about Danny & Scott and Maria sheepishly explains she still has yet to tell Max too. Feeling a little uncomfortable, Maria assures Paul she’ll okay to get the rest of the shopping from her car and sends him home.

No 26 - Kitchen: Paul arrives home to see his father under the sink fixing a leak. Jim goes on to tell his son about the news about Scott and Paul admits Maria has already told him. Paul apologises to his father for the way he acted to him about Scott leaving and Jim accepts his apology but understands Paul was just feeling upset at his brother going. Paul takes a look at the leak Jim has fixed and thinks it is still dripping. Jim assures him it can only be condensation and Paul decides he has had enough arguments with his father recently and lets it go.

No 24 - Lounge: Max arrives home to the news from Maria about Danny being okay and working on a farm. Max seems relieved and then upset when Maria suggests his feelings for Danny has changed. Max assures her although things have changed between them, he cannot throw away all the years he has been a father to Danny.

No 28 - Lounge: Daphne is desperately trying to convince last night’s customer to hand over the money, reminding him that Des’s actions were nothing to do with her and she is still owed. But the call ends on a bad note after the guy tells her he has no intention of paying her. Des arrives home declaring he has got her money after talking to the guy and Daphne realises the money is Des’s, explaining how she just finished speaking to the guy. Des admits it and explains how he couldn’t face the prospect of dealing with a man who knows Karate. Daphne tells him he is forgiven as Shane arrives. Des apologises to Shane for making him feel uncomfortable the previous evening but Shane blames it on the tension he’s feeling about Danny. Daphne gives them a beer and tells Shane to forget all about the way he acted.

Mrs Forbes' farm - Field: Danny and Scott stand back to admire the hole they have dug, both agreeing that they have completed the job. Mrs. Forbes arrives to inspect and delivers the bad news that they job is still only half completed – she wants them to now fill the hole with manure. Danny objects but she reminds him she promised them they would get paid on completion of the job and never stated what the job was. She tries to placate them by offering them to finish for the day but they are not impressed. As Mrs. Forbes drives off they suspect she is going to the pub again and Danny comments about them going too. Scott however cannot see the point as no girls, even country girls, are going to want to look at them after digging all day. Danny tells Scott he really hates the old woman.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Shane arrives home and is met by both his parents eager to tell him something. Maria quickly runs through how they have heard from Danny and Max explains that they need to tell him something about them. Max tries to soften the blow but eventually explains he and Maria are separating. Shane looks to his mother as he cannot believe it is true but Maria tells him it is. Shane is devastated.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Gwen Plumb as Mrs. P Forbes

Trivia Notes
• When the phone rings at No 26, Jim answers the call in the lounge despite there being a phone in the kitchen in later episodes
• • Jim fixes a water leak under the kitchen sink at No 26

Summary by Paul