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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 95

Written by Penny Fraser, Directed by Peter Benardos, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 26/07/85, BBC One: 11/03/87, UK Gold: 12/03/93

Des tells Daphne that he won't let anyone interfere in his life again
Edith Harris asks Max to have dinner with her
Maria suggests that she and Shane pay a surprise visit to Max
Maria is horrified to see Edith sitting on Max's lap
Jim says that there's a problem with Lucy

No 26 - Kitchen: Jim tells Helen that the note from Lucy's school says that the medical checks have shown up a problem with her eyesight, and they'll need to take Lucy to a specialist. Helen admits that she'd noticed Lucy messing about with her school books a bit when she was reading, but Jim hadn't noticed any problem at all. He admits that he had a similar problem when he was young, and had to wear glasses, and he hopes that Lucy hasn't inherited that. He says that he'll make an appointment and take the day off work to go with her.

. . .

Langdon House: Des notices that Joan is very quiet, and she says that she just has a few worries, but she doesn't want to talk about them now and spoil the evening. Des tries to get her to talk, firstly by pretending to be a psychiatrist, then by tickling her. She finally agrees to talk, and explains that she and the kids are going to have to move out, as the owner wants to move back in. She tells him that they've got 4 weeks, and Des reminds her that she's not on her own anymore, and they'll figure something out.

No 26 - Dining Table: Lucy runs in, wanting to know why Helen hasn't laid out her clothes for school, and Helen explains that she isn't going to school today. Scott asks if he can have the day off too, as he has a terrible pain, but his cries of anguish don't convince anyone. Jim tells Lucy that they need to take her to get her eyes tested - she wants to know if it'll hurt, but they tell her that she'll just have to look at some things and read some charts.

. . .

Optician: The optician finishes looking at Lucy's eyes and takes her out into the waiting room, to join Helen and Jim. The optician explains that she has a slight stigmatism, and will need to wear glasses for a couple of years to fix it. Lucy isn't entirely happy with the idea, but the optician says that she needs to wear them whenever she reads. He sends her and Helen out to see the receptionist, to look at some different glasses and choose a style. Jim stays behind, and the optician says that it should require her to wear them for less than two years, but she must always wear them when reading or they'll be no help at all.

No 26: Lucy is on the phone to see her friend, and she then runs into the kitchen to tell Scott that she's going to be playing Sleeping Beauty in the school play, and that Simon Bond is going to play Prince Charming. Scott makes a remark about Sleeping Beauty wearing glasses, and Lucy is upset. Scott tries to backtrack, but Lucy realises that she'll have to wear the glasses on stage until she knows her lines, and she runs off, throwing the glasses on the table. Helen comes in, and Scott explains what happened. Helen runs off to comfort Lucy.

No 26 - Dining Table: The next morning, Jim is preparing to leave for work, and he tells Scott that he wants him to fix Lucy's glasses, which got broken when she threw them on the table. He leaves, and Helen calls a sulking Lucy in from the lounge to have her breakfast, or she'll be late for school. Scott tries to apologise to Lucy, but she isn't speaking to him, so Scott leaves for school. Lucy is still refusing to take the glasses with her, as she thinks they'll mean that she can't play Sleeping Beauty, so Helen goes and phones her teacher, and asks her to explain to Lucy that she can still play the role. Lucy then goes into the kitchen, puts her glasses on and asks Helen to take her to school.

No 26 - Back Garden: Helen is hanging up the washing when Lucy comes running into the garden, with Scott chasing her. He says that he just caught Lucy trying to smash her glasses with her foot. Lucy tells Helen that she doesn't want to be in the play now, because Simon called her 'four eyes' and said 'Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses'. Helen thinks that Simon is very silly, but Lucy says that he's the biggest spunk in the whole school. She says that Simon won't kiss her, so she can't be Sleeping Beauty. She then says that she wishes she was dead, and hugs her gran.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Jim is reading the newspaper, with Helen reading over his shoulder, when Scott comes in and says that he's going to see Danny. Meanwhile, Lucy is reading from a book to try and prove that she doesn't need glasses, but Helen and Jim force her to admit that some of the words were blurry and that she gets headaches when she reads a lot. She says that they just don't understand what it's like for her, and Jim thinks that she should go to bed, but then she mentions that she needs to borrow a tiki from Daphne, for a school project. Jim tells her to go and get it, but to be back quickly.

No 28 - Lounge: Daphne is ironing, when Lucy walks in. Daphne says that she's got the tiki and she's also found an article about New Zealand that Lucy might like. Daphne puts on her glasses as she looks through a magazine, and Lucy is surprised - Daphne explains that she always wears glasses to read. Lucy asks if boys still ask Daphne out, even when they know that she wears glasses, and Daphne confirms that they do. Lucy tells her about Simon Bond not wanting to kiss her because of her new glasses, and Daphne thinks that he sounds very immature. She tells Lucy that boys take a lot longer to grow up than girls. Lucy is a bit happier now, and realises that she should probably go home or she'll be in more trouble.

Langdon House: Joan returns from putting the kids to bed, and is very distracted with her worries. Des sneaks up and kisses her, and she says that he's a great guy - she can't imagine many other men would take this much interest in a divorcee with two young children. Des admits that he's glad that there aren't too many other men, as he wouldn't stack up well against the competition. He then says that he has something to ask her - he admits that he's been thinking about it for a while, and then asks her to marry him. She says that she's flattered, but she doesn't love him yet, and he deserves a wife who can give him everything, emotionally, and that's not her at the moment. Des then asks her if she could learn to love him, and she thinks that she probably could - Des believes that it's worth trying, and Joan agrees, and accepts his proposal.

No 26 - Dining Table: The next morning, Scott says that he's going to have breakfast with the Ramsays, as he can't deal with another morning of Lucy. He leaves, just as Lucy comes in - she immediately puts her glasses on, and suggests that they should get her another tinted pair. Jim and Helen are amazed, and Lucy explains that she had an in-depth talk with Daphne about men and women. Helen suggests that Jim should buy a nice bunch of flowers for Daphne.

. . .

No 28: Helen is glad that Jim remembered to send some flowers - and Daphne is glad that Helen came over to explain, as the cards with the bouquet simply said 'Thanks for last night. Jim'. Daphne says that she's very glad to have helped, even if she didn't realise that she was helping at the time. Des then comes in, in a very good mood, as Helen leaves. Daphne wonders why Des is looking so pleased with himself, and he finally can't keep quiet any longer, and blurts out that he and Joan are getting married. Daphne isn't entirely pleased, offers him a frosty congratulations and walks out.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Catherine Lynch as Joan Langdon, Noel Mitchell as Optician

Trivia Notes
As a child, Jim had to wear glasses for a year to fix his eyesight
Lucy's teacher is called Mrs Booth
This episode takes place over the course of four days

Summary by Steve